“Stud” of the shelter


“Stud” of the shelterAs I mentioned in this story: https://xhamster.com/stories/the-first-girl-i-deflowered-869144 I fucked my first virgin I met in a battered women’s shelter. I also fucked her mom. This is a bonus story to that.Somehow word got around in the battered women’s shelter my mom, me and my sister lived in temporarily, I do not know by whom, that I had fucked Faith and her mom and I was really good at it. I was 15 years old at the time and could get and stay hard and after fucking and cumming could recover very quickly and be ready to go again.Before I continue let me tell you about in part about the shelter. There was only one shower room. There were 5 private shower stalls that were 15′ long and had 6′ solid partitions. At the end of the stalls was the shower itself, near the door to each stall was a bench and area to set your clean clothes and towel to dry off and get dressed in. There was also a common, open shower area with multiple shower heads, but no partitions and an common area to dry off and get dressed in.I was told when I have to use the shower room to put a sign on the door that said “Male in shower” and only ever use a private stall in case a female walked in. I was not told that I had to stay in the shower stall until the female left though.A couple of days after Faith, her mom and sister left when I was using the shower I heard one of the adult women walk into the shower room. She went into the stall next to mine. I then heard another woman come in and swore I heard her go into another shower stall. I then heard the two talking. They were talking about me, Faith and her mom.I thought nothing of it and continue with my shower thinking I had forgot to put the sign on the door and they thought I was one of the other women at the shelter. When I was almost finished I heard what sounded like kissing and slurping. I then heard a loud moan and an oh yes from one of the women. Before long I figured out they were making out and having sex. I then heard a “you do that just right” and more moaning. I could not handle it and started jerking off my cock. As I was getting into it I heard one of them say I think he is jerking off to us. I was not exactly quiet myself. The other one said I want to fuck him before you do. The other said not if I get to him first.This sent me over the top because I knew who they were from the sound of their voices and pumped my cum all over the partition wall that separated the two stalls. I turned off the water to my shower and started to dry off and get dressed. I heard them do the same, and one left the shower room before I was done dressing.I was in the stall furthest from the shower room door so I had to pass in front of theirs as I left. I opened the stall door and started to leave. As I was passing by the shower stall the one women who said “not if I get to him first” was still in her shower suddenly opened her stall door and was standing there. She had nothing but her panties on and was topless. She was African American with dark chocolate colored skin. Her panties were very sheer and see through. She had no hair on her pussy, completely shaved. She was also very slender with small tits and very dark areolas with big nipples that looked stiff enough to cut glass. I stopped and stared at her and she smiled and told me to come here.I approached her. She whispered to me she wants me to meet her in her room later that night after everyone had gone to bed.The shelter had a common TV room. Its hours were from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm and it was up to the adults to determine when their k**s were done watching TV and went to bed. The young k**s were all in bed by 9:00 at the latest. When the adults would put their k**s to bed they would gather in the Tv room to watch something they all agreed on and then the 10:00 pm news. Most of the adults would go to their rooms after the news at 10:30 pm. A few would stay up to watch the first half of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. My mom, sister and I were there during the summer. She let me stay up until 11:00 pm but her and my sister were in bed earlier than that.At a quarter to 11 I was still in the TV room with a couple of adult women. I was trying to figure out how to sneak into the room of the woman who said she wanted to meet me that night and still make it to the room I stayed in with my mom and sister without my mom knowing about it after 11 pm.The woman who wanted me to meet her came into the TV room and called for me to come help her with something. I guess this was not to arouse suspicion of the other women in the room. We got to her room and she said we have to be quiet because her three k**s were sleeping in their room, just off of hers. She then shut her door, took her robe off, she was completely naked underneath it, pulled my clothes off lead me to her bed and pulled me into it. We started making out, she got on her back, spread her legs, grabbed my cock and put it in her. I didn’t need instructions and started fucking her fast and hard. It did not take long and I emptied my load deep in side of her. I looked at the clock and it had only taken less than 10 minutes. She started sucking my cock, I got hard again. She got on all fours and I fuked her hot, tight shaved, black pussy from behind. I came hard again deep in side of her. She sucked me clean so I would not smell like pussy, as she put it, went to my room and went to bed.The next day after breakfast I was in the shower, in a private stall and I heard a woman come in. She called my name. It was the friend of the black woman I had fucked the night before, the one who had sex with her in the stall next to mine the day before. As she called my name she knocked on the stall door I was in. I asked her what she needed. She said she needed help from me. When I asked what she said after we each had a shower.I took my shower and she took hers in her stall. When we were done and I was dried off and starting to get dressed she knocked on my stall door and asked me to let her in. I tried to say I am almost dressed. She said that’s OK. So I let her in, still half naked. She closed the door. Pushed me to the bench, sat me down on it, got on her knees and started sucking my cock. She sucked so hard and fast I came very quickly in her throat. She got up, licked her lips, smiled at me, left my stall and told me to meet her in her room in a few minutes. She put her robe on, got her things and left. I finished dressing and went right to her room. I found her lying in her bed naked and legs spread wide open. She had a beautiful neatly trimmed pussy with large pouty lips between her legs. I got between her legs, put my head and face at her pussy and started kissing and eating her out. Her eyes were closed so I think it took her by surprise. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy hard as I sucked her clit. She was leaking pussy juices as she came harder and harder. She finally pushed my head away and told me to fuck her. So I gladly did so. I slammed my cock into her and pumped and fucked her until I filled her with cum. After she lay me on my back, sucked me clean, then mounted my cock and rode me until I came again.I had a part time summer job I had to get to, so I got dressed and left.When I got back later that afternoon there was only one of the women around. The others were at work or with their case illegal bahis worker. After Faith and her mom left there were a total of 5 other women there, including my mom. I had just fucked two of them in less than 24 hours.The one that was there was in the TV room so I joined her. She started talking to me and somehow the discussion ended up being about sex. She asked me if I was a virgin. I asked her if she knew. She asked about what. She was a very good friend of Faith’s mom and I figured she was told about me and Faith and Faith’s mom and maybe even the other two women I fucked. I tried to say never mind and play it off but she would not let it go and kept asking me what I meant. She also kept asking me who I had sex with last. I finally told her about Faith and I, Faith’s mom and the two women I fucked last at the shelter.She said she had a feeling something was going on. She said Faith’s mom was really happy about something with Faith and her last day or two at the shelter she was in a really good mood.During this conversation I noticed she unbuttoned her top and was showing her tits. She had a skirt on and started to pull it up and flashed her inner thigh and panties. She was a bit older than the other women in the shelter I guessed about 65 or so and was very plump. I saw she had grannie panties on. She invited me to her room. She closed and locked the door and we got undressed. She took all of her clothes off except her panties. Her tits were very large and saggy. I had never seen tits sag like that before so I started massaging and sucking them. She moaned like crazy and pushed me head deeper between her huge mounds of tit flesh. I was completely undressed and she was stroking my cock while I sucked her tits. I tried to get her to knee down and suck me, but she did not want to. I then grabbed her panties and started to pull them down, but she made me wait. She stopped me and sat on the bed with me. She told me she had something to ask me. I said what and she asked if I could and ever had the chance would I date her granddaughter. I asked who her granddaughter was. She told me her name is Jeanette. I knew of Jeanette because we had gone to the same junior high school together. I also learned we went to the same high school. I asked why she wanted me to date Jeanette if I had the chance to. She said because Jeanette did not think boys liked her because she was not very attractive. I told her if I got to know her granddaughter and if she is nice I would probably date her. She then asked if that included having sex with her. I said sure. At this time I did not realize what her plan was. I was just willing to say anything to get my cock in this fat old lady’s pussy.With that she stood up, took her panties off and showed me the most beautiful gray haired pussy I had ever seen to that point. She then pushed me back, got between my legs, started tit fucking me and sucking my cock. She then turned around and mounted her fat pussy right over my mouth and we 69’d for a while. She had a very juicy pussy, but it tasted sweet and clean. After she orgasmed a couple of times and she edged me at least 4 times she rolled onto her back, spread her legs and had me fuck her. For an older woman with a fat hairy pussy who had at least 4 k**s that I found about, she was nice and snug. It did not take long for me to blow my load deep in her pussy. After I recovered we fucked again I took her from behind. I filled her fat, hairy with more cum.By this time the other women were returning to the shelter. It was almost time to make dinner and my home would be returning from work soon. As I was sneaking out of her room the black woman I had fucked the day before caught me. She approached me from behind which almost scared me out of my skin and asked if I gave it to her good. I smiled and said yes. She told me her and her friend she was in the shower stall with wanted to fuck me at the same time, as a threesome. Her friend did not have any k**s and had a room with a bed large enough for all three of us. I asked when. She said sometime over the weekend, probably Sunday when everyone else is at church or other weekend activities. I told her that would be perfect. Other than me going to church I returned right away while my mom stayed for the adult activities.I went to the TV room and another woman, one I had not had sex with yet, came in and asked me to help her make dinner. I acted like I did not want to but my mom volunteered me. The women took turns making dinner and often enlisted the help of the k**s at the shelter. I begrudgingly followed her into the kitchen. As we were making dinner she said she saw me today. I asked where, at my job, downtown, where. She said no, but I saw you. I asked her what she meant. She said she saw me with Lynette, the older woman at the shelter. I did not have to ask what she meant and I must have turned white as a ghost because she told it is is OK and to calm down. I had to sit down for a minute. I asked how did she see us. She told me from her room window. The shelter was in a building that is an “L” shape. Her room was around the inside corner of the exterior of the building and she could see the room of the window Lynette stayed in. I did not realize Lynette had the shade open and people could see in from the other room. She told me she liked what she saw and was glad I gave Lynette a good fucking. She also said she spread her legs and masterbated while she watched Lynette and I fuck. Shen then told me she wanted me to fuck her because it had been a while. Being the smartass teenager I was at the time I started clearing off the table we were using for dinner prep. She asked what I was doing. I told her moving thing so I could fuck her on the table in a sarcastic way. She called me a smartass and said she wanted me to fuck her from behind while she cooked. I thought she was being a smartass. I found out she wasn’t. She lifted the back of her skirt and was not wearing panties. Had athletic shorts on. She told me to act like I was going to the bathroom and go to my room and take my underwear off and come back.I did so. When I got back I had a hard on from the fabric rubbing on my cock and the thought of fucking her. She was standing at the stove. I walked up behind her and saw she had turned her summer skirt around with the split in the back instead of on the side. This way she did not have to lift it as high. She lifted it, bent over a little. I moved the leg of my shorts to the side, she reached back, grabbed my cock and took it in her pussy from behind. She was very skinny so it was easy to do this without her bending over to far. Thankfully the door to the kitchen was closed and there was no window and if someone did come in they had to go around two corners and past a free standing tall pantry cabinet before they would see us. Even so I fucked her very fast. She had two orgasms and almost dropped a pan of hot water and some food she was cooking. I told her I was about to cum. She backed me up and bent way over and grabbed her ankles. I did not think it was possible but I went even deeper inside of her. She flexed her pussy muscles and I came very hard and came a lot. When I pulled out of her a lot of cum ran down her leg. Thankfully none of it hit the floor. I went to grab a towel but she stopped me. She said do not worry about illegal bahis siteleri it she wants to feel it running down her legs and her skirt will hide it.We finished making dinner and everyone met in the dining room to eat. I say next to her. All through dinner my mom kept giving her a bad look, an “evil eye” if you will. Lynette kept smiling at both her and me. Later on in our room my mom told me she wanted me to stay away from her from now on. I asked why and she said she is a loose woman. I knew what that meant and asked her how she knew. She said she could smell sex on her. I certainly did not tell her that I had fucked her but did not push it by asking what she meant my she could smell sex on her.I went out into the TV room while my mom and sister stayed in our room. As I approached the TV room I heard Lynette talking with the first two women I fucked before Lynette. As I approached I figured out they were talking about me and how much they all like fucking me. When I walked in to the room I could not hide my grin. I then got a puzzled look on my face. They asked me what was wrong. I told them what my mom said about the other woman I fucked in the kitchen. I then asked what did it mean by smell the sex on someone. Lynette asked me if I noticed a certain odor on her or the other two women after we had sex. I said yes. One of the other two women explained that odor can be carried around and picked up by other women and men unless the woman cleans her pussy after sex. I asked how does a woman do that. The third woman said usually a wet washcloth is enough but sometimes a woman needs to take a shower and in extreme cases they need to douche.One of them told me each woman has her own odor or scent and it is usually not offensive. They all knew my mothers views on sex. One of them said she noticed the smell too and the others agreed and wondered where she got it from. When they commented about it I started smiling. They then figured it out that I fucked her in the kitchen. Lynette then asked me since I will be having a threesome with the other two on Sunday if I would like to join her in her room that night. This was Friday night. I said sure, On the way to her room my mom came out and called me into our room and said she wants me to stay with my sister while she went to work because she got called in to work a night shift. I said OK and was smiling inside. My mom then asked Lynette if I need any help I could ask her. Lynette said sure and smiled. My mom told me and my sister to mind Lynette, she is in charge of us. My mom then left for work.I love my k** sister and my k** sister knew I would let her do things when my mom was not around, like stay up later. I sent my sister to the Tv room and told I will be there in a little bit. I then turned to Lynette and told her I want to spend the night with her after my sister goes to sleep. She said she was thinking the same thing. I went to the TV room where my sister was. This was about 7 pm. I knew I was supposed to have her in bed by nine. I usually let her start falling asleep before I would take her to our room and tuck her in. Sure enough at around 9:15 she started drifting off and would wake up right away, then drift off again. She was fighting the sleep because she wanted to stay up with big brother. She finally gave in and fell asleep. I woke her up enough to help to the room and tucked her in. I then told her if she needs anything let Lynette know because she is right across the hall. I knew she would be OK because my sister was a deep sleeper.I went back to the TV room for a little bit before I snuck into Lynette’s room. When I walked in I got a huge surprise.In bed were Lynette and the other woman I fucked in the kitchen. Both were naked and they were eating each other out in the 69 position. Lynette looked up at me and said her pussy tastes good with my cum in it. I did not waste and time and got undress. The other woman reached over, grabbed my cock and started giving me a blow job while Lynette ate her out. I had never been scked that deep down a woman’s throat before. Before I knew it I was cuming deep in her throat while her neck muscles massaged my cock empty.She went back to eating Lynette out while I recovered and stroked my cock. When I was getting hard again I got behind Lynette who was on top of the other woman. The other woman saw this and helped guide my cock into Lynette’s fat pussy from behind. As I started fucking Lynette the other woman would lick my cock, suck my balls and suck Lynette’s clit. She then put her tongue in between my cock and the inside of Lynette’s pussy lips and started sucking. It made Lynette’s pussy feel tighter and somehow created what felt like a vacuum pressure. As the pressure built I felt myself getting close to cumming again. All of a sudden she removed her tongue and I felt Lynette’s pussy squeeze and lurch and I could not hold back any more and filled her full of my cum.The other woman said it is my turn to clean his cum out of your pussy. She wanted Lynette to sit up on her face so she could get her tongue deep in Lynette’s pussy. As she did this I noticed her legs were spread wide and her heels dug into the mattress for leverage. I was hard and ready to go again so I took advantage of this and got between her legs and shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Shwe tried to close her legs but Lynette helped me keep them open so I could fuck her. Lynette grabbed her legs behind the knees and lifted them up and open while enjoying the deep tonguing she was getting. My cock then felt like it went deeper and her pussy got tighter. All of a sudden both her and Lynette started to shake from having a orgasm. I could not hold back and emptied my balls again.The three of us were pretty tired so the other woman went to her room and Lynette and I fell asleep. Around 4 in the morning I felt my cock getting sucked. I woke up and saw Lynette deep throating me. I started fucking her throat which felt incredible. She stopped and said she needs her pussy filled again. She said she wanted to ride me. She sat up, mounted my cock and started riding. Only this time I noticed her fat, plump body mostly covered mine, especially when she lay forward with her huge tits on my chest. I was able to bend my knees up and started thrusting really hard into her pussy. After a while I could no longer hold it in and with one final hard thrust I filled her pussy full of cum again.After we were done I got up and went to my room to find my sister sound asleep. Around 5:30 am I heard my mom come in and get into her bed. This was Saturday morning.I got up around 8 am and went to take a shower. Right after I went in the other woman I fucked with Lynette the night before came in with me and we went into the same shower stall. I was shocked and surprised about this. All of a sudden my mom came in and I heard my mother say she is in there and to either wait until she is done and leaves before I did or ask if she is still in a stall so I could not her naked. The reason I was so shocked is because the woman I was with in my stall knew what my mom thought of her and here we were about to have sex.She started by giving me an awesome blow job. I blew my nut down her throat rather quickly trying to be as quiet as we could. She saw the look on my face after the blow job and was trying not canlı bahis siteleri to laugh because of my expressions and concern my mom would hear us. After I came we got under the shower and soaped each other up. She bent over forward and put her pussy right up against my cock which was getting hard again. I grabbed her hips and plunged it into her. She grabbed her ankles and held on while I fucked her. This is how I fucked her in the kitchen. All of a sudden my feet started sliding on the slippery shower floor. I could not maintain enough leverage to continue fuck her like this. We moved to an area where we could get enough leverage to continue fucking like this. But it would be easier for my mom to hear us. I started fucking her again. All of a sudden I heard my mom get real quiet and turn the water off to her shower. She must have heard our bodies slapping together. We stopped and I told her to be quiet but my cock was still in her pussy. At this same time another woman came into the shower room and got into the stall on the other side of my mom’s. The woman I was with got a huge smile on her face and acted like she was going to start moaning I shook my head no. The other woman started talking to my mom. It was Lynette. My mom said I am in the stall on the other side of hers. Lynette said OK and asked my mom if she could come over to her stall and help with something. My mom did. The woman I was with and I started fucking again. I was not sure what Lynette needed help from my mom for but all of a sudden I heard my mom and Lynette moaning. The woman a I was with stopped fucking again. We figured out they were having lesbian sex. I never knew my mom as bi. We think they thought we would not hear them with two shower heads running and with a stall between us. I got really turned on and we went back under the water where she laid back on a shower bench and spread her legs wide. I squatted down, shoved my cock into her and fucked her until I came.By the time we were done they were too and Lynette and my mom left the shower room. The woman I just fucked and I finished and she went into another stall and waited until I left. She left after. I went and found Lynette in her room and walked in. She looked surprised when I approached her and started feeling up her tits inside her robe and kissing her. I put her hand in my underwear and she started stroking my hard cock. She stopped me in a minute and asked me why was I feeling so randy with her. I told her I heard her and my mom while I was fucking the woman my mom does not approve of. She told me she saw that woman sneak in behind me and figured we were fucking. She also told me her and my mom had been having sex for some time at the shelter. She also said my mom is not as uptight about sex as she comes across and acts or as I think she is. She also told me my mom knows about her and I fucking and about Faith and I buyt not about anything else. I could not believe what I was hearing. Lynette stood up, took her robe off and laid in her bed with her legs spread. I got between her legs and fucked her hard until i filled her with cum. After we were done she told me my mom has eaten her out after I fucked her and filled her with cum. I asked her if my mom would ever go as far as having sex with me. She told me my mom would not.J had to go to work and left.When I got back from work I was too tired to do anything else. I watched TV and then went to bed.On Sunday I got up and went to church with my mom and sister. The church was walking distance from the shelter so after I walked my sister back to the shelter while my mom stayed for the adult activities. When I got back I had remembered the other two women who I was supposed to have a threesome with. I had plenty of rest the night before and was really horny again. I took my sister to the k**s playroom where Lynette was watching them and left her. Lynette knew what I was going to go do. I went and found one of the women I was going to fuck in the TV room. I was so horny I just bluntly asked her if she was ready for me. She got up and we went to the room where the other woman was. She was already naked,legs spread and fingering her pussy. The other woman and I got undressed and she got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. We made our way to the bed and I started eating the woman who was fingering herself out. She moved over to she could eat out the woman who was sucking my cock. The two of them started having an orgasm which sent me over the edge and I started cumming down the throat of the woman sucking me.Once we were done they were hugging, kissing and sucking each others tits. I moved behind the black woman who got in position for me to fuck her from behind. I shoved my cock deep in her and started fucking her hard. While I fucked her she started eating out the other woman. It wasn’t long and I came in her pussy. I laid back to rest and they got in the 69 position. The woman who’s pussy I fucked was on the top. I moved around to where her head was and put my cock between her pussy and the other woman’s mouth. The other woman switched from eating my cum out of her to suck my cock clean. After I was good and hard I loved over to the other end and put my cock between the black woman’s mouth and the other’s pussy. The black woman lifted up enough to let my cock in the other’s pussy. I started fucking her while the black woman place her mouth on my cock and the other’s clit. I fucked hard and fast and when the other woman started to orgasm I came hard again. After I was done I pulled out and the black woman drove her mouth into the other’s pussy. They were eating my cum out of each other.I got up, got dressed and left the room. I went and found Lynette. When she saw me she got a huge smile on her face because she knew what i just did with the other two women. She said she wanted to tell my mom about the other women I fucked and not to worry. I said OK.My mom sister and I had to stay at the shelter for another two weeks. The woman my mom acted like she did not approve of only stayed another few days during which we fucked a few more times. The black woman and her friend stayed for a week after our threesome. We never had a threesome again but I did fuck each of them individually. When my mom, sister and I left Lynette was the only one left, no other women had come into the shelter. Lynette and I fucked multiple times. A few times was right after her and my mom had sex. I kissed Lynette with the taste of my moms pussy on her lips. To say this was a huge turn on for me was an understatement. Right after we kissed I skipped eating Lynette’s pussy out mounted her like a rutting buck and fucked her very hard and came very deep in her pussy. I also know Lynette and my mom had sex right after we fucked. Lynette would tell me my mom loved eating my cum out of her pussy. I asked Lynette if my mom was having sex with any men. She said there was one man but she did not know who it was. She said the nights when my mom said she was working was spent with the man she was having sex with. She said she loved eating his cum out of her pussy and there were times when they would eat cum out of each others pussy.Lynette also told me about my promise to my mom about her granddaughter Jeanette. I was surprised when she brought it up. Lynette said she wanted to make sure I kept my promise to her.My mom, sister and I left the shelter and went back home. I started school that fall and that is when I met Jeanette and started a relationship with her.Jeanette is the next and second virgin I deflowered. That story is next.

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