student and teacher

Close Up

student and teachergiggleing and noding okay professor teddy jumpin gout of the car flashing you my butt as i run insidechuckling as I see your ass peek out at me I turn to get out of the car and follow you into the housejumping in to a seat at the middle of the table as i wait for you giggleing happilywatching you with a smile on my face I walk past you into the kitchen to put away the cinnabons and then walk past again to head back into the bedroomwatching you walk back and forth chewing on my lip at how sexy you look in your stockings and lil tight skirt and blousecoming back into the dining room carry a satchel full of goodies I walk over and sit on the edge of the table …. so.. has my little schoolgirl being a good girlgiggles looking at you noding my headgiggling as I try to stay in character, crossing my legs so my skirt rides up exposing the tops of my stockings and the garters…and have you been keeping up on your studies?biteing my bottom lip sucking on it as i admire your legs whispering yes professor i haveleaning across the the table in front of blouse popping a few buttons open my breats nearly falling out of my lacy bra as I reach for a pen and the notepad…now remind me agian.. what were we studying last timeblushing red as i look at them for a sec and then you umm the human bodyhoveing just in front of your face looking down at you …really? and what about it were we working on?biteing in to my lip muttering quietly um sexual reactionschewing on my lips thinking I start sliding across the table so I am sitting directly in front of you, leaning back I little I lift and swing my leg over your head so I am now sitting directly in front of you one leg on each side… hmm so maybe we should have a quick pop quiz and you show me everything you learned last timelooking forward plushing as i see your lace underwear biteing my lip and thinking um maybesliding my hands from my knees up my thighs catching the hem of my skirt and pulling it up moreleting out a soft gasp as i follow the garters up chewing my lip and seting my hands on your legssmiling down at you… so my dear.. show me what you have learned so far before we move on to our next lesson(and you have a new pic in SCblushing as i work my fingers slowly up your legs to your thighs pushing them apart a lilspreading my legs wider for you smiling when I see your blushtrailing my finger tips across your lace undies toward the center and then to one side pulling them slightly away from your folds and holding them with my hand as i lean in and give your folds a gentle kiss giggleing and whispering mah professor is aleardy a lil damp hmm was that from the carsucking in my breath as I feel your lips kissing me… mmmhmmmslowly etching my tongue in between your folds licking straight up to your clit and giveing it a soft kiss followed by light sucklesleaning back my hands holding me up letting out a soft whimper as I watch youpurring on your clit as i give it more attention sucking a lil hard and lightly nibbleing on it teaseing one of my fingers in between your folds and slowly to your openingmoaning softly as you tease my clit rolling my hips up slightly as your finger teases at my entrancemuttering on to your clit am i doing good professor as i start to push my finger in to you warm opening adding a second one right away and caressing your innerwallsmoaning louder rolling my hips up higher… mmm oh yes.. very good…purring as i chew and lightly suck your clit hard between my teeth as i twist and slowly rock my two fingers in to yousqueezing my eyes shut my head falling back on my shoulders sucking my breath between my teeth the muscles in my legs contracting and squeezing in on your headmoaning softly on your clit as i work my fingers a lil faster whispering oo professor your geting all tightmoaning and whimpering.. my hips rocking faster.. mmm oh yes.. you are doing very good..purring as i bite your clit softly and ram my fingers in deepercrying out ataşehir escort I lean back up and bury my fingers in your hair.. mmm oh yes.. ..mmm yes …make me cum and you get and A+gasping and i pull my fingers out burying my tongue in there place and useing them to caress you clit and pinch it as i lick at your spot and suck hard on your foldsjerking my hips up into your mouth I scream out and explode in your mouthgasping as i swallow your sweet cumpanting hard whimpering as I ride the wave of my orgasmbiteing your folds before pulling away and blushing whispering do i get that abreathing hard smiling down at you brushing a strand of hair from your face…oh yes… that was definitely an A +grining big and smileing yay licking my lips and wipeing your folds with a wash cloth from the table before puting your undies b ack in placesmiling and thanking you before swinging my leg back over your head I stand up behind you leaning down bringing your face to mine and kissing youblushing as i kiss you back whispering so whats the lesson plan professorgrinning taking your hand and pulling you up into a standing position so I can take your spot in the chair… sliding my hands up your thighs catching your panties and pulling them down… today we are going to learn about toysgasping softly as i watch you pull them down my legsgetting the panties down past your knees I drop them and let them slide the rest of the way down and then turn to reach for the satchel I brought with mechews on my lip as i watch you blushing moresmiling I slowly start pulling some things from the bag and setting them on the table… have you ever used any toys?biteing my lip and giggles shakeing my head stareing at you with wide eyes ( innocent lil student P )smiling I set the satchel off to the side and turn taking your hips in my hands and pulling you close to me… well the first thing you should do when using toys.. is prepare your body for them…sliding my hands down your thighs and up under your skirt I brush my thumbs over your slitleting out a soft gasp as you fingers make contact with my slit biteing my lip and whispering okaysmiling up at you slipping my thumb between your folds circling around your entrance…. see if we are going to put things inside you here ….sliding my thumb farther back to tease at your tight bum .. or here, there has to be plenty of lubrication or it will hurtlets out a soft gasp and nods my head(sam has a bunch of money out since I bought her crystals…lol.. she is inactive for minutes of you wanna have some fun)moving my thumb back to your entrance.. now since you are so new to all this .. we will stay up here for now… and my favorite way to lubricate is with my tongue( she just came back on so ill let it go i guess lolblushing red and nods my head ok( the chair back a little I turn back facing it and pull you over in front of me turning you so your back is facing meputs my hands on the table and turns my head to look at you with a raised eyebrowsmiling up at you I slide my hand up your back and push you gently forward… I want you to feel this one not watch… now lay your chest down on the tablegiggles and lays my self down on the tablechewing on my lip I press your skirt up exposing your gorgeous ass and pussy to meleting out a soft gasp as you move my skirtcupping your cheeks I give them a gentle squeeze before leaning in kissing each side before pulling them apart to kiss your tight unresistable bum… spread your legs a little morespreading my legs slightly as i let out a squeek from your kissessmiling and purring as your pussy opens wide for me.. mmm thats a good girl… so prettylaying my head agianst the table blushing wondering what your doingsliding my hands down to your thighs then back up slipping my thumbs up on each side of your folds pulling them open more so I can see your pretty pink lips…purring softly i whisper… oh yes.. so very prettyblushing more and squirms slightlyleaning pendik escort forward I blow softly against your pussy before sliding my tongue between your folds licking up and down before latching onto your clit with my lipsleting out a soft moan as you tease me with your tonguepurring i begin to suck and bibbling on your lips and your clitleting out another soft moan ooo professorsucking your lips hard into my mouth then letting them go with a pop before I go back to licking up and down in your folds, paying particular attention to your clit and the opening of your sweet pussy(brb baby…potty break)moaning more as i wiggle agianst the table feeling my self starting to get damp(kpurring as I get a taste of your sweet juices, shoving my tongue inside your pussy lapping at your walls my thumb teasing at your clitleting out a soft cry that echos across the room as i squirm in surpisepurring I shove my tongue deeper inside reaching for your g-spotsquirming agianst your tongue as i get shivers going up my backpurring louder the vibration flowing through your pussy I rub faster and harder on your clit… mumbling.. cum for mewhimpering as i shiver and squirm as my body reacts to your tongue feeling my self rideing over the edge as i cum in your mouthmoaning I burying my face deeper licking and sucking at your sweet juices..blushing and leting out a soft cry as you bury your tongue in deeperpulling back licking my lips running my thumb up and down through your slit….mmm so very tasty…. you can stand up now and sit on the tablestanding up slowly turning around and siting down chewing my lip as i look at you blushingsmiling up at you my hands gliding up and down your thighs… I do so love when you blush like thatblushing more and whispering thank you professorsmiling .. you are welcome Bunny….reaching over to the side of the table pulling over the towel where I laid out a few items… these are some of the toys that can be used to bring more excitement and pleasure to a sex life…looking at you then turning my view over to lookI pick up a small little egg shaped device that has a wire and a controller leading out form it… this is called a bullet… turning it on making it vibrate and pressing it between your thighs agaisnt your folds… this can be a very fun little toy.. especially when it is pressed up against your clitsquirms a lil and lets out a soft whimper nodding my headslipping it between your folds I press it against your clit.. and rub in circles …do you like that?moaning softly as i say yes professorsmiling I take the bullet away turning it off and setting it aside and picking up another toy holding up a inch long round hard pink thing…. this is a vibrator…turning the knob at the end it begins to vibrate… this can be used inside and out to stimulate different places… spreading your legs I slide the vibrators tip over your slit pressing between your folds teasing it against your lips and clit before sliding it down to your entranceshivers and squirms as you tease me with it leting out a soft whimperwrapping my arm around your waist I pull you to the edge of the table so I can work the tip of the vibrator into your now soaking pussyleting out a soft cry as you push the tip inpurring as I watch the tip slip inside you only going in an inch or two… this one is nice and small and feels good.. but I myself prefer something softer.. not made of hard plastic… how does it feel for you?chewing my lip as i blush it feels good professorsmiling and nodding I pull it from you and turn it off setting it aside and picking up another toy… a inch long round soft rubbery material object that looks exactly like a mans penis… this is a dildo.. or more a realistic dildo.. it is hard like a mans penis is hard but soft like his skin would be..giggles a lil and tilts my head whispering oo i see and dos professor know lots about penisgrinning and giggling a little with you… I have had my fair share of experiences kadıköy escort with mens penis’s and I have enjoyed them.. maybe not the men attached to them… but their penises yes…sliding the head of the dildo over your slit wiggling it a little pressing it into your folds… feel how soft it is…now this does not vibrate and feels amazing inside your pussy and even your bum once you are used to itgasps a lil at your comment and blushes i see and yes i feel how soft it is professorchewing my lip a little looking up at you… does it bother you that I have had men?giggles and smiles no professorsmiling… good… do you want to feel what this dildo feels like inside you?blushing a lil and nods my headsmiling okay good.. lean back just a little for me… spreading your thighs wider I gently begin pressing the head of the dildo into your pussy slowly carefully working it in and out until it is buried deep inside youmoaning very quietly as i do as you saypurring I begin to slide the dildo in and out of your sweet pussy getting excited I begin biting on my lip… mmm do you like it?squirming a lil on the table moaning lightly its ok profosserlooking up at your face I slowly pull the dildo from you and set it aside, reaching back over rubbing my hands over your thighs … we will learn about more later.. but for now.. tell me which you liked the mostbiteing my lip chewing on it the bullet or the dildo i think profosser (chuckle) ( my viberator the pink one is a soft one cause its a dildo with a bullet in it )(Oh damn.. lol.. okay I can work with that…PM | Edited hearing your response I smile and reach into the bag and pull out a pretty pink vibrator that is a combo of the bullet and dildo… here this is a combonation of both of thosegiggles i look at it then at you oo cool proffesor ( yup lol thought i told you that (chuckle)smiling I turn it on and move it between your thighs and work it between your folds finding and teasing your clit with the vibration (you probably did.. but I can never remember anything Psquirms and lets out a soft gasp ooo proffoserpurring softly I stand up and with my free hand undo your top exposing your creamy breasts .. take your top off for me please…. I watch you and continue to slide the vibrator up and down through your slitpuling my shirt off as i look at you blushing red as i let out a soft moan from the viebeartor teaseingpurring in appreciation I lean down and kiss across the tops of your breasts cupping one pushing your nipple up to my mouth flicking my tongue over it before sucking it into my mouthleting out a low moan ooo proffoserpressing you back on the table I kiss and suck my way over to your other breast as I slowly and gently work the vibrator into oyur pussywhimpering softly as you push it in me ooo god proffoserpurring softly sucking hard on your nipple as I slide the vibrator in and out slowly over and over againmoveing my legs up on the table as i moan softlygrowling when you lift up your legs opening yourself wider I work back and forth making sure I give each breast and nipple the same attention ..fucking your gently with the dildo.. pulling it out occasionally to stroke it through your slit and over your clitwhimpering softly oo profosser am gonna cum curling my toes in to the table as i rock lil in to the dildolifting my head I look up into your eyes and continue to fuck you moaning kissing your jaw whispering in your ear.. mmm yes… cum for me Bunnybiteing my lip softly as i shudder agianst the dildo cuming hard and each trhust of the dildo makes it longerquickening my pace as I feel you begin to cum trying to intensify your orgasm….mmm oh yes .. cum hard for me…screaming out your name as i squirm on the table closeing my eyes and leaking my juices out around the toy and on to the tableslowing my movements and gently pulling the vibrator from your pussy I stand back up in front of you and put the vibrator in my mouth sucking your juices from itstareing at you as i pant softlysliding my hand up and down your inner thighs as I sick the vibrator clean and pullit from my mouth.. mmm always such a good little studentPM | Edited blushing and rests my head on the table and your a good professor

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