“Study Adventure”[ENG]

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“Study Adventure”[ENG]This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “Study Adventure”, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.Study AdventureI am a student, rents an apartment with three buddies Sebastian, Krzysiek and Ernest we all have after 20 years together one grew up in one yard, the only problem was that I was gay and the other companions straight, so I felt strange living with so many guys. I’ll tell you a story that happened to me some time ago, it was the middle of the week I Ernest and Chris were in the classroom Sebastian was free, we were all 20 but I ran out of class 15 because the professor was also a replacement, so the apartment got faster, I was about 16 I went upstairs, entered the apartment and went to his room, swept up and remembered that şişli escort Seb had a day off so I went to his room, quietly because I knew that he likes the free sleep to 15 or and differently, quietly I opened the door and saw how Seb sitting with his back to me before Kompany and apparently banged his horse, passed me chills (they know why) I leaned back slightly to see what good manners and dumb, because watching a film in which the two men were involved and one of them obciagala d ** giemu, I thought Seb was really gay, and perhaps can not, however, excited with this view, and I thought that something to do with it so quietly and cleared my throat got closer, he quickly jumped to his hiding Wacek but the film he could not turn off – Paul I’ll explain everything – so interesting I said with a sneer – it’s not what you think? – I see just looked at him standing still with cock in his mecidiyeköy escort pants – and what do we do? – I’m Bi sometimes I like to watch how guys do it – then I have an idea – what? he asked further confused by something out of this scramble out – can you want me to help you stop? – But as this? he asked completely shocked – so it straightened me to have a happy ending – … – I’m gay – well what are you really? – Just so as with my proposal, Reflects? – I do not know – what you do not know how gays sucking watching yourself and do not want me I’ll smoothed – a total of reason, good but will not tell anyone – so if you do not tell that I’m gay, and I’ll work out you will be happy from time to time obciagne with swallowing what do you say? – The agreement apparently melted answered stoked – it was a sit down, let go of his movie I go in under the desk and he’ll take care esenyurt escort of him sat behind the desk left pants pulled the chair I walked under the desk he pulled up and let go of the movie, watched it and I saw it 18 cm longer stick standing put it into his mouth and began to suck dick, he started to moan grabbed my head and began her move rhythmically, without any further ado I wanted to quickly lead to ejaculation so with his help and film upstairs was right, I just was putting him and I cut to half of tinkering in the middle of his tongue over the hills and veins, I heard in advance that the film will finish now and in me as I felt his hands on my head begin to tremble and he’s harder to breathe and moaned louder just like with sex, in filmiku already gushed it was time for him so quickly moved my head and suddenly gushed into my mouth he was still waving his arms and I obciagala, opened their mouths to spit and sucked a little further still for a moment and then began to tap came out from under the desk he thanked me and said – everything is between us, and I hope that sometimes clothe me and I’ll return the favor-I have hopes.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL

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