Submissive Shelby Spanked and Caged


Shelby entered the house and set her purse down on the hallway table. As she walked into the living room, her husband, Jeff, looked up from the book he was reading and gave her a look.“Where have you been,” he asked coolly.She looked at him.“I told you, I went out with Laura,” she replied.“You were supposed to be home by ten o’clock,” he reminded her. “You said you would be home by ten.”“Yeah,” she said. “And then I texted you and I told you we stopped for a drink and that I wouldn’t be home until ten-thirty.”He set his book down on the couch and stood up.“That’s right,” he said. “You TOLD me. You didn’t ask permission, you didn’t ask if it was okay. You know the rules, sweetheart.”She bit her lip in embarrassment.“Oh…wow, I didn’t even….honey, I’m so sorry.”“Well, apologies are fine and good, but they don’t really teach you a lesson now, do they?”“Please honey, I…”“Sir.”“What?”“When this happens, you know to address me as ‘sir.’”“Please, sir,” she said. güvenilir bahis “I made a mistake. I won’t let it happen again.”He sat back down and patted the sofa next to him, indicating for her to come over.“And we’re going to make sure you don’t let it happen again,” he replied. “Come here.”Nervously, Shelby walked over to the spot on the sofa where Jeff had indicated and as she reached him, she felt him take her by the arm and pull her down, laying her across his knee. She took a deep breath.“Is this really necessary, hon….sir?”“Tell me why it isn’t necessary, dear,” he said.He laid his left hand across her back to keep her in position and raised his right hand up in the air and brought it down, spanking her ass. It was through her jeans so she didn’t feel it as much as she could have, but it still stung. She bit her lip and breathed deep again. His hand came down again, firmly slapping her ass again. Two more came in quick succession.“Please, sir,” güvenilir bahis siteleri she said, “I’ve learned my lesson.”“You know what,” he said, “these jeans are in the way.”He arched her up and unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them away from her waist and then off her legs entirely leaving her wearing just her blouse and a pair of lacy red thong panties. She squirmed under his grasp.“Stop squirming,” he told her.She felt the next several slaps to her ass much harder as skin met skin. They stung a lot more and came in very quick succession, harder and faster with each one.“P…p…please, sir,” she whimpered.“The more you protest, the more you get punished,” he told her.He pulled her panties from her waist leaving her ass and pussy completely bare. One…two…three… four…five more spanks. Her ass stung and was as red as a cherry. She also felt Jeff’s bulge pressing up against her.“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson,” he asked her.“Yes, sir,” she iddaa siteleri said, continuing to whimper.“You know what I think?” he said.“Wh…wh…what?”“Not only were you late, but you TOLD me something instead of asking. That is unacceptable behavior.”As he said ‘unacceptable behavior,’ he gave one more fierce spank to her ass.“Y…y…yes, sir.”“Stand up,” he instructed her.She did as she was told and he removed her shirt and took off her bra leaving her completely naked. He took her hands and placed a pair of handcuffs around her wrists. He led her down the hall and then down into the basement. In a corner was a cage, lined only on the bottom with a small padding that provided minimal comfort, just enough to prevent the occupant from kneeling directly on the bottom bars. It was a cage she had spent several nights in when she misbehaved. He walked her over to it.“On your knees” he instructed her.Once again, she did as she was told, and instinctively, once on her knees, she turned around. He opened the cage for her and she crawled in backwards. Once she was inside, he closed the door and applied a small padlock to keep it closed and keep her locked inside. He squatted down to face her eye to eye.

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