Submitting to Daddy


Submitting to DaddyHi All, this is my fourth story and is a continuation of my submission to a much older dominant man, or as I call him, Daddy. The day after Daddy had been round to my house and fucked me in the ass for the first time and I had fully submitted to him and his fat cock, he started texting me saying he wanted to increase my humiliation, kept asking if any of my female friends knew if I was bisexual, and if any would like to get fucked by him but also watch me get used by him as way of humiliation. Over the next couple of days I sent daddy some photos of my female friends, he loved telling me how he would fuck me in front of them so they could see the girl I had become, but also how he would fuck them and watch as I get jealous wishing I was in there place. I told Daddy that out of all of my female friends only one would accept I was bisexual, as she was bisexual herself, I told him how we had kissed whilst drunk at the works Christmas do, and that we had been flirting behind my girlfriends back ever since, I told him she may be willing to meet me, but I was unsure if she would be interested in him as he was 66 and a lot older than us both. Daddy kept saying if she is a slut like you she will love my fat cock. Daddy insisted I messaged her about meeting, which I did, I just didn’t bring him into the conversation as I was afraid of Anne-Marie knowing I was bisexual. As time went on Daddy got impatient saying if he didn’t share me with another woman soon he may be tempted to introduce him to my girlfriend and show her the video of me begging for his fat cock. I apologized to Daddy and said I would chase Anne-Marie but id also try and find a woman from the site id met him on. After trying for a couple of days I got chatting to a BBW Indian girl around my age, I told her about myself and my dominant Daddy, to my surprise she said she was desperate to be used and that she would be willing to meet us, I told Daddy about her. I told Daddy id meet her without him at first to make sure she was truly up for it as didn’t want to waste his time. She picked me up in her car, she was quite a curvy girl, but her face was very pretty, she was dressed very slutty, including suspenders, other than kissing Anne-Marie at a Christmas party I had never cheated on my girlfriend, other than with guys. I felt bad that I was about to cheat on my girlfriend, as it didn’t feel like cheating whilst meeting Daddy, it showed me how much gaziemir escort I wanted to please Daddy that I had gotten this far, on the journey over it looked very promising with how she was dressed, I sent Daddy her address and told him to wait and that I would leave her front door open for him. We got to her house, we walked inside and I nervously took my small cock out and told her to suck it she got on her knees and took my small soft cock in her mouth, I grabbed my phone, took a picture and sent it to Daddy, saying she is definitely a willing slut, make your way round, I then put my phone down. As I had already wanked earlier that morning I was struggling to get a hard on, we stripped naked, I told her to get on the sofa, and we got in a 69 position so she could continue trying to get me hard whilst I licked her shaven Indian pussy. We had been in that position around 5-10 minutes (I was still only half erect) when Daddy walked into the room, started without me I see Stephanie he said before removing all of his clothes to show his already semi erect fat cock, I replied saying I was just getting her ready for you Daddy. Daddy looked at us both and walked over, he then looked at her and said now are you ready to suck on a real man’s cock instead of Stephanie’s small cock, to my humiliation she laughed and said he can’t even get hard he makes a better girl than a man. Daddy laughed and said Stephanie only gets hard for her Daddy isn’t that right Stephanie he said, I nodded to say Yes Daddy.I continued to lick her very tasty Indian shaved pussy, whilst I did Daddy offered up his fat cock to eager mouth, she duly opened her mouth and started to lick and suck like a good slut, I could tell by the look on his face she was doing a good job.After she sucked him for 5 minutes Daddy said it was time the 3 of us headed to her bedroom to continue the fun, with that me and her got of the shower, she then grabbed Daddies hand and led him upstairs, Daddy turned round whilst walking and looked at me and said ‘follow us Stephanie you can watch how a real man fucks a dirty willing slut’ I say Yes Daddy and follow them, following them up the stairs completely naked, my cock soft.I walk into her bedroom and catch Daddy pushing her onto the bed, I hear him say Stephanie has done well as you are very eager to please young lady, Stephanie was a lot more shy the first time I let her get her hands on my fat gaziemir escort bayan cock, but now she can’t get enough of it, Stephanie is so eager to please Daddy that she even agreed to set up this meeting just to please me.Daddy tells me to climb on the bed saying he is going to reward me, I climb on the bed, he immediately puts his cock right in front of my face, without being told I eagerly start licking up and down his cock, and sucking on his big hairy balls, before going back to his cock.Daddy looks at her and says look at how much she wants my cock, she can’t get enough of it, his small cock is even starting to get hard, Stephanie doesn’t even care you’re in the room, she’s only interested in pleasing her Daddy, not that Stephanie would know what to do with a slut like you, I think she no longer likes women just Daddy.Daddy then asks if she has any lube as Stephanie is desperate for Daddies cock in her ass, the Indian slut says yes Daddy, she gets it brings it over, Daddy then tells her to lube my ass.So as I’m sucking daddies fat cock she starts to finger my ass, 1 finger then 2, I moan on daddies cock as she finger fucks my ass. Daddy pulls his cock out my mouth, he slaps me across both cheeks with his fat cock, he says you’re going to get it so hard Stephanie since our new friend is here to watch you get fucked, then she is next.Daddy pushes me over on the bed, he tells me to get on all fours, and grab hold of the sideboard, I do as he tells me, I feel Daddy rubbing his fat cock against my ass crack, he slaps my ass and says I hope your ready slut before forcefully shoving his fat cock deep in my ass, I moan loudly as I feel him pushing deeper and deeper.Daddy looks at our new Indian friend as he forces his cock deeper and deeper in my ass, telling her how much you know Stephanie is enjoying someone watch as she gets used like a slutty girl, he says I hope you are enjoying the view as it will be your turn next.Daddy pulls his fat cock out of my ass and tells her to give it a suck, saying taste Stephanie’s slutty ass on my fat cock slut, she does as she is told, she says its tastes great, he then tells her to help guide Daddies cock back in to my waiting asshole.Once she does, she is told to climb under me and start sucking my small girly cock, as Daddy is going to let me cum in her mouth, as he fucks me, she looks at him and says Yes Daddy, before getting underneath me and escort gaziemir taking my small cock in her slutty mouth.Daddy grabs my hips tightly and starts fucking me hard and deep, this make my small cock get hard in her mouth, he pounds my ass for 10 minutes, that’s enough to make me shoot my load in her slutty mouth, the feeling off Daddy fucking my ass and her sucking my dick was just too much.Daddy tells her to keep my load in her mouth, as he wants his 2 sluts to kiss and share his cum, she sticks her tongue in my mouth and I eagerly taste my own cum as I have many times in the past.Daddy pulls his cock out of my ass, and says Stephanie you have had your treat go and get yourself a shower whilst me and my new friend get to know each other a lot better.I say Yes Daddy, thank you for my treat Daddy.I leave the 2 of them in the bedroom and climb in her shower, taking my time to clean myself good and proper, making sure Daddy gets the alone time he is after. After my shower I put all of my clothes back on and slowly start walking back to her bedroom, I can hear her moaning as I get closer.I walk into her bedroom as quietly as possible, as I do I can see she is lying on her back, Daddy holding her legs high in the air as he fucks her pussy over and over again, she sees me out of the corner of her eye, she shouts ‘get out of my bedroom sissy can’t you see me and Daddy are fucking busy, Daddy needs a real girl not an ugly sissy’ Daddy looks at me and says you heard her Stephanie get out until I tell you your needed!! Humiliated I say Yes Daddy before walking out the room and closing the door behind me.I go downstairs and put the TV on, flicking through channels for what seems like a lifetime until I hear my name Stephanie shouted out by Daddy, I look at my phone and I’ve been downstairs nearly 90 minutes. I walk back into the bedroom; she is lying on the bed still completely with her legs wide open, Daddy looks at me and says why you got your clothes back on, I didn’t tell you to get dressed slut, get between her legs now and clean her pussy, I know how much you love my cum.Daddy forces my face between her legs and makes me lick his cum from her shaven cunt, he then gets behind me and pulls my pants and boxers down before saying you always need to be available to me Stephanie or you might get replaced, I say Yes Daddy, I’m Sorry Daddy. Daddy then forced his fat cock back into my ass, luckily it was still wet from fucking his new friend so it didn’t hurt too much.He roughly fucked my ass as I eagerly licked her pussy clean, Daddy fucked me for 10 minutes before pulling out and saying it was time to leave, not before he told his friend he would be seeing her soon, I felt jealous.More of my submission to follow.

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