Subslut for Blacks

Subslut for BlacksI was in bed sleeping when the phone rang. It was HIM.”You sleeping slut??””Mmm yeah, I was..””Well I need to fuck you so get up and hurry up here!””Oh come on.. I was already in bed sleeping!!!” I argued.”I don’t care! I’m horny and I want your ass NOW! Hop in the shower and I’ll text you the address where I want you to go” and he hung up before I could answer him back!I lay there for a minute wondering if I dared contradict him!! Last time I did that, I paid for it badly. He had me wet and horny for hours and refused to fuck me while he masturbated watching me all tied up. Not wanting a repeat of that episode, I jumped off the bed and stepped in the shower. The hot water felt good on my body but I knew better than to take my sweet time and make him wait so I hurried up and finished getting ready!!My cell vibrated, as I was ready to leave, with the address where I was to meet him. It was a motel address with the room number. I knew about where it was so I rushed out the door to my car and drove down to Montreal. I was getting excited now that I was fully awake and really looking forward to some hot action.Took me about 20 minutes to get there. I parked my car and locked the doors. I walked into the motel looking for the room and arrived in front of the door. Should I knock?? Or just walk in? I reached for the doorknob and tried to open it. It was not lock so I push the door open slowly and came in. The room was dark: I could barely see anything.”Master?””Shut up slut and get undress!”I dropped my purse on the floor and unbuttoned my coat and let it slip on the floor. I was wearing my black lingerie underneath with black stockings!”Nice, slut, very nice.. I see you came prepared!” I started to take the lingerie off but he stopped me. “No, you can keep that.. for now!”As my eyes got accustomed to the darkness of the room, I saw him sitting down on the sofa but he was not alone. Some guy was sitting on the other side of the sofa, laid back looking at me. My heart skipped a beat. We had discussed this before and hadn’t really decided that I was ready for this but he made the decision for me it seems. I stared at them both standing near the door, feeling a bit awkward not knowing what to do next. Did I really want this?”Come here slut” he ordered me! My legs moved forward as if I had no control on them.”On our knees in front of me.. I need you to suck me!” I kneeled in front of him looking up in to his eyes seeing his impatience with me, his eyes motioning me without a word. I reached for his belt and kurtköy escort fumbling it with my nervous fingers. I finally got the belt off and zipped his pants down. I could feel the bulge in his underwear. I pulled out his cock and it was already hard and wet from pre-cum. I bend down my head to reach the tip of his cock to taste him.”Mmmmm” I moaned. That tasted good! I’d miss his sweet black cock!”You like that, huh bitch?” I answered with a moan as opened my mouth more to take him in, twirling my tongue around the head. I knew how much he liked that! He arched his back bringing his cock deeper in my throat as he grabbed my head to make sure I would not move back.”Yeah bitch, suck it” He was holding my head with his two hands pulling me closer to him, moving his hips up and down. His cock felt hard and good in my mouth as I enjoyed the smell of him, the taste of his pre-cum. I opened my mouth wider to take him deeper in, all the way down to my throat, gagging, almost choking but he did not stopped fucking my mouth and just held my head closer to him. “Yeah, bitch, suck it good, you little fucking whore!” I felt his friend move next to us and I turned my head to look what he was doing. Master did not like that at all and pushed my head back where it was and all I had time to see was his friend’s cock popping out of his jeans, fully erect. My pussy got wet at the idea of that hard big black cock waiting for my mouth. “You want his cock too, huh, slut??” I nodded and moaned, as I was not able to answer more than a moan with his big cock inside my mouth. “Don’t worry, you fucking hungry bitch, you’ll get his too,” he grunted as he kept face fucking me.So I patiently continued to suck his cock hard and fast as I felt his friend move on the sofa closer to us. Master grabbed my hand and brought it to his friend’s cock. “Stroke it, slut” My fingers closed around his friend’s cock and I began to stroke him gently up and down. Moaning escaped his friend’s mouth as I kept stroking slowly at first. I picked up the pace as I heard his breathing accelerate. “You want to suck his big dick, don’t you slut??” “Mmmmm””” I answered, giving my approval as I looked up at him! He smiled at me and motioned me to his friend’s cock without a word as he let his grip off my head. I moved over between his friend’s legs and reached for his very big and hard cock, pre-cum was oozing out of the tip as I approached my mouth to his wet tip, licking my lips. I heard his friend moaning louder as my lips reached its destination and let his wet cap kaynarca escort inside my hungry slut mouth. I could feel my wet pussy dripping down my thighs. I started to suck harder the hard glistening black cock offered to me. Master got up and took off his pants. “Up for some good fucking slut???” he asked me. I moaned a positive answer to him with his friend’s cock still deep down my throat. He slipped down behind me and reached for my pussy, reaching inside finding my wetness. I could feel his cock against my ass as he bent over “Damn bitch, you’re fucking wet!” he whispered in my ear.I felt my pussy twitch and more wetness down my thighs as he aimed at my soaked pussy, sliding easily deep down inside my belly. I almost missed a beat sucking his friend’s cock as I felt him enter me. It had been too long since I last felt his big cock inside my wet pussy. I lost concentration for a few seconds as I enjoyed his cock ripping me apart. “I think she likes that, man” his friend told my Master. I looked up at him and smiled and realized I had just neglected his cock and lowered down my head towards the tip of his aching cock. He moaned very loudly as my mouth closed around the tip and I started to suck him up and down faster and faster. I felt his hands grab my hair pulling me closer to him. He was screaming nasty names at me, which in turn made my pussy even wetter. Master felt the wetness of my sweet lips around his hard cock as he pounded me fast and deep. “Damn, bitch, never felt you so horny and wet” I couldn’t think straight anymore. All I could do was close my eyes and enjoy the double fucking I was getting. Both my set of lips were being violated. Hard.. deep.. Pleasure ripping thru my whole body.”I want your ass, slut” Master pulled me back and his friend got on the floor. I got on top of him and lowered myself on him, slowly. He was huge, very thick. He started to move slowly in and out of me as my pussy got accustomed to his size. Master got behind me and I felt the cold lub drip on my ass. He rubbed my asshole with his finger making sure I was wet and ready for his cock. When I first felt his cock enter me, I froze up at first. I tried to relax. I had fantasized about double penetration for so long. Two black cocks inside me at once, the thought was overwhelming as I realized this was really happening for real. He went it very slowly, as he always did. Taking his sweet time until I felt all of him inside me. For a few moments, which seemed like an eternity, no one moved. No sound, no noise, no movement. kartal escort Then he started to move back and forth, slowly at first. His friend tried to follow his movements so that they would be coordinated. They gradually picked up the pace and started to move faster as I started to moan louder and louder.”You like that, huh, you little fucking whore??” I whispered a low “yes”.”You’re just a fucking horny bitch” he said as he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. His friend grabbed my tits and started to suck on my nipples sending new sensation thru my body just as Master hit my ass cheek with his hand, spanking me hard with one hand, pulling my hair with the other. I had thought of this scene so many times in my fantasy world, as I masturbated late at night before falling asleep. I could barely believe it was actually happening for real, not just a fantasy anymore. It was just as good as I always thought it could be. Even more then I ever dreamed of, I didn’t want this to end. I wanted to be their cum slut all night, all week.. all the time.Master let go of my hair and lowered himself closer to me, his mouth next to my ears whispering sweet nasty words to me. He knows how much I enjoy his nasty talk.”You know what’s missing, bitch???””Yeah, another black cock in my mouth” I answered!”You got that right, you little white trash!!””Next time, I’ll bring more friends.. think you can handle a few more??””Fuck, yeah” I answered.”How many should I bring to fuck you?””As many as you wish Master””Mmmmm…10.. 12?? You sure you can handle that?”My pussy got wet and reacted to the thought. “Shit, I think she’s turned on by the idea man, I just felt her pussy pulsate around my cock!””Seems our little slut here wants a real fucking gangbang! Is that right, bitch??””Oh yeeeees” I muttered between breathings. I felt Master’s cock fasten the pace. I could tell he was close to cumming. I heard it in his breathing, felt his movement change, the way he grabbed me. “Oh fuck, am gonna cum bitch!” I knew what that meant, there is only one place he likes to cum and it’s on my face. He pulled out and came in front of me.. holding my head as he rubbed his cock on my face. He started to cum hard and thick all over my face. It felt like he would never stop cumming. His friend was still pounding me hard as he watched my face being drown with hot thick cum. I guess that was too much for him and he also lost control and started to cum inside my pussy. Thrusting hard and deep as I felt his cum mixed with my pussy juice drip down my lips, down my thighs.”You were a good slut tonight” Master said. “I’ll make sure you get more black cocks next time, you deserve the best fucking night of your life”I smiled at him with his cum still dripping down my chin.”I am ready, Master”

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