Sue#3 From the Front

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Finally from the front

Today was a special day for a number of reasons. First was that I was off from work having taken a personal holiday (we get two a year) and second, because my neighbor Sue was having the cast removed from her leg. It had been eight long weeks for her wearing that plaster anchor. The doctor had examined one last x-ray and announced that the cast could come off. She would still need to favor the leg and do some physical therapy; but, the damn cast was finally coming off.

Sue had asked me for another favor: “Could you take me to have the cast removed?” This was, most likely, because it was essentially impossible for her to drive with the cast on her leg. I hoped that it was, a little, also because she wanted my company. I quickly agreed and put in the paperwork for a ‘Floater’ at work. So, I had the day off and was patiently waiting for Sue to tell me that she was ready to go.

I went out onto the balcony and, as usual, reached around the dividing wall and knocked on her side. Sue was quick to respond: “I’m almost ready, why don’t you come over?” So I did. I was down my stairs and up hers in a short time. (Sue had told me to keep the spare key to her apartment since it was so difficult for her to go down the stairs just to answer the door). I had been collecting her mail and newspapers when I came home and then passing them to her via the balcony route.

Sue was in the bedroom: “Come on in.” She was wearing a bra and those great Jeans shorts that showed off her fine ass: “I’m almost ready to go.” I watched as she pulled a t-shirt over her head and gave herself a final inspection in the mirror. She walked (hobbled) over to where I was standing and gave me a nice kiss and hug as a greeting.

I asked: “Do you need to bring anything?”

“Just me. All my paperwork and insurance information is already on file.”

She walked toward the steps. I asked: “Shouldn’t you bring the other shoe for when the cast is off?”

Sue started to laugh: “That would probably be a good idea.”

I picked up her ‘spare’ shoe and headed to the stairs so that I could go down ahead of her. We had found that it was easier (and likely safer) for me to go ahead of her with her holding me by the shoulders as we descended. This way, she felt a little more stable and if she fell, I was there to break the fall. We managed to get down safely, retrieve her crutches in the foyer, and get into my car for the short trip to the hospital.

Sue used crutches outside the apartment. She hated them but found them necessary for going any real distance. I dropped her off at the entrance and then found a parking place. She was waiting for me just inside the front door and she led the way to the department that would be removing the cast.

What a brutal process! I watched as the technician used a rotary saw to cut down one side and up the other splitting the cast into two halves. I half expected him to slice into her leg as he wielded that tool. He needed scissors to cut away the big sock-like thing and then there was about a half-ton of cotton packing inside that. Over the course of eight weeks, the cotton had become semi-permanently attached to her skin but they had some sort of solvent which promptly removed that mess. Once the cast and all the attachments were removed, I could easily see how much paler and distressed her leg was. It looked to me that there had been some minor ‘shrinkage’ of the muscles in her thigh and calf. She definitely needed to shave that leg. I didn’t say anything but apparently Sue could see something in my expression: “What’s wrong?”

I kept looking at her leg: “Is everything alright? Your leg doesn’t look like the other one.”

The technician assured me (and her?) that the differences were only temporary and expected. Her muscles will restore themselves, the skin will smooth itself out but she would have to take care of the hair and the tan herself.

Feeling a little better, I asked: “What’s the first thing that you want to do now that you are a lot more mobile again?”

Sue waited for the Technician canlı bahis şirketleri to busy himself with picking up the detritus. She beckoned me closer so that she could whisper into my ear: “I want to get deeply fucked from the front.”

WOW! There I was, standing in the hospital with half a hard-on. I was not expecting that answer and Sue apparently knew that from my expression: “What’s the matter? Not ready to do me if I’m no longer an invalid?”

I was unable to formulate a quick response. So I just offered: “I would like that too.”

Sue started to giggle while the technician gave me a sneaky look. He obviously heard the entire exchange and was hurrying himself along with the cleanup. Sue thanked everyone and asked if she could use the phone.

Sue called her boss at the hospital and told her that the cast was off. She said yes to about three questions before telling the lady that she would let her know as soon as she found out. She rang off, limped over and took me by the arm: “Let’s go, we have a few errands before going back to the apartment, ok?”

I walked slowly allowing Sue to set the pace. She left the crutches at the hospital. When we got to the entrance I asked: “Do you want to wait here while I go to get the car?”

Sue: “No, I’d like to try to get there myself, if it isn’t too far.”

I could see my car in the parking lot and pointed it out to her: “Can you make it that far?”

Sue assured me that she could and so, we were off. We made it, slowly, but we made it. I was soon exiting the parking area asking: “Where to?”

“Liquor store, pharmacy and bagel place, not necessarily in that order.”

The Liquor store was closest. I asked: “Want me to go get something while you wait?”

“No, I want to try it myself.” She got out of the car before I could get around to help her. I did notice that she held onto the door for a few extra seconds before starting off toward the store. We walked together into the store and Sue looked around for a bit. She headed toward the wine aisle and selected a couple of bottles of white wine. I’m unfamiliar with the brands of wine so I provided no help other than to carry her selections to the register. Sue paid for them and we were off again.

Next stop was the Pharmacy. I found a parking place very close to the entrance. Sue told me to wait in the car while she made a few ‘personal’ purchases. I helped her out of the car and leaned against the door while she limped toward the door. It was an automatic door so there was no need for me to open it for her. She was soon back carrying a medium sized bag. It appeared to me that she had purchased some feminine products and some other things. She kept the bag with her, holding it on her lap as we drove to the final stop, the Bagel place.

“Can you go in? Just get a half-dozen plain and a half-dozen of whatever you like, ok?” Sue waited in the car while I ran in. We were soon on our way. The car really smelled good with the bag of warm bagels. We arrived home at the apartments in short order. I offered to carry her pharmacy purchase; she declined but did appreciate my following her closely as we went up her stairs. She took the bag and went directly into the bathroom while I put the Bagels on the kitchen table.

Sue came back out and went directly into the kitchen: “Coffee?”

I agreed thinking that a great idea.

Sue made a quick pot of coffee and we enjoyed buttered bagels at the kitchen table. I offered to clean up when the lunch (snack?) was done. She accepted and excused herself to the bathroom telling me: “It may be a while, but the wait will be worth it.” With that, she was off and I was left to fend for myself. So, I went out onto the balcony and looked around for a while. It was another nice day, a little warm in the afternoon sun, but a nice day.

It took Sue about forty-five minutes to do whatever she did in the bathroom. I didn’t hear her coming and was a little startled when she poked her head through the doorway saying: “Let’s get this show on the road!”

I turned to see her canlı kaçak iddaa standing there wearing the long silky robe that I had seen on a couple of occasions. She looked good having done something with her hair. The robe prevented any further inspection but I soon found myself following her down the hall toward her bedroom. She walked to the center of the room, turned to face me and dropped the robe. Sue was completely naked and looking oh so good.

I immediately noticed that she had not only shaven her newly freed leg, but she had shaven her bush too. This fine woman stood there hairless from the neck down inviting me to look her over. Look her over I did. I closed the distance between us: “You look absolutely delicious.”

Sue: “When I started to shave my legs, I figured why not go all the way up?” She then lifted her arms and turned herself around in a circle. I couldn’t help but notice her fine looking butt and, much to my surprise, both of her legs were now just about the same color: “Your leg looks a lot better now.”

“I put some ‘instant tan’ on it. Do they match?”

I pretended to inspect her legs while covertly looking at her newly exposed pussy: “Yeah, everything looks really good.”

“Are you looking at my legs or at my pussy?”

I admitted: “Well, both actually. Like I said, you look delicious.”

Sue walked (still a slight limp) over toward the bed: “And what about that frontal fucking?”

I started to strip off my t-shirt and cut-offs: “I will get to that right after I sample that freshly shaven pussy if that’s ok with you?”

Sue put herself down onto the bed. She put one of the pillows under her butt and spread her legs a little: “Have at. I was hoping that you might have that idea.”

I knelt at the foot of the bed enjoying the view. Man, she really looked good. I lowed myself down to where my face was directly over her womanhood. She was fresh from the shower so there was only a trace of her womanly scent. I dove right in. I parted her lips with my tongue and kissed her directly on her clit. Sue let out a long sigh letting me know that I had found the right spot. Without stopping, I applied myself to the task of giving her a great moustache ride (I don’t have a mustache).

Sue put her legs over my shoulders, put her hands on my temples and started to rock her hips. She was already half-way there so it didn’t take very long for her to get to the heavy breathing part of the adventure. Without much warning, she went over the edge squeezing my head between her legs and had a great orgasm. I let her ride it out and backed off a little staying generally in the same place.

When she had recovered: “Thank you, that was great. Now, about that fucking?”

I stayed put: “That was only one. How about another just to keep it interesting?”

Sue: “Seriously? You’d give up fucking me just to do that again?”

I kissed her pussy: “Not give it up, just postpone it a short while. Ok with you?”

She pulled my head back against her pussy: “Have at. I expected to have you inside me by now; but, I can’t turn down another trip like that last one.”

So, I applied myself again. She was noticeably wetter than before and maybe just a little bit more aggressive in rocking her hips against my face. I moved my hands up to be under the cheeks of her ass and lifted her buns assisting in her movements. Things were progressing again; her movements were more and more insistent. Sue was beginning to moan, a little when she said: “Put something inside me, even if it’s just a finger!”

With that invitation, I moved my right hand from under her butt and slowly pushed my index finger into her as I continued to suck on and tease her clit. I was in up past the second knuckle when: “Not enough, go for two.”

Happy to oblige, I added my middle finger and started a slow in-and-out motion in time with her rocking. This seemed to be what she wanted as her movements increased along with the squeezing that she was applying to my head. I extended my little finger so that it pushed up against her butt hole canlı kaçak bahis when my fingers were in her. I didn’t penetrate her butt but she did, however, seem to react to this activity.

Sue went over the edge again. This time her orgasm was damn near violent. She was almost bouncing off the bed. I hoped that none of the neighbors heard her vocalizing; Someone might even think that she was being abused somehow. I could feel her throbbing with the two fingers that I had in her vagina and the pinky that was touching her little pucker. Her ‘come’ went on for a noticeable period before she started to breathe a little more normally again: “Now, I want you inside me now.”

She lifted her legs from my shoulders and spread herself wide. I was invited to move up (She pulled on my head) over her body until we were lined up to fuck. I kept my weight off of her using my knees and forearms while Sue guided my cock to her very wet opening. I started to push but never got the chance to finish. She thrusted her hips upward forcing my cock into her. I was in all the way which elicited a long moan from her. It felt so good that I was afraid to move lest I cum right then and there.

Sue draped her calves over my legs and began to churn her pussy against my pubic bone. This motion did not produce much in-and-out motion which let me think that I might be able to last for a while. After a few moments of this, I felt her move her legs up until she had them around my waist. I soon felt her hands on my butt cheeks pulling me into her while she continued to grind her pussy on my front. This was turning out to be one of the most memorable fucks of my life.

To my surprise, she came again. The trembling began again accompanied by a low growling noise. Her thrusting became very strong and I began to feel the throbbing in her vagina. I couldn’t take any more and I erupted. We were coming at the same time and it was absolutely glorious. I had never felt that close with a woman before. It felt like I pumped about a quart into her. I stayed in her as she slowly lowered her legs back down eventually putting them onto the bed. We rolled to our sides but stayed ‘united’ for a while. Eventually our breathing got back to normal and my cock softened to the point where it sorta fell out of her. I’m sure a small tidal wave of cum followed.

We stayed in that position for a while. I rubbed her back while she gently glided her nails up and down my flanks. The ‘afterglow’ was very enjoyable. Eventually, Sue said: “I’ve got to pee.” She disengaged and got up. I watched her waddle towards the bedroom door. She was still favoring her one leg but now she was trying to keep her legs together so as to not drip cum onto her bedroom carpet. It did look a little funny. She was soon back and we resumed the same positions.

I think that we dozed off for an hour or so. I awoke to see her sleeping calmly while pressed up against me. My cock hadn’t recovered but now I had to piss. I tried to get up without disturbing her but she awoke and sat up on the bed: “Where ya going?”

I told her that I had to use the bathroom and would be right back. Sue got up while I was occupied, put on her robe and went into the kitchen. I finished in the bathroom and headed back to the bedroom seeing the bed empty. I quickly put on my cutoffs and found her in the kitchen fixing another pot of coffee. I went up behind her, wrapped her in my arms and told her: “Thank you for the loving, it was wonderful.”

Sue turned, kissed me and said: “I liked it too. But I’m not done with you yet. There’s still that matter of the ‘deep’ fucking to get done.”

“Deep fucking?”

“Yes, I want to be able to feel your balls touching against my butt cheeks while you’re in me.”

I must have looked like I didn’t understand. She continued: “We need have a little snack, recharge our batteries before I show you what I mean. Unless, of course, You don’t want to fuck me anymore?”

I assured her that there was no way that I would not want to ‘fuck her’ and asked her what I could do to help with the snack.

We ate buttered bagels and coffee again while she explained just how she would like our ‘encore’ to progress. I half expected to raise the kitchen table with my hard-on by the time that the little meal was over.

Look for the story: ‘Payback’

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