Sultry Summer Memories

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The night was warm and the air humid as I sat down on the back deck. I let my mind drift off to a time I had forgotten. A time when love was young and new.

I remember the touch of your hand as it reached for me. The touch of your hand sent bolts of lightning through me as your fingers touch my warm skin. A smile crossed your face as I looked up into your eyes. I wonder what goes on deep inside your mind.

I reach out and take your hand and place it next to my heart. The beat races under your hand. I see the passion building and the look on your face changes as it takes over your being. Your head leans back slightly and your eyes begin to close. The cotton sun dress you wear clings to your skin in the warm humid air and accents your curves like I have never noticed before. I guess that I should have taken the time to notice sooner.

I reach up and pull you down so you sit on my lap facing me. Your legs to my sides as we rock gently on the swing. Back and forth with a gentle motion. Your lips are full and glow with your skin in the bright full moon as it caresses us. I reach up to you and you lean down to kiss me… slowly, our lips touch… our lips slowly part as our tongues reach for each other, slowly exploring. Wondering where this will take the lovers. Deeper, they explore and caress each other… searching now for the others soul… your hands reach for my face and gently cup it in there tenderness.

My hands slowly tracing lazy lines over your back. The cotton dress clings to you as your hair does to your face… your nipples straining against the fabric that shrouds them from the moon light that they seek.

I feel your heat building as the sweat drips from you… is it the night air? Your arms wrap around me and pull me closer as our kiss continues to consume us… my hands glide to your head and fill with your hair…I feel your hands slide down my body as you pull away and reach canlı bahis for my shirt. You pull it up and as you get it up to my head you lean down and lick my nipple… the sensation is shocking as I am not expecting it. You have me held prisoner as your tongue licks me…first on nipple then the other…You pin my arms in my shirt so I can not get to you. .You slide down between my thighs and kiss and nibble my stomach.. Your warm breath and touch causes a shiver to course through me you release my arms and I finish pulling my shirt off as you look up at me…I feel your hands on my sides, sliding up and down massaging me and caressing me.

My hands gently caress your cheeks. You have me under your spell… a spell that only a lover can cast upon another. My mind reels at the sensations coursing through my body. Your hands reach for my face as you kiss my stomach, framing me. I take one hand and pull it to my mouth and gently nibble your palm and wrist…Slowly licking your palm and nibbling your thumb. Licking your fingers. Slowly, I take a finger into my mouth and gently suck on it…Sliding my mouth over it slowly, up and down. My tongue sliding around it… teasing it.

A low moan escapes you…I feel you lean your body into me…pressing your hard nipples into me. You pull your hands from me and gently scrape me with your nails. Down my sides to my waist. Your fingers grasp my waist band on my shorts and you gently pull them as I raise my hips.

As each inch of flesh is uncovered, you kiss it with a burning desire that has been fanned from a smoldering ash to a flame. My cock stands before you… you look with a passion I have never seen before as you slowly reach for me. Your warm hands touch me softly, tenderly.

The sensation courses through me flooding my brain. Your touch is as electric today as it was the first time we touched…You still bring me to my knees and melt me from within. bahis siteleri You look at me, with wonder in your eyes. You want to take me in but you want to savor it as well….The dilemma you face can only be answered in your heart and soul.

Slowly, you lean down, your lips gently part as your warm tongue slides between your lips. Softly, you touch me. It takes my breath away as I feel your warm breath on me. Gently, you lick the underside of my shaft, causing a moan to escape me.

Your eyes close and I wonder where your mind has taken you…What do you feel. Do you feel pure passion? Do you feel caged passion behind forced tenderness?

You slowly rub my cock over your lips and face, the passion building as you caress me to your face more and more. My head swims as you caress me your tongue circles the swollen head of my cock and takes my breath away. Your hand grasp me in a soft, yet firm grip as you take me into your warm mouth. My hands fill with your hair and my hips rise to meet you. Your warmth is incredible. Slowly, your mouth slides up and down my length as your hand follows. Your other hand gently caresses my balls.

My mind swims with emotion…so much I want to say… so much I should have said. Where do I begin? A million thoughts flood me. Every sensation I have ever known races to the front of my memory. My head falls back against the back of the swing… the moon looking down on two lovers as my mind races to the stars and reaches out to touch Gods face. The emotions I feel come from deep with in my heart. Why did we ever argue? Why did I let my ego cross the line? You remind me that I am only a man of mortal abilities.

I reach for you and lift you up to me. .Our breath raged and labored. I pull your sundress from you and look upon your body. It is almost as if I am seeing you for the first time. You stand before me naked, your soul bared to me and the heavens. Your bahis şirketleri firm breast standing before me…your hard nipples standing defiantly upon them… the firmness of your stomach… the fine chiseled features of your legs. God handed me a beautiful creature.

I pull you to me as you sit upon my lap, your nipples before me. I gently kiss your shoulders down to your breast. Your head leans back looking to the heavens. I reach for a nipple and softly touch just the tip with the tip of my tongue. Ever so softly. You catch your breath. Your heart races. My hands grab your back in a firm yet tender grip. Gently pulling you to me with a measured hunger. I lick a bit more of your nipple. And a bit more. More of my tongue touches you.

I feel your heat and wetness as you thrust your hips to mine. Your hips searching for me… wanting me deep inside you. My mouth caresses your nipple and you gasp at the sensation as you manage to work the head of my cock to your clit. You slide effortlessly over me. Your arch your back and position yourself to capture me. I feel your swollen lips part as you take me in.

A small scream fills the humid night air. Slowly, we thrust to one another trying to find the others lost soul. If we can find the other, then we can be a whole person, nothing can come between that that is not dividable. Our moans intensify as the moon looks on, smiling it’s knowing smile. We grind into one another trying to reach for the other…bringing the other back to the one that is lost.

Faster, our orgasm builds, taking us to the edge of the abyss. We look over and are captured by its depth and intensity and can no longer resist its pull. We hold each other tightly as our orgasm hits with the force of a tidal wave washing over the barren beaches of a lost tropical island.

Our body’s tremble in each other’s arms, as the tears flow from our hearts and souls. I love you with a feeling I have never known. I am sorry for the past. I can only hope you forgive me. The smile that crosses my face is streaked with the tears of a lost love, but a love that will always endure for as long as there is time.

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