Sumissive’s Diary Episode 2: Restraint


Sumissive’s Diary Episode 2: RestraintFour months had past since we had our first adventure. Ever since then he continued to tie me up on a regular basis, taking me down to the basement roughly once per week. But it had never been as intense as the first time again. Instead we worked on ‘ letting go ‘. Some might call it an orgasm torture to be made to come for two hours straight, but honestly, to me it was like heaven on earth. We quickly got to the point where sex had changed from a fun hobby to my favorite pass time activity. I jumped Mike whenever I felt the urge and he always happily replied. Until that night, at least.He had just come home from work and prepared our dinner, because I’m a dreadful cook. Wearing nothing but a see through nightgown I sneaked up on him and grabbed him from behind.”what’cha doin’?” “Repairing my car.” He replied, smiling at me.”You’re freaking hilarious. I mean what’s for dinner?””What’s it look like?” He lifted the lit off the pan.”Like someone already ate it and it didn’t agree with him, to be honest.” “It’s Indian food, you’re gonna like it. But it burns really easy, so could you take your hand out of my pants so that I can focus?” I bit his neck softly and used the other hand to unzip him.”Since when is burning food a reason for you to say no to a quickie?” Pushing my hands away he replied”Since now. Besides, you’re gonna need you strength for later. I have a surprise for you.”“A surprise? Like what?” Mike turned around and looked at me with a mix of annoyance and excitement in his eyes.”Like a surprise. I won’t give it away, that would defeat the purpose. Now go change, we’re expecting a guest after dinner.” He sent me off with a kiss and I went straight upstairs. His comment about me needing my strength in mind, I put on white satin hot pants and no bra. Covering it under a Jeans and a wide red shirt, and went back down.Dinner was on the table and it was delicious. While we ate, I got mite and more anxious about his surprise and when I was going to see it.”So… What’s that surprise? At least give me a hint.” “Stop asking already. You’ll find out soon enough. When you’re done, could you clear the table please? I’ll check on everything and see if we’re good to go.” Once I was finished, I put the dishes into the sink and went over to the living room. Mike was sitting on the couch, next to him a young girl, maybe 18, 19 years old. She wore a black mini skirt and top. “Let me introduce you to Ashley.” He said calmly, “She is a friend of Kate’s, whom I’m assuming you told about our little hobby. Seems that Kate told Ashley, and one day she stood in front of or door. She told me about this little fantasy of hers and then one thing led to another.” I was speechless. Was Mike cheating on me? Then why would he make us meet?”Little Ashley here will be our toy for tonight. We’ve been meeting for two weeks now, going over the rules and details.” I was baffled. Toy? They’ve been meeting for two weeks? What was going on?”Let me go over them with you quickly, so we can get started. She’s been anxious all week for this. One: Unless I order you to, you will not touch her. You can add to her discomfort or pain anytime though. But no gentle treatment out comforting her. She insisted on this.Two: She will not speak for the entire evening. Again, she insisted.Three: My main focus tonight will be on her, while you assist me.”Slowly I walked over to those two. I could tell by the way she looked at me that Ashley was very exited. And I was beginning to feel the same way. Mike knew that I was bi-curious and I thought this was his way of fulfilling yet another one of my fantasies.”When do the rules apply?” I asked”Once we’re downstairs. For now, you’re free to do whatever.” Mike stood up and left the room.”I’ll go prepare everything. You two get to know each other.”There I was, standing in front of sweet little Ashley. Her skin was pale, green eyes and she had long smooth black hair. She was trembling a little and kept her eyes glued on me. I sat down next to her and rested a hand on er soft leg. Her skin was perfect. Soft but firm and perfectly smooth. No birthmarks, no scars, nothing but nubile teenage perfection.”Are you scared?” I asked her, gently moving my hand up and down her thigh. She nodded.”You know what is going to happen to you tonight, right?” She nodded again. A slight shiver ran through her when I touched her inner thigh, slowly moving my hand up.”Do you like that?” She nodded shyly, but with an expression on her face that craved more. “A lot?” nodding again, she smiled at me and turned red. This was, without a doubt, the cutest girl I had ever seen in my life.”Stand up and turn around. I’d like to see what I get play with tonight.”I almost gasped for air. Her skirt was lifted up when she spun around, revealing her perfectly shaped butt. She was 5’6″ tall and very athletic. Her hair fell down to her waist and the nipples of her perky B-cup breasts poked through her top. I smiled at her and said”Looks like you’re pretty exited already.” She looked down, giggled and sat down next to me again, this time a lot closer. “You want me to continue?” Wild nodding. I put my hand back and slowly moved up, inch by inch. When I reached her skirt, she leaned onto me and opened her legs a little, just enough for me to reach her pussy. “Want me do do something?” I asked, surprised to find myself using the same sadistic overtone Mike normally used on me. She nodded, rubbing her head against my shoulder, then beginning to kiss my neck. I moved on, further up her leg and rested my palm on her mound. I felt her hand moving under my shirt, slowly exploring my body. It rested on the button of my Jeans and she looked at me, obviously asking for permission.”Go ahead sweety.” I lowered my head to kiss her nose, but she jerked up to kiss my mouth. She tasted sweet, and her tongue was very skilled. This was like the starter pistol went off. I ran two fingers down her moist little slit, going straight for her clit. She softly bit my lower lip and looked at me with an expression that was both incredibly cure and horny at the same time. My button came loose and her hand slid right into my crotch. Within a minute we both lay on the sofa, me on top of her. Kissing wildly and rubbing each other to orgasm. We came almost simultaneously, moaning and breathing into the others ears. This was intense in a completely different way. But I didn’t want to stop there. I slid down and began to kiss her legs, slowly moving up.”That’s about enough for a meet and greet, don’t you think?” Mike was standing in the door, happily observing the scene. “There’s an entire evening of fun and games ahead of us. Shall we get started?” Ashley and I straightened our clothes and followed Mike down into the basement. The room was well prepared and when he locked the door, I was looking forward to a fun night. I had never seen Mike go through so much trouble to prepare the room. I could easily tell what we were going to use, because next to each and every table, chair or steel frame was a tray covered with a satin cloth and underneath were the tools for that particular station. I could make out some whips, one or two vibrators and the occasional chain.”What is all this?” Mike crossed his arms and confidently answered”My usual preparations. See, with you I just do things out of the moment. And you can’t plan spontaneity. But this session, I planed in advance, giving me the opportunity to carefully prepare the perfect environment.” Looking at Ashley and me, he grinned.”And I thought of EVERYTHING. To be honest, it felt good to fall back into old routines. This is what I used to do back in the day before ever session.”Ashley went over to a steel frame and knelt over it, resting her body on it. She was waiting on all fours for someone to tie her up. Mike walked over and put leather straps on her legs, arms and back, then he returned to me.”Tonight, we are here for two reasons. The first is that I wanted you to meet little Ash here. After tonight, she will be yours.” “What do you mean?” I got exited. He couldn’t possibly mean what I hoped for.”I mean, she will be your pet.” My heart was doing jumping jacks. He meant it! “She’s about to finish high school and after that she is aiming for a masters degree. All here in town. And for that time, whenever she’s not at school, she will be here as your little pet.” I kissed him. A dream had just come true. Ashley looked back at us with a huge smile. I wanted to walk over to her, but Mike stopped me.”The second reason,”, he continued, “is for you to learn restraint. Having her in your life will mean a lot of fun, pleasure and of course a lot of mutual affection shared between the two of you. But it also means you’ll have to punish her from time to time.” His voice had become very critical at the end. “And you are not capable of doing that. Not right now, anyways. So you will watch me hurt her and not intervene. She will scream, cry and beg. And you will take it. Understood?””… … … Yes master.” I didn’t like this at all. Ashley was a sweet little girl, not some drawing board for Mikes cruelties. But she agreed to this, so she knew what she was doing… right?”If I catch you comforting her in any way, including verbal, you are in for one hell of a punishment. It will make the baton on the first night look like a walk in the park.””understood.””Good. Now go, sit in front of her. I want you to see her face.” I walked over and found Ashley smiling at me. It looked like she was trying to encourage me of all things. I nodded to her and quietly watched as Mike picked up a crop from the tray, running it over her back. The first two his came down on her back and she took it without a change of demeanor. The third one was a lot harder and she grinned her teeth. I wanted to touch her, to tell her that it was all going to be okay, but I knew would only mean trouble for her and me. This was turning out to be a lot harder than I expected.A few more hits came down, every time increasing in strength. Ashley took them bravely and I sat on my hands to fight the urge to touch her. Mike pushed up her skirt and began working on her butt. Again, beginning easy and increasing in strength with every hit. She took them bravely and was doing better than I hoped. Next up was a leather paddle. Mike showed no mercy, slamming her ass with it and for the first time Ashley cried out in pain. Hearing that and seeing the first tear running down her face almost tore me apart. Every fiber of my body told me to help her. Five more hits before he stopped. By then, Ashley’s mascara ran down her face and I felt myself beginning to cry as well. Next up was the bullwhip and the Vibro-clamp, as Mike had named his diabolical little invention. It was a regular nipple clamp, but with a vibrating egg mounted on it. He would put it on my clit while whipping me and it seemed that Ash was in for the same ordeal. A muffled shriek when he clamped it to her, followed by a surprised türbanlı batman escort moan as he turned it on. I knew what would follow, and I was right. Mike waited until she was on the verge of an orgasm, then the whip cracked. The pain of that treatment is immense because it is multiplied by the shock of being ripped away from the climax, and he uses it to this day as his most severe punishment. And it hit Ashley like a car. Her scream was filled with terror and she spun her head around.”Please! No more of that! I … I can’t take that!”Mike stopped. But only to wait for the next orgasm to build up. I knew this just too well. It took a few minutes, but it built up again. She closed her eyes, giving in to the feeling and I bit my lower lip, awaiting the inevitable.CRACK!Ashley was shell-shocked. Her eyes were widened and her mouth open but not a single sound made it’s way past her lips. It is after that second hit when you realize what her is up to. Slowly coming to the right conclusion, her courage faded away and she began to cry and beg him to stop. But of course he would do no such thing. Instead he waited another ten minutes for the vibrator to do it’s job. As the orgasm came closer, Ashley began to jerk around in her bindings, fighting it as hard as she could. But that egg was relentless and soon enough, she came. Biting down she waited for the whip, but nothing happened. When I saw her relax, I closed my eyes. CRACK!I opened them again just in time to see Mike lube up a fairly big dildo and kneeling down behind her. Immediately I jumped up and ran to him, yelling”Pancake! Pancake!” And just in time. A second later and he would have forced all 8 inches in at once. I wasn’t proud of using the safe word fir the first time ever, but I had to stop him at any cost.”What is it?” He said, looking at me.”You can’t be serious, doing that to her!””Why the hell not? It’s just a dildo!” Her head spun around.”Why? Because she’s a virgin!” “She’s a what now?” Mike looked at me with an expression of surprise and disbelief.”A virgin, Mike. A girl that has never had vaginal sex before.” I answered, taking the dildo from him”Yeah, right. You’re k**ding me, aren’t you?””Do I look like I’m k**ding? I felt it upstairs, and saw it, too. ‘re you telling me you didn’t know?” Mike would never be this careless. Going through what looked like hours of preparations and two Weeks of planning only to forget to ask the teen if she was a virgin? That wasn’t like him at all.”No I didn’t know! She told me her first time was about a year ago! And I didn’t inspect her, why would I?””Is that true?” I asked Ashley and she reluctantly nodded. Mike and I sighed simultaneously and I continued”The game is on break for now and we seriously have to reconsider continuing. So talk! Why did you do that?”The girl took a deep breath and answered, almost crying”Because I soooo wanted this. I thought being a virgin would keep me from being with you!” While we talked Mike undid her bindings.”So I lied… I’m sorry Miss Melissa. Please, please let me stay here! I’ll be good from now on! Promise!”Seriously, how can you be mad at someone that cute? She stood up, both hands behind her back, fidgeting her foot around and looking to the ground. Mike and I looked at each other, both of us beginning to smile. Then he shrugged his shoulders and said”Don’t look at me. She’s your pet, you decide. But if she stays, you’ve got to discipline her for the screw up.” He then turned around, opened the lock and handed me the key before he left. I closed it again and looked to Ashley.”You get to stay.” She came running towards me with a huge smile, trying to hug me. I lifted my hand and slapped her across the face.SMACK!”Rule number one: Never EVER lie to me again. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s being lied to. Clear?” She took a step back and rubbed her face.”Yes, mistress.””Secondly, don’t call me mistress. Miss Melissa will do.””Yes, mistr… Miss Melissa.””Now… What am I supposed to do with you?” I asked, while I began pacing around her.”I still need to punish you for the lie. Any ideas?” Ashley needed a while to realize that I actually wanted her to answer. After a moment of intense silence, she carefully answered.”You could right my wrong, Miss.” I was stunned for a second. I expected to hear a lot from her, but that?”All in due time, sweety. But for now I need a punishment, not a reward.” I stopped behind her and ran my right hand down her leg.”Tonight is all about me getting to know every nook and cranny of that beautiful little body of yours. Why don’t we say that for the next half hour, you are not permitted to have any orgasms. How does that sound?””Honestly, Miss, a bit frightening.” Her leg began to tremble.”Well, that’s the idea honey. Now strip. I want to see you in all your beauty.” As her clothes fell down, I saw Mikes work. Three swollen red stripes, marking every hit of the whip on her cheeks. And her back was red, even though she had her shirt on during the first beating. I put the dildo down and started running both hands up and down her back.”Does it hurt?” “It’s alright now, but the whip hurt pretty bad.” I firmly grabbed both her cheeks and she flinched.”I bet it did. Looks like you won’t be able to sit for at least two days.” Digging my fingernails deeper and deeper, she squirmed around and began to grin her teeth.”P… Please, Miss Melissa… t… that hurts s… so bad.” I moved my head close to her ear and whispered”It’s a punishment, dear. It’s supposed to hurt. Otherwise you won’t learn your lesson. Now what was it again?””I m… must not e… ever lie to M… Miss Melissa.” She did her best not to cry and I let go of her. Then I grabbed her shoulders, spun her around and softly kissed her.”Very good. You’re a quick study.” I smiled and watched her go through a world of emotions. First, she was surprised by the kiss. Then, afraid I might hurt her again. Third was relief when she realized I wouldn’t. Next, happiness when I wiped away her tears. And finally confusion when I hugged her. Looking into her beautiful eyes, I said”Welcome home, dear.”Ashley fell to her knees, held me tightly and started to sob, laugh and cry at the same time. “Thank you! Thank you so, so much, Miss Melissa! You won’t regret this, I promise!” “I know I won’t. Now come on up.” She stood back up and was standing less than a foot front of me. My hands began touching her on her stomach, feeling every muscle of her athletic statue. They slowly ran up, running along her breasts and reaching her nipples. I could feel her heart beating out of her chest and her breathing speeding up as I ran my index finger in small circles around them.”You are one seriously beautiful girl, dear.” She blushed.”Aside from today, has anyone ever touched you like this?” She shook her head. Hard to believe that I had gotten my hands on a 100% pure, nubile 19 year old virgin. There was only one question bugging me “So why would a sweet, innocent young girl like you risk having her virginity forcefully taken, only to be owned by an older woman?” She retook the pose from when I caught her lying.”Well… When I was 15, I read a book that I found under my mothers bed. It was about a woman’s house slave and how they loved each other. Ever since then I wanted the same. And then Kate told me about you and Mike…” She looked at me with scare, obviously fearing I would ridicule her. Instead I thought she was very brave. I couldn’t help but feel for her, because I had felt the same about being a sub until I met Mike. “If that’s the case, I’m proud of you. It must have taken a lot of courage to come here tonight.” I said, stroking her hair. She smiled and tried to kiss me, but I stopped her. Instead I pulled her close, one arm holding her tight, the other slowly working it’s way down her body. When I started to massage her labia, occasionally running my finger over her swollen little clit, she gasped and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hips began to move, grinding on my hand. I loved this. She was practically offering herself to me and I had to be careful to not screw up my punishment. When her body began to tremble and I saw the goosebumps on her skin, I pulled away and held both her hands, so she wouldn’t finish herself. “P-please, Miss, I’m so close!” She whispered, “Just a little more, I beg of you!”I chuckled. I loved being a sub, and do so to this day, but this had it’s very own kind of appeal. “Are you forgetting that you are being punished? No orgasm for another 25 minutes. And I will see to it that you feel every single second.”After a few seconds I let go of her and took a step back. Ashley was pouting and her eyes showed pure frustration. It was a good start, but this wouldn’t work for long. I needed her restrained, but in a position that made it easy for me to play with her.Scanning the room for the best solution, I got pretty frustrated myself. The steel frames were all constructed for discomfort, and not one would result in a good position. The steel table was out, because I was too weak to handle the bars… So there was only one option left.”Get on there.” I ordered her, pointing to the gynecologist chair. She looked at me with disbelief, but climbed up, resting her legs in the stirrups.”Miss Melissa, I’m scared. I don’t like these things.” She said. While I started to tie her down, I looked at her and answered”No need to be. These straps are here so you can’t hurt yourself. … Me on the other hand…” I waited with the sentence until the last strap was tied and the only thing she could move was her head.”I can do to you whatever I want to. I could keep you on the brink of an orgasm for hours if I so choose.” Her head jerked up and I saw the panic in her eyes.”I said I could, not I will. But there are 20 minutes left, so let me get started. Oh, before I forget, every time I hear the words ‘no’ or ‘stop’, I will add an additional 5 minutes. Understood?” She bit her lower lip, nodded and rested her head back on head back on chair, awaiting her treatment. I sat down on a small chair so that her spread legs were right in front of me. Her wet little pussy was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It was wide open and I could make out every detail. It had a bright, pink color and her hymen was in clear sight, drenched in her juices. Her inner lips were small, practically just indicated as an upside down V shape, running down from the little knob that was peeking out from under it’s hood. She had a very sweet smell and I wanted nothing more than to just bury my face in there and make her scream at the top of her lounges. Instead I ran my index finger along get inner thigh, slowly up and down until I was only a hairs width away from her tiny hole, then I repeated the same on the other side. Following the little V, soon both fingers rested on her hood, carefully pulling it up. I held it in place with one hand, using other to spread her open just a little more. türbanlı batman escort bayan I lowered my head and licked up and down a few times, before I began working on her clit. She moaned, squirming around in her bindings, only to find out that she couldn’t move an inch. Steadily increasing the suction, I ran my tongue in circles, up and down, flicked it a few times and nibbled carefully. It was fun feeling her body rocking around, hearing her moans and grunts as she tried to resist the feeling. Suddenly she held very still and stopped making noise. She was trying to sneak one by me! But there was one thing she couldn’t control, not with her lack of experience. I placed my thumb on her opening, and the second I felt it beginning to twitch, I pulled away. “You sneaky little vixen. You tried to come without permission, didn’t you?” I stood up and walked to her head. She was about to cry and looked at me with an overwhelming despair in her eyes.”I’m sorry, Miss Melissa. It just felt so amazing! I couldn’t help myself. I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life!” “I know you haven’t. But that’s the point. It wouldn’t be a punishment if I just touched you a little and that was it. I want you to feel what that little lie of yours is making you miss out on.” My hands were playing with her breasts again. “The next one will be the hardest, but also the last. Also, I want you to tell me when you are about to come. You will hold it in. If you come without my expressed permission, I’ll get the clamp and whip back out. Trust me, if you think it hurt on your ass, wait until you feel it on your thighs. Understood?””Y-yes, Miss Melissa.”I walked back to my chair and picked up a vibrating egg on my way. Once I sat back down, I opened her up a little, then I pushed the egg against her clit from below and turned it on.Immediately the started rocking around and grunting.”Ohmygodthatfeels a-amazing!” She said through grinned teeth, “I don’t think-ungh that I can take this-ah for long, Miss.” Again I chuckled. Of course was it too much for her to handle. After being denied twice already, she must have been extremely sensitive and I knew this would push her over the edge within two minutes at the most. “Hold it in! Don’t you dare to come without my permission!” I said and slapped her inner thighs.She bravely fought for about one minute, then the begging started.”Please, Miss Melissa, please allow me to come! I’m begging you!” “I don’t know… Are you sure you have learned your lesson?” I couldn’t help but smile at that moment, beginning to pull the egg away and push back again to keep her at that level of excitement.”Yes! Yes! Oh God yes! I will never lie to you for the rest of my life! Just please, PLEASE let me finish!”I stood up stood by the side of the chair. The egg was still pressed against her little knob as I looked into her eyes. “Come.”For the rest of my life I will never forget that expression, twisted in beautiful agony. Her eyes rolled back, her entire body convulsed and she screamed at the top of her lounges. She came hard, probably harder than ever before in her life.  This girl was amazing. 2 minutes and she was still climaxing. For a second, I was thinking about extending it as long as possible to find out where her breaking point might be. But limited to outer simulation, that would be too difficult. Plus I still had a lot of nasty little treats in mind, so exhausting her too much maybe wasn’t in my, or her, best interest. Instead I began kissing her and let go of her clit so that she could calm down. She kissed me back and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes.”That was awesome!” She said after our lips had parted. “I… I…””What is it, dear?” Her face turned red again and she bit her lower lip.”Promise not to laugh?””I would never laugh at you, no matter what.” I kissed her again, while gently stroking her hair. “I know it’s weird, because I only meet you like an hour ago… But no one has ever shown me that kind of affection.” I couldn’t help but giggle just a little bit. Not because I thought it was funny, but rather cute. I was happy hearing her say something like that to me. “What, orgasms? There’s a lot more where that came from.” Now she giggled.”That’s not what I mean. With you, for the first time, I don’t feel like someone just wants to take advantage of me. It feels… warm, kind of. Like… you don’t make me feel good only so that I make you good too, but just because to make me feel good. And that feels better than every touch or kiss… you know?”A tear ran down my face. Had she never experienced love or affection? Could it really be true? And if so, was this place the right one to feel it for the first time? In a basement torture room while tied to a gyno chair?I undid her bindings and helped her off the chair. Then I closed my arms around her, gently rubbing her back. She was confused for a moment, then she hugged me back and silently cried.”Listen, dear. Neither me nor Mike will ever take advantage of you. This is your home now, if you want it to be. And while we have our kinky little hobbies, it is a place filled with love and affection.” She held me tighter and her crying got a little louder. I could only imagine her life up until that day. How lost and lonely she must have felt and it broke my heart. But that was over now, I would make sure of that.”I… I…” She was struggling to say something, but couldn’t. The situation came crushing down on her and she just let go. We stood there, arm in arm for what felt like eternity until I let go.”Why don’t we go to a place a little more comfortable?” Ashley took a deep breath, regaining her composure.”Like where?””I was thinking you new bedroom. We could break in your bed.” She smiled at me with an expression on her face that was somewhere between happiness and pure lust.”Yes! I would love that!” She quickly got dressed and we went upstairs. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and we went further up. Her bedroom was down the hall, right next to Mike’s and mine. I opened the door and saw that Mike had already prepared everything. Her suitcases stood at the end of her bed, scented candles were lit and the lights were dimmed. I went in and when Ashley followed me, she gasped.”This looks beautiful.”, she said, almost whispering. “You didn’t have to do that, just for me…” I lay down on her bed, legs crossed, and looked over to her. She seemed stunned, admiring her new room. It wasn’t much, really. White wallpaper with some pictures hanging on the wall, mostly of the local countryside. A king-size bed with some fresh sheets and a closet for her clothes. Just your everyday typical guest room. But for some reason she seemed fascinated by it.”Are you going to join me or do I have to start alone?” I asked her, patting next to me and winking at her. She giggled and almost came running. She rubbed up against me, resting her head on my chest. “What are we going to do, Miss Melissa?” her hand had found it’s way under my shirt and ran up and down my stomach. I sighed softly and began caressing her hair.”Tonight, you are going to change from a girl into a woman.” I said. She looked up to me, smiling but with a tear on her cheek.”Don’t you want that?””No Miss, I really do!” She said, her eyes filling up with more and more tears.”Well, then what is it? You’re not crying for no reason, dear.” “Nothing, really… It’s just…””Tell me already.” There was some discipline in my voice and she flinched, but mostly from surprise.”I’m just so happy, Miss. Lying here with you, is like a dream coming true.” She giggled again, burying get face in my chest. While stroking her hair, I began to think. I knew I wanted her to stay with me. So I needed to decide what kind of pet she might be.”You mostly speak your mind, are shy but curious at the same time and apparently really like to snuggle…””Thihi””So I guess that makes you my kitten.” She looked up to me again. I grabbed her face, softly pulled her towards me and kissed her. I pulled off my shirt and started to tug on hers, but stopped when I felt her sucking on my breasts. The feeling overcame me and I closed my eyes for a moment. Her tongue carefully played with my nipple while her hand cupped my breast as a whole. Almost automatically my hands began to run all over her body. “You’re a natural.”, I said, finally beginning to pull up her top.”For someone who is new to this, you’re awfully skilled.””Thank you, Miss. I just did what I thought would feel good. I’m happy you liked it.” She smirked and worked her way down my body, gently licking every inch until her head stopped right above my Jeans. Looking back up to me, she asked”May I?””Yes you may. But leave my panties on.” Enthusiastic as she was, Ashley almost clawed her way past the button and zipper, pulled them down and then sat there, admiring what she had just uncovered. “You have such beautiful skin, Miss.”, she said, shyly beginning to touch my legs. “It’s soooo soft, and… dark.” Her hands probed every last inch, until she reached my panties. I stopped her and flipped her on her back.”Not yet, dear. I’m not done with you just yet.” With one swift movement I relieved her from her skirt and thong. “Stay there, I’ll be right back.” She nodded and I walked over to the closet in my bedroom pick up Mikes suitcase. Placing it by the side of the bed, I snapped it open and picked out a few toys. Then I placed them right next to Ashley so that she could see them. It was a clitoral vibrator, two vibrating eggs, the isolated baton (refer back to episode 1), a regular vibrator, 4 dildos each increasing in size from 4 to 7 inches, and a strap-on belt to attach the dildos onto.”What is all this?” She asked, curious but also a bit scared.”This is what I’m going to use on you tonight.”“A-all of it?“ she sat upright and ran her hand over the assortment, picking up the smallest 4-inch-dildo. “Miss, are you going to… You know…” She blushed again, her eyes glued to the dildo, inspecting it thoroughly.”Fuck you?” I stroked her hair. “Yes, honey, I intend to do so.” She looked at me with excitement and curiosity. Then she jerked forward, hugging me.”Please, Miss Melissa, be gentle. I’m kind of afraid that it will hurt.” I hugged her back and answered in a soothing tone”I’m not going to lie, it will hurt a little. But it passes quickly and I’ll be here with you. So don’t be afraid, dear.” I put her back down, kissed her and started working my way down her body. She was covered in goosebumps and once I had reached her mound, I felt her entire body shutter. Seeing and feeling her so excited got me wet a well. Not that I hadn’t been for a while now, but it was that soft moan from Ashley that made me realize just how horny I was. For a moment I wrestled with myself, but I was getting so antsy that I couldn’t help myself. Quickly getting rid of my panties, I climbed over Ashley , resting my body in a 69 position. I felt her breath on me and türbanlı escort batman it ran shivers all over my body.”If you want to feel good, you better make sure I feel good too.” I felt her fingers carefully exploring me, slowly pulling my lips apart.”Yes, Miss Melissa. I will do my best to please you.” her voice was trembling with excitement and she took her first taste. Her tongue went up and down a few times and finally started playing with my clit. I gasped for air and softly moaned before I picked up the clitoral vibrator and began working on her as well. I moved it in small circles over her hood before turning it on. I heard a squeak and she began to squirm around, thrusting her hip up and down. “Hold still!“ I hit her thigh“Yes, Miss. I’m sorry.“ I hit her again“And who told you to stop?“ she immediately continued, now starting to suck on my clit while flicking it with her tongue. It felt amazing and I couldn’t help but give in to the feeling. My moans got louder, my breathing stronger and pretty soon I sat almost upright, fixating her head with my thighs while I sat on her face. I gave her enough space so that she could barely breathe, but when the orgasm came closer, I pressed myself down on her, smothering her with my pussy and ass.She took it without resistance, instead her suction increased in strength and the tip of her tongue began exploring my inside. My body trembled with ecstasy when I came and soon after I released her.Ashley gasped for air a few times, then she looked at me. Her entire face was glistening from my juices.”Did you like it, Miss Melissa?” I smiled and stroked her hair.”Yes, I did. You did very well, dear.” She giggled and blushed”When you came, your insides were all twitching. It felt funny on my tongue.” Can you believe the innocence of this girl? I was amazed how naive and curious she was.”Well, that’s what happens when you come. Have you never noticed on yourself?” Shyly looking away she almost mumbled”I have never touched myself, Miss. I only masturbated a few times using the shower-head.””You have never touched your pussy?” I twisted her head so that she would look at me.”No, Miss. Only to shave myself.” I grabbed her hand and led it down her body.”Well, we are going to change that now.” She pulled away”Please, Miss, don’t. That’s gross…”I grabbed her again, this time with more force.”Nonsense. You pussy is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. You don’t need to be ashamed for it.” She resisted at first, but when she realized I want going to stop, her strength faded. I led her fingers along her labia, her dripping little hole and finally to her clit. After moving her finger in circles a few times I let go, only to see her pull back yet again.SMACK. A backhand to her thigh and an angry look was all that it took to get her hand back in place, rubbing herself.”Now that’s a good girl.” I said, lying down next to her and laying one arm around her. Ashley’s head rested on my shoulder and one leg had curled itself around me. Her breathing picked up and I could hear her heart racing. I grabbed her face and looked into her eyes.”I want you to hold it in. Just like downstairs. Understand?” She nodded”Until I allow you to come you keep rubbing.” “O-ok.” Her voice made it obvious how close she already was. And if that wasn’t enough, her body started trembling shortly afterward.”Miss… please?” Gently stroking her face I said”Not yet. Ten more seconds. Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…” I kissed her passionately and she came, muffling her moans into my mouth while I played with her tongue. Her body jerked around and one hand grabbed my head, pressing it against hers while the other hand kept rubbing.When she finally released me I kissed the tip of her nose and asked”There. Was that really so gross?” She blushed yet again and had the cutest little smile on her face”No… That was really fun Miss. Thank you.””I want you to do that once per day now. You need to get to know your body.” “Yes Miss.“Next on my list were the eggs and the baton, but I was hesitant. Using electricity in addition to the eggs could have been somewhat overkill, so I decided to skip the baton for now. There were still plenty of opportunities to use it. Instead I slid down her body again, tasting her sweat along the way. Once again I sat between her spread legs. I put get legs up at an angle to give me better access, then I picked up the eggs. One was rather small, the size of a plume. The other one was normal egg-sized. I lubed up the small one and while playing with her pussy, I carefully pushed it into her butt.”Wh-what are you doing, Miss?” Her head had jerked up, but the rest of her body kept perfectly still. She looked a little panicked, but overall more curious. Instead of answering I pushed the other egg carefully against her opening, just enough to get the tip in. then I turned them both on. She flinched and made a surprised noise. Her look was dominated by panic now and I knew exactly what she was thinking.”Don’t worry, dear. I’m not going to take your flower with this. It’s barely even in. Just relax and enjoy the feeling.”She did and her head fell back. She took deep breaths and I watched her chest heave up and down.”Miss Melissa?” Her voice was calm and she seemed to enjoy it.”Yes dear? Want me to stop?” I began moving the small egg back and forth by it’s cord”Hmmmm… No, please continue. I really like this and I feel like I could just melt.” “Then what is it?””Could you… do it now?” “Do what? If you want something, say it clearly.” I moved the big egg away and she snarled in protest.”I mean… Make me yours.” I began to slowly pull out the small one in an attempt to show her that, unless she spoke up, I was going to stop. Ashley quickly realized that almost yelled out”Please, Miss, fuck me! I want it so bad! I’ll belong to you for the rest of my life, but please be my first!” I smirked and pushed the eggs back in place.”See? That wasn’t so hard, now was it?” She nodded and resumed her usual red color. “Are you sure you want it now? I was going to do it later anyway.” She looked at me, eyes wide opened, and said”I have never been more sure about anything in my life ever.” With those beautiful emeralds glistening at me, I couldn’t resist. Carefully pulling the egg out, I grabbed the dildos and put them on her belly. She went straight for the six inch dildo and handed it to me.”Please use that one, Miss.” That surprised me. I was going to tell her that I would use them, beginning with the 4 inches then 5 and finally 6. The 7 inch dildo was more of a joke and I only wanted to use it if she asked me to.”Why start with the big one? It’s going to hurt more that way.” For a moment silence filled the room. Ashley was thinking hard to find the right words. Finally she said”I want to really feel you as you enter me. And that one looked right for that. The last one is too big and the other two look too small. And as long as it’s you, I don’t mind any pain.“I smiled and picked up the belt. I stood up, put it on and began screwing on the dildo. Ashley’s eyes followed every movement I made, torn between curiosity, excitement and fear. I knelt down between her legs and she assumed the missionary position. Not a single word was spoken when I carefully started to rub the dildo up and down to lubricate it. Instead she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply a few times. I gently pushed it against her hole, again just enough to slightly get the tip in. Then I leaned forward. Our faces almost touched”Are you ready?” I whispered after kissing her. Her eyes opened and for a moment we were starting at each other. Her arms reached around me and held me tight, then she whispered back”I’m ready, Miss. Do it.” Although she whispered, her voice was trembling uncontrollably. I kissed her again and looked deep into her eyes when I started to move my hip forward. Her eyed widened, she gasped for air and flinched from the pain she must have felt. I could feel her fingernails digging deep into my back and every time she exhaled, she groaned to fight the pain a little. I had moved less than half an inch when I hit some resistance. “This must be it”, I thought, “any further and it tears.” I moved my head down to her ear”Tank a deep breath, dear.” She did, and during that I suddenly thrust 2 inch forward. There was a short scream, followed by squealing and tears.”I-I changed my mind, Miss. P-please s-stop.”I softly nibbled on her earlobe, then whispered”Are you sure? Because it’s done. You’re a real woman now.” Her demeanor changed from frightened to joyful”Really? You’re not joking?” I felt her kissing my neck and moved my head back to see her face. She was laughing and crying at the same time and seemed not to know what to do or say. I moved back and forth a few times, not the entire length of the dildo, but enough for her to feel the motion. A soft moan escaped her and her eyes were craving more.”It still hurts a little, but please go on. That feels so nice.” We kissed again and my movements slowly picked up in speed and depth. Before I knew it almost the entire dildo was in and she started to moan and grunt while holding me tight. I could feel every breath on my skin.Setting her like that, I wanted to push her just a little further. So I got back up, now kneeling upright and pounding away at her. My Hand reached for the big egg, I pushed it against her clit and turned it on. She came almost immediately, rocking around on the bed, but not escaping me. Instead I picked up the pace again, beginning to thrust the entire dildo in every time. Her moans got even louder when I propped her legs up above her head. I was resting my entire weight on her now, roughly thrusting in and out, driving her from that first orgasm right into the next one.I felt her pushing me out and she squirted, her eyes rolled back and she started to tremble.Right after she was done, my hand reached down and I pushed two fingers inside her. She was extremely tight and still twitching from that last orgasm. I started to move them up and down, repeatedly hitting her g-spot, making her come and squirt all over again.Then I let go of her. She lay in front of me, spasming uncontrollably and stuttering something”I-I… That w-was sssso… Oh My God!” I giggled and lay down next to her again. My right hand softly ran over her body”Did you like it?” I asked while playing with her breasts.”T-that was amazing! I had no idea I can even feel something like that!” Her eyes were fixated on the ceiling and we lay there for a while, gently touching each other. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, dear.” I said, a little lost in thoughts about all the fun nights to come. Her head turned to me and we kissed passionately. “I’m so happy I found you, Miss Melissa.” We both smiled and I reached down into the suitcase, picking up a small leather collar.”Sit up and let me put this on you. It’s a sign of ownership. You will wear this from now on and only remove it when I tell you to.” Ashley held her hair back to allow me better access. It looked great on her slim neck.”Thank you, Miss. Thank you so much!”We lay back down, arm in arm, and feel asleep.I was woken up by Ashley’s gentle kisses. She say next to me, a tray with my breakfast in her hands and was kissing me.”Good morning, Miss!”This was the beginning of a long and joyful relationship.

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