Summer Accommodation with Nana Ch. 01

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Another short story that’s been hanging around for a while.

As always please no comments about editing unless you are offering to help me.

Enjoy the read.


“What the fuck Nanna…”

“Yes dear that’s what they call this.”

Nanna continued bouncing on my hard cock as I removed my headphones. She shuddered all over which I guessed was the result of her orgasm, then in some discomfort she climbed off.

“Oh Nanna no you cant, I’m so close…”

“Sorry dear this dammed hip of mine just gave up.”

When I broke from university I went to stay with my Dad’s parents, Nanna & Paps, as Mum & Dad had moved to France. Paps was away on one of his regular reunion breaks so the two of us were alone together in the house. It was 2am, I’d been here for nine hours and couldn’t sleep so I made a drink and sat on the broken down old leather electric recliner arm chair in my room, my laptop was on the drawer unit to the left and I was wearing headphones while watching some porn, as it happens it was a mother son film which has never been a fantasy of mine but one I came across while searching for ‘chunky nipples’.

So I was reclined there in the darkness, wearing headphones, looking to my left, my right hand was slowly working my cock when Nanna knocks on my door. She enters the room when I don’t answer and unbeknown to me stands there for a few minutes watching the porn and me. The first I know of this was my hand canlı bahis being pulled away and Nanna impaling herself on my hard cock, all I could see was her back in a rather elegant but almost transparent pale blue nighty. As she climbed off me and stood I saw it was a short baby doll outfit with matching briefs.

“I’m afraid that’s it dear, I just can’t cope with these contortions any more.” And she left my room.


“Yes dear.” She called from the hall.

“What just happened?”

“I saw light in your room and checked you are alright,” She spoke while returning, Nanna was limping with the discomfort in her hip, “I’m sorry I got carried away with you dear.”

“Don’t be sorry Nanna, it was a big shock but very enjoyable. I’m going to have to finish this off though.”

She held her hand out to me, “Come on, into bed with you but you’ll have to follow my instructions so you don’t hurt me.”

I looked dumbfounded.

“Unless you don’t want me.”

“Oh, y… yeah, yes.” I stuttered as I struggled to get up from the jammed chair, took her hand and followed her to my bed. She let me slip her knickers down before she sat on the edge, I removed them then she swung her legs into bed.

“Get in the other side, now then my left leg has to stay fairly straight. The easiest thing is for me to lay on my back and you to lie on your left side and I’ll lift my right leg over your right hip, then after that you can do as bahis siteleri you please.”

In that position there was not much leverage available but my cock slipped easily up her wet pussy, as I tried bringing my right leg up and over her, her right leg seemed to get into an unbelievable position.

“Is this OK Nanna?”

“Oh yes dear, OK, very OK.”

My right leg was bent right up and over Nannas hip, with the knee lying on the mattress. In this position it was quite difficult to start humping, there was not much leg movement as we were so tight to the bed and all the action came from hip thrusts. It was not too intuitive but my cock stayed buried deep in Nannas pussy and the thrusts were a pressure thing, the unusual action felt quite tiring but enjoyable. My right thigh was resting directly on her clit and Nanna quickly had another, smaller, orgasm.

“Can we rest for a moment, I can’t remember the last time I had two orgasm’s in five minutes, it’s quite taken it out of me.”

“Are you sure you’re OK with this Nanna?”

“Oh yes my dear, quite quite sure.”

Until now my hand was on her hip or leg and Nanna took hold of it to place it on her breast, there was a huge lump which I initially thought was the frills of her nighty but as I moved I realised it was her nipple.

“Wow that feels big.”

“Mm yes they are.”

My hand soon went up inside her nighty to find the bumps without the interference of the fabric, bahis şirketleri I checked one then the other to confirm they were both the same but sadly I couldn’t see them as the nighty was twisted and trapped so unable to be moved up or down.

“That’s it dear you can pull on them some too. I like that.”

I did as instructed, sort of pinching them in turn and pulling outwards as my finger and thumb slid along them until I reached the end and they fell back to their rest position.

“That’s lovely dear.”

After several minutes of nipple play I felt her hips and pussy starting to move again, I took the hint and resumed humping. I soon got back into the swing of the hip action and in no time Nanna had another small orgasm.

“Oh three, mmmm. My oh my.”

I continued and as I felt my own orgasm rising Nanna suddenly started shaking all over, the shaking was quite violent and I was concerned. I stopped thrusting.

“You OK Nanna?

“Yeees, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop, oh yeees.”

My thrusts were a bit heavier now as I was heading for the back straight.

“Oh yes more of that please dear.”

I obliged, thrusting as hard as I could.


She started whimpering like a lost puppy as my jism was pumping into her grey haired pussy.

I took a couple of deep breaths, “Have I hurt you?”

“Oh no my dear nothing could be further from the truth, Arh, was that another, Arh, oh my goodness now I know why my sister always liked them younger, Arh, don’t you stop?”

I was still having some little spurts while she was talking.

I watched Nanna drift off to sleep and I followed soon after that.

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