Subject: SUMMER AT THE HARDWARE STORE CHAPTER 2 This story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or living persons is coincidental. Personal experiences, from images to events, memories and words, while elements of this story may be (and often are) based in fact, the characters are entirely fictional. * If it is illegal for you to read this story because of your age, location or any other reason, don’t read it. – Please support Nifty by contributing. Let’s support it! Look for the `donate’ button on the home page. fty/donate.html Feedback and reactions from readers is welcome, and the main reason that I post on Nifty! I try to respond to everyone. Email: ive Next Chapter: The New Boy Summer was coming to an end. My dad realized this so he put an ad out for a new hire to pick up some of the work. There were a few people who had applied but they were looking for more money than what what we were paying. There was an older guy who just needed something to do. But dad don’t think it would be a good fit. There was another candidate that came in that had “real potential”. Pops wanted me to conduct a second interview for him to see if he would be a good match. “Hey son, I think Mateo could really fit in here. Give him the run around see if he’d make a good fit” I had no clue as to what that even meant or what kind of interview I was even to conduct. “So what dad, you want me to show him around or what” “Yeah, just see if he has the right vibes for the job. If he’d fit in here.” By the name I thought that he may be Hispanic. And while the town was pretty diverse there wasn’t a large population of Hispanics in the area. What came next truly shocked me. In walked a truly beautiful specimen. Mateo was around 6 feet, with honey brown skin. He had a full sleeve tattoo on his right arm filled with roses, a full rosary and some bird that almost looked like an owl but fierce as shit. I was instantly turned on. “Sup. You Marcus?” “Yeah but some people call me MJ” I lied. No one has ever called me MJ but for some reason it just slipped out of my mouth at that moment. “Cool, so ya pops said to meet with you for another interview or something” In that moment I was imagining that ‘something’ to be some romping around in the shed out back. “Yeah, just follow me.” I started to walk around the store. Pointing out all the items we sell. Giving him a run down of the day to day. What my day usually consist of. We walked over to the mulch area. As we walked in I noticed a few bags out of place. “Hey, help me out this shouldn’t be here. If you’d grab that bag” he bent down right there in front of me. And I could see the nice plump ass of his sticking out like a dump truck. Nice, tight and round. His jeans were tight against his legs. Hugging onto his beautiful what seemed to be legs sculpted by the gods. He slung the bag of dirt over his shoulder. “Move these to…. hey” he snapped a finger in my face. I don’t know where my mind was or why I hadn’t heard him. “Where is this going” he treated himself. Maybe he had caught me staring at his ass “Ah yeah, just over here” we walked over to where the mulch belonged. He sat the bag down. sakarya escort “So yeah the job is mostly just hauling stuff to the right place. Helping out the customers and what not. Think that’s something you can handle” “I mean yeah. I could handle you as well” I was shocked. Lost for words. I just went on as though I didn’t hear him. Or maybe I had misheard him. In any case my member became hard. I didn’t look down at it as not not draw attention to it. But I could feel it pressing against my pants. All it would take is one look and he would know that my head was all over the place. He place his hand on my shoulder and leaned in. “So you think you can show me the back, I bet it’s quiet back there”. “Sure, nobody really goes back there much. I do be chillin if I just want to catch a break” I started to walk toward the back. I walked through the door. As soon as the door closed behind us I felt Mateo grab onto my waist. He pulled me into him. He bent down and kissed the back of my neck. I could feel his warm breath. “I could really use this job ya know. Think you could help me out?” He whispered, each breath sending small jolts down my body. I swung around. To look him in his face and smiled. I pushed him backwards into the wall behind him. Not minding my own strength. He sort of sunk down as though it may have been a little too strong. I’m that moment I didn’t quite care though because I was in control. I flipped him around so now he was facing the wall. And started to make my way down his back. Gently kissing every inch of his spine. He let out a long sigh. Now at the crack where his jeans met his shirt I could admire the small of his back. I lifted his shirt up. His arms look amazing, he wasn’t super athletic but he was very toned. I now had full view of his tattoos which expanded into his back as well. His ink were so interesting. “These are some pretty nice pieces you got here” I said that in acknowledgment of his tattoos but then finished off by firmly grasping onto his ass. “Thanks papi”. With that I felt a rush flow through me. I fumbled with his belt I needed the goods now. Off came his jeans and underwear. I threw them in the pile with the rest of his clothes. Here before me stood no longer a man, but a boy. He almost looked helpless. Standing back up I grabbed onto his waist and pulled him into me. My dick was on hard as brick and I wanted him to feel it. To get a taste of what was to come. I moved my face close to his. His natural reaction was to lean back and kiss me. I could feel his tongue invading my mouth. All of this made me press harder into his ass with my clothed dick. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I had to taste his ass. I dropped down to my knees again and spread his cheeks. His round ass was so perfect. When I parted his ass I found my treasure encircled by the small brown hairs that ran down his crack. That pretty brown hole was no staring me in the face. I plunged in with my tongue, lapping his hole with it. I could hear his audible moans and groans. He was loving it. He tasted amazingly fresh. I alternated my tongue with light sucking. Each time I would inhale him he would samsun escort let out a small gasp. I had been going at his hole for what seemed like the longest of time. At this point he was leaking precum out of his precious uncut cockhead. It was really turning me on to see it pool up there. His leg also had a small stream of drool running down the it there was a small trmevle in his leg. Seemingly propelling the drool faster down. I could’ve spent forever down there eating his ass but my own throbbing dick in my pants was ready to be unleashed and have a turn. And who was I to deny it a chance. “Boy is this ass perfect, I could get use to having you around and getting a piece of it” I stood up and spun my boy around so he’d face me. “How bout you wet up this dick and maybe I’ll let you have some up that pretty ass of yours.” he reached down to my zipper. He slowly unzipped my pants. Leaning in and kissing my dick through my boxers. My sense felt a rush as the warmth from his breath made contact with my member. My boy appeared playful. He rubbed on my his hands around my stomach and down my legs. He was a tease and I was a flirt. As he stood back I could see his full frame in front of me and boy was it delectable. His pubes were there wild like a forest of brown hair that lay upon his groin. His uncut dick was nice and veiny. As it stood there at full attention hanging a good 9 inches off of him I could still see the wetness that glistened off the top as he was leaking precum. “You know what comes next right” I said with a smile. I planted a light kiss on his lips. I grabbed at his nipple and gave it a strong pinch. His knees began to buckle at the sudden pain before him. As precious as this moment was I had to remind him who was in charge here. “Turn around and bend over” With my dick still wet from him warm mouth and his ass still leaking from my tongue lashing Mateo was ready. I reached down to spread his cheeks exposing the pretty hole once again. I lined my dick up with his hole. His breathing had started to pick up at this point. The anticipation was killing him. And I was going to prolong this moment. I rested the tip of my dick right at the entrance of his hole. “Put it in me papí, I need to feel you inside of me.” I was living for this moment. Watching him push his hips back. Seeing him squirm and beg for my dick was powerful. I couldn’t hold back any longer. With one smooth motion I eased my way into him. He shot his head up and but the most beautiful arch into his back. The curvature of his spine as he protruded his ass back for me to receive it was truly magnificent. “Ahh yeah. You feel all that meat stretching out your insides. You like that huh. You’ve been craving dick for you are just a whore for dick ain’t ya. Lil bitch” I gently pulled my dick back till only the head of it still rested inside of him. He lowered his head and began to breath again. A deep exhale came from his mouth before he let out a “I need that but in me. I ain’t had dick in so long. I been craving it.” With those words I was off to the races. I started a a good rhythm of my dick invading his ass. Both of our breathing ankara sarışın escort picked up. I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough as he now began to buck his hip back to pick up a new groove. “That’s it bitch, take that dick. Make it yours”. For some reason in this moment the pleasure I was feeling from my dick had me relinquishing my control. I was for a moment no longer in power but rather just along for the ride. Crying out in both pain and pleasure Mateo was stuffed. I knew that by his still leaking dick that I was hitting his spot. And I was ready to drive my point home. I took back control. Grabbing onto his hips I pounded him hard. “Papi, I’m about to nut… keep going don’t stop you hittin it so good… ahh yesss right there” Huge ropes of cum now shot out of his dick. Jizz just poured out on the floor in front of us. With each thrust more and more spurred out. The energy began to leave his body. He was spent. I felt my own but rising up out of my balls ready to leave its final home in the warm depth of this boys ass. I laid into him enjoying the post orgasm bliss. “You really know what you’re doing there papi” with shallow breaths Mateo wiped the beads of sweat that had formed around his forehead with his forearm. I pulled my dick from his ass slowly until I heard the little pop of air as it finally withdrew all the way. “Well you always know where to find me since you’ll be here working and what not” Mateo turned to look at me again. “So you saying I got the job” “Yeah” was all I could muster. I was worn out and it finally all caught up to me in that moment. “Aww that’s what’s up papi. If you need any extra assistance or if you just want me to be like an assistant to the assistant manager I could always spare a hand or a hole.” He fumbled his way over to the pile of clothes that still lay in the middle of the floor. “Hand me those” I said pointing to his plaid boxers “What you want with these” he said confused. “Don’t worry about it. Just walk out of here without them. And if you leak any of my sweet baby juice on the floor just know there will be hell to pay”. This should be fun. Watching this boy walk out without a safety net. I wiped up the pile of his juice on the floor with the underwear. I slipped my own clothes back on. We had to the back restroom to make sure we had cleaned up best we could. Mateo had sweat all over his body. He did his best to wipe himself down from head to toe. But there was no getting rid of what just happened. He looked spent. Not wanting to rouse any suspicion I walked him out the side door to his car. He drove a older pick up truck. As he shut the door I leaned into the window. “So when can you start” “Just put me on the schedule and I’ll show up.” “What if I only put you on for an hour or so, you know what that means” “No” “Well just be here and you’ll find out” I winked in his direction. I gave his car a couple slaps and he turned the engine to drive off. “See ya around sometime” “I guess so” I walked back into the store. “Marcus, so what’d you think of Mateo? Think he’ll be a good fit. There is another guy kind of older who was interested as well that I could have come by” My dick jumped in my pants at the thought of another prospective ass to explore. “Mateo might just be the one, but we could always bring the other guy in just in case. Hey pops I’m going to take off” “You good son. You look a little flush.” =========

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