Summer Fun with Sis


I had just graduated and was home for summer for the first time in three years. I had been home occasionally since starting uni, but never for an extended period of time. I was only really home now as I’d had to sell my flat at university, ready to start my graduate job in the city in a few months.

My sister was also home after her first year at a different university – we were quite an affluent family so had no need to work over the summer, which meant we both spent most of our time lounging around the pool, tanning, listening to music and drinking.

Seeing my sister for the first time in three years I was surprised by how much she had changed, her tall, skinny frame had filled out and she now had a feminine hourglass body – she was now the proud owner of a large pair of breasts, I would guess a minimum of a D cup, which her bikini was doing very little to hide. She played netball, so was very toned, with a natural curve to her ass and long, shapely legs which meant she now stood a couple of inches shorter than me at 5’10”. She had long, dirty blonde hair and a slightly chubby face which meant she didn’t quite look her 19 years.

I on the other hand was 21, a good 6′, and whilst I wouldn’t call myself toned I ran every day and took good care of myself. Like my sister I had dirty blonde hair, though mine was kept short and tidy, and I had finally lost the chubby face! My sister and I had always got on fairly well; we had the normal arguments, but hadn’t seen each other for three years because of uni & school. We had spent the past few weeks catching up and now seemed to get along as well as we ever had done.

Today I had gone into town shopping, to buy myself some new shirts and suits for my new job. I got back and changed into my swimming shorts, from my bedroom window I could see my sister was down by the pool, as she was everyday, enjoying the sun. The pool was in a secluded part of the garden, and you couldn’t hear anything that was happening in the main house. I made my way downstairs and got myself a beer from the fridge as I made my way outside.

As I made my way to the pool I could see my sister stretched out on her back in her yellow bikini, as I got closer still however I saw she wasn’t just stretched out, her hand was inside her panties and she was obviously masturbating. I meant to walk away and leave her to it, but ended up walking closer – I could now see her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open as her fingers worked her clit. I stood there transfixed as my sister brought herself closer to orgasm, watching as her body shuddered as she silently climaxed.

“Shit Dan, how long have you been standing there?” She asked, as her eyes snapped open.

“I’m so sorry, I only just got home and didn’t realise what you were doing at first.”

“And when you did?”

“Sorry sis, I meant to leave you to it…”

“It’s OK I spose, I mean you didn’t really see anything – though it looks like you enjoyed the show!” She said grinning as she glanced at my swim shorts.

I went bright red as I realised for the first time I was sporting a massive tent in my shorts.

“I’m off to freshen myself up, maybe you could do with a nice cooling dip in the pool?” She suggested with a cheeky smile as she sashayed past me.

I jumped straight into the pool as I tried to shake off the fact I’d just got turned on by watching my sister masturbate.


The rest of the day I felt quite awkward and we didn’t chat much, though she seemed to have brushed the whole thing off and by the next day it was as if the whole thing hadn’t happened.

************************** **************************

A few days later after I was certain everyone had gone to bed I was sat at my desk in my bedroom, naked, ‘relieving my frustrations’. I was stroking my cock to the sight of a brunette called ‘Double Deez’ fucking herself with a dildo on a popular webcam site.

The desk in my room was on the wall adjacent to the door, which meant it was the first thing you saw when you looked into the room; hence the need to ensure everyone was asleep first. As my room was in its own wing of the house (with two other, unused bedrooms) I had the sound turned up, so I can hear the camslut fucking herself. This meant however, I didn’t hear my own bedroom door open, nor, as engrossed as I was in the task at hand, did I see it open.

All of this meant that my sister now had a great view of me stroking my hard cock, and also, as the camslut moaned in her (probably faked) orgasm a great view of the cum arcing from my cock and landing on my stomach.

Suddenly noticing the shadow on the floor I turned my head, “Shit Kim, what the fuck?”

“Sorry bro – I guess this makes us even though!” She replied.

“What did you want anyway?” I asked, peeved as I tried to quickly clean the cum off myself so I could get dressed.

“Well, I couldn’t sleep, so I came to see if you were up and fancied a chat – but I can see you’ve got your hands full, so see you later.” She said with a giggle, before sashaying off canlı bahis as I continued to clean myself up.

After all that I was still hard, and I can never sleep hard, so I browsed through my favourites, ‘YoungVirginGirl’ (who was anything but a virgin) was on, excellent…

************************** **************************

Neither of us mentioned anything the next day and once again, everything seemed back to normal as we spent the next week lounging by the pool together.

A week later our parents insisted on having their own movie night, which generally meant back-to-back crap films. So I suggested to my sister that we take some booze upstairs to my room and watch something better.

“Great idea bro – you grab the booze, I’ll get changed into something more comfortable.” She said as she headed upstairs.

I went to the kitchen & grabbed a case of beers & then went upstairs and changed into a t-shirt and lounge pants. A few moments later my sister appeared wearing a pair of cotton short shorts and a tight tank top that hugged her impressive boobs and stopped just above her naval. We sat down on my sofa and downed a few beers as we watched a film.

“Do you fancy another film?” I asked as the first ended.

“Nah, let’s just chat.” She replied.

“K, what about?”

“So, you’re lovelife shit at the moment then?” She asked.

“What?” I said, slightly taken aback by the question.

“Well, if you’re reduced to paying to wank off to camsluts you can’t be getting any!” She replied with a grin.

I went bright red and stammered “Well, actually my girlfriend dumped me just after uni finished.”

“Shit bro, I’m so sorry, what happened?”

“Well she thought I was giving her best friend more attention than her.”

“And were you?”

“Well, she did catch me fondling her boobs at the graduation party…” I told her.

“Error, but not dumpable unless she’s a bunny boiler?”

“Ummm, well she was also sucking my cock at the time.”

“Woah, nice one bro, I didn’t think you had that sort of thing in you!” She said with a grin, “So what happened?”

“Well, our relationship wasn’t going anywhere, and her friend was always a bit of a fitty and we used to flirt like mad. So we were in the club and I suggested she suck my cock, my girlfriend came back from the bar to find her best friend going to town on my cock and stormed out.”

“So what did you do?” She asked, eyes wide open in anticipation.

“Took her outside and fucked her, then went home and fucked her senseless, she was amazing!”

“And your girlfriend?”

“She dumped me the next day, went into the ‘How could you’s…’, didn’t like the fact I was bored and walked out.” I told her, “What about you?”

“Me? I’m not a relationships kind of gal – gets in the way of a good fucking.” She told me.

“Woah, so my little sis isn’t the sweet little butter-wouldn’t-melt virgin I left to go to uni then?”

“Ha, no, times have changed bro, now I’m more sweet little butter-wouldn’t-melt slut!” She told me with a proud grin.

“So what else has changed then?” I asked.

“Well, this for one!” She said, pulling her top taught around her ample boobs.

I could see the outline of her nipple, but didn’t quite get what she was so proud of… “What, your boobs?” I asked.

“Well obviously, but I meant this more specifically…” She said, and I then watched in surprise as she pulled her right boob out of her top and started fingering her nipple. She had quite dark red nipples, which were in stark contrast to her pale white skintone.

After recovering from the shock of my sister flopping her boob out for me to look at I finally saw what she was playing with – she had a bright green barbell pierced through her nipple. “Shit you had your nipple pierced, but seriously sis, too much…”

“Oh come on, you can’t be prudish now you’ve seen my orgasm face and I’ve seen your cock shooting ropes of cum…” She replied.

“Fair point – how does it feel?” I asked.

“It hurt to start with, but it’s loads more pleasurable when I get my boobs played with now. Have you never had a girl who’s had it done?”

“No, but I’ve had a few who’ve had their clit pierced though.”

“Ooooh really – I’ve been thinking about having that done, how was it?” She asked, still idly fingering her piercing.

“Well it didn’t do anything for me, just makes their pussy taste more metallic, but they all seemed to think it worked for them.” I replied, my eyes being drawn to my sister still rolling her pierced nipple between her fingers.

“You go down on girls? Wow, I’ve never found a bloke who’ll do that for me!”

“Well, you’ve obviously been fucking the wrong kind of blokes then sis!”

“Obviously I have! Mmmm, all this talk of sex has got me so horny bro…”

“Uh, do you want to go back to your room then?” I asked.

“I don’t think I’ll make it – my pussy is dripping wet!” She said, her free hand dropping to stroke herself through her shorts.

“Ummm, sis, I’m still here…”

“Mmmm, bahis siteleri I can see that bro; I can see the tent in your pants too…” She said as she continued to rub herself.

“Shit sis, we can’t do this, it’s wrong!” I pleaded, trying to convince myself too…

“Why not, it’s harmless and we’ve both seen each other already.”

“But that was accidental…”

“Well I’m going to ‘accidentally’ plunge my fingers into my pussy repeatedly – I dare you not to touch your cock.”

“And if I do?”

“If you do bro, you have to get it out and wank for your little sister.” She demanded, before sighing “Mmmmmmmm, yeah!” as her fingers slid into her cotton shorts and deeper into her wet pussy.

I watched as my sister rolled her pierced nipple between her fingers with one hand whilst plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy with the other and I could quite clearly see her juices glistening on her fingers. I could feel my cock straining against my lounge pants – I knew it was wrong to get turned on by my sister, but this was just so damned hot!

“Mmmmmm, come on bro, don’t be a spoilsport, get that big cock out for me.” She moaned.

“Fine, fine!” I said, tugging my pants down and finally allowing my cock to spring free, “After your little show I won’t last long, how close are you?” I asked.

“Oooohhh, so much closer now I can see a nice yummy big cock infront of me!” She moaned, her fingers thrusting faster into her dripping slit, “Here, as a reward here’s an extra boob.”

I slowly started stroking myself as my sister pulled her top fully down, exposing both breasts to me for the first time. I could see her eyes fixed intently on my cock as I quickened my strokes; there was no way I was going to last much longer.

“Oooooohhh god this is soooo hot!” She moaned, as she continued to stuff her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, yeah!” Is all I could say to agree.

“Mmmmmmm fuuuuccckkk, cummmming!” She screamed, as her body started to convulse slightly, her face contorted in pleasure as she moaned through her orgasm, her fingers getting noticeably wetter, as her juices trickled from her.

“Fuck sis, that was so hot!” I told her.

“Mmmmm, thanks.” She panted, idly stroking her pussy, “How close are you?”

“I won’t last much longer after that little show!”

“Hehehe, do you think you could cum on my boobs?” She asked.

“I don’t think I could miss a target that big!”

“Yeah, they are nice big funbags aren’t they – taste good too!” With that she leant down and her tongue snaked out of her mouth to lick her pierced nipple.

That was all I could take, “oooohhh, mmmmmmm!” I moaned as rope after rope of cum flew out of my cock, landing as requested squarely on my sister’s boobs.

“Mmmm, thanks bro!” She said, with my cum dripping down between her boobs, off her nipples and generally all over she rubbed them together, rubbing my cum into her creamy white titflesh.

We sat there for a while in silence, looking at each other – “No regrets bro?”

“No, I had fun.” I replied.

“Mmmm, me too. We should do this again.” She suggested.

“I’m not sure…”

“Oh come on bro, we’re two adults having some harmless fun, promise me we’ll do this again soon!”

“OK, OK. I promise we’ll do it again soon.” I replied.

“Great.” She said, standing up, “I’ve been getting so horny without a cock to help me. I’m off for a shower to clean up, sleep well bro.” With that she gave me a quick peck on the lips and left.

“Sleep well sis.”

************************** **************************

I woke up the next morning with a hint of a hangover, my cock twitched as I recalled the debauched evening I shared with my sister, although I felt a pang of guilt as well, had I taken advantage of her?

I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast, a little while later she came into the kitchen wearing the same tight top and short shorts she was wearing last night.

“Hey sis, how you feeling?” I asked nervously.

“A bit groggy, guess I drank more than I thought last night! How about you bro?”

“Same, how do you feel about last night?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all morning.” She replied.

“Do you regret it?”

“Fuck no, I haven’t cum that hard in ages and I’m already wet from thinking about it. When can I have my replay?” She grinned.

“Ummm, I’m not sure we should…”

“Oh come on bro, you promised.”

“But it’s incest, it’s wrong!” I tried to convince myself.

“Don’t be such a melodrama, its only incest if we fuck, and I’m not proposing that… yet!” She grinned.

“Seriously sis we can’t take this any further than we already have.”

“OK bro, I promise not to rape you, now un-twist your knickers!”

“I’m sorry, I suppose I’m just thinking about it too much.” I told her.

“Don’t think bro, just wank, that’s all I’m after!” She smiled, “Now I’m off for a shower, would you like to wash my back?”

“See you later sis…”

“Your loss…” She muttered as she sashayed bahis şirketleri from the kitchen.


Needing to clear my head of images of my sister’s naked body I went out after quickly getting dressed. I caught up with a friend in town and we spent most of the day catching up and it was gone ten in the evening by the time I arrived home. I knew the parents would be in bed, and when I got in and found no signs of life I assumed my sister had either gone out, or chosen to get an early one too.

I got myself a drink before making my way upstairs. I turned my bedroom light on and got a big surprise…

“Fuck Kim, what are you doing?” I asked my sister, who was lying naked on my bed, gently stroking her hairless pussy.

“Well Dan,” She said, emphasising my name, “I’m horny and want my replay!”

“How long have you been here?” I questioned.

“I came in when I heard your car pull in the drive, now where’s that lovely big cock of yours for me to see?”

“Shit sis, seriously?” My cock was by now straining at my jeans, she may be my sister, but naked, rubbing herself on my bed she was just hot as hell.

“Do I need to come find it myself?” She said, getting down on her hands and knees so her big boobs were gently swaying. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and my cock was almost ready to explode!

“I won’t last long!” I told her, frantically fiddling with my belt, trying to get it undone.

“Mmmmmm, don’t care.” She replied, her hand already between her legs, frigging her pussy.

Finally my jeans were undone, my boxers lowered and my cock was free, “Ooooh.” I sighed as my hand wrapped around my cock and I started to stroke.

“Mmmmmmm, you have a lovely big cock bro.” She moaned, her hand free hand now fondling her swinging boobs.

“Thanks sis, you have a great body too!”

“Yes I do!” She grinned, “How long have I got?”

“Not long, a couple of minutes.”

“All I need bro.”

I stood there, stroking myself closer to orgasm for my sister’s enjoyment as she fondled herself for mine, our level of depravity not currently registering itself as a problem for me. I watched as her fingers expertly teased her pierced nipple and her clit in tandem, I could feel the cum building quickly in my balls.

“Gonna cum.” I moaned, desperately trying to hold back my release for a few more moments.

“Let me have it bro!” She said, and I did seconds later, the first two loads landing square on my sister’s face, the next landing on her still swinging boobs with the rest landing somewhere on the bed between us.

“Oh god that was soooo hot, mmmmmm, yeeeaaahhhhh!” She moaned as she brought herself to orgasm, her body shaking as it rippled through her.

“You Ok sis?” I asked, as she panted, head down.

She looked up at me and grinned, then licked her lips, taking some incestuous cum into her mouth, “Mmmmm, someone’s been on the beers!”

“Yeah, uh, sorry about that.” I replied, not quite sure what to say.

“Mmmmm, no worries bro, I love a good facial – sleep tight.” She said, as she got up and walked back to her room naked, my cum drying on her face.

“Night sis.” I replied, as I watched her bare ass sashay away as I was once again left alone to think about the incestuous depravity that had just occurred.

************************** **************************

The next week our parents were home, having taken a week off to spend as a family one last time, which meant that as we went out everyday, my sister and I had no time alone to talk, let alone anything else. It was also a struggle, having seen her naked, not to stare at my sister’s body, and from her sideways glances it was clear she was struggling not to stare at my cock.

On the Thursday I was in the kitchen doing the pots, with everyone else in the lounge. I felt her boobs press into me first, then her hand reached around and grabbed my cock.

“I’m so fucking horny bro, I’m going crazy…” She whispered in my ear.

“So I see, is your diary clear Monday morning?” I asked.

“It is now, thanks bro!” She said, kissing me on the cheek before backing off.

************************** **************************

I looked over at the clock and it was 10am – oooops, I’d hit the beers pretty hard with Dad last night and had missed the 9am ‘parents are gone’ party with my sister. I got out of bed and put my swimming shorts on, it was all quiet as I made my way downstairs, so I grabbed a drink and some breakfast before making my way out to the pool.

As I approached I could see her lying on a sunbed by the pool, wearing a dark blue bikini with strapless top, “What time do you call this bro?” She shouted, tapping an invisible watch.

“Sorry sis, we hit it pretty hard last night.”

“I know, Mum was bollocking Dad for it this morning. Now as penance you can put suncream on my back.” She said, sitting up to allow me to access her back.

I grabbed the suncream and sat down on the sunbed beside her, squirted some lotion into my hands and then starting on her shoulders worked it into her skin, slowly working my way down, under her bikini strap til I reached the top of her bottoms, my fingers pushed into them, spreading the cream to just under the waist band.

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