Summer Lovin’

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She was bubbling with excitement; full of the anticipation that comes on a Christmas morning when one is finally able to open the gift that’s been goading them from under the tree. Except this was Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. She’d been waiting for this for weeks. He’d been teasing her with hints, about the surprise he had planned for her. She knew they were going away, that much was obvious, but to where she was about to find out.

“Ready?” He asked as she climbed into the car.

“Ready and waiting, babe.” She answered, her trademark cheeky grin in place.

She was so sexy, this little kitten of his, and she knew it. Already she was teasing him, her hand rubbing his crotch through his pants, and they hadn’t even left home yet. They teased and flirted with each other as they set off down the highway that would lead them to the destination. It was a beautiful summer day, the air streaming through the windows and the speakers blasting a mix of their favourite tunes. This was what being young and in love was all about — the freedom, the fun.

“It’s so the coast!” She’d been doing this for the past week, playing this guessing game of where it was, him never giving anything away.

“You’ll see.” His devilish grin melting her heart, and causing warmth to stir in the pit of her belly.

She didn’t want him to spoil the surprise for her this late anyway, not when she was so close to finding out. She reached over again to rub his crotch, her eyes alight with mischief.

“Babe, you’re gonna make me crash!” He was laughing, cock growing with the attention she was giving it.

“Really?” she laughed, “how about if I do this?”

She tugged at the strings of his shorts, untying the knot, pulling his jocks down just enough to access his hard dick. She bent over, handbrake digging into her ribs, to give it a long slow lick. Smiling, she flicked the tip of cock, before taking the length into her mouth.

“Fuck, you’re sexy!”

She loved it when he swore like that, she could feel herself growing damp; knowing that the passengers from the passing cars could probably see what was going on. She moaned around his cock, the vibrations causing his erection to grow to even greater lengths.

“Babe, you’ve gotta stop…”

Smiling, she kept sucking, her hand fondling his balls, and rubbing the parts of his shaft that her mouth couldn’t take. He was starting to squirm now, shifting in his seat as her tongue probed his slit, sliding around his tip under the foreskin. She picked up pace, her mouth bobbing over his crotch, his dick sliding down the back of her throat each time. She could feel him getting close to his climax, his arousal turning her on more than anything else ever could. Her pussy was soaking; blowing him like this was making her want to be touched. She let his dick slip out of her mouth with a wet plop. Leaning back against her window, she slid her hands up her short white dress to play with her clit. He glanced over to see her sensually rubbing her fingers up and down her own pussy.

“No undies? You sexy little minx.” His pupils were dilated, their black filling the bright green that usually showed.

“Just for you, baby.” She was beyond horny. She loved his cock, and she especially loved it when he was as hard and horny as he was now. Coupled with the fact that they were in the car driving along the highway, with only tinted windows that were rolled partway down between them and anyone who cared to look in, she couldn’t resist touching herself. She loved a little exhibitionism now and then. And if he got a little show out of it, well, all the better.

He was glancing over at her almost more often than he had his eyes on the road. She was sprawled along her seat, back resting against the window, legs spread as far as they could be within the confines of the car. She rubbed her aching clit, sweat and juices trailing down her crack. He had taken one hand off the wheel to play with his dick, while trying to drive and watch his sexy-as-hell girlfriend and the show she was putting on. She slid her fingers into her dripping hole, finger-fucking herself, before moving her fingers back up to her clit. She was into it now — at the edge of her climax, starting to shudder as she tried to hold off her impending orgasm.

“Come, baby, I want to see you come.” He was pumping is shaft, breathing ragged.

“Mmm, but honey, it feels good, I don’t want it to stop.”

She escort bostancı couldn’t hold off much longer, feeling her muscles tense and spasm she released, shuddering as the orgasm wracked her body. Not giving herself time to bask in the afterglow, she leant over, taking his cock in her mouth once again. After a few moments in the warm wet cavern that was her mouth, he released, his own spasms filling her mouth with his load. She swallowed it down, enjoying the taste of him, gently sucking until he gently lifted her head up.

“Well, you didn’t crash, so that’s a good thing, hey…” She was grinning, a little embarrassed that she’d lost control of herself as she saw a young family in a 4WD driving past.

He gave a deep throaty chuckle, before leaning over to quickly kiss her on the lips.

“I love you,” he whispered, lips inches from hers, before turning his attention back to the road.

“I love you too,” she smiled, leaning over to plant a kiss on his cheek, before settling back and rearranging her dress.

She looked around them for the first time since they’d joined the highway, and was surprised to find them driving through the foothills of the ranges.

“Still think it’s the coast?” He chuckled, before shoving himself back into his jocks and shorts.

The scenery they were driving through really was lovely — with cool lush forest and amazing views where there was a break in the trees, as the road spiralled up through the mountains. Winding the window down all the way, she inhaled the rich scent of trees and damp earth.


“Careful, there’s a couple of steps,” he had his hands over her eyes, his body warm and reassuring at her back, “OK, now I’ve gotta get the door, but you have to keep your eyes closed, ok? And stay here! I’ve gotta get some stuff ready.”

“Ok,” she laughed, “do we really need to do all this?”

“Yes, you’ll love it, trust me,” he was inside preparing the last of the surprise, almost ready; “ok, you can come in now,” he was right in front of her, leading her in. “Don’t peek! You’re not allowed to open your eyes ’til I tell you to.”

Forward a dozen steps, turn, keep going, then through another door. She could feel a breeze on her face, her excitement building.

“Ok, you need to just go a couple of steps further forward, ok, now, take a look…”

The view took her breath away. They were on the side of the mountain, with a view that stretched to the sea. She could see down into the foothills of the mountain, to where skyscrapers merged with the ocean. They were on a balcony, with a bottle of champagne, mixed berries and dipping chocolate on a small table to the side.

“Wow. I mean, wow, this is amazing. Thank you!” She moved close to wrap her arms around him.

He smiled down at her in his arms, returning his embrace. “I’m glad you like it,” He grinned “It’s not too cliché, is it?”

She laughed and smiled, “It’s wonderful.”

He kissed her, deep, hard and long. His tongue probing into her mouth, his hands reaching down to grab her ass, he lifted her up to place her on the balcony railing, his crotch grinding into hers. He moved a hand up to tangle in her hair, mussing her thick dark curls, intensifying their kiss. He moved his hand down her back, to enjoy again the feel of her firm ass.

She had her hands around his hard biceps, feeling the muscles tense and move and he continued squeezing her ass. He pushed up the front of her dress, so that her bare pussy made contact with the fabric of his groin, grinding into her. Moaning and sighing she rubbed her pussy against his crotch, she could feel his erection through his shorts.

Again he lifted her up, off the railing, backing over to the table. He sat on the edge, shoving the bottles and bowls to the edges. She was in his lap, her hands again untying the strings on his shorts, moving the fabric and setting his cock free. She was grinding her smooth pussy against his bare cock, trailing the moisture of her desire over his erection. His lips had ceased ravaging hers, and had moved to the base of her neck, licking and sucking at the soft skin. He ceased fondling her breasts to slide his fingers into her pussy, grazing her clit. His fingers were in her hole, he was enjoying making her moans intensify as he massaged her inner walls. She ceased her dry-humping, lifting herself to allow him to penetrate her with his hard cock. She slid back down, her pussy engulfing ümraniye escort his dick. She rode him, slamming back down on his dick with every stroke, fucking him hard and fast until she felt him orgasm beneath her.

She kissed him, softer this time, still gently moving her pussy over his dick. Smiling, he stood, turning to lay her down on the table. He knelt in front of her pussy, inhaling the aroma of their combined arousal, before flicking his tongue onto her clit. She gave a breathless laugh as he continued teasing her with his tongue, before probing deep into when his cock had been only moments before, tasting their combined juices. He replaced his tongue with his fingers, while his lips closed over her clit, massaging her nub with his tongue. She came shuddering on his mouth, her fingers twisted in his hair, pushing his mouth against her pussy.


“Smells great,” she came up behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Shoo, you’re not allowed in the kitchen!” He was adorable, hair standing up in tufts from where he’d been running his hands through it, as he tried to bring everything together.

She giggled as he spanked her, before grabbing her for a quick kiss. He had hired a small cabin for the night. It was beautiful — tucked into the side of the mountain, very private. The views were spectacular, not only was there the small balcony, the bedroom also had an entire wall of glass, with views that stretched to the ocean. He’d gone all out for this, with the champagne and berries on arrival, and now he was slaving over a hot stove to create what she was sure to be a masterpiece of a meal. She giggled as she went to have a shower, this called for something sexier than what she currently had on.

Once out of the shower she donned the lingerie she’d bought just for this. She figured that if he was going to all this trouble for her, the least she could do was to buy some pretty new undies for him. The bra was a rich red silk that felt delectable when she slid it on, with tiny bits of black lace highlighting the cups. The panties were even better, the same beautiful silk, with black lace at the waistband and legs. A sexy red dress, tight and short. Great for slipping a hand up, and slipping panties down. She ran her fingers through her hair, letting it cascade down her back and over her shoulders. Now she needed bedroom eyes. Lots of eyeliner, smudged and sexy, that made her blue eyes say come hither. Add some sky-high black stilettos, and she thought she was looking pretty damn hot.

“Babe, I’m done now.” He called from the balcony.

Perfect timing. She walked out to meet him. He had everything set up on the balcony where they had been that afternoon. More wine, candles, and the meal looked amazing.

“Looks great.” She smiled appreciatively.

“I could say the same about you.” That cheeky grin that made her heart melt, “I’m starved, let’s eat.”

He came over for a kiss, running his hands over her waist and thighs, pupils dilated with desire. Pulling out her chair for her, he bowed theatrically.

“My lady.”

She giggled, “why thank you good sir.”

They chatted and flirted through the meal, both enjoying the others company. They whispered sweet nothings, with little touches full of meaning.

“Mmm, that was great.” She moved to sit in his lap, soft feathery kisses meeting her cheeks.

He smiled at her, his eyes warm, his fingers trailing over her arms; her chest; to rest at the base of her neck.

“I love you.” He whispered softly in her ear, before gently nipping her earlobe, “come on, let’s go inside.”

He took her hand, leading her to the bedroom. Stopping in front of the bed, he gave her tender kisses, full of love. His hands running over her body, fondling her breasts, her bum, squeezing and rubbing. Slowly, he took her dress off, letting it pool on the ground around her feet. He took a moment, breathing her in, enjoying the sight of her. He touched the silk of her panties, and played with the lace, caressing.

“Wait here, I have to do something.” That devilish grin again.

She laughed and sat down on the bed, turning to lie sexily against the multitude of red, white and black pillows, enjoying the feel of the silky bedspread. He disappeared into the bathroom, only to return moments later, naked, bar the large red ribbon tied around his erect penis. She laughed at the sight of him like that.

“It’s another kartal escort bayan present for you, you’re always saying how much you like it; so you can have it.” He was playful, coming over to straddle her, the bow on his penis flopping around comically.

She laughed “Babe, its Valentine’s Day, aren’t you meant to be giving me your heart, or something like that, not your dick?”

He breathed softly in her ear, “You’ve had that all along.”

More soft kisses. Kisses on her lips, her jaw, her neck. He was working his way along her collarbone, kissing down her arms, her fingertips. Her hipbones, kisses that were soft and light, affectionate and teasing. He returned to her lips, deeper kisses, breathing heavier. She could feel his arousal growing. She pushed him up; they were on their knees, hands ghosting over each other’s bodies. They were enjoying the feel of each other, her soft skin, his hard muscles. She pushed him down so that he was lying on his back, still kissing him; she grabbed his bottom lip between her teeth, playfully biting down on it. Nips on his neck, collarbone, moving to his nipples. Sucking and nipping, tongue darting out to flick them into alertness. She trailed kisses down his firm stomach, sucking and nipping at his hipbones, drawing the skin there into small red welts, creating small bruises. Small, teasing licks on the inside of his thighs, inches away from his balls. He was hard now, his cock pulsing, as her licks drew closer.

But she wasn’t ready to fuck him yet. She rose from the bed, to stand in front of him. She was running her hands over her body, enjoying the feel of the silk of her underwear. She slipped a strap off her shoulder, then the other, before reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, letting it fall to the ground. She played with her breasts, grabbing them and rubbing them, pinching the nipples. He could see the wetness spreading on her panties and she was working herself up, her strip tease turning herself on as much as him. She rubbed her hand over her panties, over the wet spot that was growing with each touch. She smiled cheekily at him as she hooked a thumb under the waistband on one side, sliding them down; revealing part of her shaved pussy.

“Tease,” he grinned at her, his erection throbbing.

Smiling back she hooked her thumb under the other side of her panties, pulling them down, leaving them to pool around her ankles. She went to step out of her stilettos, before crawling onto the bed, naked, hovering over him. She kissed him once, before sliding down his torso, grinning up at him from over his cock. She took the end of the ribbon in her teeth, pulling the bow undone. Sliding her body over his, she took his hands in hers tying them together with the ribbon, then tying them to the bed above his head. He laughed, undoing the ribbon that bound his hands.

“Not a chance, it’s your turn.” He flipped her onto the bed as she laughed, pinning her down with his body, tying her hands to the bed.

Rubbing his erection over her pussy, he slid down her body, placing kisses as he went. He hovered over her pussy, inhaling the aroma of her arousal before placing a kiss on her clit. She sighed with delight as he continued, placing kisses over the labia, his tongue darting into her hole, before flicking her clit. His mouth closed over her clit, swirling his tongue around, gently licking and sucking her nub. As her moans intensified he sucked and licked harder, probing his tongue deep into her hole. He wanted her. Ceasing his oral ministrations, he came up to kiss her, sliding his cock deep into her pussy as he went. He slid in and out of her, kissing her lips and her neck.

He reached up and pulled the bow, releasing her hands. “Flip over, I want to do you from behind.”

She knelt over in front of him, presenting her ass to him. He bent to place a kiss on each ass cheek, before circling his tongue around her ass hole. She moaned and growled as he continued, probing her ass with his tongue, while playing with her clit with his fingers. He continued tongue-fucking her ass, moving his fingers to probe deep into her other hole, before kneeling and thrusting his cock deep into her. He moans turned to yelps as he inserted a finger, then another into her ass. Sucking her own fingers she started playing with her clit, rubbing and flicking it as he fucked her. His finger in her ass thrusting in time with his cock he could feel himself tensing, before releasing and shooting his load deep into her pussy. After a few more thrusts she came shuddering on his cock and fingers. Pulling himself out of her pussy and ass, he lay down next to where she had collapsed.

Taking her in his arms he murmured “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby.”

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