Summer Morning Strangers

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Summer Morning StrangersShe woke up to a warm summer morning – the whistle of someone cutting grass accompanied the birdsong outside. She had pushed the quilt off of her in the night to cool her skin, and as she stretched and opened her eyes, a memory drifted back to the week before when she had woken to the feeling of skin against her. Getting out of bed she pulled on her bathrobe and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and pissed while the water heated. As she stepped into the shower the sensation of heat all over her body had a cleansing effect – preparing for a new day. She caressed her nipples as the water ran down her body, squeezing them tightly as she reached down and parted her cunt. She turned so the water ran down her back and crouched, legs apart. The warm water mixed with her juices as she slid two fingers inside herself, again thinking back to the week before when she was in the exact same position except it was his fingers that were fucking her. She pulled back her clit and gently rubbed her, throwing her hair back and groaning in rhythm with her strokes. She slowed as she reached the edge of cumming, allowing a moment to slide another finger inside her pussy before she tipped herself over. Her cunt pulsated with orgasm as she pulled her fingers out and tasted herself. Squeezing her tits her nipples were incredibly sensitive – lifting ordu escort a nipple to her mouth and sucking gently as two fingers rubbed around her pussy. Suddenly the doorbell rang. She thought twice about not answering but it rang again. Walking out of the shower she quickly put her bathrobe around her, tying it as she walked downstairs.She opened the front door to a man wearing shorts, boots and a baseball cap. “Hi! I’m her neighbor from the cul-de-sac – I was wondering if she had an electrical extension I could bor…” She had already checked and saw no wedding ring and, with a quick glance up and down the street, grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house. Her cunt was still throbbing from masturbating in the shower. “Come in” she said, closing the door. “Sorry I was just in the shower. Yes I do have an extension she can borrow, it’s just in here…” She opened the door to the cupboard – as she reached up her robe rode up to expose her arse. She turned to see him with his mouth open, and she smiled as she caressed her cheeks. He stepped towards her and she turned around to meet his gaze. He leant down and kissed her as she wrapped one leg around him, feeling his weight over her. She took his hand and guided him into the kitchen – early morning sun streamed onto the island as she hitched herself up and untied her robe. “Stop osmaniye escort there” she said as she spread her legs. He watched as she caressed her tits, his cock getting harder by the second. He unbuttoned his shorts and they drop to the floor, revealing his pulsing dick to her. He began to wank over her – watching each other they each took mental notes of the others bodies before he approached her. Raising her legs into the air, her lips parted, she invited him to taste her. His tongue skated around the edge of her pussy, and as he reached her clit he circled it twice before gently sucking. “Oh you filthy fuck yes…”. He slid his finger into her warm cunt hole and slowly finger fucked her before pulling them out and rubbing the creamy juice on his prick. He stood up and pulled her by the ankles before rubbing her clit with the tip of his dick. “Make me cum” she gasped as he sped up stroking her throbbing clit – she grasped his hard dick while spreading her juice all over it. As he slid himself up and down her twat his cock slid inside her, pushing her cunt hole wider as he pushed his fat dick deeper into her. “Oh God that’s big, that feels fucking beautiful” she said, throwing her head back and pushing her crotch into his. She loved feeling cock as deep inside her as she could. He lent down and sucked on her hard nipple as he escort bayan slowly pulled his dick back – then shallow strokes with the tip of his dick before ploughing in up to the hilt. She squealed and he grabbed her ankles again, fucking her with hard strokes while kissing her legs. She followed his strokes with her fingers rubbing either side of her clit. “Shit yes I’m cumming” she shouted “Hard! Fuck me hard!” He leaned over her as he fucked, looking into her eyes as the waves of orgasm made the muscles in her cunt grip his dick. He lay still for a moment, his weight on top of her. Her legs shook as their bodies started to move slowly together. He ran his hands down her body, feeling each curve and the heat coming from her skin. He began to fuck her faster, exploring her body with his hands. He gripped her at either side and she wrapped her legs around him. “You are so fucking wet” he said as he pulled his cock out of her and slapped it against her clit. She juddered and ran her hands down his shaft, using him like a dildo to pleasure her. She felt his dick start to twitch as he groaned “Fuck I’m gonna shoot on she…” She sped up her strokes on his dick and felt him begin to cum as she moved back and forth over her lips. He jerked his crotch forward as the first shot of spunk fired from his dick and onto her belly. She wanked faster and as his thick load dripped down onto her pussy she started to cum over his cum. He pushed his still hard cock into her and fucked her as she came “Oh…fuck…yes” she said between kissing him. Again he lay still on top of her before she said “Well, I’d better shower again. Care to join me?”

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