Summer of Cougars 1

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Summer of Cougars 1I grew up in a small town. Raised by a single mother I always appreciated older women. Especially my moms best friend Judy. Judy and my mom were the same age but vastly different body types. I always called her Aunt Judy. She was widowed early. Now in her mid fifties she was still a beautiful woman. She worked for a local finance company and did very well for herself. I dated her daughter Sasha for a while in high school.She was about 5‘5, a slimmer body type but more toned. She did a lot of yoga. Her grey hair was a shoulder length bob the really made her long face look young and light. She had almond shaped green eyes and dressed very stylish in skirt, blouses and usually heels which made her ass look even better. One evening I had made a stop across from where Judy works and it had started to rain. I noticed Judy standing by her car holding an umbrella getting wet but looking like she was waiting for someone. I drove around and came to a stop beside her to find out why she was waiting. She told me her car would not start and she was waiting for a tow truck. I invited her to sit in my car and wait, where she could stay a little drier. We chatted and she must have noticed how I was looking at her white blouse was clinging to her wet body and you could see her very fancy bra through the wet fabric. She made no attempt to cover herself up. After a while the tow came and they had to take her car. She asked them to take it to the dealership and they could deal with it as it was still under warranty. I offered her a ride home and she accepted easily. canlı bahis Offering to make me some dinner for my troubles. She also told me with a coy smile that Sasha was away and would not be home that evening.When we got to her place she quickly ran upstairs to change and came back five minutes later wearing a plain white shirt tight enough to draw attention to the fact she wore no bra. The skirt had been exchanged for yoga tights. “hungry?” she asked. “sure I have not eaten all day” I replied.She made spaghetti and a salad and we sat down and ate in her kitchen. We both had a glass of wine. We continued talking about this and that and making nice when she got up to clear the table I noticed a picture of a man I did not recognize on the fridge. I walked over and took the photo off the fridge. He was handsome, thirty-ish and I thought maybe Sasha was seeing an older man. She left me for one anyway.“who is this Judy?”“my lover” she said taking a drink of wine. “well my ex lover”She had been alone for a long time and there was no reason to think she would not have a boyfriend but it still came as a surprise. “he’s younger than you”“sure is” she smiles and put the photo back on the fridge and stood close to me and gave me a very sexy look. “I like younger men, I looove being a cougar”“really!”“yes” she put her hands on my hips. “I see the way you look at me too young man” she began running her fingers over my arms. “Sasha told me how good in bed you were. Its the only time I ever wanted to steal my daughters lover”“ohm Sasha told you about our sex life”“well she bahis siteleri for her it was fucking, nothing more. She said your dick was big, your stamina was good and you made her come” she was now licking her lips. “Hard she said she came hard with you”Not knowing what to say I just stood in shock as she stripped off her shirt showing me her still perky tits.She undid my jeans and stripped off my shirt and thumbed my nipples as she kissed me open mouthed.“Aun..”“just Judy tonight. Tonight you and I are going to be lovers” She grabbed my dick and tightened her grip as she began jerking me. I kissed her again and slid my hand inside her tights and felt her trimmed and moist pussy. “Fuck me” she demanded. I pushed her up against the island in her kitchen and yanked her tights down and put her up on the island and took the tights off her legs and threw them behind me. Pulling her to me I let my rock hard dick rub against her labia. Sucking on her nipples she pulled me closer to her and dug her nails into my back. She leaned back on her elbows as I spread her legs and put the tip at her pussy. Slowly, slowly and gradually I slid into her while squeezing her c cups and thumbing her nipples. She locked her ankles behind my head as I reached full depth of her. Holding her breasts as leverage I stayed deep in her and thrust hard and slow inside her. “mmm that feels good my boy. I am on the verge of the earth move, holy shit!!!”With the sound of the island scratching the floor and the rain pounding the window I grabbed her ankles and held them straight up and together bahis şirketleri and quickened my pace, she grabbed the edge of the island top and arched her back ana neck as she screamed through a massive orgasm. Not letting up I pulled her off the counter and bent her over it and entered her from behind. Still coming she stayed flat on the surface as I grabbed her wrists and pulled them back behind her holding them against her thigh. She was begging me not to stop and I just kept pounding her hard and she screamed out another orgasm, this time the angle was different and I felt her sex squeeze my dick tight. I let her wrists go and grabbed the back of her head with one hand and slapped the other on her thigh with the other squeezing her hip tight as I came. And came, and came. So much it ran out of her pussy like a stream. She stood up and turned around not caring my sperm was trickling out of her. She wrapped her arms around me and we stood there kissing. My hands still exploring her naked body. “wow” she said after sticking her tongue down my throat.“I think mature women are my new favorite hook up”“good. My bed is always open to you love”“what if my mom finds out?”She shrugged. “not much, your mom is a bigger cougar than I am”She just smiled at me a told me about a group of women here in town that were cougars and got together with each other to brag about it. “You mom get more dick than any of us. Those boys like her hour glass figure and big tits.” She kissed me again. “sleeping with a club members son is not frowned on, but applauded.”“who else is in the group?”She gave me a list of everyone in the group and encouraged me to taste as much of the mature part of our little town as possible. She even offered to pass my name to other group members. It is going to be a busy summer.

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