Summer of Sex Ch. 06

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This is continuation of the first 5 parts of the story. You won’t be lost if you haven’t read them, but you are sure missing out.


The next day, both of the kids were out of the house. Joslyn was off shopping with her girlfriends. They were searching for the perfect dorm room fashion. She had her father’s credit card, and I wasn’t worried about her spending. Zach was gallivanting with his friends. I have no idea what he was doing, and I usually didn’t. I figure that as long as the day did not end with the cops calling me to pick him up, I was okay with whatever it was he did.

I laid out in the morning before it got too hot; then swam to get in some exercise. I took a hot shower and groomed myself. I scrubbed the kitchen and did some laundry. I folded and put the kids clothes on hangers, then headed upstairs to put everything away.

Joslyn’s room was tidy. A place for everything and everything in its place. She was a girl after my own heart with her organization. She liked her closet ordered in just the right way, so I left the hanging clothes lying on her bed. I was able to put away the folded things in her dresser. Her shorts, her swimsuits, her pajamas, all neatly folded and put in their specific drawers. Last were her panties and bras. I lingered in this drawer, peaking at the lacy and silky garments. My hands grazed across them, while I imagined her in them. I found a matching pair that excited me. They were black mesh with red satin ribbon. I thought of the sheer fabric covering her perky tits; her tiny, hard nipples poking through. I wanted to suck on them through the mesh. I wanted to see the wetness from her pussy leaking through the thin barrier. I wanted to taste her, tease her with the panties still on.

I caught my reflection in the mirror, bringing me back to reality. I closed the drawer quickly, grabbed the laundry basket and hurried to Zach’s room. It was a disaster. More dirty clothes on the floor than clean ones in my basket. I piled them all up near the door. I made his bed, and straightened the trophies and photo frames on his dresser. I stacked the DVDs next to the TV, looking through them. I found a case with no cover on it. I knew exactly what it was hiding, but was curious anyway. I opened it, but found no disc inside. I turned on the TV and pressed play on the player, sitting on the edge of the bed. Of course it was porn; very badly made porn at that.

There were two women sucking a man’s enormous cock. The soundtrack was stereotypical, and the background was filled with ooohs and aaaahs that seemed to be coming from nowhere. The guy was just lying back, watching these two girls go crazy on his cock. All of a sudden, there is another man in the scene, rubbing the asses of both girls. The scene cut into them pairing up and getting fucked. I was less than impressed with the film, but I couldn’t help but touch myself. After a while of the two couples fucking, the scene cut again. Now one of the girls was getting double penetrated by both guys, while the other just ran her hands over everyone. This actually turned me on quite a bit. I loved the feeling of being full, and having two cocks fucking me in both my holes at the same time was something I truly enjoyed. I rubbed my clit in unison with the pounding this girl was getting, pretending I was in her place. The guy that was fucking away at this girl’s ass shot a load inside her, and the free girl quickly licked him clean. Then, she ate the cum from the other’s asshole. I furiously rubbed my clit as I watched her lap and tease the tight pink pucker, all while a giant dick rammed the pussy below her. Then he pulled the cunt off his dick, giving it to the other to suck. She went to town, and then pushed it back into the girl on top of him. This went on for a bit before he hollered something about blowing. They both kneeled in front of him while he shot his spunk in their awaiting mouths.

I was incredibly turned on, but nowhere close to cumming myself. I stopped the disc, turned off the TV and ran downstairs to my room. I grabbed my glass dildo off the nightstand and hopped up into my bed. Lying on my back, I sucked the round head of the toy while I continued teasing my clit. The sphere at the end of the glass shaft was oversized, and I could barely fit the whole thing in my mouth. It was perfect for working over a g-spot, but certainly not intended for oral play. My pussy was soaking wet, so I was really only slurping on the toy to satisfy my imagination. In my head, Zach was straddling my tits, his hand wrapped around the back of my head, forcing me to take his swollen head into my mouth. Between my legs was Joslyn, flicking the tip of her tongue on my engorged clit.

I pulled the glass from my mouth, tracing the lines of my body until it reached my sopping cunt. I ran the big ball up and down my slit, slowly opening my lips. Then I sank it deep within me as I let out a moan to match. Slowly I began to fuck myself with the cold glass. I shoved it all the way in, then slowly pulled it back out, stopping just short of removing it entirely. canlı bahis I did this over and over, my free hand tweeking and pulling my nipples. I thought of Joslyn pinching them between her teeth as her brother slowly rammed his member deep inside me. I started to move my hips against the toy, picking up speed and shortening the strokes a bit. Soon my back was arched against the bed, my huge tits bouncing as I thrust my pelvis into the air. I fucked myself quickly, and my hand moved from my nipples onto my swollen clit. I flicked it lightly as I imagined Joslyn’s tongue were teasing me as her brother’s big cock thrust quickly in and out of my hot pussy. I couldn’t contain myself much longer, and the thought of the two kids drove me to a wild orgasm. I could feel my cunt squeezing down on the glass still in it; my clit throbbed under my fingers. I moaned loudly as every muscle in my body tensed for a moment. And when it passed and I could feel my blood pulsing through my body, it was as if warm water was flowing from my torso, out over my appendages.

I laid there in my own pleasure for what felt like minutes, but realized it was much longer when I heard a car door slam outside. Joslyn was home. I quickly jumped up and ran to the shower. I was running the sudsy loofa over my body when she poked her head in.

“Want some company?” she giggled.

“Only if you want to,” I turned to rinse. “I’m pretty much finished.”

“Oh, okay…” she seemed let down.

“What all did you buy?”

“Just some stuff for the dorm room, bedding and stuff,” I could hear her move across the room to the small room with the toilet in it. “And some other stuff…”

“What kind of other stuff?” I asked, stepping out of the shower and toweling off.

“Clothes… and other things…” She flushed and stepped into the main bathroom. She had the biggest grin on her face.

“Alright. You wanna show me?” I moved the towel from my body to my hair.

Joslyn was distracted with by my naked body and I had to repeat my question.

“Oh! Yes!!” She scampered off to the bedroom. “Fashion show!!”

I hung the towel on the hook, and hollered out to her, “I’m coming out!! I’ll keep my eyes closed, but I’m getting under the covers!” I could hear the fabric moving as I entered the room, my hands out in front of me. I carefully climbed into the bed, my eyes closed tight. I snuggled down into my comforter as she said, “Okay! Open!”

Joslyn was standing there in a sundress that just barely covered anything important. Her breasts were just about to spill over the dark blue fabric with tiny flowers, and the skirt flared out as she spun around and I could clearly see the cup of her butt. The innocence of the material versus the way it fit on her sexually maturing body was certainly making a statement.

“Hmmm,” I said, wrinkling my face into a very uncertain face.

“You don’t like it?” She stuck out her lip in a pouty way.

“I like it very much. The problem is that the boys are going to as well. Which means your father will not.”

“Oh!” she giggled. “Don’t worry about that. Now close your eyes, again!”

I did as Joslyn said, and pulled the comforter up over my shoulders. I fondled my breasts, pulling slightly on my nipples. Her body made me so horny and I really just wanted her to leave them on the floor. I was so excited about having her trembling below me as her brother introduced himself into our relationship.

“Open!” Joslyn squealed, waking me from my fantasy. This time she had on navy chino shorts that left very little to the imagination, and a white sleeveless button down shirt that was only closed across her pert tits. Her small cleavage bounced as she turned for me.

“Jos…” I sneered, again. “You’re not making it any better…”

She just giggled, and told me to close my eyes. I complied, my hand dropping down to my clit. It had retracted after my last session. I teased my button under its hood, thinking about fondling the perfect orbs of her tits and ass in that outfit.

“Open!” Now she was wearing a floor length, strapless dress. It was cobalt blue and looked amazing on her tanned skin. A slit rose nearly all the way up her thigh, exposing her muscular leg. While the bodice was reasonably conservative, I learned the back was not. It swooped nearly ¾ of the way down her back and I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Jos, honey…” I shook my head.

She just laughed, moving over the side of the bed next to me. “You don’t like it?” She stuck out her lip, again.

“Oh, I love it… I just don’t know how age appropriate it is.” I reached out a hand to hold hers.

“How age appropriate is this?” She cupped her breast with my hand. She was well supported, but I wasn’t sure exactly how with the back of that dress.

I slid over to the side of the bed, swinging my legs over the edge and pulling her in between them. I kissed her passionately, running my hands down her bare back and groping her ass. I dropped to my knees between her and the bed. I ran my hands from her bahis siteleri ankles up to her sculpted thighs and across her tight ass. Her panties were lace Brazilian cut with the majority of her ass exposed. I pulled on the waistband, dragging them to the floor. I lifted her leg out the slit of the skirt, and snuck under the fabric. I buried my face in her sweet pussy. I slowly licked at her clit, squeezing her ass cheeks as I pulled her hips forward onto my face.

I pushed her legs open as I crawled through them. She propped herself up with both hands on the bed, poking her ass out as I gently slid my tongue down her ass crack. I pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her tight pucker. I lapped across it, and then ran circles around it. I heard her hiss through her teeth. I reached for her clit and began softly rubbing it with my fingers. I leisurely worked on her asshole, and she relaxed to the point that her pucker wasn’t so snug. I penetrated her with my tongue, pushing it into her tight hole with gentle thrusts. Then I flicked back and forth on the walls of her ass, just teasing my tongue on the sensitive, wet flesh. She moaned loudly and I could feel the muscles in her legs tighten.

“You like that, don’t you,” I asked, sitting back on my heels, pulling the skirt of the dress over my head.

“Mmmmhmmmm,” she moaned and nodded.

“Take off that dress,” I demanded.

She unzipped it, letting the material pool on the floor around her feet. Joslyn turned and stood in facing me in a pale pink bustier with little bows strategically placed. She grinned at the surprise she had, looking like a little girl in her mother’s lingerie. I stood up in front of her and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply. I pulled her nipples above the cups of the bustier, taking one in my mouth while I squeezed the other with my fingers. My free hand ran across her bare skin and found the satin ribbon lacing up the short low cut back. I pulled the bow and loosened the ribbon as I pinched her nipple between my teeth. I slipped the bustier over her hips and had Joslyn step out of it.

I took a few steps back and stared at her. I drank in the sight of the beautiful girl in front of me. She leaned back against the mattress, her hands supporting her. She bent her right leg, placing her foot on the bed frame. She was becoming sexually aware of her body. Rather than covering herself in embarrassment as she might have just days before, she tossed her hair behind her, pushing her small round breasts out. She looked at me as if she were begging me to ravage her right there.

I moved to the nightstand and removed different items, setting them out as if they were items on a buffet.

“Tell me what you want to play with tonight,” I glanced over my shoulder. Joslyn shrugged, being coy. “Well then, maybe we should get into that special box.”

Joslyn hopped up on the bed, rolling over to her stomach so she could watch me kneel in front of her. I reached under the bed, pulling the special box out.

“Lie back, close your eyes,” I told her. She stuck out that bottom lip again, pouting. I gave her a stern look and she relented.

I opened my treasure box, removing a few silk scarves. The double dildo came next. It was only about 12 inches long, the smaller of the two I kept hidden. I looked over my leather paddle and nipple clamps, but decided to save those for another day. I closed the lid, pushing the box back under the bed. I set the dildo on the night stand next to the small butt plug, vibrator, and single dildo I had pulled out previously.

I stood next to the bed. “Keep your eyes closed, but sit up.” I spoke firmly, setting the tone for what was about to come. I took one of the scarves and wrapped it around her eyes, tying it snugly behind her. I pushed her back down. She let out a light sigh when her head hit the pillow. Then I climbed onto the bed, straddling her. I took both of her hands, placing her wrists together and wrapped another scarf around them. Next I raised her hands above her head to the bed frame. I looped the last scarf through her bound wrists and knotted it to the headboard. I left it loose enough so that she could roll over, but it would still keep her restrained. By this point, Joslyn had a look of mixed curiosity and anxiety that I could see even with her eyes covered.

“Don’t you worry babygirl,” I smiled gingerly knowing that I would enjoy what was about to unfold. “Mommy is going to make you feel really good.”

I climbed off of her and the bed. She fidgeted a bit, uneasy with being restrained for what I assumed was the first time. I walked over to the dresser where I had left my cell phone. I muted it, and text Zach.

“How long until you are home?” I checked my e-mail while I waited for a response. Their father had been really busy the past few days and I was hoping to get a message from him. Nothing was there.

“All for the better,” I thought. It would be terrible to be caught up in the excitement of the evening and not respond to him. My phone vibrated.

“I dunno. An hour maybe.” bahis şirketleri Zach replied.

“Okay. Come in the back door. Be as quiet as possible. In the bedroom.” I set my phone down, turning my attention back to the stunningly naked and bound girl in my bed.

“Are you just going to leave me here?” Joslyn inquired rather timidly.

“Well, that wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun, would it!” I laughed, crossing the room to her.

I sat on the bed, next to her. I gently touched her face with just the tips of my fingers, tracing her jaw, her nose, her lips. I ran them down throat and across her collarbone. I circled her breasts, being careful not to touch her already erect nipples. Her tits were perfect, slightly smaller than I generally liked, but pert and perky none-the-less. My fingers grazed her toned tummy, and brushed across her pelvis. I followed the outside of her leg all the way down to her toes. When I crossed the sole of her foot, she twitched just a bit, giggling at the tickle. I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her leg, as I neared her groin I could feel her muscles tighten. I gently grazed her lips, sliding over her mounds and onto her tight stomach. I skimmed between her breasts and up to her neck. I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck as I leaned in.

“Roll over,” I whispered in her ear. I helped her roll onto her stomach, and then began tracing the lines of her body, again. When I reached her toes, I turned and went back up the inside of her legs. Joslyn tensed all of her muscles as I reached her tight ass. I ran the tips of my fingers in circles around each cheek and then slid in between. I ran down her crack and across her tight pucker. She sucked her breath in through her teeth. I smiled to myself.

I put my index finger in my mouth, wetting it, before I set it back to her back hole. I rubbed around and across. Jos cooed as I lightly massaged. I gently pushed, gaining entry to her glorious ass. I carefully slid my finger in and then back out. She lifted her head, moaning lightly. I slipped my finger in, pulling her cheeks apart. I leaned in and began lapping at her pink asshole. I pushed my tongue into her, licked around. Slowly she relaxed, and her hole loosened, allowing me to slide my tongue deep inside her. I lapped at her sweet, nether hole. Joslyn pushed her hips off the bed, pushing me into her. I lifted my hand to her pussy, which had become quite wet. I rubbed on her clit as I fucked her asshole with my tongue. Then I slipped a few fingers into her sopping pussy. I pulled them out and pushed back in. Slowly I built up a rhythm of fucking her cunt with my fingers and her asshole with me tongue. Joslyn moaned and pushed back on to me. I could feel her reaching nearer to orgasm and I pulled away from her. She scoffed, and turned to face me. Under the blindfold, I could see her frustration.

I reached over to the nightstand, picking up the single dildo. I set it next to Joslyn as I climbed between her legs. I pushed her legs up so that her knees were bent, with her perfect ass was high in the air. I pulled her cheeks far apart, opening her back hole ever so slightly. I held her like that as I sunk my tongue into her again. I lapped at her, wetting her with my saliva. I removed my hands from her cheeks and inserted a finger from each. I gently pulled, rotating my hands to open her. I reached for the dildo with one hand as I pushed two fingers from the other hand into her loosened hole. I rubbed the head of the fake penis against her slippery lips. As I pushed it into her wet cunt, I pulled my fingers nearly out of her ass. Joslyn sucked in her breath and whimpered slightly at the width of the cock inside her. I slowly pushed my fingers back into her as I pulled the cock nearly out of, leaving just the head inside. I continued this slowly for a few thrusts and then picked up the pace a bit. Joslyn moaned lowly.

“You like that, don’t you?” I asked without slowing my pace. “You like to have your holes filled?”

“Very much,” Joslyn managed.

“You think you could handle a cock in your ass?” I pulled both my fingers and the now soaked dildo from her.

“May…Maybe?” She stammered.

“I bet you can,” I licked her asshole, spitting on it. I rubbed head of the dildo on her back hole. I lightly pushed, finding resistance.

“Take a deep breath and relax,” I instructed, massaging her ass cheek. “It won’t hurt if you relax.”

Joslyn breathed in deep. As she exhaled, she let go and I slowly sunk the cock deep into her ass.

“Mmmmmmmmm…” She moaned.

“Shhh…” I rubbed her cheek, again. “Stay relaxed. I promise it will feel good. Trust Mommy.”

I slowly began pulling out the cock, before sliding it back in. I repeated this, over and over, and eventually it became easy. Soon Joslyn was rocking her hips in rhythm with me. I reached down and began massaging her clit as she fucked the dildo in her ass. It didn’t take long for her to be near orgasm, again. She pushed up on her hands, grabbing the headboard to steady herself, and dropped her ass, so that it was as if she were riding it. I held the cock in place below her, wrapping my other hand around her, pushing my body against her. I rubbed her clit furiously as she bounced up and down with the cock buried in her ass.

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