Summer on the Isle Ch. 02

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Penny, Melissa and Aunt Martha were going down the hall to the lobby and presumably they’d be getting into the shuttle bus after that. John’s mother was standing next to him to make sure he didn’t get away while she was going on and on about how now that they were all there they were going to have a good time together just like old times. There was going to be no more bad blood.

Aunt Sophia and Aunt Amy brought their daughters to John and the mother’s stood behind the young women with their hands on their shoulders. Susan’s face was emotionless revealing nothing of the private arrangements she’d already made with John. Carol was not so good at poker. She broke down once she was place before him and her sobs echoed down the hall.

John had very mixed feelings as he stood there and listened to Aunt Sophia and then Aunt Amy apologize again for what their daughters had done in Paris.

John was angry to know that Jill was on her way. He still felt angry at Carol, or at least that he should behave with anger towards Carol. Susan was another matter. It was almost crazy how much his opinion of her had changed in just a few hours. Before he’d hated her even more than Carol. Susan was always the mastermind behind everything those two ever did. But now that they shared a secret it was like she had left Carol’s team and was now on John’s team. What was more, instead of being the leader of her own team she was now a follower on his. He had no way of knowing if that was how she really felt about it on her end but that was how John was thinking of it.

“John. I want to apologize for what I did. It was wrong and I’m sorry.” Susan said.

“I …” Carol tried to start but then her voice cracked and she couldn’t complete the sentence. She tried again. “John” she sobbed; “I’m so sorry.”

John was not unmoved by this. Maybe his heart had been softened earlier because just the day before he couldn’t have imagined himself every forgiving either one of them much less saying so. But here he was about to do just that.

“Susan. I forgive you.”

Susan bowed in recognition of what he said. John turned to Carol and informed her of the same thing. Upon hearing of her absolution she was overcome with emotion and fell to her knees in front of him. Her mother tried to get her to stand back up but John stopped her. John brought himself down to Carol and he hugged her.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered again into his ear.

“Come on. Dinner is waiting.” John held her hands and got her to her feet. Susan came close to her friend and the three of them had a group hug.

“Wonderful.” said John’s mom. “We’re all one big family again.”

John didn’t say anything when he heard that but he looked at Susan and she returned his gaze. The secret knowledge of what they had between them dance between their eyes.

John wondered if the sun ever set in this place. Of course he knew it did but the daylight seemed to last forever. They were down by the beach and had dinner in the lagoon. The tables were actually set up in water about ankle deep. John sat with his feet in the water as the restaurant staff brought food out to them. Another thing they brought out to John was Jill who they sat right next to him.

John didn’t greet her. John’s mother did the task of introducing Jill to everyone even as John sat there annoyed. John’s mood was not lost on everyone else either. Penny picked up on it immediately and so tried to muscle herself between John and his alleged girlfriend. Penny started talking with Jill but it was less for Jill’s benefit and more so that John could get away.

John was sitting by Aunt Martha when he heard Jill say the stupidest thing.

“I never knew John had such a big family.”

“Oh, we aren’t related.” Penny corrected. Out of the corner of his eye John noticed Aunt Martha cast a look at John’s mother. John widened his observance and noticed his mother looking with a worried look back at Penny’s mother.

At one point after everyone had finished eating and taking pictures of the amazing view they had, John left to relieve himself. As he walked back to the main restaurant building that was up on the proper land Jill came up behind him.

“Isn’t this place just so beautiful.”

John was not going to humor her. That had never been his way.

“Tony is in the hospital.”

“I know.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Your mom bought me a ticket. I wasn’t going to waste it.”

“Wow. You are so … Just so … he deserves better than you.”

“It wasn’t like that.”

“Well, Tony sure thought it was like that.”

“I would never leave you for him.”

“But you’d cheat on me with him.”

“I didn’t.”

“He told me everything.”

“Then he lied. I don’t know what he said but if he said I had sex with him then he lied.”

She might have said more but John entered the men’s room and wondered if there was a way out that didn’t put him directly back into her path. He didn’t care what she said. He knew what really happened. And even if there was some illegal bahis truth in what she said, since John had no way to know how far her relationship with Tony actually went, he had already decided it was over.

After washing his hands John left the bathroom and expected Jill to be right on him. She was looking down at her phone. John slipped away right past her. That was easy, he thought. John went over by the shuttle bus but then he got the idea to use the phone himself. He went to the pay phone and made a call. John saw his mother looking for him by the shuttle bus as John got in Denki’s truck to go down by the dock and head out fishing.

On the boat one of the men offered John a beer but John passed. They told him that it was legal for those as young as 17 to drink but John still refused. He knew very well that American citizens were still bound by US law even outside the US. Even though there was practically zero chance of it happening, the idea that there was a possibility of being prosecuted back home for taking him up on his hospitality was enough to deter John.

John wondered if his mother would be angry that he just took off without telling anyone. It was done and he had no way to call from the boat so she’d just have to learn to trust him.

The men all told stories of the huge fish they’d caught on previous nights but that night the only fish that got on any of their hooks was the smallest thing John had ever seen. The men all laughed about it and each took a turn taking a picture with the baby fish in imitation of what would be done if they had caught a huge shark.

It was late when they returned to shore safe and sound and right there at the docks was John’s mother waiting for him.

“How did you find me?”

“The staff at the front desk. It seems you’ve got quite a reputation already.”

“You make it sound like I’m doing something wrong.”

“I was worried about you.”

“Well, mom, you’re going to have to learn to worry less.”

“What’s going on between you and Jill?”


“Come on. You asked me to get her out here and then you act like you’re mad that I did.”

“She cheated on me. The reason I came out here in the first place was to get away from her.”

“See, this is why we need to communicate more.”

“I didn’t think you’d get her a ticket and I didn’t think she’d actually come out here if you did.”

While John was still talking some of the guys from the boat came over to introduce themselves to the foxy American lady. John let them all know she was his mother and a few of them protested that it couldn’t be true. John’s mother didn’t answer the question as to how old she was. She thanked them for their attention but then pushed John towards the taxi so they could get back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel while John had to sleep in the same bed as his mother she was outlining her plans for everyone for the next day. John interrupted her and mentioned that he had a job to do that day. His mother asked when they were ever going to do anything together with the rest of the group and John told her it would have to be later in the week. John had already said he’d judge a contest and that’s what he was going to do.

No matter how late John had gone to sleep his mother insisted on waking him up in time to have breakfast with everyone else. She said that if he wasn’t going to do what they were doing he could at least do that.

When John was finished he got ready for the contest. On his way out of the hotel Penny ambushed him and locked herself onto his arm.

The contest took place at 1pm at another hotel. All of the contestants were other tourist as were the other two judges. The entire time John was there he sort of felt embarrassed that he was doing this sort of thing in front of Penny and at the same time kept thinking that Susan’s tits were nicer than any of the girls in front of him. It was so hot and sunny that day that even after a girl would be completely drenched in water her shirt began to dry almost instantly.

It was mid afternoon when John was finally free though Penny tagged along no matter where John went. Eventually they found themselves in a gift shop talking about the quality of one piece of art or another. That was boring so they eventually found themselves alone on a path that extended from a park up around part of the mountain. They walked with some light chat between them and then Penny caught sight of a rock to sit down on. As she rested she asked him about the contest.

“You should have entered.” John encouraged her.

“Please. I’ve got nothing on those other girls.”

“So what. It would have been fun. That’s all it’s for anyway.”

“Those girls were all so big and I’ve got nothing but goose bumps.”

“They’re not that small.”

“They’re too small for a wet tshirt contest.”

“They say more than a handful is a waste anyway.”

She blushed and then looked up and down the path they had just been walking on. “I guess it depends on how big a guy’s hands are.”

She reached illegal bahis siteleri out and took his hand into hers. She looked at his palm and then turned it over to look at the other side. Then she brought John’s hand to her chest.

John recoiled his hand but then instantly regretted it when he saw the expression on her face.

“What are you doing?” he asked. In that moment he was thinking of Susan and Jill and what a mess all that was. He hadn’t expected Penny to act that way.

“I’m sorry.” she said. “You don’t want to touch me.”

“I … I didn’t say that. You surprised me is all.”

“Well, judge number 3, do I have a handful or not?”

John swallowed and thought for a second. He felt himself get nervous with her. She was Penny. What should he do? She was … his friend. He’d known her forever.

What was the difference between Susan and Penny? It seemed like there shouldn’t be any but there was a lot of difference. John was close to Penny. She was his Penny. He rationalized in his head that she was his friend and she would do anything for him. With that in mind he told himself that if she wanted him to do something he’d be there for her.

“You want me to judge?”

“Yes. Tell me what you think.”

Was he cheating on Susan? If Jill still thought she was dating him did this mean he was cheating on her? On second thought, fuck her. She’d cheated on him. He didn’t care if she did or didn’t have sex with Tony. Whatever she did it was already too much. It was over with her. But what about Susan?

No matter. He’d work things out with Susan if indeed anything more was ever going to happen with Susan. Right now he was with Penny and no matter what happened she would be part of his life for the rest of his life. They both already knew that.

John reached for her chest and put his right hand on her left breast.

“It’s nice.” he said.

“Not as nice as Melissa.”

“Don’t say that. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone else. You’re perfect just how you are.”

“But I can’t get a boyfriend.”

“What guy would ever deserve you?”

“You … I hope.”


“I’m sorry. I guess you don’t feel like that about me.”

“Feel like what?”

“Like this.” she said. Then she moved close to him and put her lips up to his. It was a sweet and innocent kiss. John understood well what she was implying with everything.

Few men will ever find themselves in the position to have to choose between two women. Those who do find it nearly impossible to commit to one to the exclusion of the other. John was now faced with this choice. Should he choose Penny or Susan?

Logically Penny was a much safer bet. He knew well that if she said she wanted to be with him then she meant it. Susan had a better body but Penny was so much more to John.

The kiss ended and then Penny held John’s hand to her breast as she stood with her body pressed into his.

“I know you have a girlfriend and I know you have to deal with her. But she’s not here right now. I don’t want to miss my chance. This can be our secret until we’re ready to tell.”

“You want me to break up with her?” John actually had Susan more in mind than Jill. Jill’s ass was already going to the curb.

“I don’t know. But whatever you decide to do, I’ll wait for you.”

She was leaning in for another kiss and John kissed her. She put her arms into the air and John lifted her shirt up. She was as thin as John imagined she would be. John was just about to lean down and take one of her nipples into his mouth, which was what she wanted him to do, but they heard people coming down the path from the other way. John got some distance between himself and her and Penny got her shirt back on as quickly as she could.

They pretended to talk as the group of about ten or so tourists passed them. As soon as they were gone Penny mentioned to John that maybe they could go back to the hotel together. So they walked back down the path to the park and near the park they got a taxi to bring them to the hotel. In the backseat of the taxi Penny wanted to kiss some more and she put a lot more passion into it.

Back at the hotel they ran down the hall that went to their rooms but then they saw one of the moms and Penny grabbed John’s hand and turned back towards the front desk. She paused for a moment near the game room and then led John up some stairs.

“Where are we going?”

“The library.”

John hadn’t known that there was such a thing in this hotel but it was exactly the kind of thing that Penny would notice. Two large wooden doors opened to the library but there were no lights on in there. It looked mostly unused. Several large bookcases lined the walls and there were two tables with chairs for reading. There was a sign posted in English that books could not be taken out of the hotel and had to be returned to the front desk upon checkout.

At first they both acted like they were curious to actually look at what sort of books the hotel had. There were a lot of pulp novels and a canlı bahis siteleri few best sellers but nothing of great interest. Then they both got to the point of why they’d come up there. She grabbed John and kissed him.

The kiss didn’t last long. Penny wasted no time. She dropped her shorts and her panties with them. Her pussy was naked and exposed to John. She sat down on the carpeted floor of the library and braced herself. John had another choice before him. He decided that he wanted to lick her for a bit before they did anything else. He went between her legs and lot his first lick in. Penny moaned in delight. John licked more and more and Penny put her hands over her mouth to keep from making too much noise and being discovered.

John thought he’d gotten her to a good state of arousal. He was going to get on top of her but as soon as she saw him getting out of his shorts she got up and pushed him to his back. John was fine with this. If she wanted to be on top then that was ok.

Before doing anything she laid her body down next to him. Their hips were skin to skin with each other. She kissed him and then looked at him deep in the eyes. Then she found her courage and got on top of him. She smiled a cautious smile as she put her fingers on his cock for the first time. Then she got herself into position. This was going to happen.

Next to John’s head he felt Penny’s shorts start to vibrate. Penny herself rolled her eyes and put her finger in the air to tell John to wait just a moment. With John’s dick pressed up to her ass crack and Penny’s pussy sitting down directly on top of his abdomen she pulled the phone from her pocket.

John felt her hot, wet pussy press on him and Penny had a needful look as she moved it all over John even as she answered her phone.

“Hello. … I’m with John, like I said. We’re in a bookstore. … No … No, I told you. … I remember. Don’t worry. … Not now. We’re … It’ll take some time. … Sorry, mom. … No, it’s not a date. … I know. .. No, mom. We aren’t doing anything like that. … No. … Ok, we’ll be back soon. … I love you, too, mom. Bye.”

“Ok, question. How did you get your phone to work here?”

“Use the hotel’s wifi.”

“But how?”

“I’ll have to show you.”

“What was the call about?”

“My mother says I can’t date you.”


“I don’t know. She gave me a bunch of stupid reasons that I don’t agree with.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. I’m 19, almost 20. I can date whoever the hell I want.”

“And you want to date me?”

“I want to do a little more than just date you.”

“But what about what you told her?”

“If she’s against us being together then I think us being together is none of her business.”

“So you just want to lie to her?”

“If it means I can have you then it can’t be helped.”

John sat up and brought his face close to hers. “So, you want to be serious.”

“I don’t want to freak you out or scare you by coming on too strong but I’ll tell you, I’ve already decided.”

“Decided what?”

“I want to marry you. You’re the one. You’re the only one. I’ll wait as long as I have to. I’ll travel wherever I need to go. I love you. My mother can’t keep us apart forever.”

“Wow. I never knew. Not exactly anyway.”

“I’ve been trying to tell you for years. And this is our last chance. I’m not letting you get away.”

“Ok, then. Me and you.”

She was so happy to hear him say that all she could do was kiss him and hold him as tight as she could.

“But promise to keep it a secret for now. Ok?”

“Ok.” he answered. “And can you show me how to use my phone while I’m here?”

“Later. There’s something I want to do first.”


She pushed him back down and then raised herself high enough to hover over his dick. She put the head of it to her pussy and then it started to submerge into her as she slowly lowered herself onto him.

It took great effort and more than once John thought maybe they would have to stop this if it was hurting her. John thought maybe he was tearing something inside her. He was very concerned for her safety. Penny wouldn’t let him throw in the towel. She insisted she could get through it and eventually she got herself all the way down onto his cock.

It really did look painful and she hid her face from him.

“Are you alright?”

She nodded and tried to make an affirmative sound but she could not answer with words. As she was like that her phone started to buzz again and Penny looked very angrily at it. She did something to make the call go away. Then the phone started buzzing again and so she turned her phone off all the way.

She tried to lift herself up to try and begin having sex but she had to stop. It was too much for her at the moment. John didn’t pressure her. He understood when Penny had to get completely off of him and rest.

“I’m sorry.” she said.

“There’s nothing to apologize for.”

“My mother is worried. We better go back and see what everyone else is doing. Anyway, keep this a secret for now, ok?”

“No problem.”

“I know you still have to work things out with that other girl. Don’t worry. I won’t be jealous. You can take your time. But I want to know when it’s over.”

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