Summer Songs and Perfume Ch. 01

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I sat on the balcony of my beach house, enjoying the cool evening breeze. It was late but I couldn’t sleep. He had been on my mind all day, and I was holding on to hope that I would soon see his silhouette in the moonlight. Goosebumps crawled across my skin, but not from the cool air. Just the idea of his hands on my hot skin made me squirm in my bed almost every night.

I met him at the beginning of this summer, walking by me on the beach down from my house. I was writing in a notebook perched on my lap when he and a few other people happened by me. I had glanced up for familiar faces; finding none, I went back to my writing. He slowed his pace and leaned over me, saying “good morning.” I glanced up again. A baseball cap sat backwards over his longish light brown hair and sunglasses covered his eyes. He was tan, slender and muscular with tattoos visible on each arm under his gray t-shirt. But it was his mischievous grin that I had locked my eyes onto. Sexy. I wanted to see him again.

Those were the days, I thought to myself. The innocent days when we didn’t know anything about each other. Sitting here on my balcony on this quiet evening, I replayed this summer in my head, often wondering how I got here.

I was in my early thirties, a freelance writer and photographer from San Francisco. I’m not thin but I would say I was in shape. Long brown hair, large breasts and a nice ass. I married young, my husband an executive of a large corporation. The romance fizzled out early on, but we made it work. I was by his side when required and vice versa, but we left each other alone these days. He could have been fucking his young secretary right that moment for all I knew, or cared. Our lives were how we wanted them. Well, until I met Jack.

I had spent the last few summers alone in our beach house to escape the city and find some new faces. I began to frequent the beaches more this summer to find him again and see if there was any interest. I had a few lovers every summer, but Jack seems like a goal for me. I ran into him about every other day; we would say hi and sometimes have short conversations. He was my age, manager of a sporting good store in town. He also had a much younger girlfriend who was rarely brought up in conversation. When he was on the beach alone, however, he would sit with me for a time and even had a beer with me one evening. We talked about sex and his interest in my photography. I showed him some topless photos of myself on my laptop and he asked to see them in person. He showed me a video on his phone of his girlfriend giving him a blow job; I said I could do better. So, below the balcony of my beach house that night he had each of my breasts in his hands, his tongue swirling around my hard nipples, and I had every inch of his hard cock down my throat, swallowing every drop of his hot cum. We both wanted more and he swore one of these nights he would be back.

I could feel his strong hands in my hair again as I look past the balcony rails for a glimpse of him. Jack. I smiled. I’ve had a handful of boy toys over the past few years but this one was different. Only one other man made me want more after our first encounter and that “relationship” didn’t work out. But it gave me a taste of something missing from my life I needed to replace, and Jack could be that man.

I caught sight of a person walking down the beach in the moonlight. Dark shirt, jean shorts, wavy hair. Check. Tonight was the night. My pussy was so wet I could feel my juices running down my cheeks into my black lace panties. I sat up in the lounge chair so he could see me as he approached. He stopped when he saw me and put both hands in his back pockets as I left my chair to lean over the rail. I smiled at him. He smiled back.

“Nice night for a stroll on the beach,” I commented.

“Yes I agree,” escort bostancı he laughed a little. “I would ask you to join me but I have other plans.”

“Oh really?” I asked playfully. “Would you like to come inside and tell me about those plans?”

“Hmm, no,” he replied, “but I’ll show you.”

I smiled and turned from the rail to walk through my bedroom and downstairs to meet him at the patio door. I offered him a drink as I led him through my kitchen; he declined. I guided him up the stairs to my room, unbuttoning the oversized white shirt I wore as we entered my bedroom. I left the balcony doors open so the moon shone like a spotlight across the canopy bed, the only light in the room.

He wasted no time. As I near the edge of the bed he stopped me abruptly, spinning me around. Wrapping his arms around me he leaned in and kissed me hard, passionately. I moaned into his mouth as I ran my fingers through his hair. His hands eventually made their way to my front to shift my shirt off my shoulders to the floor. My black lace bra and panties underneath stood out against my lightly tanned skin, my long brown hair tickling my back.

He pulled back out of my embrace, admiring my full breasts for a moment before sliding down each of my bra straps to release them from the lace cups. He took each of my nipples in his mouth in turn, sucking and licking them to his pleasure. My hands found the back of his head once again to press his hot mouth into me as I felt myself growing wetter with each moment. He pulled his face back to quickly pull his shirt off, tossing it to the side and coming back to my lips as he placed his hands under my ass to pick me up. I wrapped my legs around him while he took a few more steps to reach the side of the bed, laying me down on the covers while my legs dangled off.

He looked sexy in the full moonlight, I thought to myself as he admired my almost naked body, his fingers teasing my smooth thighs. His eyes found mine, and the hungry grin on his face gave me goosebumps as his hands found each side of my panties. Steadily sliding them off, he dropped them at the foot of the bed and knelt down between my spread legs. He inhaled the scent of my wet pussy, getting a taste of it with his tongue and groaning. I felt myself shaking with anticipation, and he didn’t make me wait long. He started licking me slowly, gently, teasing me. I sighed and push myself into his mouth, reaching out for his head but he grabbed my wrist with his hands and continued his gradual torture. After several minutes I was ready to beg and he knew it; he obliged by covering my pussy lips with his mouth and sliding his tongue inside me. I moan deeply in response. He let go of my wrists to hold my thighs tightly while he sucked on my clit and I gripped the bed covers as I felt my first orgasm building in my loins. My back arched up and I let out a cry as I came on his lips. He continued this pace as my orgasm and groaning subsided, slowing down once I calm down. After several moments he sped his tongue up once again, and I was already so close to cumming a second time I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into my dripping wet pussy and fucked his face as I cried “yes, oh yes!” I moaned and groaned and screamed as I came hard, shuddering with every wave of my orgasm while I continued holding his head. I came again and again, fucking his face while he held my thighs apart. Eventually I relaxed and let him go, still trembling as he stood up from his knees.

“Holy shit, you are wild,” he exclaimed as he unbuttoned his jean shorts and let them drop to the floor to pull down his boxers. His hard dick sprung out and I sat up to get off the bed and on my knees. He stopped me, playfully pushing me back onto the bed. “Oh, no you don’t,” he grinned. “I wanted you sloppy wet ümraniye escort for a reason and I’m not going to waste it.”

I scooted up the middle of the king size bed to lay my head on the pillows while he got on the bed and crawled between my legs. He grabbed the back of my knees, raising them up and out from each other. My pussy juices glistened all over me in the moonlight. I watched him as he moved his hands around to hold my shins as he slid the head inside me. I shivered in anticipation again, but he pulled it back out, glancing at me.

“Don’t tease me now,” I whimpered, grinning. The devilish smile that was his reply sent goosebumps across my flesh.

His eyes never leaving mine in that moment, he slid his cock inside me and one motion and held still. I could feel my vaginal walls making room for all of his huge member. He began with a slow rhythm, both of us taking a moment to feel these new pleasurable senses; his large dick more than filling my tight, soaking wet pussy. After a few minutes he sped up, leaning forward over me to pound into me. I placed my hands against the headboard of the bed to keep myself from sliding up too far. “God, yes!” I breathed as waves of pleasure creeped further across my body.

He continued pounding me for several minutes before pulling out and grabbing my leg, motioning me to roll over on my knees. I positioned myself on my knees, legs spread slightly and chest and face into the bed. Turning back to him I wiggled my naked ass and asked “Like this?”

“Oh yes,” he grinned and thrust back inside me. He began slowly again, then gripped my hips in his hands and hammered my pussy so deep I almost screamed. The waves of pleasure spread faster throughout my body now as I knew I would cum again. Jack let go of one hip and put his thumb in his mouth for a moment to get it wet and stuck the tip of his thumb in my ass. I tensed up for a second but soon relaxed. He remembered that I had said this was all the anal penetration I preferred because it was enough to make me cum. I smiled and put my hands against the headboard again, moving against him as I felt my orgasm building faster in my loins. He kept his pace steady, moving his thumb in and out and I cried out with intense pleasure spreading throughout my body. His orgasm followed closely behind; he squeezed my hips tighter, fucking me deeply and spilling his load as he groaned.

Jack got up from the bed as I collapsed on it for a moment. I turned my head to look for him; he was standing by the bed smiling at me, his still hard cock glistening in the moonlight. “Would you like a taste now?”

“Yes, please,” I grinned and rolled over onto my back to make room for him. He laid down in the middle of the bed while I leaned over his face. I slipped my tongue out of my mouth and traced his bottom lip with it. His tongue moved out to mingle with mine so I pressed my mouth to his, taking his balls in my left hand as I caught his bottom lip with my teeth. His head stopped moving as he grunted. I released his lip and smiled, moving down to his genitals.

He silently watched me as I knelt over his dick, taking it in my hand and licking the tip, slowly moving my tongue down to our juices still coating the shaft. I licked and tasted every inch of that cock, taking each of his balls in my mouth and rolling them around on my tongue as well. I greedily listen to his moans and whimpering for more. I positioned myself between his legs, took his dick in my hand and watched his face as I slowly slid his dick in my mouth and down my throat. He moaned deeply while I slowly pulled his cock back out of my mouth, tasting my juices as I did so. I glanced up at him; he had propped his head up on both hands to watch me. I grabbed his dick with one hand as I flipped my long hair back behind me with the other kartal escort bayan and smiled.

Putting the head back into my mouth, I swirled it around inside with my tongue in between moments of sucking. Lowering my hand, I began massaging his balls again while I deep throated his dick. He groaned as I felt my pussy throbbing for attention. I kept my motion slow and easy to keep him from cumming again just yet. I enjoy the power I have while performing fellatio.

I continued working his dick with my mouth for some time, at least a half an hour, before he pulled his hands from under his head and grabbed my hair, thrusting his dick deeper into my throat. I let him fuck my mouth for a moment before putting my hands down on his thighs, indicating for him to stop. He let go of my hair and dropped his hands, allowing me to get up and position myself to straddle his cock. Grabbing it, I slid the head inside my throbbing pussy and eased myself down on it, my body making room for it once again. I leaned forward as I moved up his shaft, leaving only the head inside me as my breasts hung inches from his mouth. Just before he could get a nipple in his mouth, I slid back down his cock and rode it steadily. He played with my nipples, pinching and pulling them as I felt another orgasm rising. Putting my hands on his chest I rode him harder, faster. I groaned deeply as I came hard, shaking with pleasure. I bit my bottom lip and groaned as I watched him watching me, and he smiled just before grabbing my ass with both hands while sitting up and burying his face between my boobs.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as I fucked him, his hands squeezing my ass cheeks tighter. I leaned back a little, holding onto his shoulders for a deeper angle. He tilted his head back and groaned loudly as he came, thrusting up inside me as he filled me with cum once again.

He fell back onto the bed, sighing as he tried to catch his breath. I smiled. Moonlight continued to glow in my room but no longer showed upon our naked bodies as we recovered from the night’s activities. I could still see his handsome face, though, as he opened his eyes and looked up at me, still straddling his body. He sat up, grabbing my ass and placing his lips on one of my nipples, sucking on it gently as I felt tingles throughout my body. I sighed as he traced his tongue around my other nipple, grinning as he glanced up at me.

“So,” he began, pausing to kiss me, “how did I do?”

“Wonderfully,” I laughed, kissing him longer. “And I?”

“God, you are amazing,” he whispered, kissing down my neck. “You feel and taste so good, mmm.” He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply. He sighed. “I should probably go, though.”

“Yeah,” I replied, lifting myself off of him so he could gather his clothes. I sat on the bed facing my bathroom door where he would go to wash up before getting dressed. Watching him put his clothes on wasn’t as enjoyable as taking them off, I thought to myself, sighing. I plan on fucking him again, and again.

He handed me the shirt I wore earlier after he was finished dressing. I slipped it on as I got off of the bed, leaving it unbuttoned. He put out his hand to trace my bare skin down between my breasts to my navel, giving me goosebumps. “Sorry to run off so soon, but I should go before I’m missed.”

“No worries,” I replied. “I’m not a cuddling person anyway.”

He grinned. “I’ll call you sometime. Good night.”

I smiled back as he turned to leave. “Night.” I stayed in the doorway for a moment, listening to his footsteps as he descended the staircase and left. I could sleep soundly tonight, I thought, replaying some of the evenings excitement as I crossed my bedroom to close the balcony doors. The room became cloaked in darkness as the doors clicked in place. I walked back across the room again to get a drink of water before crawling into bed. Just before I could leave the room the ceiling light came on over my bed and I stopped abruptly, a chill running down my spine.

“Hello, Lydia.”

…to be continued…

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