Summer Tease Ch. 2


I climb out of the shower and towel myself off. The cool air feels refreshing against my skin. I saunter to my room and I slip on a white silk robe. It slinks against my body and I tie it around my waist. I sit down in front of a mirror and I pin my wet and wild red hair up on my head. I powder my nose ever so lightly so it is a mere brush of dust layering my face that allows my sprinkled freckles to show through. I line my eyes with light brown, just enough to define my sparkling blue eyes. I glaze a roseate gloss on my smooth lips to leave them glistening. I place a few drops of my rose petal perfume and I massage it into my neck. I take another drop and rub it ever so lightly on my chest. Looking in the mirror, I am satisfied and I set off to find the outfit.

I stand in front of the mirror and let the robe slip of my shoulders. As it falls to the floor and gathers around my ankles, I look at the image staring back at me. My slender neck leading to my soft shoulders. They curve around down my sleek and freckled arms that rest casually upon my hips. My hips that round their way to the top of my creamy thighs. Down further to my toes painted a glimmering cerulescent. I lift my right foot and drag my ankle up and down my clean shaven leg as I follow my inseam to where my stems meet. I smile at my smooth mound that barely hides my dampened slit. I take a deep breath and I can smell my sex, the aroma wafting around me. It brings on a tingle vibrating in me and try to compose myself.

Because of our evening planned, I decide on something casual. I slip on my petal pusher khaki pants that falls before my ankles. As they cling to my skin I zip them up around my hips. I grab a small, white tank top kozyatağı escort that stretches over my body and lands a little above the hem of my pants. I finish it off with a light blue sweater that I leave unbuttoned. I slide into my black flip flops and as I glance at myself in the mirror. Satisfied, I walk into the bathroom again. I decide to leave my hair down. It falls straight around my shoulders, just a little wild and unset.

I have an hour before you are supposed to arrive and so I sit outside in the backyard and bask in the sun. I play some quiet music in the background and enjoy the peaceful air about me. The world seems to stop as I remain still and relaxed. I don’t know exactly how much times passes but I am awakened by your soft hand gently gracing my face. My eyes flutter open and I see you smiling down at me.

I let out a subtle yawn as I you pull me up out of the chair. I wrap my arms around your neck and I melt into your chocolate brown eyes. “Hi,” I whisper behind a devilish smile.

“I can see you were anxiously awaiting my arrival,” you sneer at me playfully.

I reach around and place my finger on your lips, “Shhh.” I put my cheek against yours and take a deep breath. The feeling of your body against mine is overwhelming and I am lost in wonder. As I open my eyes I can feel my eyelashes wisp next to you and feel paralyzed by the heat and energy between us.

You take your arms and slide them under my arms. You drag them down the sides of my body and rest them on my hips for a moment. Holding me as if to own me. You push them around so you are now grasping my waist with your hands locked behind us. küçükyalı escort Pulling me closer, I can feel my chest pressing hard against you with each of my laboring breaths. I hear you sigh in my ear and I can feel my nipples tightening against the soft fabric of my tank top. I don’t have to look down to know they’re pushing against the material, fighting to be seen.

I pull my head down and nuzzle myself into your neck letting soft moans of happiness escape my wanting mouth. I feel safe and content just standing near you and your sweet smell makes my stomach burn with desire. I press my hips into yours and ever so gently rub my jeans against you. It feels as if the air around us is forcing us together. You lean forward and let your lips touch the back of my neck. Slowly you leave a trail of soft kisses around my shoulders and at the top of my chest. My mind is in a whirl far away and I don’t notice that I’m compulsively grinding my throbbing self into you searching for a release.

You part yourself from me for a moment, long enough to lift my face. Your eyes beam their way into mine and I am consumed by you. Your lips can’t survive any longer and you grab me hard and kiss me. Our mouths mash together and our tongues search for each other through our heated kiss.

I squeeze my arms around you tighter, pulling myself closer to your body. I press my chest against you and inhale the sweet smell of your natural scent. My heart is racing throughout my body and my skin feels as if it were raging on fire. Your hands move up from my waist and you grasp my face. Cradling my freckled cheeks and letting your fingers dawdle through my mutlukent escort soft, red hair, your hands seem to hold me off the ground. I’m floating on a cloud as I have lost myself in my senses.

I slide one of my hands down your shoulder and passed your waist. It rests on the back of your jeans and I as I hold on to you I thrust myself harder against your sizzling body. At the same time I take my other hand and run it through the hair on the back of your head, griping it with my fingers and guiding your lips to mine. I seem to inhale you as we fight to reach deep into each others’ desires. We stumble a few steps back until you are pressed against a column of the porch. Quickly our kiss is regained and our lips continue to bring us closer together.

You stealthily reach your hand down and rub one of my breasts through my tank top. You pink my nipple through the material and squeeze it between your fingertips. I moan beneath your succulent mouth and press into your strong hand. You unleash a passion within me and I slide one of my hands to the front of your jeans pawing at it with a crazed force. I massage your growing cock through the thick material and try desperately to capture your dick. The heat of the moment is rising and the climax is nearing to our outdoor tryst. I realize this and thoughts of my plans for the evening penetrate my backyard fantasy. I withdraw my hand and slow our kiss.

Gently I pull away so that our lips are merely gracing each other with nothing more than our fiery eyes and our quickened breaths between us. You look disappointed, intrigued and anxious all at once and you let your hands reside once again around my waist. Our sweet butterfly-like kisses persist while we calm ourselves in each others arms. Our hands drop and find each other, our fingers now interlaced together. You smile at me and I raise a devilish eyebrow at you. Nothing is spoken as we walk around the house and to the car. Even the car ride is silent, in our minds each of us building up the moment and putting together the pieces of the evening to come.

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