Summer Time Ch. 02

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I finally drove myself home after my most incredible day spent with Renee and her mother, Janice. The smoke had finally worn off around 8 pm and I felt safe driving, so I said my goodbyes and went home for some well-deserved rest. I chatted with my parents for a little bit, but ultimately crashed in my room out of shear exhaustion.

The next morning I did my usual summer time routine of waking up around 9 and showering. I booted up my computer as I was brushing my teeth, and I forewent shaving my face, leaving a small amount of stubble on my face the way Renee likes it. I instead focused on making sure my crotch and balls were impeccably smooth and hairless. I sat down in my computer chair when I was finished and began checking my social networking page, then switched over to my email.

In my inbox was a message from Janice titled “Now that you’re a member of the family…”. I was intrigued by the leading title, so I opened the message to see what it was about. It read:


Now that you’ve discovered what we’re all really like, I believe it’s time for a few new rules that you have to follow in our house:

1) You don’t have to call before you come over, we only had that rule so that you wouldn’t drop in on us naked! 🙂 2) Absolutely no clothes on inside the house.

Hopefully you won’t have a problem with these rules (I doubt you will), and please come on down whenever you can today, Tom (her husband & Renee’s dad) is out of town and I NEED YOUR DICK!!!!

hearts & kisses, Janice

“Wow” I said to myself, “Looks like this is going to be one hell of a summer!”. I dressed excitedly, barely resisting the urge to sprint to their house fully nude just to cut out the middle man. My heart was thumping with anticipation all through breakfast, and I was barely done with my eggs when I told my mom I was done with my eggs and was off to Renee’s for the day.

My parents had no issue with me being gone for the whole day. We were by no means poor, but Renee’s family had extravagant wealth that translated to a pool and A/C that pumped 24/7. My father was from a poor family, so, despite his very well paying job, he was always stingy with the air conditioning, and a pool was out of the question. I walked outside into the hot and humid atmosphere, immediately feeling my thin cotton t-shirt form to my body from the amount of moisture in the air. I didn’t mind, I had kept in good shape since the end of the football season, so I was proud of my body.

I enjoyed the stares I got from a few different women and men as I walked down to Renee’s, finally arriving in the shadow of their massive house, ready to see what today held. I opened the door and announced myself, kicking off my flip-flops in the process. I didn’t hear a response from upstairs, and their front room was completely vacant of life. I was wondering if anyone was home when Janice poked her head around the corner at the end of their entry hallway, her long red hair swaying gently behind her face, which was almost sideways. Her green eyes are as captivating as her daughters, and without her long hair and slightly shorter stature, I’d easily confuse the two. She had the same playful smile on her face that her daughter gives me when she’s in the mood for a good fucking, her white teeth shining out behind her plump, red lips. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any makeup, which was fine by me, as all the women in Renee’s family had the same sort of natural beauty that can only be slightly augmented by makeup.

“Now, now John, you know the rules, clothes off!” she teased as she stepped from behind the corner to display her completely nude form. Her 36 DD breasts are natural and perky, and they sway, jiggle, and bounce gently with even the most slight of movements. She had her hands rested on her round, child-bearing hips with accented her well-maintained waistline beautifully. Her hips were in turn accented by her voluminous ass that was the perfect amount of fat and muscle that could make even a blind man weep with joy. She, too, had not shaved this morning, only this time I’m talking about her pussy. Fine red hairs had cropped up around the lips in a tantalizing fashion. Her thighs are smooth and muscular, and which are only one half of her marvelous legs.

I stopped staring at her long enough to unbutton my shorts and let them drop to the floor, unleashing my thick, veiny, 7 inch erection in the process. My dick bobbed and throbbed as my shorts dropped, and it threw a small rope of precum onto the immaculate tile flooring. I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it on top of my shorts. It was only after I had completely disrobed that I noticed Janice had left the end of the hall. I quickly padded down the tile entryway onto the hardwood flooring of their kitchen and dining room. I ignored the kitchen in its entirety as my attention was drawn to the sounds of moaning and the unmistakable sound of balls clapping against ass coming from the home theater. As I stepped onto the light colored carpeting I finally saw Janice.

Janice was seated on their long leather couch. illegal bahis Her left foot was planted on the floor while her right foot was resting on the arm rest, leaving her pussy fully exposed for the massive blue dildo she was working in and out. While her right hand worked the dildo up and down, her left hand was massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. She didn’t even bother looking over at me, as she was too busy masturbating to the very hot hardcore porn that she had playing on their huge TV. My dick was now dripping precum onto the carpet as I padded over to Janice, who didn’t even take a prompt before she let go of her breasts and dragged me by my penis, leading me into her warm, wet mouth.

I knelt next to her on the couch as she gave me one of her first-rate blowjobs whilst she continued to fuck herself with the dildo. Her head bobbed up and down on my cock for a few moments and then she jammed her mouth to the base of my cock. She deep-throated me longer than I thought possible, I could feel the muscle contractions of her larynx with the head of my dick. Finally she had gagged enough on my cock and let herself up for air, leaving a trail of thick spit from my penis to her mouth. I wasn’t given much of an option when Janice then pulled me in for a big wet kiss with lots of tongue.

I knew I was supposed to be grossed out, but the sweet, salty taste of my pre just made my cock throb and produce more. Janice said nothing about it, but she threw her dildo across the room and told me to sit. I sat, watching the actress get pumped full of cock, as Janice softly tugged on my own. She then stood up with her back to me and arched her spine. Wiggling her ass in front of my face. I watched the cheeks clap together, and briefly glimpsed her tiny little brown asshole above the silhouette of her dripping wet pussy. “You like?” she asked, all I could do was nod dumbly and start jacking myself off. “Huh-uh honey” she said, stopping my hand, “That’s all for me.”

And with that, she plunged my cock deep into her wet cunt. She was sitting in my lap, grinding her hips back and forth. I could tell she was using one hand on her clit, because I could feel her manicured nails gently touch my balls with every rotation she made. Her other hand was back to working her tits, and I could watch her 36 DDs wiggle and shake with her thrusts, even though I was behind her. I smacked her ass playfully, and she moaned loudly and shouted “Harder! Smack it harder!”. I took the invite and began smacking her ass as hard as I could every time her hips rocked back towards me. She was moaning loudly and cumming with every stroke on my cock, squirting her juices down onto my body, but I knew how to get her even better. I slid the hand I wasn’t using to slap her booty down between her cheeks, until my middle finger tip rested on her browneye. She moaned her encouragement as I slipped my finger up her asshole, using her pussy secretions as lube.

Janice couldn’t take anymore and began fucking as hard as she could manage as I pushed my hips upwards and slid my finger as far up her ass as it would go. She was screaming louder than ever as my cock tensed up and she shouted between orgasms “Fill me up!”. I am not one to turn down a lady, so I let myself go over the edge. I grunted roughly with every spurt, and Janice let out little coos in time. My orgasm felt like it went on forever, but it finally ended. She leaned back against my sweaty torso, gently rubbing her cunt as she came down from a massive orgasm. She would occasionally scoop some of our mixed fluids that were leaking out of her pussy up to her mouth and have a micro-orgasm at the taste.

When Renee’s gorgeous mother finally slid my now soft cock out of her pussy, we both shuddered at the rush of pleasure. I was amazed to see that she’d eaten almost all of the mix of cum and there was now just a small strand on her leg, which she scooped up and licked greedily, moaning to herself. We turned off the porno, and Janice offered to make me lunch. “That’s sounds wonderful” I replied, “Where’s Renee?”. I was embarrassed to admit that my girlfriend had completely slipped my mind, but I was having far to much fun with her mother. “Oh she’s probably still asleep” replied Janice, “although I don’t know how with the amount of noise we were making.” She giggled softly to herself and gave me a dazzling smile with a playful wink. I laughed with her as she put our sandwiches together.

Janice and I chatted as we ate our lunch next to the pool. Janice finally explained how she and Tom had raised their kids to have an open mind about sex. When they turned 15 they let the kids drink and smoke pot with them, and also gave them the privilege to stay up with their parents and masturbate to porn if they were in the mood. At 16 the parents would invite their children to bed with them, and if the child wanted, they would participate in sex with the family. “Needless to say” she added with a smile, “none of the kids have turned us down.”

It was around 1 when Renee finally emerged, naked of course, from the house, her short red illegal bahis siteleri hair tousled from being asleep so long. Walked over to where we were basking in the sun by the pool, her 32 D tits jiggling with each step, and stopped abruptly, pouting out her lips and placing her hands on her thin waistline. Like her mother, she had a wonderful ass and wide hips to accompany her small waist, and it was all held up by her muscular legs. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and running juice down her leg. “You two woke me up, but you never invited me to join you!”, I could tell her anger was more teasing than anything else, “Mommy, I agreed to share that cock with you, and you took it all for yourself. No fair. John, upstairs, now, we’re taking a shower together.” Janice and I smiled and played along with her now obviously faked tantrum, and Renee led me away by my now freshly hardened penis. Janice muttered something along the lines of “You snooze you lose girl”, but winked at me as I looked back and held up her hand in the “call me” gesture.

I chuckled softly at her little joke as Renee led me up to her room and into her large marbled bathroom. By this time, I was staring at her ass, which was bouncing and jiggling with every step. She pulled me into her glassed-in shower with its large over-head faucet and immediately dropped to her knees. I turned on the water as she sucked my cock and moaned. “Mmmm…. I can still taste you two” she remarked between bobs on my cock. I was resting one hand on the wall as the water poured down us and Renee wrapped her full lips around my cock and slid her mouth up and down my shaft. She gave me her signature smile as she bunched her 32 D tits up around my cock and let me tit fuck her until I was about to explode. She saw all the muscles in my body start to tense, and immediately stopped me. She stood up, gave me a kiss, and handed me the soap. “Since I heard all that fun and got nothing out of it, you can wash me down, and you don’t get to cum until Alex is home from school.”

I had completely forgotten about her brother Alex. He was a year under us in school, but he had recently turned 17, so I knew he was in on all the sex going on in this house. I got a small smile, thinking that I had an idea of what Renee was up to. I washed her down without complaint. Starting with her back and rubbing the suds down her elegant neck, running my fingers over her well-toned back. I took extra time on her ass, even occasionally rubbing her butthole to make sure she stayed as aroused as me. I pulled her against me as I moved to her front, letting the water run between us and feeling the suds gently flow across my cock, which I’d maneuvered to rest between her ass cheeks. I soaped up my hands again and began rubbing her tits softly, letting the soap wash off after each pass of my hands. I pinched her nipples a few times, and watched her eyes close softly as she smiled and lost herself in the arousal. We finished the shower by her putting her foot on my shoulder and using me as a prop so that she could make sure her cunt was cleanly shaven.

We were both horny after the shower, and were fervently kissing while we toweled each other off. We were walking down the stairs, I in front, when the door opened and Alex came into the house. He was on the football team with me for the last year, but he played free safety, so he was much more bulked and stocky in his muscle development. He looked up, and if he was shocked that I was naked, he didn’t show it, he simply said “Sup dude?” and immediately began stripping. Alex was every bit as much of his dad as Renee was her mother. He was well tanned, with dirty blond hair that was more brown than blond, but it always got lighter in the summer. I couldn’t help but admire his muscular physique as I walked behind him down the hall to the theater room. Janice was back on the couch, this time she was watching some TV judge pass judgment on a redneck couple getting a divorce. She flicked off the TV as Alex came in.

“Hey honey, so glad your home!” She greeted him verbally, then she gave him a wet kiss that a mother and son usually wouldn’t share. I was amazed at his control as he didn’t get hard just seeing his mother. “I’m glad he’s here too” said Renee with a wicked grin that her mother shot right back at her. I could tell that she and Janice had planned something, I just didn’t know what yet.

I wasn’t kept in the dark too long, as Janice rotated one of the recliners so that it faced the room rather than the TV and sat down, spreading her legs and sliding her hands between her breasts and her cunt. Renee got on her knees, facing her mother, and pulled Alex and I to either side of her. “I hope you boys can handle little old me” she said cutely as she began gently stroking our cocks simultaneously. It was Alex and I’s turn to share a grin as Renee began getting us hard while her mother watched. Alex glanced at his mother “You aren’t gonna join us?” he asked. “Oh no” said Janice, “not today, John got me good enough this morning to hold me over till tomorrow.” She gave me that playful wink again and canlı bahis siteleri bit her bottom lip as she smiled, then directed her attention back to her daughter.

Renee had managed to get us both hard with her hands, and I got to see Alex’s cock at full length. I hadn’t really inspected his until just then, but I noticed that he wasn’t circumcised. His cock is almost exactly the same length as mine, but I’ll admit he has more girth than me. Renee eyed our cocks greedily, and then looked up into my eyes as she took her brother’s cock into her mouth first, while she still stroked my cock with her opposite hand. I noticed that since her other hand was now free, she was cradling Alex’s balls in her palm and running a finger along her taint. Renee closed her eyes in ecstasy as she switched her attention over to my cock. I stared at her striking green eyes until they closed again. The treatments of the cocks had reversed with the person changed, and I couldn’t help but look at Alex’s glistening cock, his foreskin covering his helmet whenever Renee gave and upward stroke, and then being pulled back whenever she moved her hand down. I looked at Alex’s face to see that he was admiring my cock too, and I realized that my old boundaries between gay and straight were slowly collapsing.

Renee pulled her mouth off my cock and brought us both closer so that she could get both dicks in her mouth at once. She pulled her brother’s foreskin back and let our heads touch and then rub together in her mouth as she flicked her tongue around them. Her hands worked our shafts and balls as her mouth focused on our heads. Alex and I had to put a hand on each others shoulder to support ourselves. I could hear Janice moaning softly as she put her dildo in, but I was too absorbed with the moment. Alex and I were inches from the others face and we watched the others dick be pleasured by his sister and my girlfriend.

We both heard Janice say something, and we looked over with an identical dazed look on our faces to see what she’d said. She smiled and repeated herself, “Kiss for me”. I was so lost in the moment, I didn’t think of how the old me would have lost it over the notion of doing something that I thought to be gay. I was quickly becoming comfortable with bisexuality, and locked lips with Renee’s brother while she continued to work her magic on our cocks. Our tongues played together as we kissed passionately, and Janice moaned loudly at the sight of us making out. We didn’t even notice that Renee was now just cradling our balls with her hands and using her mouth on our heads, because he had let our free hands fall, and were jerking the others shaft into Renee’s mouth.

Renee pushed us apart and smiled. “Now that you two have had your fun,” I had no idea what she meant, I still hadn’t cum, “It’s time for my turn!” she said excitedly. She had me lay on the floor, perpendicular to her mother’s view, and she mounted my cock. Once she’d settled down to the base of my shaft, she spread her ass cheeks and looked wantonly at her brother’s cock. He needed no verbal ques as he knelt behind her and worked his cock to the hilt up her ass. I could feel his dick through the small barrier between pussy and ass, and it was the most spectacular thing I’d ever felt. “Now boys! Fill me up!” Renee shouted. Alex and I started thrusting emphatically, alternating our stokes so that all three parties got the most pleasure out of it. There was little room left in Renee with her brother’s thick cock taking up her ass, but it only heightened the feeling of her already tight pussy. We were all drenched with sweat as we continued to pump in and out of Renee’s sweet sweet holes. “Talk dirty to me!” Renee screamed, “Call me a slut you dirty man whores!”. We took to it with gusto, occasionally slapping her ass as we called her a slut, a whore, and a dirty little bitch. She loved it, as did Janice, and the both came to every syllable of the dirty talk.

Renee shouted with joy as her pussy began to squirt with every thrust into her. Her muscles contracting on us was too much, and I felt Alex’s cock twitch through the wall. I knew he could feel mine begin to twitch, and we both pumped faster towards the climax. The sound of our balls hitting her flesh and her and Janice’s shouts were echoing off of walls as we pushed harder still for that final cum. The feeling when we all came together was absolute magic. Alex and I pushed deep into his sister as we shot our loads, the feeling being augmented by Renee’s own huge orgasm and our balls resting together. Janice was in her own world as she came with us and sprayed her pussy juice onto the three of us from her seat almost 3 feet away.

When we had enough presence of mind, Alex and I slipped our cocks out. Janice swooped in to lick up the mess we’d left, first getting the bit that had dripped onto my cock and then working back up to Renee’s well-used holes. She took breaks in her swallowing to swap cum with Renee, then me, then Alex. I was worried that the cum swapping would have been too much and I’d get ready to go again, but mercifully, I didn’t. Renee rolled off of me, but laid on the carpet, twitching occasionally, until she had enough strength to stand again. Alex gave me a hand up, and we both joking slapped each other on the ass as congratulations, like we’d just stepped off the field.

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