Summer Visit Ch. 2

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Phyllis is my eighteen-year-old niece who has come to visit with me through the summer. On the forth day I awoke with her laying beside me. The day and night before we had spent mostly exploring each other. She is so wonderfully full of desire and knows just how to please. She is also very experienced which something I didn’t expect from such a young girl.

I had found out Phyllis had earned extra credit in high school in the Teacher’s Student Assistant Program. She was assigned to a new tenth grade English teacher, Miss Malone. It turned out that Miss Malone had graduated from college two years earlier and teaching tenth grade English was her first teaching job. She treated Phyllis more like a sister than a student. And Miss Malone was the one who had taught Phyllis about sex. And Phyllis had learned well.

I decided I had to let my girlfriend, Andrea, know what had happened. We had talked about one day including a third person in our party but we had never been able to come up with someone whom we both could agree on. And I really owed her after she came up with that big surprise of hers. I still hadn’t been able to top that one, and she was always reminding me of it. Well, this was going to surprise her. Yes, that was it, if I could get Phyllis to go along with it, that is.

I reached over to shake her since she was still asleep. Phyllis rolled over and pressed her warm flesh against me, her arm coming across my side and pulling me to her. She nuzzled her face against my shoulder and her hot breath was on my skin. Her entire length pressed down my body. I didn’t resist the urge to cover her soft breast and felt her nipple grow hard. illegal bahis Her soft lips started kissing my neck. God it felt so good. Especially when her hand moved down my back and started rubbing on my hip. She spread her fingers and was inching her palm down toward my mound. Soon her hand was pressing down on me and her fingers were parting my outer folds. Her mouth was sucking the skin on my neck and I pressed back to her, grabbing her breast and pinching her nipple. She had me so wet so fast. Two fingers curled up and found my opening, penetrating up inside me. She steadily pushed deep then curled her fingers up against the top of my tunnel as her palm pressed hard over my clit. The rhythm she maintained had my juices flowing out and I felt the waves of heat building and moving through me. Just as my orgasm exploded, her mouth covered my breast and teeth raked on the hard nipple. She pressed hard over my entire mound and nipped and sucked the sensitive tip of my breast as my orgasm slowly subsided. I held her closely to me as her head moved up and lay on my shoulder.

“God, you are one incredible young woman,” I whispered to Phyllis.

“Just love to please my favorite Aunt,” Phyllis said back.

“And you are so good at it too.” I said as I pulled her moist lips to mine and kissed them.

After our kiss broke, I asked, “Want to help me get even with my friend Andrea?” She looked up at me and with a grin said, “Do you think she will like me?” “Honey. You are just what we have been looking for!” I said as I pulled her close again.

The rest of the day we spent naked together as we made plans of what we would do with Andrea.

The illegal bahis siteleri next day, when Andrea arrived, we were ready. Phyllis was out in the backyard and pretended as if nothing was up when I brought Andrea out to meet her. After the pleasantries, I got Andrea to go back inside the house and sit at the table so she had to see Phyllis through the glass door. As we sat and talked, Phyllis took out some oil and started. When I saw Andrea paying attention to what was going on outside more than what I was saying, I moved my leg so it was against hers.

“Have you been thinking about someone else to join us sometime?” I asked knowing that her attention was elsewhere. I moved my leg softly against hers pretending to not know what Phyllis was doing outside.

Phyllis had undone the top buttons of her blouse and was moving her hand down inside, her fingers moving back and forth across her nipples. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she was doing it. The skin she had spread the oil on shined in the sunlight.

“Uh, no. I haven’t given it much thought.” Andrea said almost in a whisper. She glanced over at me and I could tell her breathing was increased.

“I have.” I said as I looked at the reaction on her face. I moved my hand over and brushed it up her arm.

As if on key, Phyllis started putting oil on her leg. She had moved so she was facing us. Her hands moved up and soon she spread her legs and was moving closer to the top of her short shorts. It was plain to see she had no panties on as her fingers spread across the tops of her thigh. She grabbed the oil and poured it on her other leg and spread canlı bahis siteleri it upwards. Phyllis then put a hand on each of her legs and moved her fingers up to the sides of her shorts.

My hand was sliding down Andrea’s side and I moved it further down to the bare skin of her thigh. I kept watching the desire on her face that kept growing. As my hand moved higher, I felt the heat coming from her. I also felt her fingers moving up and down on herself.

Phyllis had moved her fingers under the thin patch of cloth pressing into her mound. It was obvious that she had found her spot and was well on her way to am explosive orgasm.

Since Andrea was rubbing herself, I didn’t want to be left behind so I started to rub myself. I was soaking wet even before I started. Andrea’s breathing told me her orgasm was close and I knew mine was near. The way Phyllis’ head tilted back and her hips moving up and down, she would not be long either.

Andrea’s moans started softly. Her gaze never left Phyllis as her orgasm built deep inside her. I wanted to watch both of them as we all seemed to start climaxing at the same time. Andrea slid down in her chair and her hips were moving up and down just as Phillis’ was. We could see Phillis moving her head back and forth as her fingers moved through her slit. Her hips pushed her mound up to her hands and her lips formed in an “OH” left no mistaking that she was having an orgasm too. I was moving my clit around and around as my body tensed and the heat flowed through me.

Andrea was slumping down in her chair, her moans barely audible, her breathing hard and labored. My juices were dripping out and rolling down my crack. Phyllis was licking her fingers and I could see the dark-wet spot at the bottom of her shorts.

I was the first to speak, “We should continue this in the bedroom, don’t you agree Andrea?”

“Yes, we all should.”

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