Subject: Summer with Granddad – Part 3 Summer with Grandad � Part 3 Gay, Adults, Older, Younger If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * At the beginning of week three, Benny went to visit JJ for afternoon tea. He knocked on the door and heard JJ’s voice from inside say, “Tu entres.” Benny opened the door and looked around. He saw that JJ, wearing his usual covering, was in the kitchen filling up the kettle with water. Benny looked to the right as he closed the door and immediately noticed that JJ hadn’t made his bed that day. That was very unusual for JJ. He had once told Benny that `chaos is not good for creativity.’ “You didn’t make your bed today, JJ. Are you feeling okay?” Then Benny felt JJ behind him. He wrapped his arms around the younger man and said, “Wiss hair zee color of zee sun and eyes born of zee sea, skin as pale as zee moon, he ignites zee flames of passion wissin me.” His hands began to caress Benny chest and rub his nipples as he continued to recite the poem he’d composed especially for Benny who was immediately lost in the sound of JJ’s voice and the touch of his hands as they continued down his smooth skin. They made their way to Benny’s hard abs and a finger even dipped into his belly button while the other hand untied the fabric from around his waist and let it float effortlessly to the floor. They moved down to his wiry, red pubes then they skipped over Benny’s lengthening cock and slid down to his inner thighs, cupping Benny’s balls as they slid back up and around to his butt. JJ spread his cheeks apart and Benny felt JJ’s long, hard cock in between them. He laid his head back on JJ’s shoulder and involuntarily moved his feet further apart to accommodate the older man’s massive prick. As the poet recited the final word of his tribute to young Ben, Benny said the first thing that came to his mind, “Please, JJ, please fuck me.” Finally, the words JJ had been longing for weeks to hear. “Avec plaisir, mon cher.” Benny turned in JJ’s arms then kissed him on the mouth for the first time. He loosened the shawl from around JJ’s hips and let it fall to the floor then ran his hands over JJ’s fuzzy butt cheeks. JJ ran his over Benny’s smooth, round ones. The kiss deepened as JJ pulled Benny’s cheeks apart and ran his fingertips over Benny’s rosebud causing Benny to moan into JJ’s mouth. Then JJ pulled back slightly and said, “Lie down on zee bed.” Benny let go of JJ. “On your back, please,” JJ clarified then joined him, hovering over him as he took one nipple then the other into his mouth and sucked. “Mmmm, JJ, that feels amazing.” JJ moved down to Benny’s stomach and licked his belly button then bypassed Benny’s cock, just inches from his lips, and kissed his way further down to Benny’s inner thighs. It was driving Benny nuts. He needed JJ to suck his istanbul travesti cock or lick his balls, something. JJ read his mind and took one then the other of his large nuts into his mouth, pulling and sucking. Benny was just about to cry out for JJ to please suck his cock when JJ finally licked his way up the long, pale shaft toward the head. He swallowed the head and the whole shaft in one gulp. “Holy fuck!” Benny yelled out. JJ just held his breath and continued to deepthroat Benny. The younger man thought for sure he was going to lose it if JJ didn’t let up soon. And sure enough he did. He pulled up and started concentrating on the sensitive head. Benny was thrashing about, his head whipping back and forth in a frenzy as the skilled Frenchman continued his assault on Benny’s prick. Then he just stopped. He lifted his head and said, “I am going to fuck you now, mon cher.” Benny’s head was spinning as he waited for JJ’s cock to enter him, but JJ surprised him by lifting his legs and spreading his ass cheeks apart. Benny took over holding his legs apart as JJ dove in and started licking and fucking him with his long tongue. “Oh fuck!” Benny cried out. This was all new to him. No one had ever taken the time to eat him out before and he found himself lost in all the new sensations. “Oh my God. Oh my God,” was all he could say as JJ added one slicked up finger and then another and the room suddenly smelled of jasmine. JJ knew just where to rub to send shivers through Benny’s entire body. Then he added a third and finally a fourth. Just as Benny thought he might explode, JJ pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his monster cock. He pushed in a little, then withdrew all the way, pushed in a little more then withdrew all the way again. “You’re fucking killing me, JJ,” Benny said panting. Then JJ leaned over and whispered, “Au contraire, mon cher. I am making love to you,” as he started playing with Benny sensitive nipples. And Benny knew he was right, he just hadn’t recognized it. When he thought about Harry, he had come closest to showing him this before. He felt bad about Harry then all thoughts of him were quickly pushed aside when JJ started to speed up. Benny held on as JJ got closer and closer to climaxing and just as he was about to blow, JJ told Benny to “Come wiss me!” then Benny took his cock in his hand and started jerking it as fast as he could to match JJ’s impending orgasm. Just as Benny exploded with an “Aw fuuccckkkk!” JJ pulled out and finished on Benny’s stomach crying out, “Mon Dieu!” JJ cleaned up Benny then they stripped the bed and remade it together. JJ laid down and pulled Benny to him. They laid there holding one another for quite a while. Finally, JJ kissed Benny then got up and walked into the kitchen area, turning the stove on for their long overdue tea. As JJ was getting the cups and loose tea ready, Benny kadıköy travesti sidled up behind him, wrapped his arms around him and said, “That was transcendent, JJ. I don’t know what else to say except thank you very much.” JJ smiled and turned around in Benny’s arms. “It was truly a pleasure to make love to such a… responsive young man as you. Perhaps we can do it again some time?” Benny chuckled and said, “Definitely!” As they sat quietly together, sipping their tea, each lost in their own thoughts, Benny asked, “Can you come to dinner, I mean supper, at Eddie’s house?” “Don’t you sink you should ask him first?” Benny asked to use JJ’s phone, texted his grandad and received a text back a few minutes later. “It’s all set. He asked if we could bring a bottle of wine. Do you have an extra bottle?” JJ laughed and pointed to a full wine rack behind Benny. Benny laughed because he’d never even noticed it before. Supper was simple fare but tasty as always. Afterwards, JJ got up and walked to the corner of the lounge where Eddie had set up Benny’s temporary studio space and commented, “Zese are not like what you usually do, Ed. Why zee change?” Eddie chuckled and answered, “That’s because they’re Benny’s.” JJ looked for confirmation from Benny. He nodded and joined JJ. “I’m just experimenting right now, you know, just having a little fun. Eddie gave me the paper and watercolors. I thought it might be fun to tear them up then arrange them randomly and glue them back down.” “Well, zey are quite interesting, Ben. Have you sought of adding words?” Benny looked perplexed then asked, “What do you mean, JJ?” “Well, I believe a word or two might add an air of mystery to the work… or even a double entendre.” Benny looked at the pieces he was working on and even the few he felt were finished and thought out loud to no one in particular, “I think that might work.” “I have some pigment pens that you could use, Ben,” Eddie offered. He went to get them then handed them to Benny who went to his space to sit down and think. He was vaguely aware of Eddie and JJ talking but tuned them out. The next thing he knew, JJ was kissing him on the cheek and saying, “Adieu.” Benny looked up then got up, hugged the man who had made love to him only hours ago and bid him, “Bonsoir, JJ, and thanks.” Then he went back to work. A few hours later, Eddie had to tell him what time it was and that there would be plenty of time tomorrow to work on his art. Benny laughed and agreed, kissed his grandad then retired to his room to try and sleep while words continued to swirl around in his head. * Benny had been in France about a month when Tom called and told his dad and his son that he wanted to come visit them. Eddie sent Tom his plane ticket and a week later, Eddie and Benny drove to the airport to pick him up. Benny ran and almost knocked his dad down when bakırköy travesti he saw him. Eddie walked. Tom and Benny hugged for a long time then Benny let go and asked, “How are you son?” “I’m good, Dad. Never better.” Tom looked at his son and believed him. Eddie kissed his son on the mouth and Tom gratefully returned it. Then they hugged. It was shorter in duration but not in intensity. “It’s good to see, son.” “Good to see you too, Dad.” “Do you have everything?” Eddie asked. “Yup, all here.” Benny took his dad’s suitcase and Eddie tried to take his backpack, but Tom assured him he was fine carrying it. They walked out of the terminal then went in search of the car. The trip back to the community went quickly as Benny filled his father in all the things he’d been doing and the people he’d met as if he hadn’t told him all those things in his weekly emails. Eddie just laughed because he’d experienced the same thing when Benny had first arrived. When Benny finally got quiet, Eddie informed Tom that he’d arrived on the night of their community meal. He told him if he was too tired, he could beg off, but Tom would have none of it. He said he wanted to meet all the people Benny had jabbered on about, especially Jean-Jacques and Mikhail. Benny blushed at that but his father assured him that he was happy that Benny was making new friends and having lots of sex. Benny said that he had actually only had sex with JJ so far. “Not Mikhail? You told me he was a hottie. What happened?” Eddie offered his two cents on the matter of Mikhail. “It’s my fault I’m afraid. I suggested to Ben that he take it slow with Mikhail.” “Is this true, Ben?” “Yeah, Mikhail is a great guy and I’m enjoying getting to know him first. I didn’t sleep with JJ until I’d been her almost three weeks!” “That must be some kind of record for you, son.” Benny wasn’t sure how to take that so Tom quickly added, “I meant it as a joke, Ben. You know I love you with all my heart but I do feel you might have gone too fast with… you know who.” “You’re right, Dad. I did and look where it got me. I’ve learned my lesson though and as Grandad said, `the chase can be fun’ too. And it has been.” “Good for you, son.” Before they left for the community center, Tom asked his dad if he could borrow a sarong so that he could fit in. People came up to Tom after supper and introduced themselves. Tom paid special attention to the older man Jean-Jacques or JJ as he asked Tom to call him. He was concerned that the man was too old for Benny but once he spent some time talking to him he was sure that Benny was in good hands with the charming poet who also seemed interested in Tom. JJ even suggested they take a family photo before Tom left the following week. As for Mikhail, Tom could see that he was clearly much more Benny’s type and closer in age. Even if they hadn’t slept together yet, he hoped that Benny would make good choices and not get his heart broken. Of course, Tom was warned that Mikhail was a terrible flirt but he didn’t give Tom that impression at all. He was clearly more interested in the son than the father. (to be continued in Part 4)

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