Subject: Summer with Granddad – Part 8 Summer with Grandad � Part 8 Gay, Incest, Father, Son, Uncle, Nephew, Grandfather, Grandson, Stepfather, Stepson, Stepbrothers If you enjoy reading stories on Nifty, then don’t forget to donate! It’s easy, just follow the link fty/donate.html * * * * Everyone but Tom was happy that Ren and Benny were back together, so Benny had to think of a way to somehow get Tom to accept Ren. He had an idea on how to do that but it required the help of Jim, Pete, Paul and Joe to do it. Benny proposed to both poker groups that they combine the two games into one on Sunday afternoon. Ren would make the midday meal as usual then they would play a game that included all seven of them. Again, Tom was the lone holdout but Paul was instrumental in getting him to agree just to see how it would go. It meant that Ren would have to cook the meal at his apartment then transport it to Paul and Tom’s house because they had the bigger table. It was only logical. They were all set to get together the following Friday night as usual when Tom was having second thoughts and tried to back out at the last minute. Benny would have none of it though. He wanted his dad and his boyfriend to get to know each other better, so he and Paul kept up the pressure on Tom until he finally relented and joined them for a meal and a friendly game of poker. Ren, Peter and Jim brought the food and stuck it in the oven to warm up while they listened to Benny play the guitar. Tom watched Ren as he watched Benny play and he could clearly see how much Ren loved his son. The eyes told the entire story. About thirty minutes later, Ren went into the kitchen and with the help of Paul and Tom, they set everything out then called everyone to fill their plates buffet style. There was plenty of lively dinner conversation and laughter. It was turning out to be a lot of fun for everyone, including Tom. Ren wasn’t such a bad guy after all, he thought. Benny even took a minute to thank his dad for being so gracious in accepting Ren, the man Benny loved more than anyone. Once dinner was over, Paul, Tom, Benny and Ren cleaned up while Joe, Jim and Pete set up the table for the poker game. About a half hour in, Benny had lost his shirt, Ren, Pete and Jim still had their underwear and pants, Paul and Tom were down to their underwear and socks and Joe was left with just his underwear. After another thirty minutes, Benny was down to his underwear and socks, Joe lost his underwear, Ren and Tom still had their underwear, Pete and Jim were completely nude and Paul still had his socks. In the last thirty minutes, Benny lost his socks, Joe, Ren and Tom joined Pete and Jim in their birthday suits and somehow Paul still managed to keep his socks. They tallied up the chips, the only way they really determined the order of ultimate winner to ultimate loser and the order went as follows: Benny, Paul, Tom, Ren, Joe, Jim and Pete. Benny was thrilled that he’d won. He attributed his skills to playing poker two times a week while all the others only played once. Of course Pete was devastated that he was the ultimate loser. But Jim was right there to console him. As Benny and Paul headed to Paul and Tom’s bedroom, Ren stopped Tom and said, “Benny taught me the difference between making love and having sex and we’re always face to face when we make love. If you don’t mind, I’d prefer it if you fuck me from behind since we’re just having sex. I mean if that’s alright with you?” Tom was bursting with joy at the words, “make love,” so he replied, “Of course, Ren. You’ve made me a very happy dad,” then hugged his son’s lover. “Thanks, Tom, Benny makes me very happy.” Once they were all naked and on the bed, Paul laid down on the bed and put his legs in the air, holding them behind his knees. As Benny rolled on a condom and spread lube on Paul’s asshole, he realized he liked seeing istanbul travesti his uncle in this position, so different from the very first time he and Paul had been together. Ren got on his hands and knees and waited while Tom rolled on a condom and lubed up his son’s lover’s asshole. Benny and Tom looked at each other then sank their matching cocks inside their lovers for the evening. Meanwhile in Benny’s room, Joe felt he needed to say something to the two relative strangers he was bout to have sex with, “I know you two don’t know me very well, so if you guys don’t want to do this we don’t have to. I mean you two are already lovers so throwing me into the mix has got to be…” Pete stopped him and said, “Let me just stop you there, Jim and I are not uncomfortable with you if that’s what you were going to say. We may not know you very well yet, Joe, but we certainly will after tonight.” Then Jim closed the gap between them, put his arms around Joe’s his waist and said, “There’s something I’d like you to know. My parents adopted me when they were older so I never had a grandpa. As Benny’s best friend, I was kind of hoping you might treat me like a grandson too.” Joe hugged Jim tight and replied, “Nothing would make me happier.” Then he motioned for Pete to join them. The three shared a kiss then Pete added, “I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by my dad. He has a big dick like yours, by the way. Do think I could be your son for the evening?” “Ooh,” Jim interjected, “would you fuck us both, Joe? I mean the others don’t have to know, right?” Joe smiled and answered, “Wow, you guys sure know how to make an old man feel wanted. Hell yeah, I’ll fuck you both! Who’s first?” Pete volunteered to go first so that Joe could finish inside Jim. They all liked that idea, so Pete got on the bed on all fours with Jim in front and Joe behind. Benny had left some condoms and lube out on the nightstand so it took no time at all to get ready. Joe suited up, lubed Jim’s asshole then inserted his hefty cock into Pete’s willing asshole. Once he was in to the hilt, Jim put his cock in Pete’s open mouth and started face fucking his lover while Joe fucked Pete’s hole. Meanwhile in the master bedroom, Benny was seesawing in and out of Paul’s tight hole while Tom was busy doing the same to Ren’s. “Aw fuck, Benny,” Paul said moaning, “you’re fucking amazing!” Ren said, “Damn, Tom, you’re a fucking stud. Plow my ass, dude!” Father and son were so turned on by what they were feeling and what the guys were saying that they leaned into each other and shared a kiss. Paul remarked, “That is so fucking hot, you guys. Ren, they’re kissing each other.” While Paul jerked himself off, he reached over with his free hand and began jerking Ren off. Back in Benny’s room, Pete and Jim had switched places, Joe was now plowing Jim’s young ass while he sucked Pete’s hot cock. Pete leaned forward, grabbed Joe by the neck and kissed him. They tongue-wrestled while fucking and getting sucked by Jim. Joe was in hog heaven. It had been way to long since he’d had his cock in a tight hole much less two in one evening. Joe tried to warn Jim and Pete that he was about to come but Pete wouldn’t let go of him so he shot his load inside Jim as he moaned into Pete’s mouth and he came next down Jim’s throat. In the master bedroom, Paul was the first to come, shooting his load all over his chest and chin with a, “Fuck yeah!” Benny came next. He pulled away from his dad’s kiss and yelled out, “Aw fuuccckkkk!” as he unloaded his juices inside Paul’s ass. Tom screamed out, “Holy shit!” as he unloaded inside Ren. With the help of Paul’s hand, Ren was last. He let loose all over the bedsheets and Pauls’ fist, “Fuuccckkkk!”. Once they had all come down from the orgasmic highs that had been building up in each of them for the past few months, Benny kadıköy travesti and Tom pulled out and cleaned up their guys with the sheets that needed to go into the wash anyway. In Benny’s bedroom, Pete pulled out of Jim’s mouth and Joe pulled out of his ass. That’s when they both noticed Jim hadn’t come. Jim said it was not big deal but Pete and Joe wouldn’t hear of it. They took turns sucking him until he finally came down Joe’s throat. He swallowed every drop despite being a newbie to blowjobs. The three shared cum-filled kisses then set about cleaning up an exhausted Jim. With perfect timing, they all met in the hall at the same time then moved into the living room. Ren, Pete, Jim and Joe all got dressed and were about to say their goodbyes but Joe announced that he needed to say something first, “Okay I’ll keep this short… I just wanted to thank you all for tonight. You all made me feel so young and so sexy and… well, I just want you all to know that I’ll never forget it. Thanks.” There were lots of hugs and kisses and because there were seven of them now it took a while for everyone to hug and kiss everyone else. They all promised to meet again at the same time and place next week. After the four left, there were two beds that needed to be changed and once that was accomplished, Benny kissed his dad and his uncle and retired for the evening. Paul and Tom retired too agreeing that the night had been a total success. * A few weeks after graduation, everyone found themselves in exciting New York city for the gallery opening. Claudette, the gallery owner, called it 3G � Three Generations of Artists. Eddie had made the trip from France as he was the one who had introduced Claudette to the artists’ work. He was even offered a finder’s fee, 10% commission on each piece of Benny’s that sold, which he initially turned down then later accepted and turned over to the community since it was the impetus for Benny’s creations. Benny was not used to all the attention people were paying to him because of his art, so he was hanging back in a corner sipping his wine for a little plastic cup. He never thought it would be this big thing, but there he was, his work hanging on a gallery’s walls with his father’s and grandmother’s sculptures on pedestals all around the middle of the large white walled room. Claudette came over to him and said, “You’re a hit, sweetie,” as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “We have to start planning your next show. It should be a solo though. What do you think?” Luckily, Eddie was there to help because Benny was struck silent by the news. “Ben is thrilled, Claudette. It’s a little overwhelming and he’s just trying to take it all in. We’ll definitely discuss it and get back to you. No worries.” Claudette beamed then walked away to talk to a potential buyer. “I don’t get it, Eddie. Why are people buying my work?” His grandad chuckled and replied, “Well, after the first two red dots were placed next to your sold pieces, it really just snowballed from there. You’ve now sold more than your dad and your grandmother combined. Like Claudette said, you’re a hit! Look there are JJ and Mikhail. By the way, JJ was the one who bought the first two pieces of yours.” “But he doesn’t have any money.” Eddie chuckled. “Ben, JJ is loaded. He’s the one who sold me the property that I turned into the community. He sold it to me for one Euro. He evens subsidizes us when we’re running low on funds. He likes living in his little house and having nothing to worry about financially.” Benny was stunned at the revelation. Eddie waved the two over. Benny was so happy to see them. He kissed and hugged them both then thanked them for coming all the way to New York. “We would not have missed it for zee world, mon cher,” JJ assured him. Mikhail had to add, “I love your art, Ben. Very…” he was searching for the right bakırköy travesti word in English but settled on, “new.” Benny knew what he meant and thanked him for coming too. Then Benny looked at the way JJ clung to Mikhail and as if reading Benny’s mind, JJ said, “Mickey agreed to come wiss me to keep me company. He did not want zis old man to get lost in zee big city.” Mikhail told JJ that he was not old then kissed him on the cheek. Benny noticed the kiss lasted a little longer than it probably should have and he was just about to ask when JJ offered a further explanation, “Mickey and I have become quite close since you left us last summer.” Then JJ took Mickey’s hand and kissed it. “I have you to sank for my lover, mon cher. If you had not broken his heart, he would not have come to me to mend it and I would not have realized zee wonderful change zat had taken place in him. I am most grateful to you for not falling in love wiss my Mickey and leaving him all to me.” Then he leaned in and whispered in Benny’s ear, “And he is a fantastic lover now. Sank you zat too!” Benny laughed and said, “You’re very welcome, JJ. I’m glad you two are happy and thank you for buying some of my work.” “De rien, mon cher. How could I not buy zee ones called `Poet’ and of course `Mikhail.'” They all left Benny alone once more so that he could take it all in by himself with only the occasional interruption from an admirer of his work. Paul saw him alone and thought it was the perfect opportunity to share his insights on the events of the last fifteen or so months. “How’s it going, Benny?” “I’m a little dumbfounded by it all, but I’ll get over it I’m sure.” “You did this, you know? You brought all these people together. It was all you, Benny.” “What are you talking about? It’s a group show.” Paul chuckled and said, “Let me walk you through it. When Eddie originally pitched the idea of a mother/son show of sculptures, Claudette was not sold on it. Then he showed her your work and the whole thing came together as a multigenerational family group show and well, you can see the results for yourself. All of these people are here because of you. If I hadn’t broken my arm, then you and Tom wouldn’t have come to live with me. If you hadn’t been living with me when Jerry came to visit you before he went to Afghanistan, then I wouldn’t have dropped him off at the airport where he asked me to take care of you if anything happened to him. Eddie wasn’t going to come back for the funeral because he didn’t want to upset your father and your grandmother. I called him and convinced him to come for your sake. If he hadn’t come, then he wouldn’t have seen Tom and Dor’s sculptures and he might not have invited you to come to France for the summer where he made a studio for you and where you met JJ and Mikhail who influenced your art and taught you how to love. Pete, Jim and Ren are all here because you learned how to love someone other than yourself. Sorry to put it so bluntly but you were a bit of a mess before all of this. I love you to death, you know that, but it had to be said.” Benny grabbed his uncle and hugged him so tight Paul thought he might pop like a balloon. “I love you Uncle Paul. You’re right, I was a selfish prick. I hope I’m not anymore.” “No, Benny, you’re not. You’re a loving, giving, wonderful young man and I am proud to call you my nephew.” Paul kissed him on the cheek then let him go. “Now come out of this corner and mingle with all the people who love you the most.” Paul held out his hand and guided him toward his small circle of friends. Pete, Jim and Ren were talking to JJ and Mikhail sharing their favorite Benny stories who then wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole, but Ren stood behind him, his arms wrapped lovingly around his waist and said, “I’m so proud of you, baby. I can’t wait to get you back to the hotel so that you can fuck my brains out.” “I’d rather you make love to me, if you don’t mind, Ren.” “I don’t mind, Baby. I don’t mind at all.” The end (If you liked this story, I have others on Nifty, just enter my name in the search bar. Thanks for reading.)

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