Summer with My Family Ch. 01

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All characters depicted are at least 18-years-old.


I spent most of my high school summers at my aunt’s. Aunt April lived up north with her daughter, my cousin Melanie. We were more or less the same age; I think our moms were pregnant with us at the same time. But while my mom still worked as the day manager at a Hooter’s, Mel’s was a prosecuting attorney. So, a week after school was done I packed clothes and toothbrush and waited excitedly for my aunt to arrive to drive us upstate.

“Hey!” Mel rushed out of to greet us when we rolled into the garage. I beamed when she threw her arms around me in a hug, “Missed you!”

I hugged her, maybe a little awkwardly. Mel’s hug pressed her breasts into me and her hair smelled like floral shampoo. She was wearing a long tee shirt and flip flops, her long creamy legs stretching out from the shirt, knee rubbing against my crotch. Maybe a lot awkwardly. I reminded myself, forcefully, that she was my cousin.

“I’ll take your bags in, did you want to go for a swim?” my aunt said, and Mel immediately chimed in to second.

That was when it hit me. “I – I forgot my trunks.”

“I’ll find you something!” Mel offered, grabbing my hand and pulling me away by the wrist.

Melanie’s closet was bigger than my room. She led me in and flicked on a light. “It’s way too hot, I’m sure I’ve got something you can wear.”

I wasn’t sure what to think, but it didn’t take her long to open a dresser and begin tossing out swimwear – girl’s swimwear.

“Hey, Mel, it’s okay, really. I can get one tomorrow at the store,”

She was holding a little girl’s one piece, green with cat faces, I really didn’t want to try to fit into that but my cousin was nothing if not insistent. She looked back at me over her shoulder, flipping shoulder-length wavy black hair over. She batted her eyes, set something on top of the dresser and stood up to face me. She crossed her arms and pulled off her shirt over her head in a single smooth motion. “Come swim with me, it’s been forever.”

Melanie wore a illegal bahis blue bikini, tropical flowers stitched to the straps and the ties around her waist. Her breasts bounced when she discarded her shirt, the suit at least a size or two too small. She tossed a suit she picked out for me into my arms. As she walked past, she brushed a hand against my thigh and I swear she winked.

I looked down, she had given me a tan, ruffled skirt bikini bottom. The top too, but I left that behind when I changed. It’s a kilt. It’s just like a kilt, I told myself when I looked at Melanie’s full-length mirror. It’s a short, frilly, barely constraining kilt that I can definitely wear and not look like a girl.

Aunt April’s pool was a wide, in-ground, saltwater pool with a diving board and an attached hot tub. Melanie stood on the diving board and bounced twice and I came out. She leapt off, hands over her head and slipped into the water without a splash. She shot under the water and came up at by the ladder at my feet.

“You look good!” she said. She ran her hands through her hair as she clung to the ladder beneath the water.

I smiled nervously and sat, dangling my legs in the water. June had already gotten uncomfortably hot, and it did feel good after the long drive out. I took a breath and let myself sink into the pool. The skirt felt surprisingly good and when I came up for air, I had almost forgotten that I was wearing it.

Melanie swam around me “I’m glad you’re staying the summer.”


“I, um, I hoped I wasn’t being too forward. I’ve just been thinking about this for a while. I had kind of a crappy last semester.”

“Oh, Mel, you could have called,” I said, meeting her at the deep end of the pool.

She touched off the bottom of the pool and circled around to pin me against the edge of the pool. “Yeah, but I wanted to see you, cousin!” Her arms closed around my neck and she met my eyes. Water sloshed and her legs grazed mine as she floated.

I didn’t know what to think. Melanie and I had always been close and I illegal bahis siteleri guess there are weirder things than being attracted to her. She was right there, throwing herself at me, and – suddenly I was at the bottom of the pool.

Mel held me down, floating over me in the salt water. I thrashed free and kicked away. Mel flipped over and came after me. I reached the steps and stood, cresting out of the water and gasping for air. I panted between starting fits of laughter.

Melanie covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes squinted as giggling took her.


She shook her head, “Comfortable?”

I blushed, and reached for the skirt of the girl’s bikini bottom. My palm found my exposed dick, the fabric of the bikini pulled aside. I stammered as I tucked myself back into the swimsuit “Sorry! Sorry!”

Mel pulled herself out of the pool still tittering with laughter. “Myyy baaad!”

“Melanie!” Aunt April called down from the house, “Are you two going to be dinner? We’ve got reservations at Fondeaux, remember?”

Mel looked to me, “I don’t want to miss that!” I said.

“Neither do I, never had fondue before,” she said, and turned to her mom, “We’re just going to get a quick shower!”

“Okay, come up when you’re done,” Aunt April replied.

“Can I use your mom’s bathroom?” I asked.

Melanie’s grin confirmed my suspicion. We toweled off and headed into her bathroom. Mel pulled open the glass door and turned on the water. It hissed and steam began to rise. “Why?”

Mel turned and reached for the ties on her top. She tugged the strings and let it fall to the floor. Water sluiced over her hair as she stepped into the shower. She turned towards me and planted her hands on her hips. Her fingers hooked under her suit bottom and shimmied out of it; breasts jiggling as she did. She kicked the blue slip of fabric at me, “Lose ’em.”

I took a sharp breath and stripped out of Melanie’s bikini skirt. The fabric caught on my turgid cock, I twisted and dropped the swimsuit to my ankles. I followed canlı bahis siteleri Mel into the shower. It was hot and humid and Mel’s hands found their way around my waist. She kissed my cheek, “See, this is nice, isn’t it? Soap me up?”

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and squirted it into my palm. I ran my fingers through Melanie’s hair. It was soft and the shampoo’s scent wafted through the shower, all tropical flowers and fruits. She reached behind me, squeezing my ass. She mewled as I worked the shampoo into her scalp.

She tipped her head into the spray of the shower head. Mel turned and threw her hair over her shoulder. Her nipples were hard and her eyes narrow under a veil of dark hair clinging to her face and shoulders. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my stiff shaft. “Can’t keep mom waiting.”

Her fingers curled around me. I took a deep breath of hot air as she began to stroke. I felt myself harden in her hand. It felt good; she turned her hand around and around, wet and warm and tight. And it felt suddenly very right. I’d missed my time with Melanie. She’d missed me and for the first time in our lives we could be ourselves with each other.

She stepped closer, stroking me faster. I let my hand slide between her legs. My fingers found her slit smooth and bare of any hair. She leaned in beside my ear and gasped. “Later.”

Her hand worked me harder. I groaned and panted. “I’ve thought about this for a long time,” she whispered to me just over the sound of the shower. She purred in my ear, and with her free hand brought mine to cup her breast, more than a handful. Her skin was soft and her breast perky and full. I rolled my finger around her nipple while her palm worked around my head.

I leaned into her, baring my teeth. Melanie gave me a truly sultry growl of encouragement as she pushed me over the edge. I whined, and came into her palm and down the drain.

Melanie rinsed off her hand and turned off the shower. We dressed and met Aunt April. She smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at us, “Have a good time?”

Melanie beat me to it, “Mmm hmm. It’s gonna be a great summer, isn’t it!” She went on ahead into the garage. April lead me out, but put a hand on my shoulder before we left the house proper.

“You’re pretty cute dressed like a girl.”

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