Summer work with Benifits

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Summer work with BenifitsSummer WorkIt was the summer of my junior year (1968) and as usual I was working at my yard business. Since I was 14 I had been doing yard work around the neighborhood but after turning 16 I was able to buy an old pickup and spread out. Now I was doing work in some of the “better” neighborhoods.Most of the time I only got to see the women (wives) of the house and was paid now at the end of the month. I had worked for Hansen’s last year and so just out of habit I showed up to do the spring clean up. Mrs. Hansen came out as soon as I started to unload.“John, come here we need to talk before you start work.”“Okay be right there.” MM wonder what is wrong she sounded a little upset. Now I was a junior and I was not a virgin but most of the houses I did yard work for had “OLDER” women from my teenage point of view, but then I was a somewhat horny male teenager. The older Mrs. Hansen was 37 and had two teenage daughters that spent the summer at various camps and other recreation sites.I followed her into the kitchen and in doing so I watched her walk and I noticed, for the first time, Mrs. Hansen has a nice ass. “John, I don’t know if you know but I got a divorce this winter and so I am the one responsible for the house and yard. My EX is paying me what the court say is support, BUT, it is nothing like I use to have. I need to know what it will cost for you to take care of the yard.”I looked at her and was worried that I was going to lose the job. I explained what needed to be done and how long it took each week and I told her it would be the same as last year. I also explained that there was no way to cut back on the work as then it would look bad. She twisted in the chair and I caught myself looking at the cleavage showing because of the unbuttoned blouse. I actually had a sexy thought seeing the edge of a blue bra. She considered for a few moments and said that the price seemed fair and was happy I was going to keep the yard up. I want back to the truck and began working. Everything went as usual for the next 6 weeks into the summer. The weather turned hot and I was working in shorts and T shirt usually. Then one very hot day I was wringing wet and Mrs. Hansen came out with some ice water.“It was so hot today and I saw you out here soaking wet. Here you need to drink a lot of water.” I took the glass and drank and looked at her. She was wearing a little tennis outfit and I actually got turned on. Then as I finished the water I notice I had gotten a slight erection. I turned to hopefully hide it from her. “Thank you that really helped. Well back to work.” I turned and head back but then looked back and saw her bend over to pick up something on the ground and I got a great view of her white panties under that short skirt. şişli escort That did it my cock was hard as a rock, great and I have to walk around behind the mower.She stood up and looked around and saw me looking. Damn it man that was to close have to be careful don’t want to lose the job. About an hour later she came out of the house in a small two piece bathing suit, not a bikini but a rather small two piece, and laid on a chase lounge to sun. I had taken off my shirt as it was wet and I wanted to get some tan. I kept looking at her now with in an entirely different way and had some very sexy thoughts. I had finished mowing and was packing up when she called me over. “John, would you come here a moment.”I saw her laying on her stomach on the lounge and looked her up and down with new appreciation. She had a nice body, for a woman her age, and mmm it actually turned me on. I walked over to her, “what do you want?”. I looked at her nice shaped legs and the firm butt and her back and the expanse bare tanned flesh. My cock pulsed and started to harden.With a very sweet but seductive smile she said, “ oh would you put some lotion on my back I don’t want to burn.”I might be young but I was not stupid and I had read and watched movies and my hormones were in overdrive. “Oh yes don’t want that beautiful back to get burned. Here give me the lotion.” She closed her eyes handed me the lotion and folded her hand under her face. I put lotion in my hand then applied it to her shoulder. Now the suite had a string tie at the neck and across back. I rubbed and actually did a massage on her shoulders. Then moved down her back and in doing so rubbed over the bow tying the top. “Why don’t you just untie the bow John it would feel better and easier for you to put lotion on all over. I don’t like the tan lines anyway. “I pulled the bow and now her back was bare neck to mmmm butt well almost. I massaged more lotion on the entire back and she let out a couple of soft moans. “Oh John you have really nice hands and you give such a nice massage.”“Well I …… I hope you like it”. I almost said I like touching her naked flesh but caught myself.. I took her arms and did them and the hands. Then I went to the feet rubbing and massaging them. Now I had read a couple of books that talked about the Chinese acupuncture and such and found there are certain spot on the body that cause arousal, sexual, and there are some on the feet. I used this information now. As I rubbed and massaged the feet she moaned even more. Then I moved to calf and then back of thigh. “Oh John that feels just wonderful I love your hands.” She wiggled and spread her legs enough so I could get my hands on inside of thigh.The view of her crotch was such a turn on, even though covered by the suit. şişli escort bayan There was just a little butt cheek squeezed out under the bottom edge of the suit and I actually wanted to bend down and kiss them.My fingers needed and massaged her thighs a lot more than any other part of her body. My fingers moved up and touched the bottom edge of the suit and traced along the edge to hip and then down to knee. Up inside of thigh to almost the edge of suit covering her pussy. I squeezed and she moaned. I rubbed the back again and hands hit top edge of suit at waist. “You said you don’t like the tan lines but you will have on at your waist unless you move the top down a little.” I had risked it all in the hopes of there being more.“Oh you think so and I bet you would like to pull them down?” She started to roll over.“I am sorry I did not mean to.” I stopped as she had rolled over and the top had hung loose exposing her very nice firm tits with mmmm very hard nipples.“Just want did you mean?” As she pulled the top away and tossed it to the ground. “You like what you see John?” “I , I , well yes you are really beautiful. Oh hell you know that and you know you have me turned on.” I reached out and took both breasts and caressed and squeezed them gently then took the nipples and rolled and pull them. She closed her eyes and moaned. I bent down and kissed her shoulder and then each tit then the nipples. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her lips and kissed me hard. I felt her tongue and responded as any horny teenager would. I then felt her hands at my pants unbuckling them.She pulled down the pants and then the short just enough to allow my hard cock to spring up. She then grabbed it and pulled and then cupped my balls. I broke the kiss and sucked her nipples then reached down, hooking my thumbs in the waist band I pulled the bikini bottom down. Oh god she shaves her pussy. The only pussy I had seen or dealt with had been full bush and a bare smooth pussy was a real turn on. I immediately dove down and started to kiss and lick her pussy. This allowed her to pull my cock to her mouth and soon my cock was deep into it. As I was young and horney I was about to shoot my load in her mouth but I pulled back. “I don’t want to cum so fast I want you to cum I want you to. ““Oh shut up and just fuck me now.” With that she pulled me back to her tit and I sucked as she pulled my hips over her and helped my cock find her wet pussy. The feel of the mushroom head slip between the wet lips almost made me cum but did not. She had great kegel muscle control and the feel as she squeezed my cock was unreal. Soon I was balls deep and then started to thrust in and out faster and faster. She bent and kissed my shoulder and then latched on with mecidiyeköy escort her teeth. Soon her nails were racking my back and her legs wrapped around the back of mine. I felt her hips buck up as I thrusted down and then I exploded pumping a massive load of cum into the tight pussy. She let go of my shoulder and let out a loud> “OH GOD OH GOD YES YES AHHHHHHHHHHH”. Then I felt her body shake and then collapse under me. I kept moving in and out and the cum oozed out and then my cock softened and slipped out. I started to get off but she held me.“Not so fast, I want to feel your body against my bare flesh. MMMM I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did?”“OH you have no idea how much I enjoyed that but I think I have to get going as I have two more yards to mow today.”“MMM do you think you will get the same there as here?”“Oh I am sure this is the only place I get this kind of treatment. I don’t think I could handle any more.”“Oh I bet you could a young man like you I bet you could handle a lot. I think you need to take a show now so come in the house and lets clean you off. “ She pushed me back and then got up picking up the suite she took my hand and lead me into the house. The show was a good sized one and we both fit inside. She started by washing me all over. She did my back and chest with very sensual moves and then squatted and started on my legs. Her hand moved up my thighs and then she cupped my balls and cock. When she did I got hard.I stopped her and took the soap and started to do her. Her back and butt cheeks and butt crack letting my finger probe it and sliding the soap over her anus. I reached around and cupped her tits and squeeze and massaged them, pulling her tight to me so my front was in full contact with her back and my now hard cock was between her legs. She reached down and between her legs to grab my cock and rub it against her pussy. Bending forward and spreading her legs she pushed the head between her lips and I felt my cock slip into her again.I grabbed her hips and thrust hard ramming my cock into her hard and deep. I pumped faster as she played with her clit. The shower covered us and I when crazy fucking her like there was not tomorrow.She then braced her hands against the shower wall and let out a scream. I reach around to the front of pussy and my hand pulled her tight to me. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock like never before and I pumped another load of cum into your pussy. We finished the shower and I put on my clothes. She pulled a little sundress over her head and then kissed me gently and I responded.“MMM thank you John that was a very wonderful afternoon.”“MMM well you are very welcome but I should be thanking you MRS.” She put hand on lips,” Mary, call me Mary from now on, okay”.“Okay Mary. I will be back next week same time.” This is going to be a very interesting summer.NOW IF there are enough comment and POSITIVE ones I will write more. Hey there are a lot of women in the town and Mary has some daughter. Ah yes the possibilities are endless.

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