Summoning My Succubus Mother Chapter 5: Mommy-Succubus’s Teacher Conference

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Summoning My Succubus Mother

Chapter Five: Mommy-Succubus’s Teacher Conference

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2021

Note: This is based off a one-off story was commissioned by a fan!

“Huh, my mom wants me to wait in a safe place,” I said. She was really freaked out about Mrs. Spartan being a witch.

Just what would witches do to me?

A day ago, I was a normal college student with a single mother that all my friends thought was the hottest MILF. Now, I was the son of a succubus which made me into something called a cambion. Witches wanted to use me, every girl wanted to fuck me, and if I bred them, they became my girlfriend like Abby and Brenda had. Now I had Linda glomming onto me, wanting to fuck me.

“I know a perfect place,” Linda said and dragged me down the hallway, passing girls that all stared at me with such hunger in their eyes.

“Hey, Henry,” Veronica said, her black hair falling in waves around her face. “You looking to hang out after classes? My mom’s home. We could have a threesome.”

“Shit,” I groaned, my dick throbbing while my ass burned from being spanked hard by Mrs. Spartan last period. She wasn’t happy that Izolde and Brenda were blowing me in class.

Busty Molly thrust out her tits. “Mmm, I got a sister. Think she’s a virgin. Come and hang out with me. I’ll eat her out for you. Get her nice and ready for that big dick.”

“Damn,” I groaned, Linda still dragging me down the side of the hallway.

“Ditch that skinny White bitch,” a Black girl I didn’t even know said. She had her hair in braids, her body curvy. “Mmm, I’ll lick your asshole for you. She willing to do that?”

“Yes!” Linda said, her eyes on fire.

“Oh, my, Henry,” Mrs. Smith called. I had her last year for English. “Why don’t you come to my classroom. I could use my pussy eaten out. I know you want me.”

“He’s good,” Linda said.

“Yeah, he doesn’t need your pussy,” Abby said as she appeared out of the crowd and glommed onto my free arm. My first girlfriend’s bright, green eyes sparkled as she rubbed against me. Her red hair spilled about her face. “Mmm, hey, baby.”

“Hey,” I said and then kissed her. She was mine, already pregnant with my child. It happened only an hour ago, but that was enough to bond her to me.

“Oh, I have to share you?” Linda asked, still tugging me along.

“She’s my girlfriend,” I said when Abby broke the kiss. “I mean, I kinda have to let her, right?”

“Yes, you do,” Abby cooed. “So, where are we going?”

“Bathroom,” said Linda. “We have to take him someplace safe. His mom said so or something.”

“Oh, your mom rocks,” Abby moaned. “Mmm, it was so hot nursing from her. I can’t wait to come home with you and spend all night with you and her, the group of us just fucking.”

“And Brenda, I guess,” I said. “She’s my girlfriend, too.”

“Oh, hot,” gasped Abby. “You hear that, Linda? Henry’s got two girls. How hot is that.”

“So hot,” Linda said and then pulled me into the girl’s bathroom.

“Wait, I can’t go in there!” I gasped as Linda pulled me through. I didn’t even really try to stop her. I don’t know why, but I was just so bad at saying no to these girls. It was like I just wanted to do what they wanted. Make them happy.

That was getting me into all sorts of trouble.

The moment we were in there, Linda kissed me. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned, unable to believe this was happening. But it was. She had her tongue dancing around in my mouth. I groaned, loving the feel of her lips on mine.

“Ooh, this is hot,” Abby said. “Let’s fuck him hard.”

Linda broke the kiss and stepped back. “Oh, yes,” she moaned and peeled off her top. She had a red bra beneath cradling her round breasts. “I want you to pound me so hard, Henry. Fuck me.”

“Here?” I gasped. We were in the open. A girl walked in and gasped at the sight of us. “Not in a stall?”

“Isn’t it hotter where everyone can see us?” Linda asked and reached behind her. She unfastened her bra with deft skill and peeled it off. “God, I am so turned on. Licking your cum out of Brenda’s pussy was just the best.”

“Ooh, I bet it was,” Abby said, hugging me from behind. She slid her hands down my chest to my jeans. At the same time, she humped into my ass already aching from being spanked, reminding me of it. “You have to fuck Linda hard.”

“Okay,” I panted as Abby’s hands reached my crotch and squeezed my cock through my jeans and boxers. I ached so much. “I’ll fuck her hard.”

Linda had such fat nipples. They were thick and yet not long. They thrust up from her breasts. I licked my lips, wanting to suckle on one. Then Linda unsnapped her jeans, her zipper rasping down. Her sandy-blonde hair swayed about her face as she worked off her jeans. Her red panties appeared. Her thumbs hooked those and dragged them off all at the same time.

She had a blonde bush dripping with juices. The sweet scent of her cunt filled my nose. I groaned at the scent. The girls who came into the use of the bathroom were all gasping, seeing this wicked sight unfolding before them.

“Henry’s such a stud!”

“I hear he’s into moms. If you got a hot mom and are willing to do the nasty with her, he’ll do the nasty with both of you.”

“I got a hot mom! I can go down on her if it means getting to fuck that hot guy.”

“I have a hot mom, too,” Abby whispered as she unsnapped my jeans and pulled open my fly. “You want to watch me go down on her?”

“Yes,” I groaned. After enjoying my mommy-succubus, I really wanted to see that. I wanted to witness other girls getting it on with their moms.

“We’ll see what I can do,” Abby said and fished my cock out of my pocket. She stroked me as Linda worked her jeans and panties off, pulling her flats off in the process. She wore just a pair of frilly ankle socks. She hopped onto the sink and spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips peeked through her trimmed curls.

“Mmm, come fuck me,” she said, sliding her fingers through her bush to rub at her pussy lips. She thrust them into her cunt. “Just come thrust your dick right in here.”

“Ooh, do it,” Abby moaned. “I want to eat a creampie.”

“But where’s your diaphragm?” I asked. “Is it in your purse? Pop it in.”

“Oh, it’s at home,” said Linda. “I don’t bring it here with me.”

Abby pushed me forward while Linda snagged my cock and tugged me even closer. I stumbled between her legs, my cock rushing right towards her pussy. If I bred her, she would be another girl that was addicted to me for the rest of her life.

“Wait, wait, I thought you had birth control!” I gasped as she pressed my cock into her pussy.

“I do,” she cooed. “At home. Mmm, now just slide into me and fuck me hard. Cum in me. Abby wants to lick me clean.”

She pushed me into her cunt. Her hot pussy lips spread over my dick. I sank into her an inch. It was so wonderful to do. Then I remembered that my dick was still dirty from Brenda’s asshole. I had to stop this. I had to avoid cumming in her cunt.

“No, no, my dick was in Brenda’s butt,” I gasped. “It’s dirty. I can’t just fuck you.”

“Sure you can,” Linda moaned and wrapped her legs around my thighs. She pulled me into her cunt. “Let my pussy buff your dick clean of her asshole.”

“That’s hot,” Abby moaned. “Ass to pussy. Mmm, do it.” She pushed on my ass and shoved me the rest of the way into Linda’s tight and juicy cunt. “Buff that dick clean!”

“Yes, yes, yes,” groaned Linda. “Let my pussy clean your dick and then cum in me.”

“What if I get you pregnant?” I panted, her pussy feeling so amazing about me.

Abby hopped up on the counter beside Linda. The redhead slides her arm around Linda, saying, “God, wouldn’t it be hot if he bred you?”

“So hot,” moaned Linda and kissed Abby.

Their lips melted together. The blonde and the redhead kissing, my dirty dick buried in that hot, tight cunt. A fertile pussy. Unprotected. I could breed her. Just flood her and knock her up. She would be my girl then and…

My hips drew back all on their own. Pleasure shot down my cock to my balls. They brimmed with more of my seed. I was potent. I would flood her with so much that I was sure to knock her up. I had to stop this.

I thrust back into her, groaning, “Fuck!”

Linda moaned into Abby’s kiss, their tongues dancing together. I shuddered and pumped away at Linda’s cunt. I fucked the blonde with hard strokes, burying into her cunt over and over again with my dirty dick. Her juicy walls polished my cock.

I was helpless. A slave to these hot girls. If they snapped their fingers, I would obey. I just wanted to please them all. I knew this was wrong, that it was the succubus in me that had awakened after losing my virginity to Mom. It was magic. These girls had no control over themselves.

And yet I had no control, either.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned, pumping away at Linda’s cunt with my filthy cock. Her pussy squeezed about me, polishing my pole. The pleasure swept through me. “Damn.”

“Oh, fuck me like that next, Henry!”

“Is that his name? I’m so wet right now. I’m soaking through my jeans.”


“Mmm, why do I have to be on the pill? I want to be bred?”

“Breed me!”

“I’m a virgin! I’m not on the pill! Breed me!”

“You don’t want a cherry. You want a girl that can fuck, Henry! You want me!”

“My mom’s hot! And she’s a whore! Fucking hate her, but I’ll eat her out for you, Henry!”

Abby broke the kiss into Linda’s mouth and groaned, “Mmm, aren’t you popular, stud.”

“It’s why you’re my girl,” I groaned, pumping away at Linda’s cunt, her pussy clenching down on me.

The redhead smiled. “You are a stud. You claimed me. Ooh, yes, yes, you knocked me up. I’m your baby momma. You know how hot that is.”

“Yes,” I groaned, my dick throbbing.

“I’m going to be your baby mama, too,” Linda moaned, her pussy clinging to my cock as I pumped away at her. “Nineteen-year-old baby mama! So hot!”

“Yes,” I panted, pumping into her hard.

Abby slid her arms around my neck and kissed me now. Her tongue thrust into my mouth as I buried over and over into Linda’s cunt. The pressure at the tip of my dick swelled and swelled. I rose towards that orgasm. The girls were still crowding the bathroom. Classes had already started, but they didn’t care.

They were under my spell.

And I was under Linda’s. The spell of her tight, hot, juicy cunt. She felt so amazing bahis firmaları around me. I was too weak to pull out of her. I would make her obsessed with me for the rest of her life. I groaned into Abby’s kiss and plunged deep into Linda’s cunt.

“God, I’m going to cum,” Linda moaned.

My hands grabbed her tits as my tongue played with Abby’s. I kneaded Linda’s round breasts, digging my fingers into them. My tongue danced with Abby’s. I loved the taste of her as I buried into that hot, fertile cunt over and over again.

I knew I would breed her. I could feel that Linda was ovulating. Sense it. She wasn’t the only one. A watching girl was ovulating, too. I could breed her. I groaned and buried into Linda’s cunt. I shuddered as her pussy squeezed about me.

Then her fertile pussy spasmed. Convulsed. Writhed around me.

“Oh, fuck yes, cum in me!” Linda howled as she came on my dick. “Make me into a mother! Yes, yes, yes! Pump your baby-making spunk into me!”

“Breed me!” another girl gasped as I buried into Linda’s cunt, the pressure bursting at the tip of my dick.

I erupted in her as another girl gasped, “Come on, Henry, take my cherry and knock me up!”

Pleasure slammed through my body. I groaned into my kiss with Abby as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into Linda’s cunt. Her twat rippled and writhed around me. She suckled at me as the pleasure slammed through my body and into my mind.

Stars erupted across my vision.

“Oh, my god, you’re breeding me, Henry!” Linda moaned.

And I was. I pumped spurt after spurt of my sperm into her cunt. I could feel them swimming through her. They were heading for her womb, passing through her cervix into her uterus. As I shuddered, erupting over and over again, I could feel them searching for her egg. They spread through her uterus and found her Fallopian tubes.

And one lucky sperm found her egg and went for it. My sperm weren’t like normal ones. It could take hours for them to work their way through an egg’s cell wall. My sperm did in a heartbeat. I felt the moment of conception.

Pleasure slammed into my mind as I bred Linda.

“I’m yours, Henry!” she moaned, her pussy rippling and writhing around my dick. “I love you so much! Yes, yes, yes!”

I shuddered as I spurted a final blast of cum into her bred pussy. I broke the kiss with Abby and moaned, “Sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” Linda groaned. “I’m your third girlfriend, aren’t I? You bred me.”

“Yes, you did, stud,” Abby said. “God, I want to lick her out. Your harem rules. Now get your cock out of her so I can eat her. You can fuck my pussy as I do it.”

“Yes, dear,” I panted and slid out of Linda, eager to do what Abby wanted.

“Oh, he’s such a good boy,” Linda moaned as I slid out of her. “Mmm, Henry, honey, you’re our good boy, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I panted, my dick twitching. “I am.”

The doors to the bathroom flew open. The girls crowding the entrance all gasped and then parted out of the way. My succubus mother strode through the gap. Now she was wearing a jean skirt so short that it barely covered anything. The bottom cheeks of her ass had to be peeking out. Her large boobs bounced in the tube top she wore, her nipples hard. Her black hair spilled around her face.

“My son is such a good boy,” she purred. “Right, Master.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said.

“Your third girlfriend.” A big smile spread on her lips as she sauntered to me. Then she cupped my face. “I’m so proud of you, Henry.”

“Thanks, Mommy,” I said.

“And you’re okay.” I could feel something tingling around me. “She didn’t hurt you? This witch?”

“Mrs. Spartan,” I said. “And I’m fine. She just used my cum to make two girls into her lesbian lovers.”

“You’re hurt!” She released my hands and spun me around. She shoved my boxers down and gazed at my ass. “She spanked you!” Anger burned in her voice. “She spanked my good boy? How dare that bitch do that! Come with me. We’re going to teach this cunt a lesson.”

I pulled up my boxers and pants, fastening them as she marched forward. Linda and Abby scurried after me, Linda just holding her clothes, my cum leaking out of her pussy. From behind, I could see my mom’s asscheeks peeking out of the bottom of her skirt like I thought. She had a wicked way to her steps as she walked, her heels clicking.

I swallowed, my heart pounding. The girls were all giving me hot eyes but were intimidated by my mommy-succubus’s presence. She was exuding anger. The air positively rippled about her as she strode out on her heeled cowgirl boots.

She marched down the hallway, seeming to know where to go. The hallways were empty. Abby fell in on my right side and Linda on my left, her round breasts jiggling. Those nipples were hard and thrusting out.

“Wow, your mom is intense,” whispered Linda. “Does she approve of me being her daughter-in-law? I couldn’t tell?”

“Yes, I approve,” purred my mommy-succubus. “My Master deserves to have all the women he wants. Just so long as he remembers he owns me, and I have needs that come first.” She looked over her shoulder at me. “Right, Master.”

“Yes, Mommy!” I gasped. I was the master, and yet she still ruled my life. My dick throbbed in my pants.

I was a submissive. I might have the power to make any girl into my slut, but they would still rule my life. The women in my harem, my mommy-succubus, even complete strangers would get me to do things, and I would love it.

“This her classroom?” Mommy asked when she reached the door.

“Yes,” I panted.

“Spank my son! Only I discipline my little boy!” She grabbed the doorknob and ripped it open. As she marched into the classroom, her clothes melted from her like shadows. Leathery wings thrust from her back and spread wide. Her demonic tail thrust out from over her rump, thin and swishing, ending at that spade-like paddle. Horns peeked out of her black hair. A black whip spilled from my mother’s hand, the shadowy leather cord spilling on the floor. “You fucking bitch!”

Mrs. Spartan was in the midst of getting her cunt eaten out by Dominique. The Black girl was on her knees, feasting with noisy passion on the naked history professor’s cunt. Izolde, the first girl Mrs. Spartan had claimed, squeaked in fright and nearly fell off the desk that she had been sitting on and masturbating to the lesbian sight.

The history professor had a fit body, her breasts large and quivering. She still had her black hair in a bun. She shoved Dominique, the Black girl falling on her back, her breasts jiggling, her lips smeared with cunt cream.

“How dare you—” my mommy-succubus started to shout as Mrs. Spartan slid off her desk and raised her arms in a strange motion.

A golden bow flashed into appearance in her right hand, her left drawing back the string where a golden arrow now appeared. In a smooth motion, she pulled and released. In two seconds, she had done it and now an arrow hurtled at my mother.

Her whip flicked up. My mommy-succubus caught it and flicked her wrist, throwing the golden dart back at Mrs. Spartan. My teacher stepped to the side, the arrow flashing past her as she drew back her bow again to fire at my mother.

“Shit!” I gasped and pulled Abby and Linda to the ground, struggling to cover the two frightened girls with my body. An arrow soared over our heads and buried into the wall.

Wings flapped. Whip snapped. Arrows hissed from the bow as Mrs. Spartan retreated before my mother. I watched in awe as they moved so fast, their forms blurring from their speed. Dominique and Izolde grabbed each other, hugging tight.

Then my mommy-succubus had closed on Mrs. Spartan. The bow blurred into a golden sword that plunged at my mommy-succubus’s guts. Her right wing flapped hard, spinning her body to the side in a blur of motion. She grabbed the hand, twisted.

The sword flew from Mrs. Spartan’s grip. I had no idea what was going on here. Then my mommy-succubus flipped Mrs. Spartan over. The succubus’s tail grabbed the teacher’s left wrist, gripping it before my mommy dropped to her knees and planted her pussy on Mrs. Spartan’s mouth.

“Fuck her lesbians, Master!” Mommy shouted. She threw a glance over her shoulder at me, her long tongue flicking over her lips. Her breasts heaved, both nipples pierced by black rings. “Go back and forth between them. Do it now!”

“Yes, Mommy!” I gasped and obeyed, scrambling off my two girlfriends.

I rushed into the room to where purple-haired Izolde clutched to Dominique, ivory and ebony bodies pressed tight. I grabbed them and pushed them towards the professor’s desk. They gasped and fell on it, Izolde on top of Dominique, their shaved pussies close together, both dripping with their cream. A mix of aromas filled my nose.

My cock was so hard. My mommy-succubus was smothering Mrs. Spartan in pussy. I didn’t get what the hell was going on, but I was unzipping my pants as Izolde and Dominique clung together, clearly shaken up by what had happened.

I fumbled to unsnap my jeans and then Abby and Linda were on the other side of me. They attacked my fly, undoing the fastener and the zipper. It rasped down. They grabbed my cock, still wet with Linda’s pussy cream, and brought me to Dominique’s pussy.

“Fuck her hard, baby,” Abby moaned.

“Yes, yes, dear, fuck their pussies,” Linda groaned. “Your mom’s a fucking demon.”

“Succubus,” I groaned as the pink tip of my dick rubbed against Dominique’s dark, outer folds. Her inner depths gleamed, the same hue as my dick. “She’s a succubus.”

“Hot!” Abby moaned and squeezed my burning ass. “Fuck those lezzie bitches!”

I thrust my dick into Dominique’s pussy.

As I did, Linda hopped on the table and spread her legs. Abby darted around me and then fell to her knees. She buried her face into Linda’s blonde bush matted with cum. She went to town on her, licking and lapping with passion. With hunger.

I had my cock in Dominique, the brainwashed lesbian. She was as under a spell the same as Abby and Linda. Izolde, too. Dominique gasped, her pussy clenching down on my cock. She moaned as I drew back, her twat feeling amazing.

“Damn,” I groaned. She was my first Black girl, but she felt just as tight and wonderful and juicy as the White ones. What did her skin color matter when her cunt felt amazing. All cunts were amazing.

I pumped away at her, my crotch smacking into Izolde’s butt-cheeks. Her flesh rippled and jiggled. I loved the sight as I plowed into kaçak iddaa Dominique. I plunged away deep and hard. I fucked with passion, loving every moment of this.

Hot pussy cluing around my cock as I thrust away. It was a wonderful delight. I groaned, pumping away with hard strokes into a juicy cunt. Izolde was squirming now. She was kissing Dominique. In the background, my mommy-succubus moaned and groaned.

“Fuck them both, Master,” she ordered. “Go back and forth. You have to cum in them both.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I groaned.

“Ooh, I love that your a mama’s boy,” Linda purred as I ripped my cock out of Dominique’s cunt. My dick emerged gleaming with streaks of frothy white. I had churned her up. “Fuck Izolde.”


Izolde’s butt-cheek rippled.

I rammed into the purple-haired girl’s cunt. She had been all over me until she had eaten out Mrs. Spartan’s cunt. The married woman had made her into a lesbian and conjured a bow out of thin air. This was insane.

But it was hard to care when I had pussy to fuck. Tight, hot, young pussy. I could tell I wouldn’t breed Izolde or Dominique. They were on birth control. I would just flood them with my cambion cum. Pump them full of spunk.

The same spunk that Abby ate with such enthusiasm out of Linda’s cunt. She just feasted on that snatch with hunger. I loved it. I drove my cock to the hilt in Izolde’s twat while Abby devoured Linda’s cunt.

But I had to switch which girl I was fucking. Go back and forth.

I ripped my cock out of Izolde’s pussy and shifted to Dominique’s. I thrust into her twat.

“Oh, fuck yes,” moaned Dominique. “Got that White boy’s dick in me.”

“It’s nice,” Izolde moaned.

“Henry’s cock is fucking awesome and you’re lucky to get to enjoy our man’s dick!” Linda hissed.


Her hand cracked down on Izolde’s rump again, leaving a bright, red handprint.

“Yeah!” moaned Abby. “He’s our man. We own his cock. We’re his harem-wives. Us and Brenda.”

“And I own his dick, too,” moaned my mommy-succubus. “Right, Master?”

“Yes, Mommy!” I groaned, pumping away at Dominique’s cunt, so eager to obey my sexy mother.

Why fight it? It was so hot having these sexy women I had bred and my mommy-succubus tell me what to do. They all wanted to do kinky, naughty things with me. Ass to pussy had been so hot, and now I was fucking two sluts. Just going back and forth between their cunts.

I would be a fool not to obey my women.

I ripped out of Dominique’s cunt and then slammed into Izolde’s twat. I plunged into her juicy depths. She moaned as I slammed to the hilt in her. She squeezed her snatch down around me. It felt amazing. I loved it. My cock throbbed in her pussy, the ache building and building at the tip of my dick.

I plunged to the hilt in her and then pulled back. Her hot flesh clung to me. She felt incredible about my dick. She held me tight as I thrust away at her. I buried into her again and again. I fucked her with passion. I buried to the hilt in her cunt again and again.

She felt so wonderful. So magnificent. I groaned as I plowed into her. I buried to the hilt in her snatch with everything that I had. She groaned, her pussy clenching down on me. She held me tight with such passion.

“Yes, yes, yes, I love this dick!” Izolde moaned.

“Me, too,” Dominique groaned. “Fuck me next!”

I ripped out of Izolde and thrust my cock into Dominique’s tight pussy. She moaned, her twat clenched down on me. “Yes!” I groaned. “Oh, god, that’s good.”

“Mmm, you don’t like that,” cooed my mommy-succubus to Mrs. Spartan. “You don’t like that at all. Your two little budding neophytes are savoring that cock burying into them. Think you can use my son’s cum for your purposes? Those two sluts are remembering why they love dicks!”

“Love them!” Linda moaned, trembling beside me. “Love yours, honey.”

I smiled at her as I fucked Dominique. Linda held Abby’s head as the redhead devoured that creampie. Linda’s round breasts, topped by those pink nipples, quivered as I thrust away at the tight cunt squeezing about my cock. It was a thrill to plow into this pussy. A wonderful delight. I groaned, thrusting away hard and fast.

Then I was going back to Izolde’s pussy. I thrust into her twat over and over again. She moaned, her pussy gripping me. My balls smacked into their pussies as I buried into Izolde’s cunt. I must be smacking their clits.

I ripped out and plunged into Dominique’s cunt.

I loved it. I loved it so much.

I groaned, thrusting into the Black girl. She held me tight. She squeezed about me in such a wonderful way. It was amazing to feel her cunt gripping me. But I had to fuck Izolde, too. I pulled out of Dominique and plunged into the other cunt.

Back and forth I went, the history classroom filling with the sounds of moans and gasps. Of women groaning with ecstasy. The pleasure swelled in my nuts. I was swelling and swelling towards that moment of erupting.

I had to cum in both sluts.

“Oh, Abby, yes, yes,” moaned Linda. Her round breasts jiggled. “You’re going to make me cum.”

“Yep,” Abby moaned. “God, you taste good. That pregnant pussy. Our man bred us.”

“Our good, little hubby,” purred Linda, smiling at me. “Ooh, that’s it. Just like that, Abby. Yes!”

She trembled through her orgasm, her tits heaving, while I fucked from Izolde’s cunt to Dominique’s. I thrust away at the Black girl, my nuts tightening. Going back and forth cooled me off for a moment. But just a moment. I was almost there. Almost ready to erupt in them.

“Mmm, my son is going to flood those whores with his spunk and set them free of your wicked work,” moaned my mommy-succubus. “No using my son to recruit for you, dyke! But get that tongue in me. Yes!”

I glanced at my mother and saw her shuddering, boobs heaving. Her long tongue shot down. She was licking her own nipples. It was quite the sight to see. I groaned, thrusting to the hilt in Dominique over and over again.

Then I ripped out of her. She gasped, “I was almost there!”

I buried into Izolde. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. I groaned at the feel of the purple-haired girl cumming on my dick. Her flesh suckled at me. I drew back, her hot twat rippling and writhing around my dick. Then I groaned and erupted.

I fired my spunk into her depths. I pumped over and over into her twat. I flooded her again and again. Pleasure slammed through my mind. Stars burst across my vision. I groaned, loving every second of it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, spurting my cum into that hot and hungry pussy. “Fuck!”

I ripped out of her pussy, which was so hard to do, and splashed cum across their shaved cunts. Then I slammed to the hilt in Dominique’s juicy snatch. The Black girl moaned as I sprayed her twat with my spunk.

“Fuck, yes!” she moaned, her pussy writhing around my cock.

“My son is flooding them with his jizz!” my mommy-succubus moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

I glanced back at her. She threw back her head, her hair swaying about her horns. Her body shuddered as she was cumming on Mrs. Spartan’s face. I panted, spurting more and more jizz into Dominique’s cunt. I soaked her and Izolde.

“Oh, fuck, I am glad I love cock again,” Dominique moaned, her pussy milking out the last of my cum.

“Right?” Izolde purred. “God, it would have totally sucked to only eat pussy for the rest of my life.”

I pulled out of Dominique’s pussy and stumbled back, my jeans slipping down around my ankles. I panted as Abby hopped up, grabbed me, and kissed me with her lips covered in sweet pussy cream. I groaned at that, wanting to keep kissing her, but…

I ripped my mouth from hers and glanced at my mommy-succubus. She was rising, her wings fluttering behind her. She turned around, her boobs smacking together. She put her hands on her hips, a big grin on her face.

“Well, there, we undid that little mess-up.” Mom put her booted foot on Mrs. Spartan’s chest. “And you’re not going to mess with my son any longer, right?”

“Right, Mistress,” panted the professor.

“What is going on?” I gasped. “Is she a witch? Why did she have a bow?”

She’s an Amazon.” My mother bent down, her ass thrusting right at me, her pussy dripping. Then she grabbed Mrs. Spartan around the neck. When Mom pulled her hand away, there was a black collar around the teacher’s neck. “Mmm, she’s my pet amazon now, right, Mrs. Spartan?”

“Yes, Mistress,” moaned the professor.

“And you’re married to another amazon?”

The teacher nodded.

“Well, well, that is interesting. You stay there, cunt, I have to attend to my son. He’s had quite the ordeal.” My mommy turned and sauntered to me, her large breasts swaying, her nipples beading with milk. They spilled over the nipple rings and dripped down her cock.”

“She’s an amazon?” I repeated. “Like from Greek mythology.”

“Long line of warrior women,” my mommy said. “Lesbians one and all. They find young dykes and mold them into warriors. She used your cum to take a shortcut. I suppose she had her eye on those two whores over there.” She slid her arms around me. “Now, Master, Mommy’s here to comfort you after that mean professor spanked you when you were just being a good boy and fucking these horny sluts.”

She pulled me down into her breasts. I groaned as her large tits spilled over my face. She held me to them. I groaned as she did that. Then her tail grabbed my cock. The spade-like tip wrapped around my cock and stroked up and down my shaft.

“It’s okay,” she cooed. “Mommy’s here. She’ll always come to your rescue. No one hurts my baby boy and gets away with it.”

“Mom,” I groaned, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Don’t say stuff like that in front of my girlfriends.”

“Oh, honey, but you are my baby boy.” She kissed my forehead while holding me to her big tits. Her tail stroked up and down my cock. “Don’t you worry? Mommy’s going to make it all better.”

She pulled me from her tits and kissed me. Her long tongue thrust into my mouth. I groaned as she filled me up with it. Her wings fluttered while the spade tip of her tail kept stroking my dick. I shuddered, my cock throbbing in her. Another orgasm was building.

“You’re such a loving mommy,” Linda said. “I’m so glad to be one of your daughters-in-law.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Abby said. “You’re such a good boy, Henry. Mmm, do whatever your mother says to do.”

I could only groan kaçak bahis as I kissed Mom. Then she turned me, breaking the kiss. Her tail kept stroking my cock as she pushed me over the desk. I bent over it, my heart racing. Izolde was turning on Dominique and the pair were now sixty-nining and licking each other’s cunts, just feasting on my cum.

“Oh, she spanked your ass so hard,” my mommy-succubus cooed. “Look at how red it is. You will never let another women do this to you. Only mommy gets to spank you, Master.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I groaned and then gasped as her long tongue licked over my ass.

She bathed my spanked rump with her tongue, licking it and soothing it. I groaned as she did that, the sensation soothing. The lingering ache from my spanking vanished. I groaned as my mother was so tender with me.

My mommy-succubus soothed me with her tender love. I groaned, my dick throbbing in the grip of her tail. She pumped the leather paddle up and down my cock, the pussy juices lubing her stroking delight. I groaned, loving every moment of this.

A smile spread on my lips. This was such a wonderful delight. I groaned, my heart beating fast as I enjoyed her touch. Her tongue was so long, just sliding over an entire butt-cheek with a single stroke, slithering around me with such skill.

“God, our mother-in-law is hot,” moaned Linda.

“Mmm, I know,” Abby purred. “Look at her loving our hubby. Such a good boy.”

“Yes, he is.” Linda giggled. “And you… Mmm, why don’t we copy Izolde and Dominique? I’ve eaten Brenda’s pussy, but not yours.”


They settled on the other side of me, Abby on top. In moments, I had two sets of girls sixty-nining around me. My cock throbbed in my mother’s grip. This was such wild fun. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest as I enjoyed this. It was so much fun.

My mother pumped up and down my cock faster and faster, her tongue sliding around my ass. Then it dipped into my butt-crack. I gasped as my mommy-succubus slid her long, prehensile tongue down my crevice to find my asshole.

She rimmed me.

I groaned as she stroked my asshole while pumping her tail up and down my cock. I shuddered. This was so hot. The ache was building faster and faster at the tip of my dick. Her leathery tail stroked me faster as she rimmed me.

“Mommy,” I groaned, rising towards my orgasm.

Her naughty tongue swirled around my asshole while her tail slid down my cock. She brushed the sensitive tip. I groaned and erupted so fast.

My cum fired from my dick and splattered the floor. I shuddered through that wonderful delight, cumming hard. The pleasure swept through me. It was intense. Amazing. Stars burst across my vision as I shuddered through the bliss.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes, Mommy!” I moaned, the two sets of girls groaning around me as they ate each other’s cunts. “Mommy!”

My cum fired over and over from my cock. Her tongue bathed my asshole as I erupted over and over again. I groaned, my body trembling on the desk. The pleasure slammed into my mind. I groaned in delight, loving this pleasure surging through me.

Her tail pumped up and down my cock, wringing my dick dry. I shuddered, her tongue sliding out of my butt-crack. My mommy-succubus purred, her wings fluttering as I erupted a final time. I spurted a final blast of cum.

“Well, well, well,” she cooed. “Mommy is so eager to enjoy you. Mmm, you had a wonderful cum, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mommy,” I groaned, my body buzzing from the delight that had surged through me. “That was wonderful, Mommy.”

She cooed in delight. “Yes, it was. Mmm, you tasted so good, you know that. Just so yummy.”

“I’m glad that I pleased you, Mommy,” I panted.

“Your cock is still hard,” she cooed. “Do you want your mommy to work her cunt up and down your hard dick and make it cum.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I groaned. “Please, please, would you do that for me?”

“Of course, Master. I would do anything for my good, little boy.” She released my cock. “Now roll over.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I groaned and turned over. I sat on my ass. It no longer burned. It wasn’t just the licking that had temporarily soothed it. I felt like I had never been spanked.

The two sets of girls, my girlfriends and the former dykes, were feasting on each other. Mrs. Spartan moaned in the background, watching on. My mommy-succubus flapped her wings and lifted into the air. She landed straddling me, her big boobs in my face.

She cupped my face as she sank her pussy down my cock. I moaned as her hot, incestuous cunt slid over my cock. My mommy-succubus had the best pussy in the world. The other girls were wonderful, but hers…

Hers was special. I came from hers. This was where I belonged. I groaned, so glad to feel her embracing me. She felt just so wonderful about me. I groaned as she sank all the way down on me, rejoicing in her pussy.

“You really think my pussy is the best?” my mommy-succubus asked.

“Yes,” I groaned.

She smiled and then bathed my face. She licked all over my features with her long tongue. I shuddered as she gave me a tongue bath, her pussy clenching about my cock. My dick twitched in her incestuous embrace.

It was so wonderful to be in her. I closed my eyes, savoring her warm, long tongue sliding over my face, just loving me. Then her pussy clenched about my cock. She slid up me. I groaned as she rose higher and higher. Her pussy gripped me in forbidden heaven.

“Mommy!” I groaned.

Her tongue thrust into my mouth as she impaled her cunt down my dick. She swallowed my cock. I shuddered as she took every inch of me. It was intoxicating to have her pussy working up and down my cock while her long tongue swirled through my mouth.

The girls were moaning and cumming around us, but still ate each others’ pussies. They must be under the throes of my mommy-succubus’s presence. Her leather wings flapped as she rode me. She worked her cunt up and down my cock, gripping me.

She slid her tongue out of my mouth and moaned, “That’s it. That’s my good boy. Yes, yes, Mommy loves you so much.”

“I love you, too,” I groaned, my cock throbbing in her embrace. It was wonderful. This was a magnificent delight. “Oh, Mommy, I’m so glad I summoned you.”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t want to have to return to the Lilith Qlipha. “I get to stay with you, Master. My good boy found that book.”

A certain suspicion suddenly popped into my mind. Had my mother wanted me to summon a succubus? Summon her?

My hands grabbed her rump. I squeezed her ass as she worked her cunt up and down my cock. Her wings flapped, stirring the air around us. Her boobs bounced before my face, pierced nipples beading with milk.

I latched on and suckled from my sexy mommy-succubus’s teat. Her milk squirted into my mouth. I gulped it down. I swallowed it over and over, loving the flavor. The creamy delight flooded my mouth and poured down my throat.

“That’s it, Master,” Mommy cooed, working her cunt up and down my cock. She rode me faster, her twat gripping me. “Ooh, yes, yes, my good boy needs his mother’s milk.”

The sixty-nining girls all squealed and came again.

My fingers dug into my mother’s rump as she rode me. She worked her cunt up and down my cock. It felt amazing. I loved it. I savored that hot twat slamming down my dick. Then she slid back up me, her wings flapping.

The taboo delight of being in my mommy’s pussy was nearly indescribable. The ache swelled at the tip of my cock while I gulped down her breast milk. I swallowed every drop she had. I reveled in it. This was the life. I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut and drinking down every wonderful drop of her creamy delight I could.

Her pussy plunged down my dick and then slid back up it. I groaned, loving how she gripped me. She held me tight. Her pussy clung to me with such wonderful passion. She held me tight, massaging me as I gulped down her breast milk.

“That’s it, Henry,” she cooed. “That’s it. Mmm, my big, strong boy is going to make my naughty mommy-pussy spasm all over your big dick. Yes, yes, my good boy has a huge cock.”

“Yeah, he does,” Abby moaned.

“So fucking huge,” Dominique moaned.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, I loved it in me!” Linda moaned.

“Yes, yes, so does your mommy.” My mommy-succubus licked my ear with her long tongue, caressing over it.

I shuddered at the wet touch while I drank milk from her pierced nipple. Her pussy slammed down my cock at the same time. My balls drank in the incestuous heat. Her tight twat slid back up my cunt. I groaned, the ache about to burst at the tip of my cock.

She slammed her pussy down my cock again, her hands holding me to her teat. Her tongue kept licking my ear while I swallowed her warm milk. The motherly treat spread heat from my belly that soaked my already hot balls.

“Oh, that’s it, Master!” she moaned and impaled her cunt down my cock. “Yes, yes, yes! I love your dick. My son has the best cock in the world!”

My mommy-succubus came on my dick.

I groaned as her pussy rippled and writhed around my cock. Her hot flesh spasmed and suckled at me. The pleasure of her forbidden flesh convulsing around me shot through me. I groaned and then I erupted.

My cum fired into her pussy. She moaned louder, her wings flapping hard as her twat sucked at my dick. She massaged me with that delicious hole. I groaned and then I fired my cum into her pussy. I pumped spurt after spurt of spunk into her twat.

“Oh, yes, Master!” she moaned, her pussy suckling at me. Rippling around me.

I suckled hard, nursing at her tit while I pumped her cunt full of my spunk. The girls were panting on either side of us, rolling off each other and sitting up while I basted my mother’s twat with everything that I had.

I ripped my mouth off her nipple and moaned, “Mommy!”

“Oh, yes, yes, that’s so wonderful,” she groaned, her pussy suckling at me. “Mmm, Master, yes, yes, you’re such a good boy. You gave your mommy just what she needed.”

I smiled at her. “My cum.”

“Whatever mommy-succubus needs from her good boy.” She rubbed her nose on me. “Mmm, now you take care. I have to go.”

I blinked as she slid off of my body, her wings and horns melting away. The jean skirt and tube top returned. A leash appeared in her hand connected to Mrs. Spartan. My mother shook it and purred, “Come along, slave.”

I blinked as she strode out with my history teacher crawling naked behind her. I panted. My fifth-period class nearly over. I had one more to go. This day had been insane. I had no idea what would be coming next.

To be continued…

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