Sun Worshipers Ch. 01

Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


It was less than two weeks after your 18th birthday that your mom left me. She left a cute little note about how she was going to see the world with that idiot from the car dealership – the one where she took her car for service. It’s easy to see how these things happen. A little innocent flirtation – later turning to infatuation. Then there are the clandestine meetings for lunch in little out of the way places. What is sometimes mistaken for love often turns out to be quite different in the cold light of day.

That was a little over 2 years ago and you had just finished your second year of college last week and we were lounging by the pool. To the casual eye, we were lovers which, in fact, we were. It all started this spring when that strong thunderstorm hit the area. You had always been a little frightened of thunderstorms and, when this one struck, you came into my bed for consolation.

The warm heat of your body through those flannel pajamas began to get to me and my cock began to rise – poking your flat tummy.

Giggling, you reached between us and grasped it. That was all it took. You had been sexually active since you had turned 18 and had been on the pill forever it seemed. Since I sleep in the raw – there was nothing stopping my darling daughter from stroking my rapidly hardening cock. You gasped at its length. SO BIG you said.

My hands were busy un-buttoning your pajama top so I could play with those firm titties of yours with those huge nipples I had glimpsed once before. Pinching and sucking your nipples as my finger found your moist tunnel working you to a fever pitch.

Crawling on top of me – you inserted my staff into your cunt – sliding back and forth until my mushroom cap was wet and juicy – easing my length inside your velvet sheath.

You rested a moment. Then with slow practiced movements your hips began to rotate on my spear. Rising and falling – rotating in first one direction – then the other, your pussy milked my cock.

I hadn’t had sex in ages and it was evident that I couldn’t hold out long. I felt my ball sac tighten as your pussy muscles squeezed and released my huge cock. And I came. All too soon, I’m afraid, but I came. Deep inside your womb.

When I finished – I had you lie back on the bed so that I could play with your pussy to give you relief. Next time I wouldn’t be quite so ready and it would be more satisfying for you.

Since we became so intimate we’ve taken to sunbathing in the nude on the pool deck. Our 10′ privacy fence keeps the neighbors from seeing us. Except nosy old Joyce. I’ve spotted her in their upstairs window with the binoculars glued to her eyes. I think I’ll give her a show.

“Julie,” I ask, “do you want some more sunscreen?”

“Yes, daddy. I’d love some.”

I pick up the bottle of sunscreen and come over to the chaise lounge where you lie on your back. “Roll over, dear, and I’ll do your back first.” You roll over and spread your legs slightly – your pretty pussy is pointing directly toward Joyce and she can’t help but see your fat cunt lips swollen and red with desire. I begin by pouring a liberal amount of sunscreen in the small of your back. Straddling your legs at the knees, I lean forward and begin working it in. güvenilir bahis Slow circular strokes as I massage the sunscreen into your back and shoulders – lingering but a while then working back down to rub some on the cheeks of your fleshy ass. I see you still carry the marks of the paddling I gave you – red round circles from the ping pong paddle.

I move off you and take a seat at your side – where I can, when glancing up, spot Joyce. She is standing there with one hand under her skirt. Playing with her pussy, no doubt. I’m going to tease her more.

With one hand, I slip between your thighs – massaging some oil on the tender softness there – easing that hand toward your pussy lips as I spank your butt cheeks with the other hand. The liquid sunscreen on you makes my slapping you feel all the more. I spread your thighs with the hand that is stroking your pussy lips – widely so that your pussy begins to open.

Gently I use one finger to lightly stroke your pussy – toying with your pussy lips – not entering you – stroking and petting your steaming pussy as your juicy essence begins to dribble out of it – pooling on the chaise lounge between your thighs. You begin to rotate your hips – forcing your pussy back toward my finger – seeking to have it inside of you. I maintain the distance – just out of reach of entering you as you whimper and move your pretty ass closer.

I take the sunscreen and, holding it just above your anus, I dribble a goodly portion onto your little star – at the same time catching some with my other hand and rubbing it in. I circle your little rosebud with my index finger and gently probe it. You move back against me – wanting my finger in your ass – I nudge you gently with it and your anus begins to open – accepting my finger as you would a hard cock – wanting this ass play as much as you love having your pussy played with.

I enter you – up to the first knuckle – gently stroking in and out of your anus as you continue to moan and whimper – begging me to fuck you hard with my finger – begging me to put another finger into your moist cunt – thrashing beneath my ministrations.

I pull my finger from your ass and you groan loudly. I tell you to turn over and I’ll do the front.

Turning, I place a towel over your eyes to protect you from the glaring sun as I begin pouring liberal quantities of sunscreen on your body. Beginning with your belly button – pouring it full and then on to your huge tits with those massive nipples. I have a surprise for you.

As I begin to rub the sunscreen in – I move north to your massive tits with one hand while the other travels south in and around your bare little pussy – teasing it as I did from the rear – stroking your mons – then one of your meaty pussy lips – then the other while your clit is beginning to poke through. Your clit is swollen and huge – red with your desire to be fucked – red with your desire to have your clit sucked hard. I flick it with my finger as I pinch one of your hard nipples – then the other. Must not play favorites.

While massaging the sunscreen in – I reach beneath the lounge and pick up the nipple pumps. Two small glass cylinders with rubber bulbs on the end with which to draw a suction. Placing one on your türkçe bahis right nipple, I draw a tight suction on it pulling your hard nipple way up into the cylinder – making it harder and firmer – elongating it and making your aureole swell. Then I put the other nipple pump on the left nipple – repeating the process. The sunscreen lubricant helps form a perfect vacuum and the pumps will not come off until I release the pressure.

Glancing up at Joyce, her hand is furiously pumping her pussy. She has stripped now – shedding all pretense of modesty in her passion. I motion for her to come join us. As she disappears out of sight, I turn my attention to my darling daughter. You are lying there – breathing heavy – nearing the throes of orgasm as your nipple play usually does. Your massive breasts rising rapidly and falling with each labored breath – I begin to stroke your pussy lips again – this time taking two fingers and spreading your pussy lips wide.

Lowering my mouth, I begin to suck on your clit while I French kiss your pussy deeply –trying to work on your ‘G’ spot pad with my tongue. I kiss and lick – suck and bite – kiss and lick some more as your legs are thrashing and beating a tattoo on the chaise lounge – wanting orgasm but not quite reaching it. I stop. And you cry for me to continue – “Please, daddy. Let me cum, daddy. I’m so close – please, please daddy, let me cum.”

Then I feel Joyce’s mouth on my cock. She has knelt down between my legs and begins to stroke me as she sucks my massive cock into her mouth – deeply – all the way into her throat. I can see our Joyce has been practicing how to deep throat – on her hubby, no doubt.

I reach down as she takes me to the bottom of her throat and grab the back of her head – not releasing her as she strives to move off my cock so she can breathe. Holding her there until her face begins to turn purple with the lack of oxygen – then suddenly releasing her – allowing her to draw back and breathe. My cock is at its fullest length and breadth – some 9 inches long and almost 2-1/2 inches in diameter. I didn’t think it was this big.

I position my cock at the entrance to your pussy – teasing your clit with the mushroom cap as I slowly and deliberately enter you. Your velvet sheath feels so good – slippery and tight – clenching and unclenching as I fuck you ever so slowly. In and out – slow then faster – slow again – pounding your hot pussy for all it’s worth – slamming your mons with my pubic bone as my pile driver ass slams that huge cock all the way through your cervix into your womb. I begin to cum – my red hot cum – spurting into the bottom of your depths as my ball sac empties – triggering your orgasm. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me hard against your hot bubbling pussy as you begin your cum – 2… – 3 …… no – 4 or more mini orgasms following the first massive one – I’ve lost count.

We rest. I’ve not the energy to get off of you if I tried. God! Baby daughter – sex gets better with you each time. We still haven’t gotten you pregnant yet but we’re trying. You know – the longer my cum stays inside you – the better the chances are, don’t you.

When we catch our breath, I suddenly remember Joyce. She’s sitting on the other chaise lounge güvenilir bahis siteleri – finally breathing again – smiling fondly at you as she strokes her pussy. I climb off you and tell Joyce, “Clean up Julie.” And I go for a dip in the pool. As I dive in, Julie is moving between your thighs – one hand on each of your hips – pulling your wet sloppy pussy toward her hungry mouth.

After we’ve taken some time to rest and recuperate, we go into the house and get something to eat. Sandwiches and cheese with crackers and ice cold beer to wash it down. Retreating back to the patio with the serving tray on the table between us – Joyce, you and I eat – gathering some strength – preparing for another session.

You reach beneath the table and begin to stroke my cock – slowly at first – squeezing it and stroking it harder as it begins to respond. Joyce is intrigued with your nipple pumps and wants to try them. Your nipples are all red and swollen when we take the pumps off – maintaining their length of about 1″ or so. They look beautiful – being so full and firm.

I rub some of the sunscreen on Joyce’s nipples and apply the pumps – one at a time – squeezing the bulb – releasing and squeezing again until I have maximum pumping vacuum on each tit. All the time she is moaning and groaning – reaching for her pussy – playing with her clit.

I pull her up out of the chair and lead her over to the chaise lounge. Seated – she reaches for my cock and begins to suck it some more. Slowly then hard – softly – then deeply into her throat as she attempts to swallow me. I am rapidly reaching another erection – though I thought I might be finished for the day.

Pushing her back on the chaise lounge, I kneel between her thighs and lick her pussy – slowly building her up toward orgasm. As I feel her hips in their automatic response mode – signaling that her orgasm is cumming – I rose up – insert my mushroom cap into her pussy and plunge it home. My cock was fully inside her on the first stroke. I pulled out until I was at a point where I could feel her “G” spot with the ridge of my mushroom cap – then inserted my cock again – with slow fucking strokes – a couple of inches at a time – just past her spot – then out again – back in – then out – working her pussy into a frenzy

Her body began shaking – her head was thrown back – eyes glazed over – staring at – but not staring at anything in particular. She had only one focus – to CUM. Loud and long – wailing and moaning – screeching and whining – until I thought the entire neighborhood would come to her rescue but we were lucky, I guess – no one barged in. Then Joyce went limp. Passed out. I had heard of women to passed out when their pleasure button was overloaded – I guess she was one.

Leaving her, I came over to the other chaise lounge where you were. Straddling it – with you between my legs – I reached around you and pulled you to me. I wanted to toy with those massive nipples of yours. As I did so, I reached up and placed a wet sucking kiss on the little spot at the base of your neck – what you call your “On button”. Which turns you on as nothing else will. Sucking and kissing your neck – pinching and pulling your nipples as you wriggled and squirmed in my arms.

Leaving Joyce there, you and I headed into the house – to the Master Bedroom – to shower and then to bed – to cuddle through the night until……….. one of us wakes the other for another real slow sexy fuck in the middle of the night.

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