Sunday Mass

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Her hips swayed in perfect unison with her chest as she walked; the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra was painfully obvious to anyone who cared to look. Her pink, flowing top was tight in all the right places, and her black dress pants skin tight, hugging her sizeable booty. Had she been at a club she would have stood out, her clothes edgy and sexy, although still somewhat classy. In church, they were downright scandalous. A few parishioners gasped as she bowed at the foot of the altar, her enormous breasts swinging forward and back as her body tilted. As she approached the podium to perform the day’s readings, the spotlight in the ceiling hit her sheer top just right, and many people began to wonder if that was the faint outline of two nipples that they could see. Their guesses were confirmed moments later, as her nipples seemed to harden, all on their own, with her secret excitement at being so naughty in front of so many people. Ladies in the crowd were mortified. Husbands stole secret looks, their imaginations running wild with the possibilities. Pubescent boys stared, unabashedly and in awe; many receiving a smack from their mother’s for their trouble.

She delivered the reading in a powerful, confident voice. Her lips seemed to shimmer, the gloss covering them appeared to make them so moist as to be wet. Her eyes fluttered behind impossibly long eyelashes as she looked down to read, periodically scanning the crowd. She seemed to have a knowing half smile on her lips, aware that every male eye was transfixed on her. As she finished her reading and left the altar, the priest, red-faced in embarrassment, tried to regain the attention of his flock. There was an awkward tension in the air, as he rambled, and nobody listened. All eyes were on HER as she swayed her way back to her chair beside the altar, where she remained in plain view of the congregation. Even from the side, as she sat facing the altar, her ample cleavage was visible, as half her breast seemed to be trying to escape the folds of her top.

As mass ended, she shook hands with people at the door as they left. More than a few took the opportunity to leer at her, or even cop a feel as they went by. Once the church was mostly empty, she made her way to the back, to the illegal bahis confessional. A line of anxious men waited beside the enclosed booth. She walked confidently past them, and entered, on the priest’s side, and took her seat. Finally able to let herself relax, her hand followed the familiar route down into her pants and rubbed her swollen and wet clitoris. She came almost instantly from all the built up sexual tension of being a piece of sexual meat for all the men in the church. She heard the door slide open on the other side of the confessional, and took position on her knees. The man on the other side sat down, and she crawled forward, pushing through the secret door near the floor of the booth, the one that allowed her to reach her knees in front of the newcomer. In the darkness of the confessional, she couldn’t see who it was. No words were exchanged.

The moment his cock plunged into her warm mouth, she came again. His cock was so powerful and hard. It wasn’t the biggest cock, but it was steely and veiny, with a bulbous round head. She could take him to the hilt, and then lick his balls when she got there, and his fat head still managed to choke her and cause her to gag up thick soupy saliva to further lubricate his raging hard on. She bobbed her head ferociously, seeking the gratifying feeling of his cock, from root to tip, pulsing into her mouth the warm and salty liquid that she craved. She didn’t have to wait long, as he grabbed her by the sides of the head and forced himself even deeper in her, his cock spewing directly down her throat.

And so it went, with man after man entering the confessional booth, waiting outside patiently for their turn, their chance to experience her talented mouth. After an hour she had serviced over a dozen cocks, swallowing each load. Her stomach was flipping in knots now, as it tried to reject the massive amount of semen it faced. The line was longer than usual, word was getting around about the service she provided. Her now soaking wet mouth and face sluiced up and down a giant cock now, his full thick nine inches gagging her regularly as she attempted to take him into her throat. He was too large for that, but she continued her efforts despite the discomfort. As she felt his balls tighten, illegal bahis siteleri and his cock pulse, she pulled his cock, dripping, from her mouth, to give her stomach a break. He exploded immediately, as her hands kept up their expert manipulations. His thick streams of cum slathered her, matting her top to her chest, and hair to her face. Her eyes clogged with semen, she didn’t even see the next man enter, but certainly felt it as his cock pushed past her now raw lips, and he started to briskly face fuck her.

The man in front of her fucked her mouth viciously, forcing her to crawl backwards, trying to relieve the pressure on her throat as she retched silently. She was unable to speak and ask him to calm down, and unable to even see the man as her eyes were still caked in sticky cum. As her butt pushed back through the secret door, she felt a second presence behind her, a man grinding his rock hard cock against her meaty ass. Only one man would have the gall to enter that side of the confessional, and she moaned aloud as she ground her rear end back against the parish priest. She had been sucking him off daily for weeks, as a thank you for letting her use the confessional for her fantasy, and now it seemed he wanted to try another earthly delight forbidden him.

The priest was a tall, upright man. Although in his 60’s, he maintained the physique of a man much younger, and exuded a certain joie de vivre that made him seem full of life and energy. As she had discovered, his lust was insatiable, as he now made up for so many years of repressed desires. Most of all, it was his cock that was wasted on the clergy. It was of such power and dimensions that he could easily have had a career in pornography, even at his age. She shimmied her ass as he slid her pants half down, pinioning her knees together, and exposing her pussy, aromatically, to him. He rubbed the massive head of his cock up and down her slit, causing her to moan around the cock that was now fucking her throat more slowly, allowing her to breathe. With surprising gentleness considering his size, the priest entered her, sliding himself in, inch by inch, filling her completely. She gasped as he reached the end, pressuring what felt like her stomach, she was so canlı bahis siteleri full of his cock. She rocked her hips and immediately reached another climax.

At this moment, in her throes of joy, the man in front of her pulled his cock out of her mouth, and shot several jets of cum onto her face, re-coating her eyelids and lips with another sticky coat of semen. She moaned and gasped loudly now, her body shaking as the priest began to fuck her steadily. With a few slaps of his cock on her face, the man in front was gone, and there was now only her and the priest, who was fucking her deeply and gently, causing her free-swinging breasts to come so far forward they bumped her chin with regularity. For all his sexual vigour, the priest still did not possess very good stamina, since his sexual exploits had begun only recently. Knowing he would cum soon, she moved forward, reluctantly allowing that massive cock to slide out of her very sore pussy. Turning around, she rejoined him in his booth, on her knees, her mouth suckling gently on his balls.

The priest moaned with pleasure as she jerked his wet cock in her hand, and lapped at her one juices on his balls. Moving her mouth higher, she engulfed his cock head, his huge, wide, swollen cock head, in her mouth. Using her hand to stroke the base of his cock, she pushed her mouth up and down the massive tool, bringing his passion to a boiling conclusion. He began to slowly pulse in waves, and she began to swallow all the saliva in her mouth in preparation for the deluge of semen. His orgasm seemed to last forever, and his cum came spurting out at a steady rate. It did not blast like a cannon, all at once, but slowly filled her mouth with pulse after pulse of heavy white semen. She swallowed each mouthful gratefully, but began to fall behind as his very thick semen began to clog her throat. With reluctance, she allowed the corners of her mouth to relieve the pressure, and semen poured out onto the confessional floor. His cum kept spewing out for many long minutes, as his oversized balls emptied into her mouth, onto her chin, and dripped onto the floor. As the flow finally subsided, she swallowed what remained in her mouth and bent lower to lick the remains from the wooden floor. The priest sighed his thanks, and straightened his robes. He spoke the first words since she had entered the confessional: “Thank you my child, I’ll expect you tomorrow morning, bright at early?” All she could do was nod yes as she scraped the cum from her eyelids.

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