Sunday morning


Sunday morningSunday mornings were always my favourite. Whether it was as simple as a long lazy lie in, or sitting with a cuppa and just talking and feeling close, it always made me feel good.This particular Sunday felt different though. Coming round from an unusually deep sleep I had an odd feeling, like a pressure in the head. I suddenly realised I couldn’t hear anything and as a moment of panic ensued I opened my eyes, but in that moment something was placed over them.Thoughts racing, it was quickly clear that I was blindfolded but it had been some time since the foam ear plugs had been in use – and never at home…the last time had been infront of a lot of people, so I felt an odd panic being in my own bed. I knew at this point the only thing to do was calmly lay back down, gather my thoughts and wait to see what was coming. A hand gripped one wrist, then the other and both arms were gently pulled above my head. It’s worth saying at this point, that I’ve rarely ever been tied up – when I have, it’s mainly for show or for someone’s specific fantasy. There is , after all, far more of a challenge in assuming and maintain a bound position – without the binding.So without even thinking my hands felt their way along to grip the familiar posts, ankles moving outward at the same time. After what felt like forever I felt the bed move, and again, and again until I could feel knees pushing against my ribs, then big hands gripping my forearms as his weight shifted forward. A long moment of anticipation and then something dripped onto my top lip, and then again. It took canlı bahis just a second to know and I felt myself smile, before parting my lips and running my tongue through the droplets of pre-cum. You know, I honestly don’t think there is a single thing in the world that is as satisfying as that first taste. Especially when you suddenly realise that the person you are tasting isn’t your partner at all, but someone you don’t recognize!!A big, rough hand made me jump as It suddenly brushed my cheek, then the hair from my forehead and finally traced back down til the tip of his thumb rested on my bottom lip. Just resting there, my tongue trying to tell him I wanted more, but clearly that wasn’t up to me.The bed moved around me, his fingers rested under my chin and as his hand pulled down on my lip making sure I opened wide I could suddenly feel that he was not a small chap!! I definitely didn’t recognize this. But as soon as I felt his thickness slide over my lips it was gone again. Another long moment of nothing, then breath against my face, a gentle kiss to the cheek, the nose, a long lingering passionate kiss to the lips made me moan gently. Then nothing again.I was used to this kind of controlled tease, after all I was in no position to do anything. The thumb rested on my bottom lip again, waiting, teasing and then without warning as the hand gripped my mouth and pulled down, every last inch was quickly pushed in. When it happens that fast it’s hard to adjust, but we all know that’s the point now, don’t we! This is the point you brace yourself and expect bahis siteleri things to go fast. But not this Sunday morning, he didn’t move. What felt like ten inches, was probably only six, but the thickness was hard to manage. Tilting back slightly, trying to stay calm he still didn’t move. I realised I could feel more of those wonderful droplets, just coating my throat as my tongue struggled under the weight and the involuntary swallowing seemed to make his cock throb and swell.I don’t think I’d ever had anyone demonstrate such self control, to just be content knowing that i was struggling to remain composed. So it was without warning that his weight moved forward, pushing my head so far back into the pillow there was nowhere to escape. No longer holding steady, he was pushing hard, flattening my nose, feeling me underneath him struggling to stay in position.A moments respite as he pulled back, then a little more, then all I could feel was the tip gently touching my lips. Then it began, one push and I couldn’t breathe, a moment later he was back against my lips again. This wasn’t the relentless fucking that I’d more often experienced, it was intentionally slow, with no steady rhythm and no chance to adjust and feel comfortable. This was a man who clearly understood how to challenge someone. For what felt like forever I lay there waiting for the change, to know that I’d pleased him and to feel that moment when it becomes clear he is about to cum. But no, one moment he was pushing so hard I could feel my body struggle, the next just gently nudging at my lips. bahis şirketleri Suddenly out of nowhere two fingers pushed my lips tight together, at the same time the blindfold slid upwards a little and within a second or two and just as I breathed in, a jet shot up my nose. I flinched and felt my body jump but as I gasped I felt the hand grip my lips closed again. I could feel his cum flooding over my face, It was all I could smell and I was so desperate to taste but couldn’t. The blindfold was lifted a little and I felt the warmth wash over my eyelids before it was replaced. The hand slipped from my lips, the thighs that had gripped me in place suddenly were gone.Then there was nothing but stillness and silence. I knew better than to move, I remained in position, just laying there waiting for the blindfold to be removed for me to set eyes on the man I’d just enjoyed so much. Time is hard to keep track of when you can’t see or hear. Perhaps half an hour? All I knew was that it was enough time that my face no longer felt warm and moist, but dry – though the smell was exciting far more than my mind! I finally felt hands on mine, pillows being plumped behind me, an arm around me as I sat up. A slight pop as the earplugs were removed and then the blindfold. Blinking and shaking my head I looked eagerly around the room. Beside me, my partner sitting back with a cup of tea, one for me waiting beside the bed. Rather confused I sat and drank my cuppa, nothing said about what had happened, like it was the most natural thing in the world for a couple to be sitting in bed on a Sunday morning, relaxing, chatting….just so happened that one of us had a stranger glazed face – perfectly normal!!To this day we never spoke about that Sunday morning, and I still don’t know who that visitor was

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