Sunday Story – 13 Mar 2022


7.42pm, Monday Evening

Jordan looked up from his notebook as the train screeched to a halt, stood up and crammed his notes into his messenger bag.

As he folded the bag flaps over, his phoned buzzed.

Well, there’s only a few people that could be

He didn’t answer it. He didn’t want to have to accept another shift, he was struggling getting his college work done on time, and he didn’t want to get an earful from his landlord about some bullshit — if he was paying tent on time and not destroying the place, he didn’t see why he should have to follow Mr. Stone’s rules about cleaning the place daily, or leaving the toilet seat down. He didn’t want to know why the man cared, nor how he knew. No matter what, the answer would be unpleasant.

As Jordan thumbed his coins into the ticket machine, there was a distinctive beep, indicating that the phone had gone to voicemail. He grabbed his ticket as the door closed behind him and moved down the cabin to down.


His phone buzzed again. It wasn’t Mr. Stone — he didn’t phone twice, he left noted taped to the door.

Jordan didn’t want to answer it, he had Monday and Tuesday off of work, and he intended to make the most of them.

That said, he didn’t want to risk missing an important phone call if it was from work.

He reached into his pocket and fumbled the clamshell out if his pocket, and flicked the device up and open.

· Ekaterina (Horse and Pony)


Jordan had only been working on the floor at the bar for a few weeks, so he wasn’t used to coworkers contacting him like this.

In the few seconds before the next ring, an eternity passed. He pondered answering. If Kate was calling to have him cover a shift, he couldn’t say no, but that seemed unlikely — management are supposed to handle schedule issues.

Jordan managed to convince himself that it was safe to answer the phone, and looking around to guage how many people would be annoyed by a phone call on the bus, he noticed that he was alone. Huh.

“Hey Kate, sor-” he began, before realising that his colleague, sounding a little tipsy, was already shouting down the phone.

“Hi Jay! We all realised that today’s day shift are off tomorrow, so we’re leaving to go out tonight. I saw that you and Amy are also out tomorrow, so I figured! Anyway, I can’t talk to long, I’m running late and can’t find my handbag, so I guess I’ll either see you or I won’t. We’re aiming to arrive at the Fourteenth St. Social for ninish, dress is casual, make sure you don’t wear black.”

And with that, she hung up. Jordan weighed up his options. He was almost home, and could probably make it there by nine, even with a shower and fresh clothes.

That said, he was supposed to be interviewing potential roommates to sublet his spare room to over lunch the next day, and didn’t really want to face a few people while hungover.

He decided against going, and as the bus pulled up to his block, he jumped up and off.


I hate this, he thought to himself as he got out of the shower and started deciding what to wear.

Jordan usually could resist the fear of missing out, but he had somehow rationalised himself into a night of drinking.

I haven’t gone out in almost two years, and what’s more, I don’t want to be the weirdo at the bar.

I’ve heard how they talk about Guy, just because he doesn’t drink. I don’t want that kind of reputation.


Jordan looked up and down in the mirror. He looked pretty good, he had freshly shaven just in case, and was wearing the lazy bachelor’s combo of a patterned shirt, some worn jeans, and an overcoat to get him there through the spring weather. Jordan grabbed his bag on the way out the door, dropping his phone and keys çankaya escort in the inside pocket, and dumped out the rest of the contents, mostly being school work, before swinging out the door


Jordan rounded the corner a little too quickly, his left hand wrapped around a lamppost to help keep speed up, ducking to the side to not run into any of the people rapidly entering his field of view. A few people yelled, but with the excitement of seeing coworkers he kinda knew, and the fear of missing them if they got there and changed their mind on where to drink kept him sprinting, as his lungs screamed against him.


Jordan caught his breath, elbows on his knees, leaning against the wall outside of the Fourteenth.

He heard Amy over his panting

“Jay! Over here!”

He looked up, Amy was awkwardly walk-running, toe over toe, glancing down every few steps, and mumbling to herself.

Jordan smirked at her as she came up to him.

“Looks like you haven’t work heels in a few years”

“You look like you haven’t dressed yourself in two years”

She grabbed his shirt and tugged it side to side.

Jordan blushed a little. He wasn’t exactly happy with how he looked, but he had been pretty proud of how much weight he had lost during lockdown.

“Oh yea. I guess so. I mean, two years wasn’t all downside.” He faked a laugh, so did she. Neither of them really wanted to talk about the last two years.

“So, Jay, this the best you could do? I live thirty yards up the street, and I have some spare shirts, cause I don’t see you bringing home anyone wearing something that’s too big and that had an ugly zig-zag pattern down the sides”.

Jordan paused to think about it, and when he opened his mouth, instead of “No, thanks”, coming out, instead he stopped in his tracks as he felt his phone buzzing against his back.

“One moment”

He spun his bag around, flipped it open, and reached in for his phone.

“It’s Kate”, he said, as he pulled it open to answer it.

“Hey Jay! We’ll be a little late, we’re stuck in Conn’s pre-drinking. I’m gonna phone Ames in a sec too. You could come up to us if you want?”

“I’ll ask Amy myself”

“Oh, perfect, I don’t have to phone her. You guys decide, she knows where we are.”

“Oka-” Jordan was cut off as Kate hung up.

Kate looked expectantly at him, so he relayed the info.

“I guess we should head to Conn’s place so, but we’re definitely getting you into some better clothes.”


Amy held up three identical white shirts with one hand, and four more with another, using Jordan’s body as a third hand to hold them off the ground.


Amy threw all but one onto her bed and announced her choice, handing it over.

Jordan spun around and started to undress.

“You could have asked me to leave, you know”, Amy smiled so much you could hear it. “Anyway, I’m gonna see if there’s some better pants for you somewhere”.

Jordan fiddled with the shirt as she left the room. The buttons are facing the wrong way. Must be some weird foreign design.

Having successfully put it in, he walked over to the mirror, and looked himself up and down. It did fit him a lot better.

As he admired himself, he became intimately aware of how many intimates covered Amy’s floor. He felt a little uncomfortable, but couldn’t stop himself staring past his reflection at some panties dangling off the bedside table. He spaced out for second, unsure why he was so fixated on the garment behind him.

“You can have it if you want.” Amy’s voice pierced through the silence.

Jordan span back to face her as he began to stumble over his words to explain

“Oh, I didn’t think, I was-“

“Well, cebeci escort it’s an old shirt, and it fits you perfectly, so why not?.”

She threw a pair of jeans at him and practically ordered him to change before handing him one of the two glasses in her hand.

“Enjoy!” she downed her drink, “and hurry up, I don’t want to miss all of the fun.


Jordan and Amy stumbled into Conn’s, and somehow were the most sober amongst them.

Then, blackness. Rum always did that to him.

11.33am, Tuesday Morning

Jordan’s eyes opened as his heart jumped. He felt like he was falling for a second.

Full of adrenaline, he took in his surroundings.

He was lying spooning a very attractive, if slightly larger, red-headed woman, wearing some particularly fancy lingerie. He didn’t recognize her from the side view of her face he was getting from where he lay, and definitely didn’t recognize the room.

He slowly pulled his arm from under her, and disentangled himself from her. He slowly peeled the cover back and nearly swore.

Jordan was still fully clothed, with Amy’s borrowed jeans pulled down a few inches, and his underwear was still on. But, he, the bed, and mystery woman’s backside were soaked in piss.

He but his lip and continued slowly removing himself from the bed. He could see his bag in the corner of the room.

I think I left my clothes at Amy’s.

Looking in the bag, he was right.

Thinking quickly, he checked his phone.

I havn’t added her as a contact. I don’t think she knows who I am, or if I’ll see her again.

Jordan stripped naked, dumping his pissy clothes in his bag, opened the closet in the corner of the room, and started grabbing the least offensive clothes he could.


Jordan trotted up the stairs to his condo, face to the ground, wearing exercise shorts and an old Disney pajama t-shirt. He bumped into some stranger, apologized, entered his residence, dumped the wet clothes next the bathroom door and began running the shower up to temperature.

The doorbell rang.

He turned the water off, and wandered over to the door to peer out the peephole. It was Amy.

He opened the door and greeted her.

Amy grinned enthusiastically and asked him.

“So, how was last night? We didn’t see much of you after bar three or four so I wanted to make sure you were alive!”

Jordan nodded and thought of what to say.

“Oh, it went well. Head is killing me. I had a great time. I went home with a beautiful girl and, well, I won’t say more” he grinned.

“Well, I’m glad you liked her. I was worried you two wouldn’t hit it off when I introduced you to her”.

Jordan gulped. Amy knew the mysterious redhead. Whose bed he had wet, and whose clothes he had stolen.

Well, what’s the chance she told Amy?

“I’m sort of worried though Jay, cause you said you liked her but she just phoned me crying because she was afraid she’d ruined the night. It’s a bit shitty to run away in the morning if you like the girl, even if she had wet the bed”

Jordan lost about three inches in height as the tension of the conversation evaporated. Thinking quickly, and never one to come clean, he dig deeper.

“Yea, I figured that if I ran out and told her later I had a great time, she might think I left before that all happened. I mean, I wanted to spare her feelings.”

“So, I take it that’s why you wore her clothes home?” Any waved her hand up and down as the stern tone disappeared. “Honestly Jay, I think you should talk to her yourself. I believe you, but you should mend that fence. Especially if you like her, I think she’s a little bit out of your league, so hold on tight!” She smiled and finished, çubuk escort “Anyway, I’m running late, I’ll send you her number now and leave you to sort that out.” Amy waved once more as she backed up, turned, and stepped away.

Jordan let the door close. That was a close one.

His phone buzzed behind him. He grabbed it from his bag and opened it. It was mysterious red-head’s number.

He dialed it.

“Hello, this is Emily speaking, who’s this?”

10.30am, Thursday morning.

Jordan and Emily had spend a good deal dancing around the issue in Tuesday, and he managed to convince her that he was sorry and still liked her. He wasn’t sure if it was the best idea, but she was hot and didn’t suspect him of any wrongdoing, so he couldn’t see the harm.

She had wanted to meet up with him at her place for some coffee in the morning before either of them had work, and he had accepted the offer. Walking up to the building, he shifted his weight and pulled on his uniform. I need to get some nicer fitting clothes.

He rang Emily’s button and got buzzed into the building. He followed the stairs up and saw her on the way down.

“Coming to collect me?” He smiled.

She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up the stairs, her larger frame giving her the advantage and, in what felt like one motion, she pulled him up the stairs, down the hallway, and into the apartment.

They talked for a little, and then they ended up on the bed, Emily pinning Jordan between her thighs. She shifted herself down the bed, zipped his fly down, and bowed her head to his groin.

It didn’t take too long.

Jordan lay there, with his dick still in Emily’s warm mouth. As soon as she felt him go soft, she sat back up, shimmied herself forward to hold him down by putting her weight over his thighs, and reached behind her back.

“What the fuck” Jordan yelled as he opened his eyes and tried to sit up. His cloudy, post orgasm bliss was interrupted by a brief sting if a single spank to his balls, and as the prolonged pain reached him, Emily shoved a bag of ice into his nether regions, and a mere moment later, satisfied that Jordan’s dick was fully shrivelled up, she seized it, pulled his balls through a metal ring, and his dick into a metal cylinder. Jordan heard the click and immediately understood what had happened.

“And that’s what we do to bed wetting sissies”.

Jordan had grasped the implications of Emily’s actions before she had said anything, but with those words he knew.

“You look confused”, Emily smiled.

She explained it all to him. She knew she didn’t have to, but she enjoyed her position of power over him. She moved up further, her ass over his collar and her pussy over his mouth.


She had woken up the other day, furious that yet another guy had ghosted her, but more importantly, that one had wet her bed, and when given the opportunity to explain, had lied to Amy about it.

Of course Amy didn’t yet know the truth, that was something she could hold over her new pet to keep him in line.

She shuddered as she orgasmed and she got out of her pose, releasing Jordan from her death grip.

He scrambled up and started to stammer a complaint.

“Tut tut, what’s happened is in the past. You need to focus on getting that cage off now. And more importantly, you need to change. I can’t have my pet going to work covered in cum.”

Jordan looked himself up and down. His own cum was all over the outside of his jeans, and his shirt was covered in Emily’s.

He began to stammer about only owning one black shirt.

Emily interrupted him once more.

“I mean, you work at a hipster bar. If the uniform isn’t “wear black”, I’ll be shocked.”

Emily grabbed something and threw it at him. Then another thing. He opened them up. A set of black, fake leather leggings, and a black shirt, with shirt, translucent sleeves that bunched out and ended in frills in the bicep area, and a large lace bow on the collar.

Jordan signed, beginning to accept his fate.

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