Sure To Make You Cum


One day I woke up. Horny as fuck because it had been a month since I had seen my girlfriend. She had been away on a business vacation. I called her and told her I was ready for her to come home. And when she got there I would have something special planned for her.

I went to work. And one of my co-workers wore a tight, short, sexy red dress, that barely covered her round ass. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Everyone once in a while I could see her red lace bra. She had great tits, 36dds, to be exact. And whenever she would bend over you could see she was naked underneath. Her bare pink pussy was so beautiful. I couldn’t handle it. My boobs were so perky and hard. You could see my nipples through my bra. And my thong was so wet. I masturbated all day just thinking of my girlfriend coming home that night.

When I got home. I set up the house for that night. I started by stripping. So when she walked in, she was Immediately greeted by my hard boobs. I lit candles, grabbed my dildo and vibrator. I also set up a chair so I could give her a lap dance. I put a porn movie in, so I could be masturbating until she got home.

Finally she pulled up. She walked through the door. I told her how much I missed her and that I had a surprise for her in the living room. She told me she missed too. And came into the living room. She was so pleased to see me laying naked waiting for her. She said. beşiktaş escort This is all I’ve been thinking about. How much I’ve wanted to fuck you. I masturbated every night just thinking of you.

I told her to strip for me in the sexiest most seductive way. She started by pulling down her tight skirt that barely covered her ass. Revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. She knew it was coming and didn’t even bother to wear panties. Then she slowly unbuttoned her tight white blouse. One button at a time. Just teasing me. Finally I jumped up and ripped it off of her. She was wearing my favorite bra. It was pick and lace. And barely covered her boobs. That’s what I liked about it.

I kissed her as I took off her bra. Revealing her 38dds. She grabbed my ass and we made out for a while. I pulled her to the couch. Continuing to make out with her. Then I laid her on her back and stated to finger her slowly. She begged for me to go faster but I continued going the same pace. To make her beg for it. I slowly inserted my fingers. One. By. One.

She was so wet. Just as she was reaching orgasm. I lowered my face. Down to her wet pussy. Slowly tongue fucking her. Once I hit her g spot. She arched her back with ecstasy. And came all in my mouth. Her thick white cum was all over my tits. I licked up every bit of her juices. Then she leaned up. Got on beşyol escort top of me. And started licking the cum off my tits. She went in a circular motion. And then would suck on them every few seconds. My nipples were so hard from this.

While she was playing with my boobs. I continued to finger her. Going in circles on her vagina. Then when she started to eat me out. I stared playing with her boobs. She gave me the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.

Next I grabbed the dildo. And inserted it into her vagina. She was so wet. It took no effort at all. I started by rubbing her clit slowly in circles she moaned then screamed. Just do it all ready. So with all my force I shoved the dildo as far as I could into her vagina. She screamed and I continued fucking her as hard as I could. Her boobs were bouncing. It was so sexy.

Then she took the vibrator. And did the same thing. We sucked up each other’s juices. And decided to give each other lap dances. I sat in the chair first and she faced the opposites way in the chair. I could feel her wet pussy on mine. While she moved her ass up and down on my legs and pussy I squeezed her boobs. Then she sat down on top of me and put her legs over my shoulders so I could eat her out. I said since we hadn’t seen each other in so long. We needed to do something special. Something we had never done beykent escort before.

So we went outside and lied down on the soft wet grass. We continued fucking outside. It was so exhilarating. Then I got up. Jumped into the pool and pulled her in with me. We figured each other inside of the pool. Then I got out. And sat on the edge of the pool in the splits. So she could eat me out. She slowly inserted her tongue into my pussy. She circled her tongue around until I had another orgasm. This one better than the first. We switched spots. And I tongue fucked her.

We then moved into the bedroom. When we laid down. I laid on top. She inserted her hand into my vagina. Just moving in and out. While I squeezed her boobs at the same time. I stopped playing with Her perfect mounds and said that since we have already been so daring we should try one more thing.

She agreed. So I called my coworker that had made me so horny. And told her to come over. I insisted that she wear EXACTLY what she wore to work that day. She came over as fast as she could. While we were waiting for her. We went downstairs and turned on the porn movie. While we continued to finger each other.

She came in. And we had her strip for us. It was so hot. I could feel how wet my girlfriends pussy was. After she was just in her red lace bra. We stood up. And slowly took it off of her revealing her tits. We pulled her to the couch with us. I fingered both of them. While they took turns kissing me. And playing with my boobs.

Then to go all out. As the greatest sex night of our life’s. We created a sex tape of the three of us in my bedroom. It was the greatest night of my life. And I will never have greater sex than that night.

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