Surf and Turf

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Pool Party with Surf and Turf

An erotic story based on a true event. Names and places have been changed to protect the participant’s identities.


“Can I bring my sister?”

I hesitated, staring at my phone. I didn’t know Lyn had a sister.

“Yes of course, the more the merrier,” I answered back.

“Great!” Lyn exclaimed, “See you on Friday.”

Friday evening would become exciting. My folks were out of town and my hot friend Lyn was all up for a BBQ feast and hopefully much more. We met a few years ago and had enjoyed a spicy on-and-off relationship ever since. I loved that women. She was a hot black beauty from L.A. and I was a horny middle aged vanilla dude living in a boring Foothill community. She told me she had just brought herself a new swimsuit and wanted to show it off in my pool. The thoughts of Lyn finally dipping her amazing curves into my house’s in ground swimming pool warmed my heart and made my little friend twitch and throb in anticipation. On previous occasions she had always avoided the water, making me wonder if she even knew how to swim.


The message flashed up on my cell while I was attending a late Friday afternoon business meeting.

“Come on guys,” I said to my colleagues, “we need to wrap this up, I got other things to work on today.”

Slightly irritated my coworker finished his power point presentation and we wished each other a nice weekend. I locked my office, rushed to the parking lot and drove to the nearby Costco. Champagne bottles, pealed shrimps, lettuce, cocktail sauce, steaks, corn on the cob, ice cream, and other goodies poured into the shopping cart.


I knew she would text that next, and I replied with a delighted, ‘YES OF COURSE BABE’.

We were all set for a feast.

Nervously watching the clock, I was wondering how Lyn’s sister would look like and what her take on Lyn and my F-buddy-like relationship would be.

Did her family know? Would she have an issue regarding our mixed race relationship?

Assuming that L.A. traffic would be terrible on a Friday afternoon, I slowly started serving the table. I placed a bowl of freshly washed grapes from the garden, nicely laid out plates, napkins, and silverware, A1 source, and started preparing the shrimp cocktails.

The door knocked. I opened and two amazingly beautiful ladies swayed inside.

“This is Renée.” Lyn introduced us with a big smile.

“Pleasure to meet you!” I exclaimed, followed by a stupid “Wow, you don’t look similar at all.”

Renée gave me a slightly perplexed look. Then it got me. Lyn did not mean she was her sister, she had meant ‘a sister..’

Renée seemed a little older than Lyn. She had natural curly dark hair, while Lyn was wearing one of her stylish new wigs with flat ironed dark sexy looking hair. Lyn loved wearing those wigs.

Each wig gave her a somewhat different but seductive look, which I thought was hot, and likewise a little confusing for me. I would probably have a hard time recognizing her at a chance encounter on the street, outside of an anticipated get together. Lyn and Renée turned out to be best friends who were living nearby to each other.

“Something to drink? You must be exhausted from that bumper-to-bumper ride on the freeway,” I asked.

“Sure, bring it outside. Renée and I need to cool off first,” Lyn replied.

I rushed to the freezer, grabbed an ice cold champagne bottle and popped the cork.

While filling the glasses I glanced over to the two beauties who had just started changing in the living room. After stripping down to their underwear, they disappeared into the bath room.

‘What a bummer,’ I thought.

A minute later, Lyn emerged in a beautiful white two-piece bikini with a colorful flower pattern and Renée in an elegant single piece black spandex swimsuit. They slipped through the patio door and moved towards the pool area behind the house.

Time to get my trunks on. I hurried into the bedroom, changed quickly into a pair of swimming trunks, grabbed a tray and carried the champagne glasses outside.

Lyn was already in the pool. Standing at the shallow end, the water just barely reached illegal bahis above her well rounded hips.

“Come on in!” She demanded.

Reneé smiled back, sitting on the hollywood swing,

“Let me see what Marcus got us to drink,” she said.

“Here”, passing a glass to Renée.

“Cheers and thanks for coming along with sister Lyn!”

Both giggled.

I handed a second champagne glass to Lyn and sat down with the third next to Renée, who had started rolling some greenish powder into a tobacco wrapper.

Renée grinned at me. “Nice place you have.”

I thanked her and noted a bluish greenish tattoo writing on her dark brown left shoulder.

“Does this really say Big Mac? Or am I reading this wrong?” I inquired with curiosity.

“Yeah, my cousin keeps calling me that.”

That’s funny I thought, she wasn’t particularly big at all. Her statute was average, about 5 feet tall, with some nice and possibly perky boobs hidden inside that one-piece swim suit.

Suppressing my laughter I responded, “That’s really charming of your cousin.”

“Nah, that’s a long story…” Big Mac continued explaining while lighting up her joint.

“Marcus, come join me,” Lyn’s voice demanded from the pool.

I got up and slowly step down the stairs into the cool water.

“Brrr. Can’t believe it feels so wet,” I uttered while Lyn grabbed my arm, pulling me towards her.

“Hmmmm.. you are soooo pretty,” I said, softly kissing Lyn on her cheek.

“Hey, what’s that?” Lyn complained, pulling me all the way into the water.

Splashing, and half submerged Lyn pulled my face towards hers and instantly locked her lips onto mine in an awesome hot lover’s kiss.

“I like your bikini! Very hot,” I managed to mumble.

“Thank you, sweetheart. Glad you like it,” she countered, giving me a wild sexy look, all knowing that I would rather like to see her without any type of clothing at all.

“Hmmm, I am really hungry.” Lyn remarked after I emerged from a quick dive to the bottom of the pool’s deep end.

“Yes, it is time to get the grill started,” I agreed and climbed out.

I quickly toweled off and proceeded to the grill in the patio that connects to the pool area. I lit the gas, warmed the gill up and then placed the corn cobs and some asparagus, all neatly wrapped in aluminum foil, onto the cast iron grids.

“First the veggies and then the meat,” I commented to myself.

Meanwhile, I could hear Lyn and Big Mac chatting lively from the pool area. Then some splashing and some laughter.

The hot afternoon sun was about to set.

“Maaaaarcus, how is the food coming along?”

I walked back towards the pool, were a pleasant surprise was enfolding in front of my eyes:

Both Lyn and Big Mac were now splashing in the water. Their swimwear was lying next to the pool on its rocky embankment.

“Holy smokes!” I remarked in excitement.

My lady friends giggled back.

Quickly, I ran back to the grill, set the flame onto the lowest level possible and rushed back to the water.

Without further delay I slid into the pool, remarking “What a great sunset!”.

“Yeah, it’s so nice in here,” it came back from Lyn.

My boner began pressing hard against the fabric of my trunks.

To hell with it, I strove them off. Two pairs of beautiful tan skinned breasts wiggled around me. In one swift stroke I pushed myself towards Lyn, which caused the water to splash a little.

“Hey, I can’t get my hair wet!” Lyn announced with dismay.

“Oh sorry,” I apologized, while snuggling up to her from the side.

Her soft skin felt so good and warm in the cool water. I hugged her and her wonderfully rounded breasts slid across my hairy chest. Lyn giggled and pushed me off.

“Renée, come here! I am sure he wants to see your boobs up close.” Lyn called her over.

Big Mac shyly approached, presenting her jolly chest, while leaning her back against the pool wall.

My gorgeous hot friends were now standing just a foot next to each other, and with a single push of my legs, I drifted in between.

Big Mac’s tiny breasts looked awesome. They were firm, about B cup sized, and equipped with two perky dark brown nipples. illegal bahis siteleri Without asking I daringly reached out and cupped one of them with my hand.

She did not pull back, so I started caressing the other boob, too. Lyn moved in from behind, hugged my back, and softly said,

“Let’s make a sandwich.”

This caused me to slide down with my face pressing between Big Macs tits.

I opened my mouth and sucked her left boob in, then turned and gently kissed her right boob. My tongue licked around her hard nipple.

When my hand moved towards her submerged pussy, Big Mac pulled back and swam off towards the other side of the pool.

I let her go and slid onto the submerged rounded plastered pool stairs. Lyn followed, flit over me and descended by sitting down on my lap. Oh, what a great feeling this was.

Meanwhile, the two girls continued their surprisingly casual conversations, which my own addition to the waters appeared to have had only briefly interrupted.

I felt Lin’s gorgeous butt cheeks grinding against my thighs. Then, at some point I could feel Lyn’s hand grabbing my throbbing shaft and pulling it between her legs.

Under water, the tip of my cock was now grinding against Lyn’s pussy lips, parting them further apart with every move. And then, after sensing a brief resistance around the tip of my rod, I simply popped inside her.

The feeling was incredible!

In the water Lyn’s weightless body was floating up and down my shaft at ease, while the touch of her soft, warm skin was driving me crazy.

As I was sitting half submerged on the stairs, Lyn was as a matter of fact fucking me and I was hardly moving at all.

During all of this the girls continued conversing as if nothing was actually happening. I hugged my arms around Lyn’s beautiful body and fondled hear breasts while she moved her hips up and down in the water.

The sunlight was now almost gone and it was quite dim at the pool, but Big Mac must have clearly been noticing what was going on. I tried not to moan, which was close to impossible.

Lyn kept her rhythmic hot moves up for a few more moments and suddenly asked, “What about the steaks? I hope they didn’t burn already.”

“Ouuhh, aahh, no, they should be ok,” were the only words I managed to utter in response.

Any longer and I would have exploded inside her. So I lifted Lyn’s butt up gently, dismounting her hot and eager pussy from my seemingly disappointed dick.

“Yes, time to turn the heat back up,” I said and slowly climbed out of the water.

My big hard cock was impossible to hide. The girls giggled, while I dried myself off for the second time this evening. With the towel hanging over my hard cock I went back to the grill and started BBQing again. This time for good.

“Dinner is ready!” I called.

Lyn and Big Mac toweled off and put on some light pajamas they had brought with them. This was a promising sign, because in the mean time I had also changed into pajama shorts and a T shirt.

We sat down at the table in the dining room and I served medium rare to medium well steaks together with grilled asparagus, corn on the cob, and a Cesar’s salad. It was delicious. Lyn plugged her smart phone to my stereo rig and soon hip hop and pop filled the room.

We chatted, laughed, and had more champagne, grapes, and ice cream.

And then we began dancing through the living room. I danced with Lyn and Big Mac. First solo and then all of us together.

“Sandwich!” yelled Lyn and pushed me between her and Big Mac whose round firm booty pressed against my crotch.

The soft fabric of my boxer shorts did not provide much hold and my hardening cock quickly build up a tent.

“Ha ha ha! Renée, can you imagine taking him to the club with us?”

Big Mac bust out in laughter, and so did Lyn and I.

We danced some more and Lyn began twerking and rubbing her full booty against my tent.

At some point the girls sat down at the coffee table and began rolling up another pair of smokes.

“Would anyone like some coffee? Espresso perhaps? Cream?”

My question received and enthusiastic ,”Oh yeah!”

And I quickly returned to the kitchen canlı bahis siteleri to prepare three hot macchiatos, espressos with tiny drips of milk foam.

After the round of small cups had been emptied, Big Mac settled down on the couch at the TV and while I quickly cleaned up some of the dishes Lyn whispered into my ear,

“Don’t you wanna fuck?”

What a question, of course I wanted.

“What about her?” I asked, uncertain what to expect.

“Nah, she’s cool with it.”

Without saying another word, I followed Lyn into my bedroom.

We did not turn on any lights, the dim shine from the kitchen area was sufficient for us. Lyn stripped her clothes off and laid down on her back on top of the bed with her legs invitingly spread apart.

I followed by taking my PJs off and climbing onto the bed next to her.

Passionately I kissed Lyn on her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked my tongue inside. Our tongues twisted and played tow-of-war for a moment, after which I moved down and licked both of her fully rounded breasts and sucked on her beautiful nipples.

The warm sweet aroma of her skin turn me on big time. I moved down kissed her belly button and then placed my face between her open thighs.

My tongue licked softly over her pussy lips. Her kitty was neatly shaved, I could not feel a single hair.

I parted her lips with my tongue and licked on her clit. It was hard and wet. I sucked it into my mouth as much as possible while licking it hard.

This got her going, I could hear her moaning and felt her thrusting her hips upwards, which caused my face to burry even deeper into paradise. I licked her clit and pussy lips for a good five minutes, when I heard the bathroom door moving behind me.

Big Mac went peeing, flushing and then left again.

It crossed my mind that she must have seen us through the open bedroom door indulging in our steamy wet action. This got me going even stronger.

I licked and sucked Lyn’s pussy hard, and then slid my index finger deep into Lyn’s vulva.

She moaned up loudly, and while rubbing against her G spot, I kept licking her clit as if there was no tomorrow.

I felt Lyn’s body tensing up briefly and then relaxing.

I slowed down, finally stopped and laid down next to her.

Lyn immediately bend over towards my groin, and immediately sucked my dick deep into her hot wet mouth.

She started sucking hard and with fast movements. Thereby she made loud slurping noises and wetted every inch of my shaft.

I enjoyed the ecstatic feeling, and with it the amazing view of her incredibly sexy body. Her back was so smooth and perfectly shaped. The hair of her beautiful black wig extended lusciously down over her shoulders.

My hand moved across her back, caressing her smooth and soft brown skin.

At some point she took my member all the way in and swallowed my cock deep into her throat.

She remained in this position for a remarkably long time.

When I thought this must be it, I felt the tip of her tongue licking my baldly shaved balls. This almost brought me over the top. It felt so good…

But suddenly, Lyn stopped.

What a pity, I was really close to shooting my load.

Although, I am sure I wouldn’t have done it in her mouth, because I knew from previous encounters that she did not like the taste of cum very much.

Lyn moved on top of me and guided my rod into her wet pussy.

She bobbed her hips up and down, causing her boobs to slap into my face.

I caught one with my mouth and sucked on her nipple then on the other.

Lyn fucked me hard and harder. Her movements were perfect with the right rhythm and I countered them with steady deep thrusts.

I was about to burst and mumbled my warning, “I ahhhmmm cummmming.”

Lyn pulled my dick out and stroked it swiftly with her hand.

Hot cum spurted out onto my belly and some blobs landed on the bottom of her breasts.

I came hard.

My orgasm lasted for a long time while Lyn kept stroking my shaft.

We kissed passionately thereafter, then grabbed some paper tissues from the nightstand, cleaned up briefly and snuggled up.

I held Lyn in my arms and moved my body around her hips spooning her sideways.

Locked into this intimate position we both fell asleep.

A few hours later, I felt a gentle and pleasant pull on my cock. Lyn was at it again, sucking my dick hard for round two…

…to be continued.

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