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When my plane touches down on the runway my stomach is doing flips with excitement. It’s been far too long since we have seen each other and even though it’s only for a couple nights I know we will make the very best of every minute.

I walk into the terminal knowing that your plane may have already arrived. I casually look around to see if I spot you but no such luck. I only have one carry-on bag filled with a change of clothes for the flight home, scented candles, massage oil, a couple of my favorite toys and a little something sexy to wear for you. I know that I won’t be wearing it for very long. You’ll take care of that, I am sure.

I continue outside the terminal as you instructed me to. There is a bit of a breeze blowing up my semi short skirt and across my clean shaven and very wet pussy reminding me that I have no panties on. I better pay attention so not to let my skirt blow up giving anyone that may be looking a bare ass and bald, wet pussy show. That is a show meant for only you. I am so anxious to see you. To kiss you. To hold you. To taste you. To feel your hot tongue lapping at my wet pussy. To feel you inside me. Deep inside me.

I am beginning to get concerned. You’re flight was due to arrive ten minutes after my flight landed and you’re nowhere to be found. Suddenly I hear a sexy whistle coming from a huge black Hummer with black tinted windows. The window goes down and it’s YOU in the drivers seat. I was surprised to say the least. You climb out of the enormous vehicle and hurry over to me and scoop me up in your arms and spin me around in a big hug. My skirt is flying up showing my bare ass to all but I couldn’t care less because I am finally in your arms.

You help me climb in and thanks to the breeze you notice my lack of panties. Can you say, “ROCK HARD COCK?” You didn’t think I would really do it, did you? I told you that I wouldn’t be wearing any! You are pleasantly surprised and more eager than ever to get down to business. Then we’re off on the road. We can’t keep our hands off each other so you decide it would be best to pull off the highway. We turn onto a small dirt road heading away from the city towards what looks like foothills. It seems to me, by the expression on your face, that you have a plan. I ask if you know where we are going and you just smile and tell me to be patient.

Our hormones have cooled since turning off the main road and my curiosity bahis firmaları is raging. Where are you taking me? We continue down the dirt road toward the foothills and we come to a gate. I’m surprised when you get out and unlock the gate. Now I’m really curious. Once you’ve pulled the Hummer through and relocked the gate, you get back in and smile. A sneaky, almost evil little grin.

“What are you up to?”, I ask.

“It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other and I want our time together to be completely our time with no interruptions so I made some special arrangements for us.” You are too much!! I am impressed that you took the time to do something special for us. I am dying to know what it is.

Approximately a thirty minute drive from the gate the landscape begins to look more like mountain terrain instead of the dry desert we came from. It’s beautiful. There are more and more trees and fields of wild flowers but not a soul to be seen. We turn off on another dirt road and drive only a short distance when we come to a small lake with a small boat tied to a dock. A large modernly built cabin sits a short distance from the shore.

“Whose place is this?”

“Does it really matter? What matters is that we are together and very alone and we are going to make the best of every minute together.”

With those words I feel my pussy tingle. I am so HOT for you and need to thank you for our special place. You pull up and park near the cabin but before you have the chance to open your door I stop you. I hold your face in my hands and look you in the eye and say, “Thank you.” We kiss, slowly and tenderly at first but in no time we are kissing with intense passion. Your kisses turn me on so much. If I had panties on they would be soaked. You know how turned on I am and you reach for my wet pussy. I briefly let you get a feel for how wet I am but I stop you.

“Let’s go inside so I can thank you properly.”

You open the door and I am amazed by the beauty of this home. It’s warm and cozy and smells sweet and clean. There are fresh flowers throughout the rooms. It couldn’t be more perfect.

I need to take care of you in a big way. I kiss you again all the while maneuvering you toward the couch. I unbutton your shorts and let them fall to the floor before gently pushing you to sit down. Your beautiful cock is standing at attention. I admire it for a moment, teasing you, licking my lips. I kaçak iddaa kiss you again then tell you to sit back and enjoy.

I take your cock in both my hands and stroke you gently and slowly. One hand cups your smooth sack, the other grips the base of your cock. I lick my lips again then very gently kiss, then lick just the tip… then I take the whole head of your cock in my mouth getting it good and wet. I look you in the eye and lightly blow cool air on your wet cock head. You groan. Then I decide the teasing is over. I want your rock hard cock in my hot, wet mouth so I take it in slowly… agonizingly slow… a little bit at a time all the while swirling my tongue around and around… further and further down your cock… deeper and deeper down my throat until you’ve bottomed out. You’re going a little bit crazy at this point and I love it!! You start to squirm a little so I keep up the slow pace. You want me to speed it up a little but I just keep slowly enjoying your hard cock in my mouth and down my throat.

I’ve decided that it’s time to take you over the top. I stop slurping you down my throat to tell you, “Make love to my mouth, baby! FUCK MY FACE!” You do as I ask and hold my head in both hands and start fucking. It is such a total turn on. I am so HOT and my pussy is so wet from sucking on your beautiful cock and from my face fuck. I want you to get that first cum over with so we can really get down to business. You’re so close now, fucking my face furiously. You tell me that you’re about to cum and I just grab your ass and pull you to me, swallowing your cock as you explode down my throat. Stream after stream after stream of your hot cum coats my throat.

I release my hold on your ass and you collapse and roll off the couch onto the floor. You lay there panting and grinning from ear to ear. I ask you to stay put and rest a few minutes then I go get my stilettos from my bag and put them on. I toss you a pillow to put under your head and tell you to close your eyes. My pussy is so wet from sucking you off, your rock hard cock deep down my throat and hearing how much you enjoyed it. So wet! I think it’s about time you had a little taste.

I remind you again to keep your eyes closed then I put one foot on either side of your head and you smile.

“Are you hungry for something tasty?”

“I’m starved!”

I slowly bend my knees bringing my wet pussy closer and closer to your face. My scent has reached kaçak bahis your nose and your cock jumps in anticipation growing hard again already. I tease you a bit. Not quite getting close enough for your tongue to reach but close enough to make your mouth water.

“Don’t tease me or I won’t be as gentle as your pussy likes me to be.”

You’ve got a point so I ease myself lower.

“Ok, you can open your eyes.” And you do.

“Mmmm… This is what I’ve been waiting for.”

With that said, I’m all yours to do to me whatever you want. You know what I like and what gets me HOT and my trip has only just begun.

You reach your fat, wet tongue out and gently part my wet folds. Slowly lapping up my juice and there is plenty to quench your thirst! It feels so good and I want to feed you more but I must control myself and enjoy. Your thumbs slowly spread my lips wide allowing you access to my inner folds. You sweep your tongue up and down my wet slit then find the entrance to my pussy and start to tongue fuck me, putting it inside me as deep as you can. You grab my ass and pull me even closer to your face. I am so loving this!!

You decide that it’s time to take charge. I am so far out in space from the pleasure you are giving me I don’t even know how you did it but you managed to flip me onto my back without taking your tongue from my pussy. My legs are spread very wide now giving you full access to my pussy and my ass. You can’t forget my ass, can you? I feel you spread my ass cheeks and take a couple long licks from my ass to my clit. Every time your tongue comes close to my clit you don’t make full contact. Your tongue is doing a sensual dance around and around and around it… teasing… slowly… until I am bucking my hips trying to make you touch it. You pause to lick your fingers before slipping first one then another into my HOT, WET pussy just as your tongue makes first contact with my clit. I am nearly out of control now. FUCK YEAH!! I hold my pussy lips open wide for you while you finger fuck it and eat it so well. I feel you playing with my ass. You want to fill me up completely so you slip a finger in my ass too. My GOD!! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum right now, Ohh… ohh… ohh… my… GOD… I’m… C U M M I N G… FUCK YEAH!!

You don’t stop. You keep your fingers where they are and keep on licking up my juice. You slowly slow down, gently removing your fingers from my body as I moan with full pleasure. I am in heaven. So happy and so exhausted but even more happy that we just arrived. I haven’t even had your rock hard cock inside me yet. Give me a few minutes to recoup so we can fuck like animals. We’ve only just begun!

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