Surprise Ending

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Jim put on his coat and checked his tie in the mirror one last time. He picked up his car keys and the concert tickets and headed outside. This hadn’t turned out to be the evening he expected, but he was trying to make the best of it anyway.

When he bought the symphony tickets and made the fancy dinner reservations a couple of months ago he had envisioned a romantic evening with his girlfriend. However, since then they had broken up so he had been left with the tickets and reservation but no date. One night over drinks with some friends he had been complaining about the situation when his friend Angie said she would go with him. Angie had been a common friend of both him and his girlfriend for a long time and she and Jim had continued to be friends after the breakup. He didn’t know if she still hung out with his ex, but she was one of the few mutual friends they had that stayed his friend after the break up.

They had all met about the same time during college. In all the years they’d been friends Angie had never had a steady boyfriend as far as he knew. She would date once in a while but never got into anything longer than one or two dates. As a result Angie had often been the third wheel with Jim and his girlfriend. They didn’t mind since Angie was a good friend of them both and was very fun to hang out with. Angie was also good at knowing when the couple wanted some “private” time, so her presence was never a bother.

Jim started his car and drove over to Angie’s apartment. She shared a place with her friend Dana not too far from Jim’s place. No, it wasn’t going to be the romantic evening he had planned, but going out with Angie was always fun and this would be much better than going alone or not going at all and wasting the money for the tickets. He knocked on the door and heard Angie yell, “Come in!”

“Hello, it’s Jim,” he said as he went inside and closed the door behind him.

“I’ll be ready in a minute,” Angie called down from upstairs. “Have a seat and grab a drink if you want.”

Jim picked up the remote and channel surfed for a few minutes as he waited on the couch. Angie came downstairs and said, “Sorry, I got held up at work so it threw off my schedule.”

“No problem,” Jim replied as he stood up from the couch and turned to look at Angie for the first time. “Wow!” was all he could say when he saw her. Angie had always been attractive for as long as he knew her, but she was a blue jeans and sweatshirt sort of person. Jim could count on one hand the number of times he had seen her in something other than shorts, jeans, or khakis. Tonight, however, was a completely different story. Tonight she was wearing an ankle length black skirt that had a slit up to her knee on one side. She also wore a red top with a v-neck that dipped low enough to display the smallest glimpse of her cleavage and a black jacket over that secured with one button just below her tits. It wasn’t Vogue or Cosmo stuff, but she looked great and Jim told her so.

“Thanks,” she replied, “it’s not often I get to go out and do ‘dress up’ sort of things so I thought I’d make the best of this opportunity. Just let me get my shoes on and I’ll be ready.”

Jim watched her disappear down the hall and noticed her hair was down tonight so it hung nearly half way down her back. He’d seen her with her hair down before, but he was more used to seeing it pulled back into a ponytail or stuffed up under a hat. She returned a moment later and Jim quickly notice she had slipped on a pair of black shoes with tall heels. He was definitely feeling a lustful attraction to Angie tonight with the way she looked and he had a hard time initially focusing on their conversation and controlling the bulge in his pants.

As the night progressed Jim settled down and soon it was just like two old friends enjoying a night out together which, in fact, it was. Both the dinner and symphony had been great and they were both having a wonderful time talking and laughing on the drive back to Angie’s place. Jim pulled up front to drop her off and she said, “This is so much fun and the night is still relatively young. Dana’s out all night, so why don’t you come up for a while and we can hang out?” Jim, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri figuring his only other option was to go back to his empty place and jerk off, gladly agreed. Angie headed upstairs as Jim found a parking spot.

She had turned the TV on and was in the kitchen when Jim entered. “There’s a great movie starting on cable,” she announced, “I’m getting us some drinks.”

“Great,” Jim replied as he removed his coat and tie and got comfortable on the couch. Angie came out with a couple of drinks and sat next to him. They talked and laughed for a while and then settled down and started watching the movie.

Angie sat right next to Jim on the couch and he was very aware of their legs touching. He had to shift to make room for his growing cock after she initially sat down. After the movie started Jim was able to settle down a bit so his cock returned to its relaxed state. He and Angie continue to drink and each had a healthy buzz going. Actually, they were both a little past buzzed but neither minded.

As the movie continued Angie relaxed her upper body and started leaning against Jim. Jim moved his arm to make more room and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He began to lightly rub his fingers on her shoulder in small circles. Angie responded by moaning softly and leaning into Jim even more. She moved her hand to Jim’s knee and started to return Jim’s touches.

Her hand was soon moving up Jim’s leg as she continued her soft massage. Jim parted his legs slightly to give her better access still not believing what was happening. Angie’s hand stopped on his inner thigh just below his crotch. His dick was now fully erect and he yearned to shift his hips so his hard on would be beneath her fingers.

Before he could act Angie turned toward him and embraced him in a kiss. Their lips danced together tenderly at first, and then they parted so their tongues could meet. For several minutes Jim and Angie explored each other’s mouths with their tongues. It started as a gentle embrace but soon became a wild kiss with their tongues wrestling wantonly.

Jim broke the kiss and began kissing and licking her neck as she leaned back against the couch. He continued teasing her neck and exposed chest with his lips and tongue as he felt her soft breast through her top. He felt her nipples tighten as he fondled her through the soft fabric. Angie leaned forward and removed her jacket. Before she could sit back Jim grasped the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head in a smooth motion.

Her breasts were now only restrained by a black lace bra and Jim wasted no time in exploring the edges of the bra with his mouth as his hands caressed her through the lace. He paid particular attention to her cleavage and bathed the soft, moist flesh between her tits with his tongue. He squeezed her tits together so he could lick them at the same time. Angie responded by moaning and moving her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra. The bra slid off her and fully exposed her tits to Jim’s mouth. Jim immediately began teasing her nipples with his tongue until they stood out hard and straight. He used the tip of his tongue to lightly flick her erect nipples and tease them until they became even harder.

Angie was, by now, moaning loudly and holding Jim’s head against her. Thinking she had had enough teasing he eagerly sucked a nipple into his mouth. He spread his mouth wide and covered her whole dark nipple. He suckled her gently like this as his tongue continued to tease and encircle the hard point in his mouth.

Continuing his sucking and teasing of her tits, Jim dropped one hand down and began massaging her calves. He steadily slipped his hand higher and higher up her leg and farther and farther up her skirt. Angie eagerly received his touch and spread her legs as far as she could. Jim massaged her thighs and paid particular attention to the soft skin of her inner thigh. Angie pulled his head away from her breast and lifted her hips off the couch. Reaching behind her she deftly worked the zipper and began to pull her skirt off. Jim eagerly joined in and helped her slide her skirt off before tossing it across the room. Jim didn’t want güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to wait any longer to see her completely naked, so he looped his thumbs inside her panties and began to slide them off. She again lifted her hips so he could slide them down her legs and onto the floor.

Jim wasted no time and immediately lowered his head between Angie’s legs. He started at her knees and softly kissed his way upward. Angie spread her legs wide and moved her ass toward the edge of the couch to allow Jim easier access. Jim kissed higher and higher until he could feel her pussy hairs tickling the side of his face. Judging from the heavy, musky smell and the wetness around her pussy lips Angie seemed ready for more.

Jim moved his mouth over her pussy and began exploring her lips and the soft folds with his tongue. Angie began moaning and ran her fingers through his hair as he continued exploring her pussy and clit. Eventually Jim allowed himself to sink his tongue into her pussy. He inserted it slowly as far as it would reach before beginning to fuck her rhythmically with it.

Angie removed one hand from his head and began pinching and teasing her own nipples. Jim stopped momentarily and watched her fingers pinching and twisting the hard points. Her eyes were closed and her head was leaning back against the couch. She was clearly lost in the lust of the moment.

As much as watching her masturbate turned him on he couldn’t resist the sweet smell and taste of her and again lowered his head between her thighs. He resumed tongue fucking her with renewed energy. As he lapped at her pussy he slid his hands under her and began massaging her soft ass. Soon Angie said, “Oh God,” softly a couple of times and Jim knew she was close. He dipped his tongue deeply into her and held it there as Angie exploded into orgasm. Her hips bucked into his face and her pussy contracted and released around his tongue wildly. He kept his tongue firmly in her through her entire orgasm and only let it slide out when she relaxed back onto the couch.

He softly licked and kissed her pussy as she regained herself. Angie eventually leaned forward and pulled his head upward with her hands. On his knees on the floor, he straightened up and brought his mouth to hers. They kissed deeply and Angie could taste herself on Jim’s lips and tongue.

Angie kept moving forward until Jim was pushed back against her large coffee table. With her hands on his shoulders she guided him in place until he was sitting on the coffee table. She gracefully slid off the couch and onto her knees on the floor. She quickly began removing Jim’s clothes and, with his help, soon had his pants sliding off his legs and onto the floor.

For the first time Jim’s body was exposed to Angie and she sat still for a few seconds and let her eyes roam over him. Her gaze eventually focused on his rock hard cock standing straight up from his lap. She spread his legs with her hands and moved herself directly in front of him. She reached out with her hand and wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock. Holding him steady in her hand she lowered her head until she held the tip of his dick in her mouth. She held him there and slid her tongue lavishly over his sensitive tip. Jim moaned with pleasure. His ex never enjoyed giving him oral sex but Angie clearly had no such issues.

She continued using her lips, teeth, and tongue to drive him wild. She alternated between teasing his cock head with her tongue and bobbing her head up and down his shaft effectively fucking him with her mouth. As she sucked him she occasionally used her teeth and tongue to further stimulate him. Jim’s head was spinning and he couldn’t focus on anything but the sheer pleasure Angie’s mouth was providing. He kept his eyes open and drank in the sight of her lips, still covered with the remains of her bright red lipstick, gliding up and down his shaft leaving a glistening trail of her saliva behind.

All too quickly she released his cock and stood up before him. Without saying a word she began walking toward the other side of the room. Jim didn’t know what he should do so he silently watched as she crossed the room and güvenilir bahis şirketleri took hold of a very large pillow that was propped against the wall. The pillow was probably three foot square and Angie struggled slightly as she drug it into the room and dropped it down.

Jim moved over to her and she again wrapped a hand around his cock as they kissed. Angie broke the kiss, turned around, and dropped to her knees next to the pillow. She then laid herself across the pillow on her stomach with her ass hanging off the pillow’s end. Her position made it clear what she wanted and Jim wasted no time in moving to his knees behind her. With one hand he guided his saliva covered cock to the entrance of her pussy. Angie pushed herself back into him and buried him inside her. Both of them let out a moan and Jim began massaging her ass. He had always loved fucking doggie style for the sensation, the feeling of control, and the sight of his lover’s ass before him.

They fucked deep and slow as Jim continued massaging her ass. He watched his cock disappear into her time and time again and emerge each time a little wetter from her pussy juices. The sight and feeling was getting to be too much and Jim gripped her hips readying himself to fuck her harder until he had unleashed his cum.

However, before he could get going Angie moved forward and allowed his dick to pop out of her. She quickly spun onto her back and scooted to the pillow’s edge. Her pussy was again positioned directly in front of his cock except now she lay on her back. The pillow elevated her perfectly so Jim could fuck her without having to change his position. He moved his hands to her hips again and entered her soft, wet pussy for the second time.

For the first time he noticed Angie watching him as they fucked. They made eye contact and she smiled devilishly and whispered, “I want to watch you cum.” Jim didn’t need much more encouragement and he began thrusting a little faster after she spoke. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the building pressure in his cock and its impending release.

“Jim,” Angie whispered. He looked into her face as he continued driving into her. When they again made eye contact she said, “I want you to cum all over me.” Jim was equally shocked and turned on as he had never heard a woman ask for this outside of porno movies. Her asking for his cum was the final straw and he knew he was ready to cum.

He quickly removed his cock from her and began jerking himself as she watched closely. He threw his head back and grunted as he felt the first jet of cum explode out. He wildly stroked himself as he shot jet after jet of thick cum into the air and onto Angie. His hand smoothly slipped over his shaft with her pussy fluids as a lubricant until he was completely spent.

He looked down at Angie and couldn’t believe what he saw. She lay on her back with his cum all over her stomach. One jet, probably his first, had gone all the way up to tits. She now lay with that single stream of cum stretching over her left tit while her stomach was covered with a thick pool of cum. The last few drops he had squeezed out rested on her soft mound of pussy hair.

Jim froze and simply stared, amazed at how sexy and nasty she looked. After she was sure he was watching Angie began massaging the cum into her skin with her fingers. She started on her stomach and slowly and deliberately smeared the thick, sticky fluid over herself. She worked the cum into her skin and smeared it around over her entire stomach. When she was finished she did the same with the stream across her tit. She massaged most of the cum into her tits but left some of it untouched. Only after she finished lazily playing with his cum did she finally scoop the last bit up with her fingers.

She moved her hand to her mouth and licked his cum off her fingers as he watched in amazement. After she cleaned off her fingers she motioned for him to lie down which he did next to her. She immediately kissed him and Jim was again surprised when she pushed some of his own cum into his mouth with her tongue. They continued kissing and trading his cum back and forth over their tongues. He hadn’t ever tasted his cum before and was excited by the combined taste of it along with her mouth.

They continued kissing and fondling each other for quite a while before she drifted off to sleep in his arms. Just before sleep finally overtook him Jim smiled to himself and thought that the night had turned out much better than he could have hoped.

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