Surprise Honey Ch. 09

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Ass Up

Waking in the morning, the first thing I noticed was May spooned up behind me. Her breasts pressed into my back her arms around my body holding me close. I lay there for quite some time relishing the feeling of a woman holding me. I loved every moment of it too.

After a bit I heard a slight knocking at our door. Jan came in with a tray of fruit, toast and some juice and coffee. As I sat up, May stirred. Looking into my eyes she smiled and then she looked up to see Jan standing at the foot of our bed, naked.

Setting the tray of food down, Jan crawled into bed on my other side. Her hands exploring my body as she got up next to us. May reached across me and lightly caressed Jan’s breasts. Jan kissed me, her tongue thrusting into my mouth, her lips crushing mine hard.

“Honey, Jan looks a bit horny don’t you think?”

I couldn’t answer her since Jan was hardly letting me breathe let alone be able to talk. I looked into May’s eyes and tried to convey a message of love to her as best I could. May smiled at me and mouthed ‘I love you Bill.’ Just before getting up and heading into the bathroom to shower.

Jan was hot and wanting to fuck me badly. As May got off the bed, Jan rolled up on top of my chest and began to guide my cock into her pussy. Her actions were jerky and quick. I think she had gotten worked up somewhere else and had come into my bedroom needing relief.

Her hips were snapping, as her bouncing got more and more vigorous. She took one of my hands and put in on her breast, offering them to me in a wanton display of hunger and passion.

As I rolled her nipples between my fingers I could feel the muscles in her pussy milking my hard shaft. When she would bottom out on me it would almost hurt she was going at it so hard.

Her actions got faster and harder yet the closer she came to cumming. I could tell she wasn’t far from getting there, so to help out a bit I took one of her nipples into my mouth and lightly nipped at it. This, coupled with my fingers on her other nipple caused her to get off, with fireworks.

“u-u-u-uh! God, I’m cumming. Ohhh…Bill…fuck!”

Her orgasm ran through her body and she collapsed on me in one last gasp of passion. I was still hard and I hadn’t cum yet. I didn’t mind since her orgasm had been so spectacular I was just enjoying her reactions.

May came out of the bathroom, a towel around her body and looked at us on the bed. She smiled and then let the towel drop from her, revealing her breasts with hardened nipples and shaved pussy with glistening lips. She slowly came over next to where I was laying, placing a hand over mine.

Jan saw her finally and rolled to the other side watching May as she lay down next to me. I saw Jan reach out and caress May’s breasts, then run her hand down to May’s pussy lips and begin to finger her delicately.

“Mmmmmm. I like that Jan. You have a great touch.”

Jan leaned in after May softly finished saying that. She put her lips on May’s breast and began to suck and lick on her nipples. Still hard, I watched as a thrill surged through my body watching this Sapphic delight so close up to my eyes.

I could see Jan’s tongue slipping out from between her lips and sliding over May’s nipples, one at a time. May began to moan and lick her own lips as Jan got more and more into pleasing her.

I felt a tad bit left out, with my hard cock bobbing around in mid air, but May soon reached out and took it in her hand. She began to lightly stroke me as Jan continued to finger and lick May. I put my lips over May’s free nipple as Jan moved slightly over to allow me to play. May’s hand on my cock gripped tighter and she stoked harder as her moans increased.

Jan was fingering May with four fingers now and rubbing her clit with her thumb. May was rolling her hips trying to take as much of Jan’s fingers into her as she could. Jan suddenly broke away from us leaving May whimpering over the quick change in pace.

Jan guided May’s body over mine and then taking my cock in her hand, guided me into May’s tight wet pussy. As my cock entered her May jammed her hips down, causing Jan’s hand to become trapped between us. I could feel Jan rubbing May’s clit as May began to fuck me with quickening motions.

My grip on May’s nipple with my tongue broke away and her breast began to lightly rub around my chest as she really began to move around on my cock. Jan was still keeping her hand between us, rubbing May as much as she could.

Suddenly May began to shake and cry out. Her orgasm was rushing over her as she ground down on my cock. I could feel her flooding juices flowing over my cock and dripping onto my body.

Jan leaned in and began to lick where we joined and was trying to clean us both up as May came. I soon felt the familiar tingling of my orgasm flowing over me and I lay back and groaned myself.

I felt May move off of me with Jan’s mouth enclosing my free spasming cock. Her lips tightly encompassing my shaft as she swallowed my load. I came güvenilir bahis what felt like buckets full and Jan got every drop.

After I came I just laid in bed, May snuggled up on one side and Jan on the other. We rested a bit, and then we all got up and showered. It was quite crowded in the shower, but we managed to get showered up and dried off.

Sitting around the bed, we enjoyed our fruit and cold toast. The coffee was still hot since it was in an air pot, and it all hit the spot quite nicely. I was aware that I had two beautiful women with me in bed, something that I had never really thought much about.

I was thinking that I didn’t know what would happen after our trip, but I knew that I didn’t want to lose any of the women on my boat ever. I didn’t know how to approach them on my feelings. I cared deeply for May by now, but I also had pretty strong feelings for Anne and Jan too. Julie, of course I had the strongest feelings for, but I think it was mostly because she was my daughter or a part of me.

My thoughts must have transmitted to May and Jan since they just moved next to me and hugged me close to themselves. Nobody was being sexual at this moment, just holding and cuddling. I could tell that there was something on their minds too.

I decided to get dressed and go out on the Zodiac for a quick spin to try to figure out what exactly I was thinking and feeling. May and Jan both looked a bit apprehensive as I dressed and walked out.

Firing up the Zodiac I saw Sandra coming down with Julie in hand.

“Could I catch a ride to the beach? I need to check in and let them know I am ok. It is a morning ritual here since there are lots of bears around here.”

“Sure, hop in Sandra. I hope you enjoyed your stay last night? All ok with you this morning?”

“Bill, I feel so liberated this morning. I really want to thank you for…well…everything. You have changed me more than you will ever know.”

“Well, I have changed quite a bit on this trip too Sandra, so you are not the only one feeling liberated. You…do you want to come out this afternoon and have some fun too?”

“Yes…I would love to…master.”

At her word ‘master’ I felt a thrill of sexual need course through my body. It was so sexy sounding coming from her lips. Her inflection was that of a submissive woman offering herself to whatever I desired.

Julie was sitting next to me as we shuttled over to the beach. Her hand on my thigh, leaning in close to me so our shoulders touched. Sandra was across from me and as we pulled up to the dock she leaned in and kissed me softly on my lips.

“Tonight then Sir?”

“Yes, tonight. I will pick you up around six. Wear something…light if you have anything like that out here.”

“Yes Sir. I have something that I think you will like. Just a nightgown, but I will make a few changes to it. I will see you at six…Master.”

As Julie and I headed back out to the yacht, she asked me to make a run out for a ways. We went out and around the yacht, and over to the other side of the bay. We saw two brown bears on the beach, evidently searching for grubs since they were rolling driftwood and rocks around and digging underneath.

Julie looked pensive. I knew she had quite a bit on her mind. I decided to tell her about my intent to fund her and Anne’s college tuition and boarding. As I began to work up to telling her she jerked around. Pointing out into the water.

“Look! Is that a killer whale?”

Looking out I saw a spout of water rising in the morning mist. Then the sound rolled across us. A second later a killer whale slipped up out of the water in a huge flip and we saw it’s white and black form roll as it crashed back down. Water cascaded outwards in a shining arc of brilliant beads.

“Yes…that was a killer whale. Isn’t it beautiful Julie? I love it here. So relaxing and beautiful.”

“Yes. It is very beautiful here dad. What I wouldn’t give to live up here in a cabin. It would be so awesome!”

I was startled. Julie had just called me dad. Never having heard anyone call me that in such a way before was quite shocking to me. Here was my daughter, one that I had never seen for twenty years, calling me dad.

Julie looked into my eyes with such intent it felt like the most natural thing in the world for her to call me dad. She saw my look and got flustered.

“I didn’t mean to upset you dad…Bill…oh…damnit…you are my father. I feel so…different now that I have grown to know you. Please don’t be angry with me da…Bill.”

“Julie, I’m not angry. You can call me dad. I liked it. It felt…good, right. You can call me dad or father or just Bill if you want. Whatever feels right for you.”

“I-I-I don’t deserve to call you dad. I don’t deserve to call you anything. Matter of fact, you should hate me. I planned to use you and trap you at the start of this trip. I was angry with you. I hated you, or so I thought. You should hate me.”

She held her hands over her face as türkçe bahis she began to cry. I cut the motor and pulled her into my arms, the boat forgotten about as I tried to comfort her. Her shoulders shook in my arms as I kissed the top of her head. Her hot tears fell on my neck and ran down my chest into my shirt.

She cried for a while and I just silently held her. Then she suddenly broke away. She looked into my eyes with the pain of someone who had a terrible tale to tell. Looking down at the bottom of the boat she began her story.

“Bill…dad…I don’t know where to start. I grew up…hating you. Mom used to tell me how you didn’t want anything to do with me. How you thought I was a slut just like she was. It was all I knew.”

“Julie, it’s all right. You had no way of knowing…”

“No, it isn’t all right dad. I planned on using you and trapping you into embarrassing yourself. Make you pay me to keep quiet about having sex with you so your reputation wouldn’t be ruined. I planned on blackmailing you. Evil, evil things I thought of doing to you.”

“Julie, I know. I have to tell you that I overheard you and Anne talking that night. The night you told her you had a different plan on how to pay for school. About you changing your mind about me.”

“You’ve known all this time? You didn’t kick me off the boat or have me arrested? You knew all this time and said nothing? Why? Why would you do that?”

“Number one…I have always loved my daughter. Even though I didn’t know you were her, I still have always loved the daughter I hadn’t seen. I have had questions and thoughts about you for all these years. Secondly, if I hadn’t known you were my daughter, I would have still fallen in love with you Julie.”

“I don’t understand…fallen in love with me? You love me?”

“Yes. I even talked to May about it once. I think I have loved you from the beginning. I always thought you were special. I didn’t know why, I just thought you were a special lady.”

“I’m no lady dad. No lady would have done what I attempted to do to you. I have been a terrible excuse of a human being. I would ask your forgiveness, even though I do not deserve it.”

“Julie, I forgave you a long time ago. You need to forgive yourself. Besides, I decided to put you and Anne through college. Full ride…all expenses paid. I want to help you. It’s the least I can do for two such great young ladies.”

“But…what about us?”

“Us? Oh, you mean the sex stuff?”

“Yes, the sex stuff. How can you forgive that I trapped you into having sex with me, your daughter?”

“Well, I had trouble with that at first. Then someone pointed out to me that unless you or I thought it was a big deal it didn’t matter. I loved having sex with you Julie. You are very talented. If you don’t want, we won’t have sex anymore. I will leave it up to you.”

“Well, you do know how to please a girl dad. School? You want to pay for school for me and Anne?”

“Yes. I think you both will do very well. After you graduate I should be able to find you good jobs too…if you are interested. The least I could do for my daughter and her best friend.”

Julie threw her arms around me and began kissing me hard. I know she was so happy and excited about my offering to pay for school for her and being so…well…laid back about her attempted blackmailing of me.

Suddenly I realized that I was getting an erection. Julie was still kissing me, but now her kiss had become something else. Her tongue shot between my lips and I heard her soft moans.

Her hands were undoing the buttons of my shirt. Her lips never left mine as she pushed my shirt off my shoulders and then began to work on the buttons of my pants. I had my hands on her shoulders as she finally reached my cock.

I pulled away, looking into her eyes, worried that she felt she owed it to me or something like that.

“Julie, you don’t have to…do…this”

Her head moved down my chest and as I spoke to her I felt her tongue on my hard shaft. She stopped for a moment and looking up into my eyes she spoke.

“Dad, I want to do this. I want to bring you pleasure. I want you to feel good. I want to give you the only thing I have to give.”

She then went back down on my cock and took it into her mouth. Her lips were caressing my shaft as her tongue rippled around it. It felt like a thousand butterflies were softly stroking me as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Out on the water like we were, anyone nearby could have seen us.

As she worked on my cock I decided to go with the flow. I began to undo her clothes and soon she was naked. Her pussy was wet and had juices running down those soft lips. Her nipples were hard little rocks. My fingers were exploring her treasures as she brought me close to orgasm.

Seeing that I was real close she broke her lip lock on my cock and sat up. She then leaned back across the middle seat and spread her legs wide open, placing her feet over each side of the zodiac. In this position güvenilir bahis siteleri her pussy opened slightly. I could see her shining wetness beckoning me to lick and caress her.

I leaned forward and without any fanfare, buried my face in that inviting openness. Her hands went to my head as my tongue searched out her clit. I lightly encircled it and began to fondle that little sensitive bud. My fingers were exploring her tight pussy and ass, fondling her, drawing her upwards and close to that sexual release that now hovered over her.

I moved my tongue downwards, licking lightly from clit to just underneath her asshole. I loved the texture and feel of her soft skin underneath my tongue. My lips kissing her here and there as I moved from one target to the next.

At one point she just laid back completely, her head resting on the front seat, my head held by her hands. She was pressing me tightly into her as I continued to enjoy her sweetness. Looking up over her undulating pussy I saw her eyes closed, lips open with tongue circling around. Her nipples sticking up like two spires of rock, on little islands.

My cock was throbbing and almost aching from the need to shoot. I worked Julie up until her moans got fairly loud and her tummy was quivering. Breaking away I repositioned myself on my knees, my cock just at her pussy lips.

She grabbed my cock and tried to pull me into her. I held back and moved her hands to her knees. Holding them there I guided my cock back to her pussy lips and let it jerk and stroke her whole pussy from clit to her tight little asshole.

Then I moved in and let it lay on her fully. The head of it was sticking up above her clit and my balls were being caressed by her asscheeks. I rolled my hips and began to dry fuck her. Her moans became cries of need.

“Please…dad…put it in…Put your cock in me. Please fuck me!”

“Are you sure Julie? Do you really want my cock in you? Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Please fuck me…don’t tease…f-u-ck me dad…fuck me hard.”

She hissed this last sentence at me. Her eyes were on mine as I let my cock head push between her pussy lips. She suddenly jumped and rolled her hips, forcing my cock to plunge into her depths.

As I bottomed out in her she put her hands on my hips and began to thrust herself against me hard and fast. I reached out and took a nipple in each hand and twisted them. Not hard, but enough to give her great pleasure. I then began to roll them back and forth.

Her driving motion began to have its effects on me too. I could feel my balls tightening up, a prelude to my cumming deep inside her. She licked her lips and began to cry out for me to fuck her harder, harder and yet harder still.

“Oh…fuck, fuck, fuck me dad. Give me that hard hot cock. Ram me hard. Oh…yess yesss yesssssss.”

I couldn’t resist now. I started to cum just as her orgasm overtook her. Cumming together we ground against each other and held ourselves tightly letting the feelings and tingling wash over us.

I fell back afterwards. She lay there, legs still spread, my cum running out of her pussy in a little stream. Her fingers caressed those wet lips, shining with our combined juices. Not being able to resist I bent down and lightly began to lick and worship her pussy, sucking up those juices.

Her hands fell to my head and softly held me there. Her fingers caressing my hair as my tongue caressed her pussy. As soon as I got her cleaned up nicely, she took my head in hand and guided my face to hers. Her tongue licked my lips and then she licked inside my mouth, tasting of our juices too.

Her hands went to my cock and stroked me as we kissed. Then she pushed me off of her and had me sit up on the rear seat. She went to her knees and began to clean me up. Her soft tongue searched out all the sticky fluid on me and her lips enclosed my soft shaft as she sucked those juices off of me.

After a bit she sat up and smiled at me.

“Well dad…that was…nice. Thank you for getting me off like you did. It felt great.”

“You’re welcome Julie. Shall we head in to the yacht now?”

I started to get dressed as she nodded. After dressing I started up the zodiac and we made out way back to the yacht. Julie stayed naked and played with herself as I brought us in close. Her actions had an effect on me since she kept staring into my eyes.

Tying off to the yacht, she took my hand and pulled me behind her down to the cabin she was sharing with Anne. Entering, I saw Anne just coming out of the shower. Still wet, she looked at us and smiled. Julie grabbed her arm and pulled the both of us to the bed.

“You two get started. I’m going to go get May and get her down here. We are going to give dad a day he will never forget.”

Anne smiled even more and took my cock in her hands and pulled me on top of her. I felt water on her skin, her wet hair in my face, her hands stroking me to hardness. I realized that I had a long day ahead of me with three women to please.

Her eyes were on mine as she pulled on my cock. She took one hand and put it on her breast, pinching a nipple. She licked her lips, moaning as her action with her hand that was still stroking me sped up.

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