Surprise Party

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His email had been so melancholy she had to do something about it and she knew just what would do the trick! They had never met in person, but they had become fast friends via email and so in a mad moment of pure insanity, she hopped the red-eye to Seattle, knowing that she could be there by close of business the next day.

Arriving as she had planned just after 4PM, she passes Margo, his secretary, who is pulling out for the day on the road in. She knows that unless he has some extraordinary business, he will be alone in his office until 5:30.

Grabbing the ice cold six of Coors from the mini-cooler she had picked up on her way there, she walks up to the office door and, without knocking, enters the office locking the door behind her. He is sitting at his computer, as she anticipates, and somewhat startled by her aggressive entry he scowls gruffly, “Can I help you?”

“I don’t know if you can help me,” she replies seductively smiling, “but I think I might be able to help you.” Tossing him a can she says, “Here, have a beer.”

He catches the sweating can of his favorite brew and still puzzling this brazen intruder he asks, “Do I know you?”

She looks around the office and says, “It looks just how it looks on the webcam right down to the sexy white leather chair. Mind if I sit?”

Kicking off her sneakers, she sits in the chair and slings one leg over the arm giving him a clear view of the area between her legs. Her snug shorts accentuate the camel-toe contour of her pussy. She cracks open her beer and, holding it in her right hand, she then nonchalantly rests her left hand just above the crease.

“Willa? Willa Parr? What? How? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to cheer up the birthday boy. I thought we’d have a little birthday brew and see what ‘cums’ up,” she adds making quote marks with her finger when she says “cums.” “By your email, I knew you were needlessly feeling your age; and I know just what will perk you up… and so do you.”

His mind races: Knowing from pictures she had sent him the details of the lovely pussy beneath the shorts increases his excitement. Partially hidden, but still obviously there, those short shorts, perhaps a size too small, are tight between her legs. They cover and conform to every arousing curve. Just by adjusting the spread of the legs, her mound changes in contour as if trying to whisper, or beckon, or perhaps attract intercourse.

Withdrawing her hand from its resting place outside of her shorts, her bare mid-drift allows him full view of her fingers as they slide just under the waistband and her hand comes to rest just inches from the area entreating focus. The bulge in his jeans becomes obvious and he doesn’t care to hide the fact. They toast each other with theirsilver bulletscarrying the thought of what they would like to do.

He realizes she is braless as her hardening nipples make their appearance; and, as she has no panties on to absorb her juices, a wet spot begins to appear on the pale blue shorts. He rises from his desk and, eyes fixed on her, he walks directly across the room to her.

Her mind races. Knowing the details from his pictures of the uncut beauty straining at the fly of kartal escort his jeans and the fullness of his bulbous sack increases her excitement. He walks towards her undoing his belt. Stopping in front of her, he unbuttons his jeans. The pressure of his fully engorged cock urgently escaping its restraint pushes the zipper down by itself and the jeans fall to his ankles followed by boxers. His fully hardened and erect cock curves proudly up towards his navel.

“Is this the birthday boy you came to cheer up?” he asks softly as his rugged hands gently handle his rod.

“Mmmmmm, yes,” she coos equally softly in reply as she reaches out to grasp the beautifully veined shaft for herself. Pulling the skin down tautly towards his balls, she guides the mushroomed velvet head into her mouth. She uses her tongue to explore every aspect by running it firmly around his swollen flange, feathering it up and down his crease, and deeply probing his hole. Sweetly sucking shallowly at first, ultimately, she deep throats him.

He moans in supreme pleasure and he is ready to ejaculate, but pulling out he withdraws whispering with a gasp, “Not yet.”

In a state of quandary with the ache of the balls signaling for release, he reaches out to help Willa stand and they embrace as close as possible trapping his cock between them. They kiss warmly, lips and tongues meeting with perfect tenderness.

“Hi, friend,” she sighs looking up at him.

“Hi, friend,” he replies returning her gaze.

He kicks off his deck shoes and Willa helps him strip his shirt and tee. The blinds have been adjusted and the room is theirs.

Turning her around, he now pays tribute to the aroused breasts from behind with one hand, while the other undoes each button of her top allowing the garment to open. He caresses and fondles her soft round breasts and pinches the nipples in a sensual manner hardening them further. The blouse slips back on the shoulders and, as the arms are extracted, it falls down hanging-up over his cock.

Without leaving the wonders of those tits, he moves slightly to the side to display the impromptu clothes rack. She picks off the shirt with a little rub on his wet tip and then places it on the arm of the chair.

His hands now slide down her tummy to the waistband of the shorts and, finding them too tight for his man-size hands, he seeks the mechanism to release it. She moves her hand to the exact spot and, with a quick twist, the waist is loosed and his hands can glide down to the area causing all his excitement. Her pussy is warm and moist and in full welcoming mode as her legs part allowing him access.

She reaches around and grasps his turgescent cock which adds to the intensity of their mutual arousal. He uses his three main fingers to rub up and down on the swollen pussy lips with the middle one shanking deep into the center as if searching for the hidden guard. It stops on the little nubbin and moves it from side to side then pushes down gently on its crown. She convulses and moans and her hips start a new level of arousal as they move her growing bud against his fingers. Wetness coats her folds while his pre-cum covers her hand.

Smearing the maltepe escort bayan wet hand over her tits and belly, she whispers, “Hmmm, you are a juicy one!”

Willa bends forward to grasp the arms of the chair and the scent of sex and leather increases her intoxication. The invitation implicit, he moves to enter her from behind. He peels the shorts down over her firm round ass, then steps up to run the head of his cock up and down her slit, covering it with her juices. Willa holds her breath in anticipation as he pauses for a moment at the entrance of her vagina. In one sure move, he buries his swell to the hilt deep in her cunt, causing Willa to inhale sharply. With both strong hands, he grabs her hips. Plunging in deeply and rhythmically, he pulls her hard into him over and over again. Willa grinds her ass into him. She loves how it feels as his cock stirs in her vagina massaging her G-spot and how it “hurts so good” when he rams it home. As his balls slap her pussy and her tits swing in sync with his thrusting, he uses his thumb to gently toy with her anus, driving Willa to the top.

Willa groans and moans louder and louder until, in climax, she yells out, “Fuck me, Richard! Oh, yes, fuck me!”

The powerful spasms of her O begin contracting around his all too ready cock. He can’t hold out any longer and cums. His balls evacuating, he fills her with a flood of his ejaculate.

Seemingly sealed together, they pause enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm as his cock, to their delight, only slowly retreats. Reveling in the afterglow and the intensely erotic feeling of their combined fluids running down her legs, Willa sweeps two fingers up her inner thigh to capture a taste of their combined nectar.

The pleasure of this moment, though a huge release, seems somehow depressed in intensity. Perhaps it was the anticipation they had built up over the many years of friendship that had made it somewhat of a let down; but it had not extinguished them. Quite the contrary, it had left them alive and their passionate expression far from over.

With only their socks on, Willa and Richard collapse into the broad leather chair. And as their hands explore all the curves and nuances of their nakedness she asks, “What else might we enjoy birthday boy?”

Noting the wilting member with a slight smile, he makes the verbal note, “My sweet, I’m afraid at my age, any forethought of a pre-planned sequence of events leading to some further or ultimate pinnacle of pleasure at this point is pure fantasy itself on both our parts! As you can see a little limpness has occurred, most likely due to the years of neglect in not having the type of arousal just experienced.”

“Is that so? Well, we’ll see about that,” she says with a sly smile.

With his fingers continuing to explore the wet and swollen pussy lips she comfortably lets open by placing her leg up over the chair arm again, he whispers, “Darn! Darned if this thing of mine isn’t starting to rally!”

“Is that so?” she smiles.

“Will you work on my cock to see if together we can get this thing rigid again?”

“My pleasure!”

Immediately, Willa forms her hand, wetted with her amply escort pendik flowing juices, into a vaginal shape and works the foreskin up and back over the head. Within a few seconds, her deft ministrations work; and the shaft grows large again.

But the sight of Willa’s lovely wet pussy is too compelling to be left to mere finger play and Richard slides down out of the chair. He helps Willa center in the chair and move her ass forward to the edge of the cushion. With legs spread so that each one rests over an arm of the chair, the moist cavern is fully available for his yearning tongue and mouth. A climax for her by his tongue now becomes his primary objective.

Kneeling on the floor before her, he begins by tracing his finger around the super sensitive lips which by their moisture and swelling are obviously excited by him and ready for more serious attention. Using his whole face as an object of pleasure and play, he burrows in; and with a curled and hardened tongue diving as deep as possible, he searches for the nubbin he knows will bring her another orgasm.

She put her hands on the back of his head. Her hips thrust into his face as his cock throbs and bobs up and down and both of their bodies are set to cum again; however, he is determined that his duty falls to his tongue now thrusting into the wide open cunt. Giving it his full attention, his face covered with her juices, she convulses into a hard orgasm. With a glistening nose and mouth, he moves up to a breast to smear her sweet juice over the nipple and the surrounding fleshy mound.

His cock is now poised right over her pussy and she reaches down to help. His second cumming will be a little more difficult, but she indicates she has some ideas on how to achieve this.

His cock in her hand and looking directly into his eyes she says, “This is what I want you to do. I want you to tease my cunt with your cock. Can you do that?”

“Oh, yes, dear lady. I can do that.” And he did.

Dip-sticking just the tip of his dick into her vagina just an inch or two several times, he asks quietly, “Do you want it? Do you want me in you Willa?”

To which she answers huskily, “Yes, Richard. Yes, I want you in me.”

He then, suddenly and without warning, drives it in causing Willa to arch her back and gasp. As he slowly withdraws, Willa uses the muscles of her vagina to massage the retreating member. Teasing, begging, thrusting and massaging, it isn’t long before Richard cums. He experiences a sustained release that is strong and satisfying. He is spent; and Willa pulls him gently towards her so that he can come to rest on top of her. She likes the feeling of a man’s weight on her. His head on her breast, she gently cradles him in her arms and strokes his head like she would a child’s. He is wet with the sweat of his exertion and she breathes in deeply, finding his natural scent pleasing.

“Happy birthday-boy?” she asks.

* * *

“Rick! Rick! I’m going to town now to do the errands. Don’t forget to let the dog off his chain after I’ve gone!”

Panicked, he calls back, “Okay dear. I’ve got it!”

But his panic is unnecessary. Sitting in his favorite white leather chair in the office just across the yard from his house, the empty of his usual 4 o’clock Coors in hand, he must have dozed off.

“Don’t worry, dear,” he shouts back, “I won’t forget the dog. See you when you get back. Bye-bye, hon.”

And to himself with a sigh, “Bye-bye, Willa.”

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