Surprise Second Time with Sensuous Savannah

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I had all but given up on ever seeing Savannah again and had been seeing a girl but one day, out of the blue, I got an email from Savannah. I was excited as I started to read it, thinking about her and again wanting to be with her.

The email started out simple but then she went in to trying to explain why she hadn’t contacted me earlier. She said that she thought I was mad at her for not being safe when she took off the condom and putting her cock back in me. At the time it did worry me but I got over it realizing it was okay. She then suggested that I should come by some time if I was still interested telling me she’d be working the next weekend.

Smiling, I quickly responded to her email with a heartfelt hi, saying it was nice to hear from her and then said I’d try to come by on Saturday. I frequently checked my email for her to respond and she did, suggesting we meet at a little restaurant that was near the hotel where she worked. She reminded me that she got off at four, and said, “It’ll be nice to see you,” and continued by saying, “I understand if you don’t show up.”

I was excited to see her and after replying back, “I’ll see you Saturday,” I told her I’d try to get over there around 4:30.

It was only Thursday afternoon, and so I would have to wait, but she was all I could think of and that night as I looked through the pictures she had sent me previously, I ended up masturbating, thinking about being with her.

As I woke up Saturday morning and got dressed, I started to get nervous, worrying about what we might do. I wanted it to go well and decided to just go into it with an open mind, and as the afternoon came around and I headed over to see her, I started to feel apprehensive, but I had promised I’d go see her.

Pulling into the restaurant parking lot and parking, I headed inside. Looking around the restaurant for her, I eventually found her sitting in a booth toward the back. There really weren’t a lot of people and as I walked up to where she was sitting, she smiled and said, “Hi.”

Smiling back, I sat across from her and as she shifted in her seat she said, “It’s nice to see you.”

She had ordered some appetizers and a drink and as the waitress came over, she asked if I wanted anything to drink. Looking over at Savannah, she grabbed her drink suggesting I have one too. Turning toward the waitress, I asked for a gin and tonic. Savannah was wearing a low cut flowery top and what looked like a black skirt, very hot.

We ended up having a few more drinks as we talked and nibbled at the appetizer. I felt we were having a good time smiling and laughing but when our conversation lulled, Savannah suggested, “How about we go to my apartment.”

I was hesitant, nervous about going over to her apartment but eventually I agreed. After paying the bill we left and Savannah told me to follow her. We didn’t have to go very far and as we turned into an apartment complex, we drove toward the back and parked.

The building was three stories and as we parked and got out of our cars, she had me follow her into the building. It wasn’t a very nice place but I tried to ignore it as we headed up to the second floor. As we went into her apartment, she motioned for me to sit on the couch. After closing the door, Savannah asked if I wanted anything to drink. Standing up, I went into the kitchen area and after she made us a couple drinks, we went back out to the couch. As I sat down and Savannah sat next to me, she leaned over and kissed me and reached down feeling on my crotch.

“Sorry,” Savannah said smiling, “I’ve been thinking about you.”

We both took a couple hits off our drinks and smiling at each other, we leaned toward each other, hugging, eventually kissing. Feeling on each other while we kissed was giving me a hard on as I felt on her boobs and Savannah felt on my cock.

“I wanted to fuck her,” I thought, and I wanted her in me too.

Savannah then laid me back, and as she looked down at my crotch, and I watched as she started to feel on my cock. Smiling, she immediately started to undo my pants, and then looking back up, she tugged at my pants. Raising my back trying to help as she pulled them down, Savannah immediately grabbed at my bulging cock. çankaya escort Looking at me, Savannah went down and mouthed it through my boxers.

Laying back and closing my eyes, she suddenly stopped and stood up. Leaning up, I watched as she pulled her slacks down eventually pulling them over her feet. Like I said before, Savannah was a big girl and as she stood there smiling, I could see her massive cock bulged against her lacy panties.

As our eyes met, I smiled back at her sheepishly. Savannah then casually adjusted her panties, letting her think dark skinned cock hang out the one side. I couldn’t help but stare and even though she wasn’t hard, I couldn’t help but think about wanting her in me. Savannah then took hold of it and as she started to pull on it, I watched. It immediately started to get hard and she climbed on top of me and straddled my waist, she pushed the head of her cock toward my face.

Putting the head of her monster against my lips, she said, “Open your mouth.”

Looking up at her, I hesitantly opened my mouth, and as she pushed the head of her cock past my lips. I closed my eyes as she started moving it in and out of my mouth. “Oh yea,” she said, as she continued to fuck my mouth.

I wanted to taste her, I wanted her to cum. but suddenly she stopped, she pulled away and took my hand as she stood up. Pulling me to my feet Savannah said , “Come on.”

Grabbing my pants and pulling them up slightly as I followed her, she lead me into her bedroom. As we went through the door, Savannah turned, and taking my hands, she placed them on her chest and kissed me. My pants immediately slipped down to my ankles and trying to take her top off, we both stopped kissing as she lifted her arms, helping me.

We again kissed and Savannah put her hands down the back of my boxers, feeling on my ass. I could feel her hard cock pressing against my crotch and as she spread my ass cheeks, pulling me closer, I reached behind her grabbing her ass too. Savannah then pushed her finger against my tight little hole, which made me pull away a little, making us stop kissing.

Savannah asked, “Are you okay?”

Nodding my head, she kissed me and as I looked down, I watched Savannah casually take her panties off. As she kicked them aside, I took my boxers off too as I watch Savannah gently pulled on her huge cock, stretching it out as she tried to make it hard. Looking up at her, she was smiling and smiling back, she let go of her cock and turned me to face the bed.

Pushing me until I was bent over the edge, Savannah leaned against me, pushing her cock in my crack as she gently rubbed my back. It felt good and when she leaned forward and kissed me on the back she whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you.”

I wanted it too and so I arched my back and pushed back. Savannah suddenly moved away and as I glanced back, I watched her move over to her dresser. Opening the top drawer, she grabbed a tube of lube and as she turned around, she held out the condom so I could see it.

Smiling as she moved back over to the bed, I brought my hands up under my head, trying to get comfortable. Savannah had flipped open the lube and hearing her squeeze some out, I arched my back again in anticipation of her fingering my ass. I could hear Savannah sloppily rubbed her cock with lube, and then spreading my ass cheek with one hand, she slipped her finger into my crack, eventually pushing her finger in my ass.

It felt good as she moved her finger in and out of me and after asking if I was okay, she pressed the shaft of her cock into my crack. Freaking out a little, I pulled away and turned my head slightly. Savannah stood up and said, “Don’t worry,” as she stroked her cock.

Savannah then hurriedly opened to condom and as I watched her roll it down the length of her cock, I again turned and faced away smiling. Savannah now rubbed my ass cheek and as she asked me if I was ready, I again nodded my head and tried to relax. Savannah again rubbed her cock against my crack, I again pushed back.

I knew it was going to hurt but I wanted to feel her in me and as she started to press the head of her cock into me, I tried to relax. “ Oh yea,” I thought as she pushed into çayyolu escort me, but suddenly the pain was excruciating and I pulled away.

Her cock slipped out and as she applied my lube, Savannah held me down and said, “Try to relax, okay.”

Nodding my head, I smiled and as she again pushed into me, I desperately tried to relax, pushing back, trying to let her slip her huge cock into me. It still hurt and I did pull away a little, and reaching back with one hand I asked her to go slow. Putting her hand on mine, she slowly started moving her cock in and out of me.

Her huge cock filled me and the pressure of her deep in me hurt but felt good too. Savannah started to pump my ass faster and hard and every now and then, when she pushed deep into me, it hurt, which made me again pull away. I wanted to feel her cum and as she started to feel on my back, the pain seemed to go away.

She fucked me harder and faster now, and as I started to gently moved back and forth with her, I knew she was close. Suddenly she said, “I’m going to cum, and as she pulled me close, pushing deep into me, I could feel her cock starting to pulsate inside me.

I could feel the warmth of her cum, and at that moment, I hoped the condom would hold up as her cum continued to spill out inside me. Savannah looked at me out of breath and smiling she gradually started moving her cock in and out of me. I could feel lube starting to leak out and as it ran down my balls, I again worried about the condom. Savannah was breathing hard now and as she leaned up off of me for a minute, she pulled out, and then pressed her slippery cock against my crack.

As she lay on top of me wrapping her arms around me she said, “That felt so good,” and then asked, “Are you okay?”

Smiling, I nodded and trying to rollover, I wanted to make sure the condom held up. As I got to my side, Savannah got off me and as she slid off the bed and stood there I could see the condom hanging heavy with cum. Looking up at her smiling, she peeled the condom down, and held it out showed me. Savannah again asked if I was okay and as I got off the bed and stood next to her, I grabbed her cock and pulling on it we kissed. A little cum dribbled out onto my hand, which made stop kissing and looking down, Savannah took my hand. Raising it up to her mouth, she looked at me as she licked it off. She then opened her mouth showing me the little bit of cum on her tongue and leaning into me we kissed and she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

Closing my eyes, our tongues tangled in our mouths as we kissed. Savannah then reached down and feeling my hard cock, she knelt down. Looking up at me smiling, she took my cock in her mouth. It felt good, I wanted to cum but she stopped and looking at each other she asked, “Do you want to fuck me?”

Smiling at her, I lifted her to her feet, and as Savannah got up smiling, she pushed me gently and turned, heading over to her dresser again. Taking out another condom, she again closed the drawer, and stepped back over to the bed. As she handed it to me, I immediately opened the package, as Savannah climbed on the bed and laying there on her side, she watched as I put the condom on.

Climbing on the bed with her, I moved to lay behind her. She reached back and as she pulled me closer, I tried to put my cock in her. Savannah immediately leaned over the bed, reaching for the lube that was on the floor. As I watched her leaning over I couldn’t help but look at her ass, and as her cheeks spread apart slightly, her butthole looked like a pussy slit.

I wanted to be in her and as she laid back, she opened to lube and after tossing it to the floor again, she reached back smearing some on her butthole and immediately grabbing my cock. Pulling me toward her again, I quickly tried to push into her. Inching forward and pushing into her, Savannah pushed back letting my cock easily slip in. Reaching back, she pulled me closer as I started to slowly move my cock in and out of her and then Savannah started to move her ass back and forth too

It felt good and as I felt on her tits, she lean back, so we could kiss. I wanted to cum, and so pushing on her back, I tried to get into a better position as I continued ankara escort to buck my hips as my cock went in and out of her. Feverishly fucking her now wanting to cum, I was breathing hard; I was close, but then suddenly my cock started to go limp. I needed to cum, but for some reason I was losing my hard on. When it slipped out she asked, “What’s wrong?”

I quickly tried to put it back in but it was no use, my cock had gone totally limp. Disappointed, I laid on my back and put my hand on her hip. Savannah rolled over and looking at me she asked, “What happened,” as she took hold of my cock.

The condom had all but fallen off and as she continued to try to get me hard again, she took it off and knelt in front of me. She continued to jerk me off, and as I leaned up on my elbows to watch, she looked at me and asked, “Does that feel good?”

It did feel good and nodding my head, she leaned down and briefly put it in her mouth. I was starting to get hard for her again and as I laid back trying to enjoy it she asked, “Do you want to try again,” continuing to jerk me off.

Rising up on my elbows again, we looked at each other. Savannah said, “Its okay, you can cum in me.”

I was nervous but I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to cum in her, and sitting up, I pulled her up until she was on all fours. Quickly, I moved behind her, and as I spread her ass, her wet little hole looked more like a pussy slit and as I moved closer, i pushed the head of my cock into her. It seemed to almost draw me in and seeing my cock going in and out of her ass was such a turn on, I started to wildly bucked my hips into her.

I was instantly close and as Savannah moved back and forth too, moaning softly, I put my hands on her shoulders and said, “I’m cumming.”

Trying to hold her still, Savannah leaned up and said, “Cum in me,” as she pushed back.

Concentrating, I gave a few more deliberate thrusts and as my cock started to jerk inside her, I slowly moved my cock in and out. As my cum continued to spurted inside her, I tried to hold her close and when Savannah felt the warmth of my cum spilling inside her, she moved back as forth as I held her by her hips.

I was done and as I slowly withdrew my cock and looked down, cum poured out of her and run down her balls. Squeezing the last little bit of cum out and smearing it on her ass, Savannah leaned up and reaching back said, “Put it back in.”

Hastily, I tried to push it back in, as Savannah reached back, pulling me close. Rubbing her back for a moment as I pushed into her, she moaned and then pulled away, letting my cock to slip out. As I laid on my back next to her, Savannah turned and asked, “Did you cum?”

She obviously knew I had and smiling I leaned toward her and put my hand on her back. Savannah laid next to me and facing each other, we kissed. I could tell she was smiling as we kissed as she reached down groping for my sticky cock. It had gone totally limp again, but as Savannah leaned into me more and pulled on my cock, I again leaned up on my elbows.

Watching her trying to milk the last little bit of cum out of my cock, she leaned down and licked the head of my cock. Looking up at me and moving back up to face me, she laid my cock on my stomach and gently pet it. Savannah then wiped it off with the sheet and quickly climbed off the bed. As she glanced back she told me she’d be right back, as she hurried into the bathroom.

Laying there, I worried about what I had just done and as I looked at my cock, I again wiped it off with the sheet. Hearing the toilet flush, I watched for Savannah to come out, and as the door opened, she walked toward the bed. I could see she had a big smile and as she climbed on top of me, she said, “That was great,”as she cuddled against me.

Wrapping my arms around her and smiling, we again kissed. It was nice to be with her but as we laid there not speaking I said, “I think I’m going to get going.”

Leaning up Savannah said, “Why don’t you stay.”

I thought about staying, but I felt it was time, and as I left Savannah said, “Why don’t you call me.”

We did see each other again, but it was never anything steady. I liked being with Savannah but afterwards I always found myself wanting to be with girls. I have continued to think about her, but recent pictures of her are far from flattering. I have not tried to contact her again, it remember her the way she was, friendly smile, nice little tits, and a great ass.

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