Surprise, Surprise

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She was one of the girls that would talk with me but not do anything else. One day I phoned her to see if I could come to her for a short time.

This was the day. Today I would do it.

So we were standing in her bedroom.

She is looking out her window, talking to me.

Now or never I thought.

She will think it is a normal present but I have something special for her.

“Close your eyes, I have a surprise.” As she closes her eyes I walk around to her back, slowly wrapping my arms around her and kissing her neck.

She opens her eyes, “what…?” and looks a little bit shocked.

To calm her down I just say, “Look, just say stop and I will stop this immediately. Otherwise close your eyes and let me tell you a story.”

She looks deep into my eyes and after a moment she closed her eyes again.

“The story is about a man who was in love with a woman, but he was very shy. One day he changed, he couldn’t resist her anymore. So he surprised her with a kiss on her neck like me now.”

I kiss her again on the neck.

“Shocked she looked at him, his bluegray eyes meeting hers.” I kiss her on the shoulder.

“Look, he said, I couldn’t resist you anymore.” Slowly I take kartal escort her hands and lead them down to her shirt, and ask “should I stop?”

She took my fingers with her hands and presses my hands on her belly, “no…good,” she whispered

“Maybe we should get rid of your shirt.” Slowly my hands undress her.

The shirt is gone. I kiss her on the skin above her bra.

“This boy was fascinated by her skin,“ I tell her as I kiss down and up her spine.

“…and fascinated by her smell.”

I take a deep breath from her neck, whispering in her ear, “and he was also fascinated by her taste.”

Softly my hands moving in circles on her skin while I kiss her softly on her neck again.

She moans lightly and one of my hands comes to rest between her breasts.

“He could feel her heartbeat,” I continue as slowly my other hand is going down into her pants, resting on her venus hill.

I whisper, “and he could feel the fire of life in her” in her ear, pressing this hand softly on her skin. She moans again, her breath is going faster, her skin gets warmer.

Don’t know how, but she has opened the zipper of her pants, they are sliding down.

“Please, go on” she maltepe escort bayan moans with a deep breath. I lead her to the bed, “I think you should lay down.”

Everything happens in slow-motion.

There she lays. “Please kiss me” she says. Leaning over her I go to kiss her.

The world seems to get blurry. In this dance of passion I don’t even recognize that she has undressed me.

I kiss my way down between her breasts, over her belly and to her legs.

“I want to taste you, everything of you” I am whispering, slowly removing her panties.

I kiss her on the inner sides of her legs with every kiss coming closer to her temple. She moans loud and grabs my head with her hands, leading me to her sanctum.

“Please do it”, she says as my tongue begins to working, like in trance I am there, between her legs, smelling her, tasting her juices.

Don’t knowing how much time was gone, her body shakes, and it seems she is losing control over her whole body.

Loosing control her moans getting lauder, her breath getting faster and my hands resting on her belly that she don’t shake away.

Now I move a finger into her, doing light cycling moves.

Kissing her escort pendik on her venus hill, massaging her from her inner side, holding her down with my other hand, I found her special spot.

Rubbing it I say “Trust me, just take it”, it seems that she don’t hear me she is in trance, absolute relaxed.

With every move of my finger, she moans louder, breathing heavier, then a scream of passion.

Now her body was like butter, in a state of absolute softness.

I lay down next to her. Head to head I breath with her, our breath mixes. Her body seems to glow.

Time moves on, but we don’t recognize this, for us the time stood still.

Then her eyes open, looking deep into my eyes.

“I want to feel this.” She touched me between my legs, “now you should relax,” she said.

Slowly stroking me, she kisses my body. I close my eyes, fading out! It was coming to me like waves, feeling her skin, her kisses, her heat, now it seems that I would lose control, and I lose control.

As I open my eyes she looks straight into my eyes, whispering, “You also taste good.”

I’m becoming hard again, or was I hard the whole time? I can’t remember.

She touches me again and with a glaze in her eyes she slides down on me, sliding me in her.

And in a dance of passion and lust space and time becoming pointless, we are moaning together, breathing together to the final point.

We become one and at the end we laying there arms in arms, breathless.

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