Surprise! The Changing Room

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Where had she gone? Jonny was at the swimming pool again with his sister, Candi, and he’d spotted Kaitlin. Climbing out of the pool in her skimpy, shiny, pink bikini, her long wet blonde hair hanging down over her perfectly crafted young body, she was every man’s dream, not to mention Jonny. But she had been giving him the signals-sexily strutting along past him, her beautiful ass making Jonny’s lust grow larger, winking at him, licking her lips. Jonny tried his hardest not to let his erection show to the pool, but she was so fit, no man could stop himself from going hard. She kept staring at him, she was flirting, flirting lustfully.

But now Jonny scanned the pool again, and still no sign of her. His heart sank. She was only there five minutes ago, where was she? He started towards the changing rooms to have a shower and freshen up-before he started his search again. He turned to face the pool once more, and stepped back through the door as he did so…

‘Ah!’ came a high scream from behind him, and as he turned around, he nearly fainted from sexual arousal. güvenilir bahis From this point it was obvious Jonny had steeped into the female changing rooms because, lying there, legs apart, was the beautiful Kaitlin, bikini off, her erect nipples rising out of her mountainous wet breasts. And from her legs rose a familiar face…

‘Candi!’ screamed Jonny, trying to cover his 10 inch erect cock. ‘What the-you-wha?’ But before he got an answer, Kaitlin pulled him to his knees

‘You said you wanted me, now come and get me’, and at this point she turned around to reveal her beautiful shaved pussy, dripping wet, but not from the swimming pool. Then Jonny’s sister stood, and his cock got harder. His sister, who he’d always seen as innocent and sweet, was standing over them, naked!

‘Thats right jonny, I was lying. I AM bi-sexual. Me and Kaitlin have been having sex for three weeks now’ said Candi

‘And now its your turn! said Kaitlin, and dragged Jonny up towards the shower. All he could see was the undersides of her large, wet breasts. He felt like he was in türkçe bahis a dream. Kaitlin…she was so HOT!…

He got in the shower, and Kaitlin moved her hands to around his hips, and slowly moved them down his ass. Candi got behind and put them the other way. He felt Kaitlins hands slip his trunks down at the back, and then gasped as his sister’s trembling hands wrapped around his rock hard shaft, and began rubbing.

He turned around to say something, but Candi just moved her lips to his and they kissed, complete with tongues, as he felt his trunks being completely removed in the steamy shower. His cock grew to lengths he never knew it could reach, and touched his sister’s wet pussy She gasped and smiled. He LIKED it, he was actually about to have sex with his sister!

His mind flashed back to the first time he ever caught sight of his sister’s body. WHen she was 15, he saw her in the bath, and that night he dreamed about her. His wildest dream led to masturbation, and though he repeatedly cum over the thought of his sister, he was now about to cum IN her.

As güvenilir bahis siteleri Kaitlin stood behind him rubbing his hands over her body, Jonny’s excitement grew as his sister pushed herself against the wall and moved Jonny against the floor. She began Straddling him, and Kaitlin sat on his face. As he couldn’t stop his tongue from darting up the sweet 18 year old’s pussy, he could hear the increasing pants of his sister as the hot water of the shower dripped down on them and Jonny lay in the position of his sedxual dreams.

Kaitlin began gasping, she was about to cum! Jonny darted his tongue quicker, not able to stop himself in the excitement. Then he felt his penis become warmer, and then felt a tongue around it. His siter was sucking it! Beofre he could react though, there came a huge scream, as Kaitlin climaxed from Jonny’s tongue-twirling. She stood up, before lying down so Jonny could suck her breats

Jonny spoke for the first time in the changing room. ‘Omigod your tittys are sweet!’ as they were pushed into his face. Then he felt the familiar warmth in his rock-hrad cock, one he felt from now on could never go soft. He was-he was…

‘YESSSSSSS! CANDI! AuH! he screamed as he came in the shower. This was the time of his life-and he was ready to do it all again…

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