Surprise visitors


Surprise visitorsYou lean back gently and slide down a little on the couch becoming more comfortable…a slight smile of expectation comes to you. You help me push your skirt up to revel your under-wear – I moan softly and gently press my lips upon you. A slight gasp escapes your lips and you hold my head in your hands pressing me against you. My hands caress your belly and over your breasts…your nipples hardening at my touch. Sliding them down your side I slip your panties over your legs and holding your calves push them up and apart. This time I gasp and lower my tongue and lips upon you making long gentle sweeps…you glisten and taste so sweet and writhe against me as I roll my tongue over your clitoris. I feel it swelling and buzzing as if an electric charge ran through it. As I run my hands up your thighs I feel your breathing labour, my upper lip rubs your clit as my tongue swirls inside you, you strain to close your legs whilst with a shudder your body convulses. I pause and kiss her gently, your inner thighs and your belly…You tell me to undress. You watch me whilst with one hand you play with your breast and the other you rub your pussy. Standing over you naked my cock is hard and rigid and throbbing. You eye me and rub your clitoris – I take myself in my hand and stroke myself slowly to your rhythm… as I squeeze myself my pre-cum drips onto your belly. All that can be heard is our breathing and quiet moans. Your head tilts back as I straddle you and continue to stroke myself. I push my rigid cock down to rub it over your belly… your skin is smooth and I glisten. I feel your body tense again as a slight sweat breaks your skin but before you quiver a noise comes from behind me. You smile…He had silently entered the room naked and stood beside you thick and swollen. A woman’s naked body presses into my back, her nipples hard against my skin and she slides her hands around my belly and, taking my cock, strokes me gently. You take your hand from your pussy and slide glistening fingers into my mouth… 1xbet yeni giriş your taste is heavy and sweet… to then take his thick cock into your mouth slowly circling the purple head until his shaft hardens. I can feel her breathing in my ear as he moans slightly, she rubs her breasts over my back and her strokes quicken. I watch you taking his cock into your mouth as with my free hand I massage your breast and pinch your nipple. Our breathes’ become deeper – I feel myself rising… she senses this and moans in my ear “let it go baby, cum for me” until suddenly I explode all over your breasts and your belly. The first spurt of cum hits you and you look at me and smile and watch as stream after stream lands on you. Bodies slump and voices exclaim… she calmly rubs my cum over your breasts and leans forward to kiss you deeply.As suddenly as she had appeared she disappeared. You sit up and run your hands over your body pushing your breasts together then sliding two fingers deep into your pussy. I stand in front of you swollen and still oozing and watch. He pushes forwards to run his thick cock over your lips. You seem to ignore his advances and massaging my balls motion for me to lie down on the couch. You straddle me, your pussy inches from my face, and you slowly bend over kissing my belly then taking my cock into your mouth. My whole body shudders and I can see how wet you are. Out of the corner of my eye she re-appears with a video camera silently stealing around as you lower your pussy onto my mouth. He comes up from behind you as I swirl my tongue over your clitoris and with one movement buries his cock into your pussy. Your whole body shudders as I become harder and harder in your mouth. He starts to pump his cock inside you as I lick you with long sweeps. You push hard against him to meet him as his pace quickens. My cock now aches it is so hard and I move my hands up to your ass spreading your cheeks and pulling you down against my mouth. You moan loudly and start to buck and I can 1xbet güvenilir mi feel your spasms. He suddenly groans and withdraws and taking his cock in his hand explodes over your back. Your cum oozes from your pussy onto my face and you relax onto me hungrily rolling your tongue over the head of my cock. It throbs in your mouth when I suddenly feel another pair of lips running up and down my shaft.She had given the camera to him and you lift yourself off me so I can sit up. You both kneel in front of me and lick me and suck me and kiss me along with each other. He films you both and I feel like I’m being devoured. Then she straddles me leaning forwards for me to suck her pert breasts. You swing around beside me putting one leg behind my neck as she shifts and slowly lowers herself upon me. Her pussy is incredibly hot and wet as I arch my back to meet her and sensing this she rises just taking the head of my cock into the entrance of her pussy. You lick your fingers and start to rub your clitoris, you pussy is open and exposed and I reach around to slide a finger inside you. Pushing against me you moan softly as she then puts her weight upon me, her arms over my shoulders and her hard nipples rubbing against my chest. Her pussy squeezes me as I throb deep inside her. She starts to gyrate her hips rubbing her clitoris over my pelvic bone. We all seem to move together and I notice that he is now hard again. You sit up slightly as he gives you the camera and I slide my hands over her back and around her ass. Lifting her off my cock I start with long deep strokes as she tosses and bucks, her body becomes tense, our bodies slapping into each other until I feel her spasms rise deep inside her and flood through her body as her moans becomes wails of exultation.He stands beside her and she hungrily jerks and sucks his cock. I lift her up and tease the entrance of her pussy with the head of my cock again, sometimes going a little deeper, sometimes quickening my pace. Looking down I can see I am covered 1xbet giriş in her cum as I reach around to rub her clitoris. With this she seems to melt and becomes still. She pulls my head into her chest and rubs her breasts over my mouth. I can see you filming and playing with yourself, your eyes glazed, your mouth slightly open. You put the camera down and slide your hands erotically over her body. She raises herself off me whilst continuing to suck his cock and massage his balls. We all trade places; he lies down on the couch, she lies on top of him quickly filling her pussy with his thick cock, you sit down in front of me and take me in your mouth whilst I fondle your breasts and squeeze your nipples. You make my cock wet with your saliva and start to run your hand over her ass. Her cheeks are spread wide and we watch as he rhythmically slides in and out of her dripping pussy. I am dripping with excitement and your saliva and picking up the camera again you motion to me to take her from behind. I nestle the head of my cock into the entrance of her ass and slide my hands up and down her back. Pushing slowly into her I feel her shuddering as she lets out a gasp. Half-way in I pull back and dribble saliva over her hole then start to slowly pump my cock in rhythm to their movements. Our pace quickens as she relaxes until we are all lost in pleasure. Sweat starts to bead on her skin as again she wails and spasms pushing herself as hard as she can against the hard cocks filling her. He groans as she spasms again and I can feel his cock thickening then erupting. Her pace quickens and gripping her hips I meet her. He pushes hard inside her as I feel myself welling as she starts to scream in ecstasy until I am overwhelmed and with one last deep thrust explode in her ass.At this everyone collapses breathing hard against each other. I slowly withdraw as a flood of white cum oozes out of her ass. You give me the camera and I focus on you smoothing my cum over her cheeks. She slowly raises herself off him and you take his swollen cock in your mouth and teasingly lick his cum and her cum off him. Cum oozes from her body onto his belly and with a nervous laugh she draws circles around his belly button. My cock is still hard and throbbing as you lead us all to the shower…

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