Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 04

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Darkness had overtaken the campsite, broken only by the flickering light of the campfire we all sat around. Fortunately the girls had behaved the rest of the day, keeping me out of trouble. My wife may be prudish, but when it comes to me checking out other women, she had tremendous radar.

The last thing I needed was for her to even think I was checking out Linda and Emily. It hadn’t cooled down much, still well over ninety as my watch beeped for 11 pm. Linda and my wife were sitting to one side chatting while the three girls talked on the other side of the fire. Mike, Chase and myself talked about fishing and hunting stuff. The usual guy stuff. There was quite a bit of commotion in the campground, even at this hour.

Too hot to sleep and to tired not to, I excused myself, stripped to nothing and lay down on top of the covers. I had the windows all about half down, realizing that no one could really see inside. I was nearly asleep when my wife crawled in to join me, stripping down and lying next to me. She tossed the sheet over herself so no one would see her naked body and tried to go to sleep.

“snuggle me up.” She asked sleepily. Even though it was hot, she always fell asleep if I had her snuggled. The problem was it made me hotter than heck. I tossed the sheet off and spooned up to her, my arm wrapped around her, holding one of her big breasts. I always enjoyed playing with them, and just holding it and being naked with her had my dick growing.

It was soon poking her between the legs, and she lifted a leg and pressed my dick against her pussy before putting her leg down again. I couldn’t have asked for better aim. She has pushed the head of my dick right up to her pussy lips and I could feel from the pressure on my head that as I expanded I was growing right up into her. I was pretty horny anyway, remembering how Linda looked in that skimpy bikini and with gentle pressure from my hips I easily slid up into her wet tunnel.

It wasn’t long before I was gently stroking in and out of her wet pussy, getting gentle moans of pleasure from her. “Horny bastard!” she whispered as I reached my hand from her tit down to her pussy. She moved her leg to give me room and I quickly found her clit. She held her leg up and moaned as I stroked in and out of her and played with her clit at the same time. She groaned deeply and I felt her pussy contract around me as she came.

Now it was my turn. I moved my hand back to her tit, wanting to feel it moving while I screwed her. I pounded into her as best I could laying there on our sides, stroking my wet dick in and out of her pussy as she squeezed it with her legs. Before too long I drove deep into her and fired spurt after spurt of cum into her. We finally fell asleep, both of us satisfied, my dick still embedded deep into her pussy.

I really needed to pee. I looked at my watch and it was a bit past two in the morning. I pulled on my shoes and found my shorts. Getting up as quietly as I could, so I wouldn’t wake my wife, I unzipped the tent door and slipped out, still naked. I wasn’t too worried about being seen, at this hour. Besides I planned on just stepping out of camp and watering a tree. I took one step with my shorts in my hand and peeked into Linda’s tent. Both of them were asleep, naked as I was, trying to stay cool in the hot night. I tossed my shorts over the rope of their tent and walked down the hill and found a good bush to pee on.

I was in the middle of relieving myself when I heard a rustle. I turned my head, not being able to turn my body, and was shocked to see someone walking down the trail that cut behind the camp sites. Any hope that she wouldn’t see me went out the window when she stopped dead in her tracks and looked straight at me. I had left my shorts at the tent so all I could do was hope she didn’t see below the bush. I finished my business and stood, trying to inconspicuously cover myself with my hands.

“Guys are so lucky.” A female voice said. I remembered the voice as belonging to a nice looking lady from just down two sites. She was late twenties and had her two kids with her. We had talked while swimming the other day and I had to admit that she had a pretty hot body in that little bikini she wore.

“How so?” I whispered back.

“You can just whip it out anyplace and pee.”

“Oh. Well, you can go anyplace too.” I answered in a quiet voice as she moved closer to me. If she got much closer she would realize that I was completely naked.

“Not nearly as easy, and when we do everyone gets to see.”

“That’s true.” I whispered as she moved to just past the bush that was between us.

“Whoa. Your naked!” she whispered. Even in the moonlight I could see the smile on her face.

“Um. Yeah. I didn’t expect to meet anyone out here at this hour.”

“Lookin pretty hot too!” she said moving closer.

“Um thanks.”

“So how do you think my body looks?” she asked, the tone of her voice dropping nearly a full octave.

“Pretty good from what I saw at the lake.”

“Oh. güvenilir bahis I can do better than that!” she said pulling her long t-shirt up by the hem, all the way up her body and off over her head, leaving her as naked as I was. “How about now?”

“Pretty good looking.” I said looking at her tits in the moonlight. She stepped closer and pulled one hand from in front of my dick to one of her tits and the other she pressed against her smooth shaved pussy.

“How’s it feel?” she asked as she wrapped one of her hands around my dick, making it instantly grow.

“Um, very fuckable.” I answered as she pressed my hand harder to her pussy.

“You feel pretty good too. I was checking you out at the lake. Looks like you have a pretty good looking cock too.”

“um. Thanks.”

She leaned into me until her other tit was pressing against my bare skin and lifted herself on tiptoes so she could whisper in my ear. “I haven’t been fucked in months. How would you like to stick this big dick into me?”

“I’d love to, but my wife might not like it!” I whispered back.

“Ohhhhh that’s a shame.” She said as she stroked my dick with one hand and pressed my fingers up into her pussy with the other. “You’re sure?” she asked as she started to hump against my hand.

“Pretty sure.” I whispered back as she pushed my hand harder against her pussy.

“right there!” she hissed quietly as she humped against my hand, her stroking of my dick becoming erratic. It was pretty clear from her breathing that she was close to cuming, right there in the woods. I squeezed her tit and twisted her nipple with my thumb and finger, getting a quick intake of breath. “Uhhhh” she grunted as her body gave a slight shudder. I took my hand from her tit and put it around her to hold her close while she regained her balance and composure. We stood like that for several minutes before she released my hand and stepped back. “Thank you! But I still wish you would have fucked me!” she whispered before picking up her shirt where she had dropped it and backing up. She squatted down, completely naked and peed in the trail. Then she blew me a kiss and walked back down the path toward her campsite. I shook my head and walked back up to camp, pausing to rinse my hand at the water bucket before crawling back into the tent.

“Who were you talking to?” My wife asked sleepily.

“Neighbor from down the way headed for the bathrooms.” I answered quietly.

“Oh, ok.” She said simply before rolling over to go back to sleep.

The morning came slightly overcast. It looked like it might rain, so I set up the screen house over the picnic table. This would at least give me a dry place to cook. I made breakfast for everyone, scrambled eggs and bacon and toast. There was a fair amount of chatter around the chairs and table about what to do today. A light rain started before we finished eating and had picked up to a drizzle before dishes were done.

My wife decided she wanted to go shopping since it was going to be so wet, and I fixed her up with directions to Springfield from where we were. Turned out that everyone was going shopping, except for myself, who was going fishing.

In the end Emily decided to stay and read a book. I headed down to the boat wearing my rain suit to get it ready to go out. People don’t like rain, but the fish could care less. Sometimes they even bit better. I was nearly ready to head out when I decided to go back up and get a couple drinks. The truck was gone when I got back to camp so grabbed what I needed and was ready to head back down.

“Mr Mike!” Emily called from her tent. I looked over and she was kneeling with the tent door half unzipped, giving me a full view of her naked body. “You sure you don’t want to come over here before you go fishing?” She asked suggestively.

“You’re not going to quit till you get me to have sex with you are you?”

“Nope!” she answered with a grin.

I shook my head and walked over to the tent. I pulled off my rain suit and set it outside before crawling into the tent. She pushed me over onto the air mattress and zipped the tent closed. “You know if we get caught we’re both dead!” I said a she pulled my shorts and underwear off. She went to work on my shirt and tossed it aside as well.

“Just sit back and relax.” She said as she crawled over my body and lowered her head to my lap. She sucked my semi-hard dick into her mouth and suctioned on it, helping it grow hard. I wasn’t rock hard yet, but she had me firm enough and she moved up my body, aiming my dick at her pussy. “I have waited so long to do this.” She said quietly as she fed my dick into her pussy. She was very wet, and I suspect had been playing with herself before I came back up. “Oh that’s good.” She said as she ground her pelvis against mine. At this stage I was hard, but not raging, but that was soon to change as I grew bigger inside her.

“OOOOOOO” she cried as she started bouncing slowly up and down my growing dick. “OOOOO that feels good!” türkçe bahis she squeaked as I put my hands on her bouncing tits and squeezed and kneaded them.

“Oh yes!! Just like that!” she cried as she bounced faster on my dick, the rain outside picking up along with her. “My god that’s good! Fill me up! I want to feel your cum inside me!” she cried. It had to be obvious to the whole campground that we were fucking. I could only hope that the now pounding rain was drowning us out. I felt her first orgasm wash over her, her bouncing becoming erratic, but she didn’t stop. She just kept going, mumbling now instead of screaming that she wanted my cum. It wasn’t long before she had her wish.

With a deep groan I pushed up into her and unloaded shot after shot of hot sticky cum into her pussy. She collapsed on top of me, her whole body trembling as my dick twitched and pumped inside her. We lay like that for at least five minutes before she moved, allowing my now limp dick to slide from her, uncorking a huge gush of juices. “Jesus that was good!” she panted as she lay on the bed next to me. “I waited so long for that!”

“Glad you liked it. I had no idea you looked at me that way. I thought it was just my male fantasies.”

“oh no… That day when you were in the shower, I had my shorts and panties around my ankles and when you opened that shower curtain, I came right then. God I was sooooo hot for you.”

“So why didn’t you come into the bathroom?”

“I thought you’d be mad at me.”

“I probably would have at the time.” I agreed as she snuggled up against me, resting her head on my chest. I knew the ladies would be gone for hours, it was at least an hour down to Springfield from the lake, so I wasn’t worried about laying with her for a while. Somewhere in there I fell back asleep for a short time. I was aroused by a soft warm mouth working on my dick.

“Good you’re awake. It stopped raining and I want you to fuck me in the lake like you did to mom.”

“In the daylight?”

“Why not. I’ve been down there. I know that you can stand in the water between the bushes and almost no one can see you.”

“Are you trying to get us arrested for indecent exposure?”

“It’s not indecent, and who cares?”

“I do.”

“Fine! We’ll put on our swim suits to walk down there.”

“Well, that’s something.” I said as I picked up my shorts to go get my swim suit.

“Nope! You gotta streak!” she laughed.

“Evil girl.” I said as I opened the door, intentionally leaving it wide open so she was as exposed as I was. She didn’t seem phased though, climbing out of the tent completely naked and walked down the path, her swim suit and towel in hand, but not a stitch on. I pulled my swim suit and water shoes on and followed her down, watching her wiggle her ass. Admittedly there weren’t too many people out and about because of the rain, but still. We reached the water and she tossed her swim suit aside, picked up a noodle and then waded out into the water until it was waist deep next to my anchored boat. I followed her out while she sunk into the warm water. When I caught up with her I sunk into the water as well.

She moved in close to me and pressed her bare tits against my chest while we used the noodles to stay afloat. “You are way too dressed.” She said as she pushed my suit down my legs. I felt her legs push it lower and then pull it up. With a toss it ended up in the boat so we were both naked. “Much better.” She said as she wrapped her legs around me, rubbing her pussy against my hardening dick. “Mmmmmmm lots better.” She said as I got harder. “Do you have any idea how many times we have been swimming in the lake and I wanted to do this to you?” she asked as she reached between us and poked my dick against her pussy lips. She closed her eyes while she worked me into her, inch by inch.

“About as many as I wanted to rip your top off and do this.” I said as I pulled her to me and sucked one of her tits into my mouth.

“OH FUCK!” she groaned as she pulled my ass with her heals, grinding me deeper into her. We had floated out slightly and I couldn’t touch bottom, so I propelled us with my arms until we were back in a bit more secluded recess. The rain had started again, but we didn’t care, the water was much warmer than the rain. Once I could touch again I started humping up into her pussy. She moved to meet my thrusts, making little squeaking noises as I continued to suck her tits, first one and then the other. We both came together, grunting and moaning while I emptied yet another load of juice deep in her pussy. We both just floated for a while, her legs wrapped around me and keeping me inside her. The current carried us from the shore a ways and we just relaxed in the warm water. I was actually startled when I heard water swishing and looked around. The lady from down the way was wading into the water only a few dozen yards from us. There was no way we weren’t going to get caught naked out here.

“We have company.” I whispered to Em.


“The güvenilir bahis siteleri lady from down the way.”

“OH. No problem then.” She said as she leaned back again and closed her eyes. The newcomer swam out and floated a few feet away.

“HI!” she said brightly.

“HI.” I said as I tried to keep Em’s back to her. “How are you doing?”

“Pretty good. My mother has the boys for a few hours, so I came down to swim. I didn’t thing anyone else would be out in this rain. My name is Mary. I don’t think we got introduced last night.”

“We had the same thought about the rain.” Emily said to her over her shoulder. “This is Mike and I’m Emily.”

“Cool good to meet you. Um… Can I ask a personal question?” She asked.

“I suppose.” I answered with a bit of trepidation.

“Are you swimming naked?” Mary almost whispered.

“Uh huh” Emily answered quickly.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?”

“Too late, you already did.” Em said with a grin, swinging us around so we were sideways to her. Between the rain and the water, you really couldn’t tell that Emily didn’t have on a light colored swim suit, but once she was turned it was obvious that she had bare tits. It was also pretty obvious that she had her legs around me and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what else was going on.

“Maybe I should leave you two alone?” she said as she stared moving back away.

“No. It’s ok. You can stay! We’re just relaxing.” Em said.

“You’re sure?”

“Uh huh.”

“Don’t you feel a bit exposed swimming naked?” Mary asked.

“Not much. It’s kind of exciting actually. You should try it!”

“I’m not sure I could do that.” She said quietly.

“You didn’t have any trouble getting naked in front of me last night!” I said quickly.

“That was different. It was just you and me.”

“Well, it’s just us.” Emily said “Let’s go back over there where we can touch bottom.” She said pointing to a bit more secluded portion of the cove by the boat. She started stroking backwards, dragging me along, and in the process making her tits stand out above the water. It took a few minutes for us to get back over there, but Mary kept pace easily and stayed with us. “There now we can touch bottom.” Em said, finally letting go of me with her legs to stand up.

“That is a bit better. Are you sure no one can see?” Mary asked, looking around.

“Oh I’m sure someone could, but that’s what makes it exciting.” Em said.

“I’m not so sure about this.”

“How bout if Mr Mike helps you out of your suit?” Em suggested, giving me a wink.

“I don’t know. Maybe.” She said. “I did enjoy last night.” She finished, cocking her head to the side a little bit as she turned and pushed her back against me. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted. I untied the top string and then reached between us to untie the back string. I slipped my hands around her body and cupped her firm b cup breasts with my hands, squeezing the material and her breasts firmly before sliding the material up her body. I wadded up the material and tossed it on the back of the boat. I reached back around her and covered her breasts with my hands, firmly squeezing her tits several times before moving my hands enough to get her nipples between my fingers. I squeezed her nipples, getting a quick intake of breath and then a gentle moan a she pushed back harder into me.

I continued to massage her breasts only for a minute before I started tracing small lines back and forth across her chest and stomach, slowly working my way down her body. She shuddered slightly as I slipped a finger under the elastic of her suit bottom and began pushing it down, slowly tracing across her pubic mound as I worked the material lower.

Finally I was running my fingers across her shaved pussy lips and couldn’t go any farther down. I wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her up higher, bringing her whole top out of the water while I slipped her bottoms off her legs. She helped by pulling them up her body, stretching them out in a V in front of her after I had her bottoms off. I tossed the material onto the boat with the rest and then lowered her down into the water again. I felt her hand first, finding my hard dick, how could I not be hard undressing a woman, and then felt the softness of her pussy as she pressed the head of my dick to her lips.

“OH YES” she moaned as she wiggled her hips around to get me into her. She was extremely tight and we were a bit short of lubrication, but she was determined to get me all the way inside her. I looked over at Em, wondering what she thought about this, but she had moved to slightly shallower water and seemed to be busy rubbing her tits with one hand, and I suspected something else with the other.

“OH GOD!” Mary said loudly when she finally hit the full length of my shaft. “God this feels so fucking good”

“Glad you approve.” I joked.

“Just shut up and fuck me!” she half growled.

“Fine!” I said taking a few steps shallower. I set her feet on the ground and bent her over, holding onto her arms so she had some leverage. I started pumping my dick in and out of her pussy, pulling her back toward me with her arms.

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