Surprised By Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 09


As much as the previous evening and morning were incredible, yet confusing, the day at work was pleasantly normal. My mind really needed it to try to get a handle on what had happened, and this apparently new relationship with both Linda and Emily.

I tried texting my wife a number of times, and the only thing I got back was “shopping… wait till I get home!”

I got off work and walked in the door of an empty house. I sat in my chair and texted my wife to seen when she would be getting home and received a simple, “Won’t be home for dinner.” I decided to get a burger to eat and was sitting in my recliner watching tv around seven when I heard the garage door open.

“Hello lover!” My wife called as she walked into the house. I could hear three sets of shoes coming down the short hallway from the garage door toward the family room. I sat in total shock, my jaw hanging wide open as I looked at my wife standing with Linda and Emily.

My wife is far from young any longer, the two of us in our forties, but I’ve told her for a long time she looked only thirty, with a trim body and muscular legs. An hour of workout each morning didn’t hurt any either. Her new outfit seemed to accentuate all her best features, and was, if nothing else, stunning. It was also so completely different from anything I have ever seen her wear. I have bought things for her for years, slinky lingerie, sexy tops, but I have never been able to get her to wear them, even at home in the bedroom. Now here she stood, wearing four inch black heels, black stockings framing her muscular legs, and I was quite sure they were stockings since I could see the tops of them peeking out from under a miniskirt that was incredibly short. Above the hip hugging miniskirt, she wore a silver satiny halter top covering her tits, wiggling enticingly as she set down her shopping bags, her hard nipples clearly visible beneath the thin material testifying to the fact that she didn’t have any kind of bra on.

“What do you think?” She asked as she turned once for me and then strode over leaning down over my chair. She placed her hands on the arms of the chair to support herself and then leaned down and kissed me gently on the lips. “Do you like my shirt? I’ve been watching all the men stare at my tits all afternoon. I’ve been waiting for you to touch them, wondering how it will feel to have your fingers tease my nipples through the material.”

I reached my hands up and used the backs of my fingers to stroke across her hard nipples, the slick material yielding to my touch.

“Ohhhh yes. I’m so horny for you. “I want you to fuck me so bad. Would you like to guess what kind of panties I’ve been wearing all day?” she whispered to me, between kisses on my cheek and neck.

“Oh, what kind are you wearing?” I asked quietly.

“Why don’t you find out?”

I moved one hand down her front, gently stroking her body as I worked my hand slowly down the front of her tiny skirt, slipping my fingers up her thigh until my fingers touched her naked wet pussy lips. “You aren’t wearing any?” I half asked, half stated.

“Uh huh.” She said with a grin. “Watch this!”

She gave me a gentle kiss and then pushed herself off of me and walked over to her bags. She bent over with her legs straight, her tiny skirt riding up her round ass as she did. She was three quarters of the way bent over when I could see the first glimpse of her wet lips, and by the time she was reaching into the bag, I had a clear view of her pussy lips gleaming with her moisture. “I wonder how many men were looking at just the right time to see what you’re seeing right now?” She asked as she straightened up, holding a package. “You’ve been buying sexy things for me for years, and you always wanted me to wear them. I’ll make a deal with you. From now on, I’ll wear the sexy things you by for me, as long as you promise to wear the sexy things I buy for you.” She said as she took a few steps toward me.

It was a surprisingly hard decision. For years I wanted her to become a bit more free, wear the sexy things, I bought for her, but I seemed to have unleashed a monster. Now the question was, did I want to keep her going this way?

I looked over at Linda, wearing a short gray dress, looking quite sexy, and Emily wearing a halter top dress that accentuated her tits. Clearly it was a packaged deal. I stood up and walked over to my wife, taking her free hand, I pulled her toward me, and kissed her gently. “On one condition. Just like you asked me to never have sex with Linda and Em without you, I need you to promise the same thing. Neither of us have sex with anyone else without us being together.”

“Worried about me going out and getting laid by some strange man?” she asked, staring into my eyes.

“Actually yes.”

“Good, I wanted you to be worried.” She said quietly. She shook her hand from mine and held it out toward Emily, who put a small handful of black material in it. She held the damp material to my nose atakent escort to smell. “Just so you know, I wore these until I was home.” She said with a grin. “I was horny all day, but I wasn’t about to show off everything. Yes, I’ll make that pact with you. We never have sex with anyone else unless the other is there as well, or we give permission in advance.” She said with a grin. She reached her face to mine and kissed me gently. “Now what about that other part? Will you wear what I buy for you in return?”

“Yes.” I said simply, her free hand gently stroking my hard dick through my pants.

“Good.” She said with a grin. “Now, from now on, no more whitey tighties. I want you wearing underwear just as sexy as I will be, so, take off your clothes.”


“Why not. It’s not like Linda and Em haven’t seen your hard dick before.”

“I guess that’s true.” I said as I started pulling my shirt off. Emily stepped over and helped me undress, giggling as she stroked my hard dick a few times when it came into view.

“Now, here’s your new underwear.” Nancy said as she opened a bag and pulled out a pair of men’s bikini underwear. She squatted down, her knees up and apart, revealing her wet lips under her short skirt while she held out the underwear for me to step into. She slid them up my legs and over my hips, trying to tuck my rock hard dick into them. “Hmmmm. Doesn’t seem like this is going to fit, does it?” she asked, pulling them back down to expose all of my dick and stroking it gently. Would you ladies mind if I rode my husband for a few minutes? I really don’t think that it’s going to take either of us more than a few minutes to get this back to normal size.”

“Sure, I need a drink of water anyway.” Linda answered turning and walking toward the kitchen.

Nancy stood up and led me to my chair, and sat me down on the edge pushing me backward. She turned to face away from me, straddling my legs, and hiked her short skirt up. I watched as she reached between her legs, grasping my hard dick and rubbing it around her wet lips.

“I always wondered what it would be like to fuck fully dressed.” She said, punctuated with a moan as she lowered herself down onto my dick. “I’ve been wanting to feel you inside me all afternoon.” She cooed as she started to ride up and down my shaft.

“Oh god yes.” I groaned, reaching for her ass under her skirt and squeezing her firm cheeks.

Emily knelt down in front of the two of us. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could tell by my wife’s change in speed and motion that she was either sucking her tits or playing with her clit, or both. Either way, her rocking motion in addition to the stroking she was doing as she rode up and down my dick was driving me quickly to the brink.

“Ohhhhhh!” I groaned as my body went rigid, jerking uncontrollably with each shot of cum that my dick pumped up into my wife’s hot pussy.

“YES!” she screamed as her whole body shook while she ground herself down on my spurting dick. “OH YES!” She cried again as her orgasm was pushed to new heights by Emily’s activities. The two of us slowly relaxed while Emily stood up and walked over to the desk chair, pulling down her panties before she sat down.

Nancy and I sat and recovered while Emily, propped her feet up on the chair, her knees spread wide, and worked her pussy with her fingers, brining herself off in only a few minutes.

“Well, now that that’s done, do you want to see what we bought?”

“I thought you were wearing it.” I answered as Nancy stood up, allowing my softened dick to slip from her. She turned around and pulled my new underwear up over my deflated dick and then went and collected her bags.

“Nope, we have a variety of items to show you. What do you think girls, should we show him what we got?”

“Why not?” Linda said with a smile. “Do you want to just change here, or in the other room?”

“I think the other room.” Nancy answered as the led them into the living room.

I was treated to a short, but extremely sexy fashion show, featuring a variety of outfits. My wife came out first wearing a combination pink and animal print mini dress that had one short sleeve, and angled down across her breasts to her other side. That side of the dress top was three ties across her side from her nipple level to her waist that allowed a lot of her skin to show, and guaranteed that there was no way to wear a bra of any kind with it. The skirt portion of the dress fit snuggly across her hips and was short enough that if she wanted to she would have no trouble flashing her panties, or more. I loved it and showed my appreciation when she came over to kiss me, giving her my hottest kiss in return.

While Nancy was getting her second dress on, Emily showed her second outfit, a form fitting spandex dress that had such a short skirt portion that her pussy and the bottom of her ass cheeks were visible when she akbatı escort bent over, and didn’t completely cover back up until she pulled it back down again. The white material and bright colored flames extending both up and down from the edges made her look extremely sexy.

Linda was wearing one new outfit when she came in, a gray scoop back dress that accentuated her breasts while the wide bottom hem fit snuggly against her thighs, the bottom hem only six inches or so below the tiny black thong panty I had seen peaking from below the dress when she bent over to get a glass from the dishwasher in the kitchen. Her second outfit was a dark purple minidress that had a drape neck, the back being little more than a pair of gold chains holding the sides and neck of the dress in place. She came over and leaned over me to give me a kiss, showing me that as she bent over I had a clear view down her chest to her hard nipples.

My wife’s second outfit was a snug black mini dress that wrapped snuggly around her hips, and had two wide strips of material that went up and over her breasts, forming the cups of what looked almost like a bikini top. The neck strap of the top was a silver chain, and the cups were held in place with a small tie that extended around her back. Between the two strips running up her front were a zigzag of strings that allowed you to see through from her navel to her neck. The top hugged her big tits, making them look even larger, and she showed me that the bottom was easily pulled up to her waist so she could flash me any amount of her that she wished, or all of her if she chose.

Emily came out in an outfit that was certainly not a dress. It consisted of a tiny white panty and bra set that were connected by a pair of strings. The top barely covered half of her large breasts and the outfit had several bows that looked like they would let the whole thing come apart if pulled. After showing off, and walking over to make sure my hard dick was reasonably comfortable, sticking out the top of the bikini underwear that weren’t large enough to hold me when hard, she moved over to stand by the tv, waiting for her mother to come back out.

Linda came out in a long black gown, the entire thing being a see through mesh material, with one fat band of satin that wrapped around her body covering one tit and her pussy as it spiraled down to the tops of her four inch spike heels.

“Last one!” My wife called as she walked into the room in a pair of high lift sandals. The dress she had on was, to say the least incredible. The dress consisted of a shimmery black skirt that fit snuggly across her hips, extending from her navel to only a few inches below her crotch. There was a teal colored neck strap about two inches wide made of another satin looking material. Between the two were two six inch wide straps of the teal material, attaching to the skirt a few inches apart, extending around the waist, and then running up the front of her body, across her tits and attaching to the neck band. She stepped over to me and pulled and played with the teal material, showing me how she could expose her tits at will. “This is going to be so much fun to tease you with. I think I’ll wear this outfit when we play cards tomorrow!”

“You’re going to wear that for John and Sandy?” I asked, realizing that this was our week to play cards with our friends.

“Sure, why not? Don’t I look sexy in it?”

“Oh, believe me, you do! I just wondered if that was what you wanted to wear?”

“You don’t like my new look?” She asked with a pout.

“I didn’t say that.” I said realizing I had just stuck my foot in it. “I just don’t want to surprise them. You do have to admit this is a bit of a change.”

“Oh. I see. No, I think it’ll be ok. I’ll call Sandy and let her know I’m going to wear a new dress.”

“That should work.” I said, relaxing at averting messing things up.

“Well, now that that’s settled, I promised Linda and Em that they could play before they went home. I’m sure you won’t mind helping them get undressed so they can put on something more… appropriate for going home.

“Come on Mister Mike!” Emily said stepping over and taking my hand to pull me up. “I have a few bows for you to pull. Some of them will let you see more and some… well they’re just for show.”

“And don’t forget about me!” Linda said, sliding up to me in her black gown.

I pulled the bows on Em’s tiny white outfit one at a time while Linda crouched down, pulling my new underwear down as she did. My hard dick was sticking out, fully hard as she helped me step out of the underwear. She gently grasped my dick and blew her hot breath across my engorged head. I felt her mouth close around my dick, her tongue swirling on the sensitive part under the head as I allowed the white top to fall from Em’s tits, leaning down and sucking a nipple into my mouth.

“Oh yes. I love the way you suck my tits. aksaray escort God it makes me want to fuck you sooooo bad!”

I pulled the last of the ties on her bottom and tossed the outfit aside, stroking my fingers down to her pussy and between her already wet lips.

“My turn.” Linda said, releasing my cock and standing up. She stood next to me, her arms over her head, waiting patiently for me to move to her.

I released Em, after giving each of her hard nipples one more quick suck. I leaned down and grasped a portion of the material just above her waist, and pulled slowly upward. I slowly uncovered her body, an inch at a time, until I was pulling the material up over her head. She lowered her arms around my neck, gently kissing my lips as I lowered my arms and dropped the black material to the ground. I felt a hand pull us gently toward the sofa.

Linda broke the kiss as Em pulled her down until she was sitting on the sofa. Em sat down next to her and draped a leg over Linda’s. I watched as each of them reached into the others lap, gently stroking each other’s clits. “Ok Mister Mike, take turns and let’s see which of us lasts longer. I’m willing to bet that Mom is gonna cum before I do.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Linda said with a laugh as I moved between Emily’s legs. I leaned over her and pressed my dick into her wet pussy, quickly stroking in and out of her for a good dozen strokes before pulling out abruptly. I quickly moved between Linda’s legs and pressed my dick to her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhh.” She moaned as I pressed slowly into her. “Oh god that feels good.” She groaned as I started stroking into her wet pussy. I did twelve strokes, all long and slow, before pulling out to move back to Emily.

“OH FUCK!” Emily cried as I rammed my dick into her pussy. I stroked hard and fast, driving into her a dozen or so times, my hips slapping against her body and making her huge milk filled tits wiggle. She hadn’t nursed all day and her tits were fully engorged, little streams spraying on the three of us while I fucked her. I was about to pull out and switch, when I felt a hand on my ass, pressing me back into Emily. The hand continued to squeeze and press on my ass in time with my strokes, helping me drive deep into Em until her whole body trembled with the beginnings of her orgasm.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YES!” she screamed as her whole body quaked, her tits squirting milk in several directions, the tiny streams spraying around like a sprinkler as my pounding into her pussy wiggled her full tits. I continued to stroke into her until her climax was past and on the way down, only then pulling out of her and moving back to Linda, my wife stepping back to let me move.

I pressed back into Linda, and my now naked wife knelt down next to us, replacing Emily’s fingers with her own, her mouth covering one of Linda’s tits as I started stroking in and out of her pussy. I stroked long and slow while Nancy stroked her clit with one hand and sucked her tit. I felt her pussy tremble inside as she began to climax, her whole body following moments later. I continued to stroke into her, long and slow until her climax had passed, my wife pulling her face from Linda’s tits.

“Come here.” Linda said to my wife as I pulled my still hard dick from her pussy. I stepped back and allowed Linda to pull Nancy between her legs by the hand, and then pull her down until she could suck my wife’s large tits. The position gave me the perfect view as she stood straight legged, bent at the waist. I stepped behind her and pressed my dick slowly into her tight tunnel.

“Ohhhhh god yes. Fuck me. Fill me with your hot cum!” She cried as I started sliding in and out of her wet hole. I banged into her time and again my hips slapping into her firm ass, wiggling her hanging tits while Linda sucked on one of them and stroked her clit with her free hand.

“OH god oh god oh god!” Nancy mumbled as her orgasm started to wash over her. Her whole body shook and trembled as she groaned, her pussy clenching my dick and pushing me over my own limit.

I groaned with my wife while my body spasmed, my dick pumping shot after shot of cum deep into her pussy as she collapsed panting on top of Linda, my now free dick spurting the last few shots of cum across her ass and pussy. I stood panting while I watched my cum drip off of her ass and out of her pussy, leaking down onto Linda’s pussy.

“Well, that was fun!” My wife said as she pushed herself up, the rest of my cum leaking from her pussy and running down her leg. “Looks like you must have been pretty turned on by the amount you left in me.”

“I guess looking at you three sexy women in all those hot outfits might have had some effect.” I said, holding a hand out to Linda and Emily to help pull them up off the sofa. They stood up and then turned me and pushed me onto the sofa, telling me I had to sit and watch them dress to go home. To my surprise, that consisted of putting all their new clothes back in the bags and putting on their high heels. They both came over, naked except for their shoes and leaned down, kissing me wetly in turn before they waved goodbye and headed out the door undressed as they were.

“Now, you just sit and relax a bit while I go get cleaned up and put away my new clothes. I hope you liked them.”

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