Surprised Work Sex Ch. 2


I love having sex. And the more spontaneous the better. However, being married doesn’t give me the opportunity to have sex often. Rarely is more the case. But an unusual thing happened to me on one business trip. This is the 2nd half of the story.

I guess the wear and tear from the night before showed on both our faces as we were sitting in the meeting room. As I looked over the group, it seemed that there were more tired people than just the two of us. Sandy rolled into the meeting a few minutes after I did and she looked pretty good for someone who was worn out. As we were sitting listening to the guest speaker, I felt like I was going to fall asleep. Finally, after an hour and a half of boring us with work plans, we broke for break. I jumped up and went over to say hi to Sandy who was talking to a few others. One was our district manager and she was a royal bitch. She was giving Sandy the ‘nth degree and as soon as I arrived, she started to give me the same treatment. “Where were you last night? Did you know about the meeting? We only had one person show. How can I make myself clear? When we have a meeting, you must attend.”

Irritated, I fired back, “And when did you tell us???”

“The email I sent yesterday afternoon.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be nice if you sent it when we could read it? We were on the road here yesterday.” I think I was being really too strong, but, it was said.

She looked at me and she spit fire. “I’m sorry. I was unaware that it would take so long to get here.” She looked at the rest of the group. And what seemed like punishment, she continued, “Well. I expect everyone to be at the meeting upstairs right after dinner. We’ll have to make up what we missed. So expect a long evening.” She turned and walked away.

Everyone looked at each other in disappointment. I looked directly into Sandy’s eyes and the real disappointment showed. ‘Oh well, the fantasy was nice while it lasted,’ I thought.

The rest of the day sucked. Boring meetings, lousy lunch and dinner was pathetic. No one was talking at all.

We went up to the meeting room to sit and listen to the bitch for the next several hours. We were there for almost an hour when one of the other district managers atakent escort came in an announced that our manager had gotten food poisoning during dinner and she would not be holding this meeting.

The cheers went up and we all rushed out of the door and down to the bar to celebrate. Sandy stayed away, but I knew she was doing it to keep suspicion down. After some idle chat I noticed that Sandy left with another co-worker. I was confused, but I figured if anything was going to happen she would find me. (I hope)

I faded out of the gathering and headed to my room. Being exhausted I figured I’ll go take a shower and wake up. I got to my room and started to get undressed. I flipped on the TV and sat on the bed for a bit. I fell asleep.

I was awaken to noise in my room. Startled, I jumped up. It was Sandy and our other co-worker, Gayle. They were putting a bag on the table and they were laughing. I was partially dressed, but I did have the right parts covered.

They both were giggling like they were drunk. I got dressed again as they were talking about their husbands being lousy in bed. Gayle was average looking, nothing spectacular. She was telling Sandy how she loved sex and her husband was boring. She went on saying that she was fucking her husband’s friend when her husband came home and caught her with his friend pumping her pussy. All her husband said was to clean the carpet when they were done. I couldn’t believe the details Gayle was going into. My dick was creating a tent in my pants. But Sandy was really getting turned on. I was watching her hand moving under the table on her lap rubbing hard and slow. Gayle was oblivious to this.

Okay, I thought…’Am I going to fuck two women at the same time? Was that Sandy’s fantasy?’ This was so intense. I looked into Sandy’s eyes and saw the devilish side of her again. Mmmm… My ultimate fantasy was about to cum true. My dick was starting to hurt with excitement.

Gayle yawned and looked at Sandy, “Sandy, I’m exhausted…I think I’m going back to my room and get some sleep.”

Ouch!!!! Talk about deflating my dick fast… Sandy looked up at Gayle as she was getting up and suggested akbatı escort that I walk her back to her room to make sure she gets there. Looking at me, Sandy told Gayle that she was tired too and she was going to head to her room soon. She was going into the bathroom as we walked out of the room.

We got to Gayle’s room and went in. I wanted to get back to Sandy and have fun with her. Gayle wanted me to stay with her and talk. Trying to be political, I stayed for a little, hoping that Sandy would understand.

Gayle then asked me, “Do you think I’m sexy?”

I said sure.

“Would you fuck me? I mean really fuck me?”

Not knowing where this was going, I said, “Gayle, if I wasn’t so tired, I would go down and eat you silly. Then, I would fuck your brains out.”

“Oh, nice.” Gayle said as she was peeling off her pants.

Wow, T-back panties and a great ass around it. Oh, did I want to stay. But, I didn’t want to hold up Sandy. I said goodbye to Gayle who came up to me and gave me a huge kiss. Her tongue was in my mouth and hands all over me. My dick was stiff and I let me hands roll down her back to her ass and between the crack. Boy, she was soaked.

She let up and said that she wanted to take me up on the offer soon. I left with soaked hands and a very stiff dick.

When I go back to my room, I found Sandy under the covers. Smiling.

“What took you so long?” Sandy said as if she knew what Gayle was up to.

“Gayle was horny and wanting to talk to me about it.” I said honestly.

“Did you say anything about us?”

“No, I just told her that her husband doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

Sandy smiled and said, “Are you ready to fulfill my fantasy?”

Smiling I just nodded and went over to the bed, pealed back the covers. Sandy was naked, but she had a razor, shaving cream, and bananas right next to her.

The look on my face told her I was confused. But she chimed in, “My fantasy is to have sex with the bananas any way possible, but I also want to shave my pussy. Can you help me?”

I took off my clothes and said sure, follow me to the bathroom.

I got her in the bathroom and had her aksaray escort sit on the seat. I lathered her pussy up and away I went. I finished in about 10 minutes, including having stand up and bend over so I could get between her legs. She looked HOT. I told her to take a quick shower to get cleaned up and find her way to the bed.

She hopped into the shower and was out in a flash. I was waiting for her on the bed and she jumped me and put her pussy right on my nose.

“How does it look?”

I was licking her wildly. Her bald pussy looked so hot that I didn’t want to stop. But she wanted the fruit. She peeled the banana and handed it to me. It was rather stiff for a banana and I let it play with her pussy lips before I stuck it in. Sandy was moaning pretty hard as I was up and down her lips. She was ready for a banana fucking and I slid it in. It went in smoothly. She screamed and jumped. When she moved, the banana broke. I grabbed the end still in her pussy and pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth. She already had another banana ready. I shoved it right in and she moved with my banana fucking. In and out. I kept it up for a while. She then reached down and pulled it out and stuck the banana in her mouth.

“Fuck me”, was all she said.

I tossed her on the bed and let my very stiff cock slide into the banana covered pussy. It felt weird. I pumped her slow with the full length of my dick. I was about to cum and she wanted my dick in her mouth, so, I 69’nd her. Her tongue was all over my dick up and down. Ohhhh, God did it feel good.

Her banana tasting pussy was soaked. It tasted sooooo good. I licked it so hard that I was bouncing her up and down. I couldn’t stand it and I blew my wad into her mouth. I think she was a little surprised by it but she took it all down. I flipped back around with her and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke a short time later to her moaning. She was shoving another banana in her pussy and she was tickling her clit. I was getting my hard-on and I put her on all fours and rammed my dick into her hard. I didn’t last long, neither did she. She was cumming as I shot my wad into her.

I told her that this was so much fun I wish it wouldn’t end. She smiled and said that her friend at a local hotel gives her free rooms anytime she wants them. And she smiled big, long and hard.

We both crawled back into bed and I thought, ‘How nice this relationship is going to be.’

Email me what you think and I’ll email you back. If you had experiences like this, I’d like to here them too.

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