Surreptitious Love Ch. 096


Chapter 96 — Once more at the old Hotel with Nguyet

Naturally, Nguyet and I were keen on spending another two hours at the old vintage hotel, as it was to be sold, perhaps even be demolished, and then couldn’t function as love nest anymore. Last week, she had ascribed the role of an investor to me, who she was showing around, using her allure to convince me to buy and jacking up the price. She had been wearing a simple Asian robe in black, pink, and white, as well as snazzy white tights and high heels. Our ruse escaladed nicely, climaxing on an old snooker table but, in the end, we hadn’t reached the three-quarters of a million that the Japanese were purportedly willing to pay. So she had to offer herself one more time.

Three days before we were to meet, she called me, excited that her young lover Vu, who was one of my former students, was back in town. Leaving our coy, demure role-play behind us instantly, I suggested to meet with Vu at the hotel for a threesome. We had long been planning to bang Nguyet senseless–which had been her idea, actually–but Nguyet only suggested to save the idea for later. Her thighs were probably still sore from her passionate encounter with her beau, who had been at his forestry college in the mountains ever since February.

Like I just said, the previous week Nguyet had ridden me on an old billiard table, but now she proposed to fill the bathtub in one of the two suites. She would put on fresh bedsheets and then we could spoil each other over lunch. As Vu was back in town, her need to get banged was down, but she might have been short on tender caresses as that didn’t seem to be exactly his forte. Anyway, I suggested to go and have coffee, first, to warm up for a sensual afternoon. Nguyet offered to buy lunch somewhere, which we could then eat at the café. Staunch exhibitionist that she was, perhaps she wanted to air out her snatch a bit.

To keep within the loop, I asked my young blind masseuse Hanh if the Filipinas or Nguyet had been back at her parlor. But, no, neither of them had showed up, but Mrs. Yen, our mature friend, had mobilized her large circle of female friends who were now showing up regularly at Hanh’s place. She was nicely busy, raking in cash for her inimitable pussy massages. The word of mouth seemed to be working splendidly, and Hanh and I agreed to see each other again the following week.

So, Nguyet and I met in a café where we hadn’t been for a while. She had bought fried noodles with beef and egg and began to eat immediately. I lit a ciggie first, however, and we ordered iced coffee. While she was eating, Nguyet kept glancing at me over the edge of her styrofoam container. She was wearing a simple light blouse and a dark skirt, like so often when she had still been working at our private English center. She hadn’t shaved her legs, as I had noticed when we were picking a table and then sitting down, but I didn’t care. Which she knew. I found her beautiful as she was and couldn’t wait to slowly undress her and play with her in the warm water. In my mind’s eye, I saw her large, wild market-woman pussy with her beveled, black inner lips, her relatively large clit and–for such a petite woman–super large, dense, pitch-black bush.

Speaking of: Nguyet had her exhibitionist leanings, and three or four years ago, she would regularly remove her panties from under her skirt in public places. Looking at her today, this all seemed far away, but then she still was the adventurous young woman, harboring the same desires, and so I asked bluntly (but also kind of semi-factitiously):

“Do you feel like taking off your panties?”

She laughed: “Who says that I’m actually wearing any?!”

“Ha! Touché.”

Well, yes, there she was: the sassy, classy lady who was somewhat misplaced in our small, provincial town. I shot her a knowing smile across the table and just kept eating.

After another 30 seconds or so, she had changed her mind and lifted up her skirt, after she had checked if no one was watching. She showed my her nondescript fine-rip white underwear, from which a few black hairs were sticking out as usual. Her panties seemed a little older; I had probably seen and sniffed them before. Even though it was kinda dark under her skirt, I could still see her outer labia bulging towards me, which was nice. Nguyet’s was the most attractive, snazziest, and savoriest pussy–clad and naked–that I knew.

She had been watching my face the whole time I was looking between her legs and was, obviously, enjoying her power. Her small, precious bosom was heaving considerably, but she didn’t seem to want to remove her underwear.

“What do you want to do today?” she asked, straightforward but also somewhat surprisingly, while she was straightening her skirt and closing the empty styrofoam container.

I briefly thought of asking her again to take off her panties but then swallowed and replied:

“Well, there are like two images or stories that keep popping up in my mind: One is that you’re lying on a bed, in your not-so-attractive greenish dress with no underwear. The room is ankara dansöz escortlar fairly dark and you’re pretending to be asleep. I then caress you, arouse you, and eventually mount you. You know, like you told me that’s what you did with the father of your child…”

She looked at me, mentioning briefly that he wasn’t so great in the caressing department, but then we got disrupted by the young, cute waitress who was filling up our tea glasses again. Nguyet got up to go to the restroom, and when she was sauntering back to the table two minutes later, I could see her crumpled underwear in her left hand, which she then stuffed into her backpack with an impish smile, before she sat down again nonchalantly and looked at me.

“Have you met Vu already?” I asked immediately, as talking about her missing underwear would only ruin the thrill.

She nodded proudly, with her tongue between her teeth: “Sure, he came by my office yesterday for lunch.”

“And, I presume, he also came in you?”

“You bet. Twice, actually,” she laughed.

She still seemed happy that young Vu, who was extremely handsome, couldn’t get enough of her. She was probably his only MILF-girlfriend. She was a dozen years older than him. He perhaps wasn’t completely faithful to her, but they had a tantalizing relationship, as far as I could tell. Vu was really after every skirt.

“Do you still want to get banged into oblivion by him and me?” I asked seriously.

Back last fall, Nguyet had proposed that Vu and I fuck her as often as we could–which probably would be five times combined in like two hours. Or less. We still hadn’t done it, though, as we hadn’t been able to agree on a venue. And when we decided to do it outdoors at the thermal springs, the weather had been inclement. And then, after Tet, Vu had had to go back to his small college n Pleiku. But now he was back in town, and Nguyet could be sure that he’d satisfy her voracious sexual appetite.

Nguyet looked hot as she was lolling in her chair, settling in a position for a short exhibitionist episode. I mean, why had she, otherwise, taken her panties off?! But she understood that blatantly flashing wasn’t exactly what aroused me. And so she pulled her skirt up four inches, and opened her legs. When I looked between them, under her skirt, it could have been a pair of black panties. That’s how dark and dense her bush was. One couldn’t see her labia, like she didn’t even need underwear if its sole purpose was to cover her pussy. Her hair could do that. But I started to wonder if she didn’t try out various poses in front of a mirror. That’s how good she was at exposing herself.

“Well, Ben, I could lie down on a bed with no underwear, sure…” she returned to our previous topic. “And then you can arouse me with all your art and get me wet…” she laughed.

When I nodded excitedly but didn’t say anything in reply, she continued: “No, sure, I’d find that exciting myself… get spoiled passively. Why do you think I kept telling you this story?!” she added, like I had been too stupid to realize it myself.

“Well, when? Next time? I mean, today it would be kinda stupid to send you to the hotel five minutes ahead of me, so that you can take your panties off and lie down upstairs…”

She laughed: “That’s true… I don’t know… soon, Ben.”

With these words, she pulled her skirt slowly closer towards her belly with her two index fingers, before she pressed the fabric against her upper part of her pubic mound and her bellybutton. Opening her legs a little further, she was exposing the lower half of her hairy triangle and her pussy proper, which reminded me of a large coffee bean.

Wow! A warm shiver of barely containable lust was rushing through my torso, up from my crotch, through my heart and even shoulders, and I felt an erection developing.

“Nguyet, our role-play was great, but I find it so refreshing to be sitting here with you, just like in the old days, without any masquerade.”

She nodded zealously and exclaimed: “Oh, speaking of old times: Do you know who I’m working with again?”

I thought about it for a second: “Thuy?”

There was no one else I knew there.

“Bingo!” she almost yelled and cracked up.

Thuy was a young, kind colleague, who was about the same age, height, and stature as Nguyet, lust a little rounder with bigger tits. Thuy had noticed back in the day, four years ago, that Nguyet was having an affair and, inexperienced as she was, we had coaxed her into several threesomes. Nguyet had actually been present when I had deflowered Thuy. Twice, Thuy and I had also done it just the two of us: once at the model home where they worked in the ‘burbs, and the other time, we had bumped into each other on a rainy day at the supermarket, and I had taken her to a cheap hotel. I loved Thuy’s round tits, which reminded me of potatoes. And she had bow legs, which I loved, for some reason. She had a slight pigment disorder too, as some of her eye lashes were white and her hair, including her bush, was only brown, not black like everyone else’s.

“You may remember that she ankara saatlik veren escortlar got married…” Nguyet picked up the thread again.

I nodded.

“But it’s already over. She’s moved back in with her parents…” Nguyet said pensively.

“Geez, that as shame…” was all I could say. “Does she have a child, at least?”

Having a baby was super-important to any woman here in Vietnam.

“Yeah, she has a little baby girl; she’s about eight months now… do you wanna meet Thuy again?”

I didn’t know if Nguyet meant right then but nodded, while I was looking one more time under the hem of her skirt, which had fallen back onto her thighs. Well, her clandestinely presenting her snatch had been hotter in the past but it was still a darn good thrill. I just loved her nonchalance. And, no, it was pretty damn hot! She understood the impact that such little ruses made and wasn’t shy to act on them. But just when I detected some glistening nectar along her labia and a few sour pearls on one of the longest hairs, she crossed her legs to scroll through her phone.

We ordered another round of coffee to digest some more before we would take off. Nguyet started to speak in Vietnamese, and I heard the word for ‘hotel’. She was probably asking Thuy to come to the hotel. I didn’t know if the bathtub was big enough for the three of us, but the old vintage building certainly was.

“Was that Thuy?” I asked, once Nguyet had ended the call.

“Yes, but she’s back at her mom’s, breastfeeding. So, another time. She’ll be back in our office at two. But she wants to see you, too,” she added and laughed.

“Well, yeah, another time then,”

Nguyet nodded and unknotted her legs. She moved forward on her chair, then leaned backward and combed her hair, which she hadn’t pinned up in the back for a change, with her spread fingers. With impunity, she presented me her slightly open, breathing twat. Gosh! I looked around if there was anyone nearby, but we were alone. And as I was sitting with my back against the wall, no one would be coming that way. Gobsmacking, simply breath-taking! She was gathering steam.

“What’s the second thing you wanna do?”

Oh, boy! She was still sitting there with her legs spread and no panties, and yet she remembered pieces of our conversations from like half an hour ago. I was impressed, while my lust made me almost nauseous. There was nothing sexier than a working mind and a healthy body presenting themselves concurrently. Oh, I loved how she was able to keep her cultural side sparkling, while infusing our time together more and more with beguiling, salacious details. She was educated and had a knack for art, but her lascivious adventurous exhibitionism and her large, 40-something factory-worker pussy in the middle of her light nimble body was the hottest shit imaginable.

“Well, I gotta go back a bit for that,” I finally started. “You know, about a year ago, I helped one of my former students to conduct a survey in the socials sciences. That was an exercise for her how to do empirical research. To make it somewhat interesting, I had suggested that she do a survey among her fellow students about their sexual experiences. Of course, she got a nice panorama of what young people do in rural areas…”

“Oh… and there’s something that turns you on?” she inquired.

“Sure. Lots, actually. Jenny and I have done some, but there’s one thing that I can’t get out of my mind…”

“And that is…?” Nguyet asked with her head cocked.

“Imagine me lying on a sofa on my back. You sit with your naked ass right about my face… on the armrest, with your feet dangling outside the sofa, so to speak.”

“Oh, Ben, you want me to poop on you?”

I choked on my coffee.

“Oh, no, Nguyet, please, no… pee, pee, but in installments… “

She looked relived and amused at the same time.

“I want to lick you, and you piss once in a while, for two seconds or so… so that I can keep licking you in between…”

Nguyet was thinking, like she was imagining the scene: “Well, we could try… sure.”

“I think that the hotel, with the furniture being discarded soon anyway, is the ideal place to do that, perhaps the only place where we do something like that… or is the furniture to be kept? Then, we could do it in the bathroom…” I added.

“Ben, I don’t know…” she had started but then her phone rang.

Of course, she answered, pressing her skirt between her little legs. She seemed excited and but cheerful, looking at me from time to time.

“We gotta go. Thuy’s on her way…” she told me.

She seemed antsy all of a sudden, after she had put her phone back on the table.

“Oh, great!” I heard myself say.

Since I still had coffee, I lit another cigarette, though, and we asked for the check. I decided to go to the bathroom. Sure, we might want to pee onto each other at the hotel, but I couldn’t hold back for so long. And we still needed some real foreplay anyway.

Back at the table, Nguyet was typing something in her phone. The check had arrived, and Nguyet insisted on paying. ankara azeri escortlar When we were set, we almost hastily got on our motorcycles, like Nguyet couldn’t wait either. Our role-play was completely forgotten, and I asked myself if we could do the pissing right today. Would Thuy join us? I didn’t remember all our ruses but had we peed together? I wasn’t sure. On the other hand, she was a country bumpkin who, properly aroused, certainly wouldn’t mind a quick warm shower. Or she could wait in the old bar, if she didn’t like it, until Nguyet and I had done the deed. Or Nguyet and I would do it next time, when we were alone again. Although: it would be tantalizing to watch Thuy pee, I thought to myself as we were driving along the large park towards the hotel.

Driving, I grew hornier and hornier, eager to creep up Thuy’s little legs, under her skirt, towards her warm, round, aromatic pussy with the brown hair. Nguyet’s was hotter, but the two of them together?! Could I do both? Well, Nguyet had fucked twice the day before, so she probably wouldn’t mind if Thuy and I consumed our lust for each other. But, as eager as she seemed, Nguyet really wanted some threesome-action. Looking at her bra-fastener under her blouse and knowing she was still naked under her skirt, I almost caused an accident when another quick, hot wave of unconditional desire was washing all over me.

When we got to the hotel, Thuy’s motorcycle was already inside but she wasn’t to be seen. Nguyet and I kissed passionately, now that we were alone, and then pushed our motorcycles in as well, where we kissed once more. I massaged her butt cheeks and reached under her skirt, where I met a nice load of sticky juices. Nguyet fumbled with the zipper on my pants but when I asked:

“Is there a bed somewhere on the ground floor?” she replied:

“Thuy didn’t come back early for us to fuck down here… she must be upstairs, waiting. She has to work at half past One. She came back from her house one hour early…”

Well, of course Nguyet was right: “But, Nguyet, we met today to have sex… you sure you don’t mind?”

I didn’t want Nguyet to feel left out.

“Don’t worry. I like the idea… and I was the one who called Thuy. C’mon, we’ll go up…” she reiterated.

On the stairs, I marveled at the old chandelier again and the stucco near the ceilings. It would be such a shame if that all would fall prey to some wrecking ball.

There was no sound on the second and third floors but on the fourth, there was a large bottle of water on the bar, from which we took a good sip, like we were both preparing ourselves to pee onto each other in thirty minutes.

“Do you know where she is?” I asked Nguyet.

She shook her head: “It’s hot, so she’s probably in some room with a fan…”

I loved our scavenger hunt: there was one cute, charming woman who I liked but hadn’t seen for a while, and another beautiful one standing next to me with no underwear. Here, in a large, empty vintage hotel. Of course, I instantly saw potential for more games of this kind. It was really quiet in the whole building as we had taken our shoes off, and so not even our steps made any noise. We went another floor up, where the billiard room was, where Nguyet had ridden me cowboy-style the previous week. The pool gods were probably still angry at me.

In the doorframe of the snooker room, Nguyet lifted up her skirt, and I reached between her legs. The smacking of her juices was the only noise far and wide. She turned, presenting me her hairy butt crack, and I took off my clothes. When she bent forward and placed her torso on one of the tables, I bent my knees and rubbed my pulsating purple glans playfully in her gooey juices, before I slowly pressed it inside her. Nguyet laughed and said:

“But only for a little bit…”

I was thrusting slowly, looking at her small back. I snapped her bra open and reached around her to fondle her dangling titties. Her cunt seemed hungry, twitching, convulsing, and pumping as it was. I caressed her tiny ass cheeks some and listened to the ricocheting noises of our little intercourse here. After quite a few more long thrusts in her wet sheath, Nguyet extended one hand backwards, asking me to stop.

“Ben, this feels nice, but we have to find Thuy… she didn’t come back early, so that you fuck me on a different floor…” she reminded me again.

So I pulled out and was then standing next to her with my twitching large rod.

“But where is she?”

I thought we had already reached the top floor. Did we have to check every room now?! Nguyet was wearing a grey, lacy bra, which she now put next to her skirt and my clothes on the snooker table. I leaned forward to fondle and kiss her breasts, but then she rubbed my stiff cock very briefly and pulled me out of the room with a tender ‘C’mon, we’ll find her’.

All the way back in the hall, next to the large window facing south, there was a small staircase leading another floor up, perhaps to the maids’ chambers under the roof. In the end, Nguyet did seem to have arranged something with Thuy, as she was too determined and straightforward in her moves. Anyway, I, of course, trusted her completely and I would thrust inside Thuy in a minute. Still, it felt like such a waste to be walking up beaten stairs with this gorgeous hard-on, holding hands with a divine naked woman who was wet between her legs.

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