Surreptitious Love Ch. 63

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Chapter 63 — Buying Bras with my Niece

Last week, we had one of those prayer lunches again, during which the dead in the family are remembered. My niece Giang looked hot in her cheap, brown, tight dress, sweating as she was and sitting with half-spread legs in the middle of the stuffy room when I entered. She pushed her dress between her thighs as soon as she saw me, but the whole time we were in that cramped space together, we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. We both knew that it was time to reunite. Without a dress. Or panties. Without anything.

Six weeks earlier, she had told me she needed to buy some new bras, and so I asked her that very afternoon if she had already replenished her collection. Most of her bras were ill-fitting or just old and ugly, she had told me, and so we had agreed that we would go to the new shopping center together at the outskirts of town—every young person’s new favorite place. We only hadn’t managed to do so as I had been busy with Nguyet, Anna, and Tina.

Now, the day had finally come. My wife had rolled her eyes again, of course, but our agreement still stood: I could take Giang out once a month and even have sex with her, as she was considered a little simple-minded. A few months back, her mother had caught her masturbating violently but, together with my wife, they had hatched the plan that it was more wholesome if I spent some time with her than if some young stallion or rapscallion did her. Giang and I had already released steam together twice now, and I found the idea to assist her in the delicate task of getting new underwear neat. Bras were kind of a taboo-topic even among female family members, and so we would, first, go shopping and then engage in an hour of titillating, sensual play at my house to clean the pipes.

Since Giang didn’t speak English at all, we just arranged to meet, without talking about what might be new. I was as curious about the Laotian ladyboy, who I had met at her house seven weeks ago, as I was about the question if Giang had any suitors. Did she have a chance to garner some sexual experience during the last two months? Or had she had another encounter with the Laotian hermaphrodite, who she had jerked off the last time I was at her place? Her young body was brimming with sexual energy, for which she definitely needed an outlet. Her honey-colored skin and her muscular legs had looked stunning last week, and I hoped that no one had noticed our lustful glances.

When I picked her up at her house, the ladyboy was helping Giang’s mom dye a customer’s hair. Giang waved me back to her room, where she showed me what she didn’t want anymore: a bunch of ageing, worn bras. Using my hand and feet, I got her to get a tape measure. She giggled when she proudly took off her T-shirt, removed her old bra and laughed some more when I measured her bust line, so that we had a starting point at the shop. Looking chuffed already, we kissed, and I caressed her marvelous maiden buds.

Her small boobs we quite exquisite: perfect little hemispheres with large bright-red areolas, which were looking at me cheekily. I caressed her tender belly flesh and then sucked her nipples, after I had circled them fondly with the tips of my middle fingers. We kissed more passionately for half-a-minute, but then she reminded me that her mother was in the house. She slipped away to go to the bathroom, where I could hear her wash herself, before she peed. Well, remembering her sitting in her flimsy dress, exhausted and sweating the week before, I got horny and conceived the idea that she should her pee on me. I would suggest that later, at my house. Perhaps she would get a kick out of that, too?!

When she—holding a towel in front of her lap—came back from the bathroom, she rummaged through her wardrobe to find a blue skirt, underwear, and white blouse, while I watched her butt cheeks wiggle. The light bra she put on in the end didn’t seem as old as the others, which she had shown me, and looked pretty good. She rolled her hair up in a bun, which she then fixed on the back of her head with a red-and-white rubber band. Then we went to the front of the house and said goodbye to her mom, the ladyboy, and the customer, who was still lying in the hairdresser’s chair. I hadn’t noticed that Giang had taken any money, but I didn’t want to ask her in front of her mom. In the worst case, I’d just pay for her new bra-collection.

Now, we had to decide if we wanted to go to the mall or, first, to my house to let off some steam. The mall seemed to make more sense, not only geographically. But as we hadn’t seen each other for about seven weeks, I dreaded the prospect of spending time with her in the changing room at the mall, horny as fuck. When I asked her, however, she only said that it was up to me.

Giang was sitting behind me on the motorcycle, and I had my hands on her thighs. I thought about it for a minute but decided to go directly to the mall, as there was a chance that we would roll around in bed for güvenilir bahis too long and then not get any shopping done. Since I didn’t want Giang to come home empty-handed, I turned left, and we headed over to the new shopping plaza. Buying bras would actually be a good foreplay, in the end.

As we were arriving at the mall, I saw a security guard wear a face mask and got startled. Did I have a spare one for Giang under the seat? The whole corona thing was pretty much over here in Vietnam; the only two cases we had in our small town in late July were history, of course. But somehow, they wanted to be safe and were still requiring masks here. Well, perhaps I could wear Giang’s panties?

After we had parked, I checked, and there were a fairly new mask and an older one under the seat. Once inside the mall, it wouldn’t matter anyway. I still mentioned to Giang that I was prepared to wear her panties on my face, which amused her to no end. Of course, we both knew that we couldn’t really do that, but she was still laughing after we had entered the place and walked towards the back, where the clothes section was. I guessed I could at least try on her panties back in the changing room. Or at my house, later.

At the underwear section here, I tried to find some system or order in the way everything was arranged, but it seemed completely chaotic. Sizes and colors were mixed up, but Giang would probably go by color first, and then look at the bras to gauge if they might fit. Thinking about alternatives, I checked out the stretch-Sportsbra section nearby, just in case we wouldn’t be able to find something here.

As Giang was still growing, at least her breasts, we definitely shouldn’t buy anything that was too tight, I reminded myself. I knew the two-finger rule and would apply it as soon as she was had found something. Now, she came walking towards me with perhaps half-a-dozen of bras, about to turn into the changing room area. I took two away from her to see if I could make sense of the numbers that were printed on the label but, again, nothing made sense, neither in inches or in centimeters.

As Giang would need some time for herself, I went back outside to smoke. I wasn’t particularly horny at that moment, but that was alright. As audacious and reckless as it would be to fuck here at the changing rooms, I couldn’t imagine Giang going that far. And we had all the time in the world this afternoon. I also remembered how beautiful my three recent afternoons with Tina and Anna had been: All those encounters had been outrageously satisfying because we hadn’t given in to our immediate desires.

Back near the changing room, I saw that a young shop assistant giving advice to Giang. That young lady shot me an awkward glance when she saw me staring at my niece’s boobs in an awesome mauve bra, but it didn’t help when Giang explained to her ‘That’s my uncle.’ Well, I guess, sometimes she was a little simple. With a quiet Asian smile, the clerk retreated and we had the large changing room for ourselves. As I immediately liked the mauve-colored bra, I pushed two fingers under it, up on her sternum, between her lovely firm hemispheres.

“Nice. Perfect. We gonna take this one?” I asked. “I love the color.”

“Yeah, it looks nice, but it’s also quite expensive,” Giang cautioned.

“Doesn’t matter. I’ll buy it for you. It seems to be of decent quality,” I told her right away. “Did your mom give you some money?” I asked to see what our budget was.

“Yeah, I got 400,000,” she replied, which would get us two or three decent bras. Or five crappy ones.

As she had enough of those, I told her I would double her budget.

“How many do you want to buy, by the way?” I wanted to know.

“Well, at least three, possibly four, now that we’re here.”

I nodded. “Well, we’ll take this one here,” I said, pointing at the mauve bra again. “Won’t we?”

I wasn’t sure about Giang, but I certainly didn’t want this whole affair take more than 45 minutes. And now she put the first bra we had found to the side, like the case was settled, and reached for a blue one, which I also liked. It was too big, however, and so she sent me outside, back to the shelves to find the same bra in a smaller size. I went and then brought it to her. We played this game a few more times, until she had found four nice bras that also fit well.

The last one she had taken off in a somewhat melodramatic, lascivious fashion, and now she was standing in front of me with heaving naked breasts, waiting for me to do something. I stepped closer, put one hand on her back and used the other to fondle and caress her belly and, of course, breasts. We kissed, and I reached under her skirt, which reminded her to take off her panties, so that I could wear them on my face. Giang seemed already nicely moist, and when she reached under her skirt to retrieve her underwear, I almost lost it.

Watching a woman taking off her panties has always been my favorite activity among all the erotic preparations, türkçe bahis as it crosses the boundary from culture into nature, without abolishing the former. Giang also had cute dimples which showed nicely now as she was smiling when she pulled and then twisted and turned her panties in front of her face to give them the shape of a mask. After about 12 lateral twists, she turned them to briefly repeat the procedure in the opposite direction. She made some minor adjustments before the put her panties over my ears, fixed them over my nose and mouth, and we looked in the mirror.

As her panties were white-and blue, they looked pretty much like a mask, and I decided to wear them to the checkout counter. Giang could barely contain her laughter, and when I asked her if she wanted them back, the just shook her head. While she got dressed, I focused on the subtle aroma I was gathering from the fabric; there wasn’t much, though, as it wasn’t hot that day and she had taken a shower less than an hour earlier. So we went to pay.

As we stepped out of the changing room, there was no one there, but the store was playing Matteo’s Panama, which had enticed thousands of Asian girls to cheeky, sexy little dances, of which a lot are on YouTube. Giang had, apparently, practiced her little routine recently, as she handed me the bras and got herself in position. Still laughing, she waited a few beats with her arms parallel in front of her and then swung them quickly in one direction, before she stopped abruptly and swung them back the other way, above her head. She let her butt protrude and then twerked it to both sides to the rhythm of the music, still doing her routine with both arms being parallel. Then she snapped her fingers and made some waves with her arms and hands. I loved it and wished we had it on tape.

Simple-minded or not: Giang was great company. She didn’t second-guess herself and, within reason, she was pretty adventurous, more so than your average middle-class girl. She still couldn’t believe that her panties were covering my face, but when the song ended, we walked to the checkout counter. As we were waiting in line, I noticed how she had subtly dressed up for our date; her white blouse and dark-blue skirt reminded me of Nguyet’s business attire, and I was happy to be wearing dress pants, which, incidentally, Giang’s father had tailored. I wondered whether he knew what we did together from time to time.

The clerk didn’t seem to notice that the mask were girls’ panties, and we paid for the merchandize. I handed Giang the money she needed on top of what she had. All in all, we paid about 615,000 Dong, which slightly more than 25 bucks. She was swinging her bag when we stepped outside, seeming exceedingly happy that she had underwear now that she didn’t need to be ashamed of should she find herself in a situation in which she would want or had to undress in front of someone.

The way home to my house we drove the straight, boring south tangent, where land speculation was rife. Prices had seemed inflated to me for a long time, and nothing was really built here, so I didn’t even think of having coffee. The new sidewalks were already overgrown by weed. At some point, she removed her panties from my face and I put my hands on her thighs behind me, which we both on one side, since she was wearing a skirt. Vietnamese women often did that when wearing a skirt or dress. I didn’t like it too much as it affected the balance of the motorcycle, but today was an exception, especially since my niece was naked under her skirt.

Driving along, I asked myself if we needed to stop so that Giang could put her panties back on. Probably not. I didn’t really matter in the sleepy midday heat; there was no one around. But what would we do once we got to my house? Would we just attack each other, giving in to our lust, or just go with the flow and ease ourselves into a tickling, titillating sensual play? I realized I needed to pee but wasn’t sure if Giang was keen on any piss shenanigans. I didn’t wanna ask her here on the motorcycle, though, as the wind made any conversation difficult.

At my house, I unlocked the gate and pushed the motorcycle in. I heard how Giang closed the gate behind me and nodded at our cute neighbor, who was playing with her two small daughters outside. She interrupted what she was doing and got up to say ‘hello’. I remembered we still had a Tupper-ware container that belonged to her on top of the fridge. I went inside to get it, but when I wanted to return it to her over the fence, she just smiled and declined, like she had too many of them.

Giang and Linh, the neighbor, and began to chat, so I just went to pee. I didn’t want to appear impatient and tell my niece to hurry up in front of the neighbor. Even though I only understood half of what the two were saying, I made out that Giang, cleverly, had mentioned the wedding photos, which had provided some pretext the first time she had been here.

I could see that Giang was ending their chat now and, güvenilir bahis siteleri five seconds later, came straight to the kitchen, and we kissed profusely again. I remembered how, the last time she had been here, we had fucked here on the kitchen table, while she had been munching on a banana. I held her around her hips, but then reached under her skirt again to test how wet she was. I could hear my fingers smack heartily in her wet biotope, but just when my nose was losing itself in her hair, I could hear the creaking and squealing of our gate. I saw Linh, the neighbor, coming towards the house. Did she change her mind regarding the Tupperware?

Our neighbor Linh was very sweet, and also rather attractive. She was a little shorter than Giang and more womanly, of course: she had cute little knees and calves and her skin was nicely saturated. Not brown, though, more like a honey-hue, a little like my niece herself. I conceived the idea of a threesome but had no idea of how we could get that started or if she was up for it at all. And, maybe, Giang wouldn’t like it. If I had heard right, Linh wanted to see our wedding photos now, and so I washed my hands, so as to not get any of Giang’s pussy juice on the photos (or the neighbor). Giang acted like this was the most natural scenario imaginable, though, and sat down on the wide armrest of my chair in the living room. I smiled at Linh and promised to get the album, as well as some glasses with iced tea.

Our neighbor had probably just come home for her lunch break, as she was still wearing a nice blue dress with yellow and red flowers. Her skirt went down to her knees, so we could admire her round knees and calves again. She had remained standing at first, but now she sat down on the other armrest, leaving the seat for me and the photo album. But where was the damn thing?!

I put the tray with the tea down and started rummaging through the house. The album used to be in a bright-yellow plastic bag, but, of course, that could have changed. I didn’t think it was in my wife’s bedroom, so I checked the other rooms first. When I couldn’t find it, I even bent down in the living room to look under the coffee table. Giang got up to help me, kneeling down next to me. Her little protruding ass under her skirt looked hot as fuck, but had she forgotten she wasn’t wearing underwear?

Her skirt snapped up a bit, and Linh could see Giang well from the side. I imagined Linh’s face had she seen Giang’s pussy under her skirt. Well, maybe it would have clarified why Giang was here. But where was that damn album? Having Linh here right now was a little unfortunate, as it obviously prevented my young relative and me from engaging in the act that she had come here for. But then, on the other hand, perhaps it was the perfect occasion to loosen Linh up a little bit, too? Jesus, just imagine, Giang and I could get her to undress …

I still wasn’t sure why Linh had come here. It, obviously, wasn’t because she needed her Tupperware container back. Did she really just want to look at the photos? She could have done that with my wife, while I was at work. Was she curious as to why my young niece was here? But she must have understood that we couldn’t have sex as long as she was here. Was Linh here to prevent us from having sex, like she wanted to have my wife’s back? Well, Giang was here with my wife’s approval, as I explained above. It was a mystery; maybe Linh didn’t quite know herself what had brought her here this afternoon.

Linh did seem to like me, though. She had often looked at me while I was hanging up laundry, and when my wife had told her that we considered moving houses, Linh had protested, saying that her daughters played so well with our son. I also knew that many Vietnamese women in the sticks were super curious to have sex with a foreigner. Was today the day? Having Giang here could make the whole thing easier, actually. In the end, I found the album under the desk in my bedroom and finally sat down in the armchair between the two women. We needed to find out how far Linh was willing to go, now that she was here. This was definitely a better chance as me calling her over when I was at our house just by myself.

I opened the album and Giang instantly took the initiative. She explained who was who in the pictures, which gave me an opportunity to look at Linh in the meantime. Her bangs had grown too long a long time ago, so nowadays she had her hair up on her head with a clip, which looked cute and made her appear younger. I saw her bra-fastener under her dress and conceived the idea that Giang could show us her new acquisitions. Directly next to me I also saw Linh’s panty line and was tempted to caress her back. Would she let me? But would Giang mind?

When I took a sip of water, the bottle cap rolled under the coffee table, and Giang immediately lunged after it. Now, she was on her knees again and stretching herself. The hem of her skirt was directly over her pussy, which, luckily wasn’t very hairy. Otherwise, I was sure, Linh could have seen that Giang wasn’t wearing any underwear. And, Holy Moly, now I saw that Giang had placed her panties—still crumpled up, on a small ledge near the door. Oh, well, it could still pass for a face mask.

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