Susan and the Nostalgic Journey

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Thanks to all who have read my previous stories, and a special thank you to those who favorited them. I hope this one meets with your expectations as well.

All parties in this story were over the age of 18, and are much older now!

My writing style, to put it kindly, is a little quirky. I once took a ‘Write Like You Speak’ course; since I’m not a talkative person, the style has evolved into ‘Write Like I Think’. Couple that with my brand of humor, and….

Feedback is always appreciated, I can only get better if others point out the errors I’m blinded to. To those who have given advice and guidance, I treasure your comments and suggestions.



Have you ever fallen into that nostalgic period? Whatever happened to whomever; the boyfriend, or in my case, girlfriend? The classmates who were said to have so much potential, or even the guy who came to school because the surf wasn’t breaking right that day? It happened to me a few years back. I could see where my career had topped out, far beyond my expectations as a younger man. While I still had supervisors and other successful people telling me I had some good professional years ahead of me, I’d always claimed I was Peter Principle times three having long since exceeded my level of expertise. I didn’t really believe that, just a way of coping with the wonderment of my professional success.

So it was during this time that I began wondering what ever happened to the guy who went off to Harvard, or the girl who was accepted at Yale? Me, I went to the much-cliche’d small Midwestern university. For a whole semester. Too immature at that point, I guess. So I joined the Air Force instead. Best thing that ever happened to me. I’m dating myself here, but I was assigned to Strategic Air Command, and they did things right. By the book, attention to detail, and all that. Hey, we had to because we were working with nukes!

That period certainly brought things into focus, and while I could still engage in sophomoric behavior from time to time, I’d like to think I grew. I also grew tired of it, sensing there was something better ahead for me. I’d also grown up in a military family, with my father retiring from the Navy shortly after I graduated from high school. So, after “doing” my own twenty-five year hitch, four on active duty, I moved on.

Stepping back a little, it was during the last semester of my high school senior year that I met Susan, while I was dating another girl, her friend Beth. You see, Sandy’s parents were letting her throw an end-of-school year pool party at their house. Beth and Sandy were best friends, and since I was dating Beth, who it turned out was spending the night at Sandy’s with some other girls from school, I got to attend the party as well. On that late-May evening, shortly after dark, a blue-eyed brunette beauty arrived at the party. Hard to say who Susan resembled back then, but I’m reminded of her innocent beauty when I see Zooey Deschanel on TV these days.

When Susan came into the back yard she was accompanied by some tall guy I didn’t know, and immediately came over and started talking to Beth. Naturally, Beth introduced us. Little did she know, but that was the beginning of the end for her and I. Turns out, while Susan attended a rival high school, she and Beth attended the same church. I’m sure she noticed me staring at her the entire evening, and when engaging in small talk where possible, she always had a pleasant smile.

Soon, the couples had migrated away from the pool to more secluded surroundings so they could engage in the various stages of making out, and copping whatever “feels” our girlfriends would allow. Without a doubt my hormones were in overdrive, but my mind was elsewhere and I’d imagine it was Susan I was kissing instead of you know who, and her breast I was feeling under this shirt.

Just before midnight Sandy’s parents let us know it was time to head out, but I had already made up my mind that I’d be seeing more of the lovely brunette I’d met that evening.

Sure enough, having spent the entire morning waiting for time to pass, I looked up her number and called her house. When her father answered I politely asked if I could speak to Susan, and was pleasantly surprised when she was given the phone. Naturally I told her who I was, and how I wanted to take her out if she’d like to go, and if her parents would let her.

Of course the first thing she asked was, “What about Beth?”

I told her Beth and I were friends, and of course classmates, but we weren’t that serious. I then asked her where she lived, which turns out was only a couple of miles from my house, and suggested she ask her dad if I could take her to an early movie, at the theater near her house, and have her back home at a decent hour. She said call back in ten minutes, and hung up. Long story short, he approved of the date as long as I came in and he and I spoke. Though most questions were directed at me, I did güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri find out he was a civilian working for the Navy instructing pilots. Guess I passed the test, because soon Susan and I were in my car and headed to the show.

Even though we were “old” seniors – I had turned 18 the previous December, and Susan celebrated her 18th birthday in January – things started innocent enough, the usual hand holding and door openings, popcorn and soda, more hand holding in the theater, etc. Time to make my move while the movie was playing, so I brought her hand up to my lips, softly kissing the back of it before gently rubbing it on my cheek. So far so good, then extended the arm around her shoulder and gently pulled her head to my shoulder as I leaned in her direction. Next, I kissed the top of her head – which smelled great – before reaching across with my other hand and lifted her chin towards me, leaning further in to kiss her full lips. I thought I’d kissed Heaven.

Her moaning and pleasantly surprising aggressiveness told me she was enjoying this as much as I was, and almost shockingly she suggested we leave since we weren’t paying attention to the screen anyway. Once back in the car – this was the mid-seventies, thank goodness for bench seats – she suggested a couple of secluded places to go. Soon we were engaged in heavy lip locks and feeling each other through each other’s clothes.

While holding her close with one hand, I’d feel her bra-encased breast with the other before switching hands and squeezing the other. Susan could certainly feel my hardness pressing into her, and soon ran her hand down between us and rubbed my steel-like cock through my trousers. Just as I was about to slide my fingers into the top of her jeans she stopped me, and said it was probably best I had her back home in time if we were going to have more dates. I grudgingly gave in, but was smart enough to know I needed to deliver her home as advertised so we could do this again.

I walked her to her door where we hugged and kissed very passionately, before she turned to enter her house. Before closing the door Susan said, “Call me Monday, after school.”

Of course I did, and we had date nights on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays where we increasingly got to know one another more intimately. By the second full week of dating I had played with her breasts and pussy, while still dressed, getting as far as fingering her. She would rub my cock through my pants, but “he” had yet to see the light of day in Susan’s presence.

Naturally, because of the raging hormones I would typically go home after our sessions and masturbate to the recent memory of her lips, breasts and lovely face. Usually more than once, before eventually falling to sleep.

That was about to change.

First, let me say I was, what others would have probably called, a perv since I was about fourteen. I’d get my hands on any addition of Playboy or Penthouse, with “Letters to Penthouse” the only articles I was truly interested in. Well, that and “The Happy Hooker”. And yes, I was just gullible enough back then to believe all those stories were true.

I was most fascinated by any story involving oral sex, and the pleasures one could give to another. And I became an expert at it, having actually never done it.

I mean, I could read a schematic after all.

As a matter of fact, I knew my best friend Jim and his girlfriend Miriam were fucking. If you knew Jim, you knew he was. We had nicknamed Jim “Shaggy” because of his unshaven facial hair. He had been set back during junior high, and was at least a year older than many of us. Miriam, his girlfriend, was also older than us, but the same age as Jim, and attended the local community college. That seemed to be a relationship in reverse, since it was typically the high school girls who dated college guys, but Jim obviously had something going for him as far as she was concerned.

So during one of our conversations I asked him if he’d ever gone down on Miriam? He was shocked, said no and had never even thought of that. I told him what to do, best that I knew from my readings, and he reported back a few days later with enthusiastic results.

He said once they were naked in her room, he started kissing down her body until he reached her pussy. She shockingly asked what he was doing, but didn’t reply and kept on going until she was practically climbing the walls. Afterwards she wanted to know where he learned that, and he said he’d read about it somewhere. Of course, Jim being Jim, he told Miriam he’d also read that she could pleasure him the same way. He said after the initial shock of doing such a thing, she actually got better at it.

And that’s how I became an expert at oral sex.

And now I was going to practice on my girl.

With each date came a new, incremental level to our intimacy. Turns out Susan absolutely loved having her full breasts fondled and sucked. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Once I had finally removed a her bra, a size 32D, I saw the most perfectly perky breasts I’d ever seen at that point in my life. Her areola were large and the lightest brown in color, contrasting nicely against her alabaster skin, topped with nipples the size of a dime that stood out about half an inch when aroused. And of course I loved making her happy by fondling, suckling, and lightly biting each one as she pressed my head tighter to her bosom.

After several, what I called, breast sessions in the car, I finally was able to remove her slacks and get a glimpse of her brunette-framed pussy. As I smelled her fragrant arousal I would gently rub my middle finger up and down her increasingly damp slit, occasionally moving it in circles on and around her clit and opening, before softly inserting my finger into her hot velvet tunnel. We alternated between torridly kissing and strongly hugging one another until Susan reached her orgasmic pleasure.

Once she’d settled down, being the ever bold one I pulled back from her and gently removed my finger from her soaked pussy. Making sure she was looking at me, I immediately placed the finger in my mouth, alternately licking and sucking her thick sweet juices from it and the webbing between the other fingers. This got a gasp and curious look from her, but only emboldened me to go even further.

Maintaining eye contact, I slowly lowered my head between her thighs, stuck out my tongue and began to slowly and softly lick every area of her drenched pussy. Her delicately sweet smell aroused me further and it was all I could do to hold back from attacking her jewel. Although I reveled in the pleasure of finally engaging in my first oral act, I thoughtfully told myself I was still a novice and paid attention whenever my tongue movements caused Susan to jump and/or squeal.

I looked up towards a her face, gently pinched and rolled a nipple, and smiled at her when she opened her glazed eyes as I drank from her cup. She then closed her eyes, arched her back so that her stomach rose but her head and pelvic area sank down, and let out an effusive, “Oh my lord!”

Soon, it was time to take her back home and she slowly got dressed while expressing her thanks for taking her to a place she’d never been. We could have driven her home with the headlights out because I was absolutely beaming the entire time. I’m sure I had the cat who ate the canary look on my face, but in this case it was I who had the pussycat. It was better than I could have imagined after reading all those stories over the years. When we got to her door, Susan promised me I would be the one receiving pleasure the next time we got together.

Out in the open she didn’t reach for my cock or rub it through my pants, but she did grab my belt buckle and pulled on it twice for added emphasis as she spoke her words. Our kiss goodnight was the most passionate and sloppy wet to that point. I wondered on the way home if she could taste herself when we kissed? I know I still could.

While I excitedly waited for our next date, I had read enough to realize me going down on Susan didn’t necessarily mean she’d do the same for me. Somehow, we’d have to discuss how things would work on that subject. As for me personally, I felt empowered for having gotten her off orally. I absolutely loved the way she felt and tasted, the way she moved and responded to my actions, and would love to continue pleasing her as long as she allowed.

On Friday we needed to make an appearance the party we told her parents we were attending, just so we’d have an alibi. After an hour or so I asked if she was ready to leave, and she eagerly said yes, so we nonchalantly left without saying goodbye to anyone. Of course, at this point in our relationship most of our respective friends knew we were dating, so it was no big surprise if both of us went missing.

Susan suggested we head over to a place near the high school, she said there was an athletic event and it wouldn’t seem odd to have a car there, even if we were somewhat distant from prying eyes. As soon as we were situated Susan unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, keeping her opened blouse on in case emergency cover was needed. Of course, what she really needed was for me to pay homage to her breasts, which I was happy to do. I also noted she didn’t loosen her jeans, which I read as “don’t go there tonight,” for whatever reason.

Not that I didn’t have enough right in front of me to keep me pleasurably occupied. Between sucking, nibbling and squeezing each breast in rotation, she was also rubbing my extremely hard cock through my jeans. After a good thirty to forty-five minutes she stopped me from my mammary pursuits, and said, “Your turn.”

Now, at this point I didn’t know what that exactly meant, but who was I to argue? Since about the third week of our relationship we güvenilir bahis şirketleri had been open and honest with each other about what each of us did in our (forced) down time away from each other. She knew I would rub one out after a date – okay, daily it seemed – and she told me she also pleasured herself occasionally, but liked it better when I pleased her.

I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but also wasn’t all that experienced either. She said once, at band camp… No, it was actually at some weeklong summer church event where she’d met “a cute, older boy.” And she made it a point to tell me I’d done things to and with her that she’d never imagined. If my cock could’ve stood out as far as my chest did at that proud moment, I’d be receiving residuals from my porn movies.

“Remember what I said Tuesday night?” she asked.

“I recall you made a promise, but I don’t recall it discussed in any detail,” I replied.

“I don’t think I’m ready to goes as far as you did the other night,” she softly, almost embarrassingly said, “but I want to help you. Do you know what I mean?”

I nodded unassuredly, and she smiled softly and said, “I want to help you get off.”

She’s lucky I didn’t break her wrists as I scrambled to lower my jeans and boxers, with great difficulty do to my hardness I might add, before realizing I just exposed myself to Susan for the first time. It was nighttime, but there was enough ambient light in and around the car that she just stared, with her mouth slightly open. Truthfully, I’m not much longer than average, lengthwise, but do have what has since been described as “a healthy girth.”

I started to apologize for moving as quickly as I had, but she just grinned and said, “Oh no, that’s okay. You’re just, umm, bigger than I thought. Um, from what I’d felt.”

I had that proud chest thing going again but was brought back to reality when I felt Susan’s warm soft slim fingers of her right hand wrap around my shaft just below the head. She she slowly and gently ran her hand up to the head, causing my precum to ooze from the tip, before sliding it back down. The feeling was heavenly as, on about the fourth or fifth stroke upward, she used her palm to rub over my cockhead, lubricating her delicate fingers. Her touch was so light that lubrication wasn’t really needed at this point, there was no chaffing at all. Just an intensely pleasurable feeling, and I told her so.

Despite the ever-heightening bliss I was feeling, I still had the presence of mind to know there was going to be a mess quite soon so I suggested she may want to reach in the glove box for some napkins.

She smiled knowingly at me, and with a low, sensuous tone she said, “I have this.”

I immediately thought to myself, oh yeah, you’re about to get it, and I kindly told her I would be coming very soon.

She then surprised me by leaning forward, her breast over and softly brushing my cock, and stretched up to kiss me. I leaned up closer to her and she forced her tongue in my mouth with an audible moan as I forcefully shot my first pulse onto her chest, just above her cleavage.

I expelled three or four lessening rounds as she pulled back a little and I uttered several incoherent words through gritted teeth. Seeing I was done, Susan gave one last firm pull with her cum-covered fingers up and off my cock, sat back and began rubbing my semen all over her breasts with both hands. It was the sexiest thing I’d seen to that point, and still ranks up there after all these years. She was looking down at her breasts, rubbing the fluid into her skin and pulling on her nipples in continuous fashion, occasionally cutting her eyes up to mine with a wide smile.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked.

“Very much so, and this as well,” I replied, referring to the little show she was providing. “And it’s so much better when someone does it for you, instead of alone and by yourself.”

“I know,” Susan replied back affectionately.

By now her skin was getting sticky, so with a rub of her hands once down to her hips she reached for and began putting on her bra and buttoning up her blouse. While it is much sexier watching a woman remove her clothes, there’s also something erotic about watching her dress, reaching into her bra and adjusting her residing breasts.

Our dates over the next several nights involved pretty much the same scenario where we’d enjoy getting each other off with our hands. Fortuitously, one Saturday my family took an all day trip to one of the state’s wildlife and aquatic parks, so I had the house to myself. I’d told her father, when I picked her up the previous night, with his permission I was going to pick up Susan about mid-morning for a Sat picnic, and then we’d take in a matinee before bringing her home earlier than usual. He’d known me for a little while and I must have made a good impression, so he was fine with that. I’d always had her home on time, even if it was just at the doorstep where we’d make out one final time before saying goodnight.

Of course Susan knew where the real show was taking place, so we were in my room by 10:30 that morning. Since the majority of our dates occurred during the evening, this would be the first time I’d see her in all her beautiful glory in the daytime.

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