Susan Ch. 02

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This is part two of a story about an unfaithful young woman. If you don’t like women being unfaithful, don’t read this story. I was surprised at the hate for Susan in the feedback given to the first story. It is only a story and I’m not trying to anger people or upset the “self righteous moral indignation” crowd. It is written for people’s enjoyment and to develop ideas. I have an idea where I want to take this story and would welcome any constructive feedback from those who read it. Susan is a flawed character and future chapters will describe her descent from a stable loving relationship to a life she could never imagine

Susan walked home from the bookstore with Dan. They held hands but she didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Her head was filled with so many thoughts. Her own introverted nature had always resulted in her thinking things through in her mind over and over but this was different. Not only was her head filled with thoughts but also her heart was racing and her body felt electric. She couldn’t stop thinking about the feeling of the hard cock in her mouth and how she had sucked it. The cum she had swallowed had such a strong taste but she didn’t care. Never had Susan enjoyed the taste of cum or indeed sucking cock but for some reason she had felt an overwhelming compulsion at that particular moment.

“Your quiet honey,” said Dan trying to make small talk. Susan never answered so Dan continued. “Don’t be mad at me because I spent so much time in there. You know what I am like when I have my head in a book.”

Susan had always loved Dan’s thirst for knowledge and passion for reading but right now it annoyed her. Right now, Dan annoyed her. She didn’t want to be with him. In fact, she just wanted to be alone. There was a lot of thinking to do and by the time they got home, Susan couldn’t even remember all Dan’s feeble attempts at small talk.

As soon as they got home, Susan excused herself so she could run a bath. She wanted to be alone. Soaking under a pile of bubbles seemed like a safe bet for some space. Dan left her to it and settled down with a book. As Susan undressed in the bedroom, she thought about Peter. She thought about his body and how she would like to actually undress in front of him. Susan thought about his cock and how it would grow if he could see her undress the way she was doing at that moment. The feeling of his hard cock in her mouth was all too memorable and she became aroused thinking about it. Before getting in the bath she decided to get a drink of water and made her way to the kitchen.

Susan was completely naked. Dan didn’t notice her walk past; he was enjoying his book too much. Susan made herself a drink and then once again stood naked in the kitchen exposed to the world outside the window. She looked again and could see her neighbour once again looking at her. This time she didn’t blush. She didn’t move. Instead, Susan gave him a long lingering view of her magnificent naked tits. There was no eye contact or anything to suggest she knew he was looking at her but she enjoyed this dark side to her character. She enjoyed the even darker side that had come out earlier that day when she had fallen to her knees and sucked the cock of a man she hardly knew. Susan was lost in a daydream of the events from earlier in the day. Standing naked in her kitchen on full display to her neighbour, she finished her drink and made her way back to the bath.

Again Dan never even looked up as Susan streaked past him. She sunk into the bath and lay there lost in her own thoughts. All those thoughts were about Peter Stones. Despite doing something totally out of character for herself, she wasn’t interested in questioning why she had done it. Her only interest was Peter and her body and mind were full of feelings and thoughts for him. Never in her life had she felt this way.

There was no sense of regret or anything like that. No guilt or confusion. Just a mind of thoughts about how to take things further, when she would see Peter again and what would happen. Susan enjoyed being naked in the water. Her body needed to feel Peter’s body next to her and she enjoyed the immeasurable lust she felt. Lying there in the bath, she decided to take the following day off work and go to find Peter. She couldn’t wait to see him again.

Suddenly, the silence of the moment was broken by the sound of a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it honey,” called Dan. Susan listened and could hear Dan talking. It sounded like whoever had knocked had stepped into the house. Then she recognised the voice. It was Peter. Electricity shot through her body. Susan quickly sat up in the bath trying to listen more closely. canlı bahis şirketaleri The soap and bubbles ran from her tits and as her nipples rose just above the water level. They were hard. She stood up and the soapy water ran from her skin. Her pussy retained a few soapy bubbles as she stepped out of the bath and quickly towelled herself dry. Although not completely dry, she wrapped the towel around herself and stepped out of the bathroom. The towel barely covered her ass and she knew it.

Dan looked shocked to see her approach.

“Oh, I didn’t know we had company,” she said. ” Hello Peter. Excuse me, I just stepped out of the bath.” Peter greeted her politely and made as little eye contact as possible so as not to upset Dan. His cock twitched in his trousers and Susan seemed to know it.

“Why don’t you finish getting dressed Honey while I talk with Peter,” said Dan.

“Darling you are forgetting your manners. Can I get you a drink Peter?” asked Susan. She knew this was pissing off her fiancé but she was not in control of herself. Peter politely refused the drink and Susan had no choice but to leave them and get dressed.

When she returned a few minutes later she was clothed and entered the living room where Peter and Dan were joking and deep in conversation. Dan stopped laughing when she returned. There was a sort of unspoken unease about Susan being in Peter’s company. Dan couldn’t understand it but he didn’t like the idea of his beautiful fiancé being anywhere near Peter.

Susan sat down next to Dan and held his hand. All the time she was looking at Peter and lusting after him. The closer she sat to Dan, the harder it was for him to see her looking at Peter.

Peter got up to leave. He had agreed with Dan to collect payment for the ring the following evening and shook Dan’s hand as he prepared to leave. Peter was all charm and politeness as he turned to Susan again and congratulated her saying how pleased he was that she liked the ring. He offered Susan a hand to shake and she shook it. His touch aroused her but it was deliberately short lived so Dan couldn’t suspect anything.

As Peter left the house and Dan closed the door behind him, the tension left Susan and she could relax. She felt a high from having seen him again and knew that she would find him again the following day.

That night, Dan had tried to initiate some sexual contact but Susan rejected him using tiredness as an excuse. Dan lay awake reading a book as Susan lay next to him, facing away from him with her eyes wide open and her head full of thoughts for Peter. Dan tried his luck again. He snuggled up behind her and almost out of habit she snuggled back against him. Dan’s hand slipped down and raised her nightgown exposing her naked ass. His cock was hard and he pressed it against her. She was still aroused and decided to accept his advances without turning round. Dan continued to probe with his fully hard cock but was struggling to penetrate. It took a guiding hand and a shuffle of her naked ass to position herself correctly so his cock was ready to enter her. Then Susan raised her leg slightly to allow access and she closed her eyes as Dan’s cock slid into her.

Dan’s hands moved round to embrace her and he started a steady rhythmic fuck as he held her tight. She pushed back against him to increase her pleasure but what was really turning her one was her thoughts of Peter. It was him she wanted and it was only by blocking out Dan’s moans and murmurs that she could really enjoy what was happening. As Dan came deep inside her she thought about how she had sucked Peter’s cock and swallowed his cum earlier that day. Susan had almost failed to notice Peter was finished and she didn’t even turn round to kiss him. Dan rolled over and was soon asleep. Susan couldn’t even remember if he had said good night. All her thoughts were elsewhere.

The next morning was a Monday, Susan kissed Dan as he left for work and stood by the window so she could watch him walk off down the street. Susan was focussed only on her plan for the day. That was to go and find Peter and satisfy her lustful cravings for him. There was no long term plan. Susan had made no attempt to work out where this might lead or what might become of her and Dan. All she could think about was Peter.

By half past nine she was walking past the bookstore expecting to see Peter at any moment. She had chosen a light summer dress that just about held her tits in place. Her legs looked fine beneath the thin material and her shoe heels tightened her calves making her look totally sexy. There was a confidence to her walk that she had never felt in her canlı kaçak iddaa life. Peter was having a very positive effect on her. Several passers by checked her out as she walked passed but she didn’t mind. In fact Susan for the first time ever, liked the fact that she turned heads. All her life her shyness had got the better of her but a new Susan was emerging that was confident and ready to take what she wanted.

Peter was waiting on the pavement by his door. He smiled as she approached and she slowed her walk. Suddenly this was real and she felt butterflies in her stomach. Susan was expecting to feel aroused but instead it was almost like nerves or fear. They said nothing to each other as he held the door open and she walked up the stairs. He followed her from behind and she knew his eyes were fixed on her ass. It was well rounded and swayed with each step. She slowed her stride and her ass swayed slower. Peter was consumed with lust.

When they got to the top of the stairs, the second door was closed. She stood and waited for him. He reached out a hand with the key and Susan leaned back slightly to allow him access to the lock. Both of them were silent but smiling at each other. Susan turned to watch him position the key over the lock. Peter didn’t push it in but instead waited. Susan raised her hand to his and helped him push the key in the lock. It slowly slipped in with her pushing it and him not resisting. Eventually it was fully in the lock and she let go of his hand. It was symbolic of what they were both thinking. They were both breathing slowly and standing so close, it was impossible to not be aware of this. She was pinned to the wall as he stood so close to her. His body was against hers and brushed against one of her nipples. The door opened and they both stepped inside together.

Still without speaking, Peter walked to the bedroom and Susan followed. He put the key on the bedside table and turned to look at her. They were stood five feet apart and Susan made the first move. It was a bold move. She reached down and pulled up her dress and lifted it over her head. Peter stood there mesmerised. She didn’t stop there though and unhooked her bra releasing her massive tits. They were young and firm and didn’t drop too much as her bra fell away. Peter started to undress too and they just stared at each other. Next she removed her panties stepping out of them one leg at a time.

Susan was completely naked and fully aroused. She climbed into the bed and waited under the sheets for him. Peter finished undressing and removed the last of his clothes. His cock was swollen but not hard. She smiled and stared at it swinging between his legs as he approached. As he climbed into bed it got harder and by the time he shuffled over to her it was fully hard.

They kissed and she spread her legs. He rolled over on top of her body and was soon between her legs with his cock pressing against her pussy. They embraced and kissed and ground their bodies together. Soon Peter’s cock was probing the entrance to her pussy and she moved to accept it. With a mutual thrust in the right direction for both of them, he penetrated Susan. Her pussy was wet, not soaking but within a couple of thrusts it was fully lubricated and he fucked her. Her legs wrapped round him and she raised them up so he could fuck even deeper. It wasn’t long before her first orgasm approached and he seemed to instinctively sense this and slowed down to make the moment last longer. Susan soon came. It built from a mild orgasm to something far greater than she expected and her legs and arms felt week in the afterglow of the moment.

Peter hadn’t cum but he didn’t have to wait long. Susan moved her head down under the covers and took his cock in her mouth. For the first time in her life she sucked a cock after fucking it. She had never tasted herself on a man. It didn’t make one bit of difference. All she wanted was Peter’s cum and he soon delivered. His cock exploded in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. They still hadn’t spoken to each other since she arrived but it didn’t matter. Susan had got what she came for. She lay there completely naked in his arms with a feeling of total well-being and satisfaction.

Soon they started to talk. Peter paid her complements and she responded with appropriate modesty. Just as their conversation had started instantaneously, so it ended. Peter pushed Susan over onto her front and she raised herself onto her hands and knees. She offered her rear to him and he positioned himself behind her. This was a moment to savour and he held his cock and aimed it straight into her freshly fucked pussy. She pushed back canlı kaçak bahis and then gyrated herself back against him. It was almost as if she was chewing at his cock with her ass. It felt fantastic and he didn’t have to thrust as she made all the movements needed. Eventually she collapsed her arms and her butt stuck even further into the air. Susan held still as Peter thrust into her. He held her hips and slammed himself deeper. She started to moan as he raced to a climax. No climax came though and he showed greater stamina than she was used to. Susan slipped forward off his cock and turned round.

Peter took in the sight of her lying on her back. Her pussy lips were wide open but it was her tits that took his attention. She knew this and pushed them together with both hands. Within moments he was straddling her and sliding his cock between her tits. She pushed her nipples around his cock and he fucked her tits. Susan craned her neck so the tip of his cock could reach her mouth and she took the head in as he continued to slide between her tits. Eventually, Peter gave up on the tits and just concentrated on sliding slowly into her mouth. Susan took as much as she could and sucked him all the way in. He pulled out and then slid back in. The sight of her lips around him was too much and Peter pulled out again as he came over her face. She tried to get him back in her mouth but he shot again and his cum flew into her approaching mouth. Her lips closed over his cock and she swallowed his third and forth spurts as his cock head pulsed inside her throat.

Peter collapsed onto the bed with Susan still holding his cock in her mouth. She moved her head so she could keep it in his mouth as he lay on his side. Moaning as she sucked, she waited for it to soften. Then Susan let it slip out. For the next hour they just stayed on the bed idling away the time, fondling each other and talking. Susan was besotted with Peter and he was revelling in her attention.

The peace of the moment was broken by a knock at the door. Susan instinctively wrapped herself in the bedsheet, she was naked and the noise made her feel vulnerable. Peter whispered to her to keep quiet. He put on a robe and went to the the small table by the bed. He opened the single drawer hanging beneath the table and took out a gun. Susan was stunned into silence. She had never seen a real gun before.

“Peter, its me!” said a mans voice from behind the door.

“Shit you scared me,” said Peter. “Wait a second.”

Susan couldn’t see the visitor as the door opened and they both spoke in whispers. After about a minute, the visitor left and Peter returned to the bedroom. Susan was scared and afraid.

“Who was that?” she asked.

“A business partner,” answered Peter.

“Is that a real gun?” Susan asked naively. Peter laughed at the question and put the gun away. He told her not to worry and that he had to be careful sometimes because there were a lot of bad people out there who like to rob jewellers. He lay next to her on the bed and removed the bedsheets that were covering her. They embraced and kissed passionately. Susan became aroused by the kissing and was just preparing herself for another round of love making when Peter broke off the kiss.

“You gotta go. I gotta go too. I have somethings to attend to,” Peter said.

“Can’t it wait?” she asked, hoping to enjoy Peter between her legs just one more time.

“Not today it can’t.”

“Are you coming round for the money tonight?” she asked.

“That’s the plan. Does he have my money?” asked Peter.

“I guess. Why wouldn’t he?” Susan was full of questions.

“I’m just used to people not paying on time. Occupational hazard.” Peter was dressing as he was talking. He seemed in a rush to leave. Susan started to hunt for her clothes. Her naked body was a feast for any mans eyes as she gathered up her clothes but Peter was only interested in getting himself ready. He gave her a kiss on the lips and said, “Let yourself out but don’t touch anything in here.”

With that Peter left the room and the apartment. Susan was confused. Peter had turned from attentive charmer to someone who couldn’t wait to leave. She felt used and surprised that after their love making, he no longer seemed to have the manners and charms that she had found so appealing. In fact, there was an edge to him she wasn’t sure about and the gun was a little frightening. Susan should have spotted all the signals but she was besotted. She tried to excuse all the unanswered questions in her mind and could only think of when she would see Peter again.

Although she considered having a look round the apartment, she left without touching anything and made her way home. Back in her bath, soaking in the hot soapy water, she reflected on the day’s events. She felt no guilt for cheating on Dan.

She couldn’t wait for later that day when Peter was coming to collect his money.

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