Susan & Peggy

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Susan & PeggyThis story is fiction based on real events. It is a compilation of events by many people written into two main characters.Susan did not like Peggy and Peggy returned this dislike. Nobody really knows why and it had been this way for as long as anyone could remember. Everybody on campus knew though, that each time they crossed paths there were going to be fireworks. Each tried to one-up the other and if that didn’t work, whipping the other’s ass would be option two.This including dating, it was no secret among the guys that if you dated one, the other was going to try to take you away by any means necessary. Many guys took advantage of this situation, one was Bart.The old pick-up truck rumbled to a stop in front of Susan’s apartment building. This was his second date with Susan, and the first went well. The first date was just milkshakes and small talk in a booth at a local hangout on a Tuesday, But hey now it’s Saturday Night and the weekend is here !On this first date, Peggy also showed up. As she walked in, she noticed Susan in the booth and gave her a “fuck you, bitch” look while thinking, So Bart is with you now, soon he will be mine. Peggy flipped her auburn hair and flashed a beautiful smile at Bart then walked to the counter stepping between two guys, ordering a soda then turning to talk with them, one on each side of her. She was a tall and willowy beauty who managed to have her floral dress ride up a few inches to let the lace of the gorgeous full slip she had on underneath peek out. The show was for Bart but the two guys she was chatting with noticed her pink lace as well. One whispered something to her and she moved her leg making her skirt ride up showing more lace and a little silky pink nylon. Susan thought “you slut” as she finished the milkshake her and Bart were sharing quickly. She noticed Bart was also taking in the sight, as he ordered another milkshake from the server. Susan whispered; No, let’s go, and he gave the server a $10 instead. As Bart & Susan walked out, the two girls gave each other evil looks.Bart opened the truck door for Susan and watched her curves as she climbed in. Voluptuous was the one word that came to mind. Long blonde hair, and soft blue eyes, Susan was a beach girl and filled out a bikini very well. As Bart walked around and stepped into the truck, she slid across the seat to meet him, making her skirt ride up exposing her slip’s lace thinking ” Bitch, I have one too”. Bart smiled as he stepped in, and saw Susan’s beautiful white lace over her tan legs on display for him. He started the truck, got it in gear, and she moved his hand to her lace as they left the parking lot.They rode through town and back again and Susan’s skirt was hiked higher and higher until it was around her waist, her beautiful half slip a wrinkled mess on her thighs as Bart played with it. She whispered in his ear as he attempted to push her slip and hand between her legs then kissed him and spread them.She was already hot and moist when his hand touched her through her slip and panties. He rubbed her inner thighs with her slip as she squirmed bingöl escort in the seat then jumped each time he fondled her pussy with the beautiful lace and silky body of her slip. She wanted to fuck him then and there but thought, “not on the first date” and whispered it was time to take her home.They turned into the apartment complex and she moved his hand to her knee as she did her best to straighten her skirt and slip. Bart parked the truck and they kissed a few times, his hand moving up her thighs and her moving it back to her knee, giggling. She slid back across the seat by the door and Bart took the hint, exiting the truck to open her door. Her skirt and slip fell into place as she got out of the truck and melted into his arms. They kissed passionately until the apartment light switched on. Susan took a couple steps back, and flashed a wicked grin as she played under the waist of her skirt for a moment and her beautiful slip dropped to the pavement. Stepping out of it, she looked at Bart as her foot kicked it up to her hand and she kissed the gorgeous six inches of lace leaving her lipstick in the lace. She flashed the evil grin once more and said “return this on our next time out” as she tossed the silky half slip through the open window onto the seat of the truck, then turned and disappeared into the building. Susan’s mother came to the window and looked out for a few moments. Bart could easily see where Susan’s beauty was from, as her mother was simply gorgeous, making Bart think about what it would be like to have both of them at once.Susan was hot and wet when she entered the apartment and although she didn’t really want to, the two gorgeous ladies talked about her date. After this, Susan went to her room, put on her black full slip and finished what Bart started using the five inches of lace at it’s hem.As Bart drove home, his senses took in her beautiful slip as his free hand felt her silky touch. He picked it up from the seat to his face taking in Susan’s perfume and scent as his cock stiffened. the slip dropped to his raging cock as he turned into the driveway and he rubbed the bulge in the front of his pants with her for a few minutes before taking her inside. In the bed, his now free cock rammed into the lipstick and lace of the gorgeous slip until he soaked it with cum. For a moment he hoped Susan would not be mad at him for using her beauty like this, then thought, she should have expected it when giving it to me and went to sleep. Yep, everything was going as planned.Susan woke up and lingered in her bed for a while then took off the lacy black slip tossing it in the laundry on the way to the shower, then dressing and making her way to campus. Bart parked the truck and she walked over to the driver’s side window noticing her beautiful half slip, now a pile of crumpled silky nylon and lace on the seat of the truck. They chatted as they walked inside to start the day.Peggy walked across the lot with Jim, A large athletic guy, who was into sports. As they walked by the truck, she noticed Susan’s slip on seat. She also noticed bitlis escort the lipstick in the gorgeous lace and that now the beautiful white slip had a rather large cum stain in her silky body and lace. As Jim was seeing her off at the door, Susan walked by and Peggy said; “You and Bart must have had a wonderful time last night” as her eyes shot daggers. Susan simply replied ; “Yes we did” and walked away scheming to take Jim from Peggy.After having lunch Bart was hanging out with some friends when Peggy showed up. She looked at them and asked , can I borrow him for a few minutes ? They all took a couple steps back and one said in a low voice, be careful, man as they started to walk away. Walking into a building empty for lunch, Peggy pulled Bart into a cubicle as she said, Did you like what you saw yesterday? You were looking pretty hard. Then flipping her wrap skirt open said, Did You like this ? Let’s see how hard you can get. The gorgeous scalloped lace of her full slip was exposed as she unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock in one smooth movement then pulling up her skirt stepped forward wrapping his cock in her slip’s silky body. Grinding the front of her slip into his cock as it hardened, she looked into his eyes asking if her slip felt good. Letting Bart have her and her slip in this way started out as just another slap to Susan but when she realized how large Bart’s cock was as he started fucking her gorgeous slip, she unbuttoned her blouse because, now she wanted to taste him. Taking his cock in her hand she rubbed the front of her slip with it as she slowly went to her knees. She rubbed his cock with her boobs until precum spilled onto the lace bodice of the slip covering them. More precum spilled and she licked then kissed the tip of his cock moving it past her lips as her beautiful green eyes looked up. Reaching down she took a handful of her slip’s lace and pulled it up fondling his balls with it as she gave a expert blow-job. She let Bart fuck her beautiful face and drop his load in her mouth until full and cum was dripping from her lips to her boobs and the lace of the gorgeous slip covering them. They left the offices just as people were returning from lunch.Friday Night rolled around and for most of the people Bart hung with, it meant cruising uptown figuring out what to do over the weekend ! Bart & Susan shared a milkshake at the local hangout as Jim and Peggy had a pizza across town. It was bound to happen though and it did later in the evening at a gas station that closed for the night. Bart & Susan cruised by in the truck which was full of hot rods and other cruisers when he said , Hey that guy owes me some money and made a u-turn on main into the lot. Bart was paid back and they were hanging out with the rodders when Jim & Peggy cruised by and Jim pulled in saying , I haven’t seen that guy in forever and the car ended up nose to nose with Bart’s truck. Jim got Peggy out of the car, and they made their way through the crowd greeting everybody to the back of the truck where Bart & Susan were sitting on the tailgate. escort bayan Susan got out of the way as Jim sat down on the tailgate and grabbed Peggy’s hand plopping her on his lap. Bart pulled Susan up on his lap as he greeted Jim and they started talking about a strange noise Jim’s car was making.They were talking for a few minutes as Peggy & Susan shot daggers at each other with their eyes when Susan lunging from Bart’s lap screamed, “Stop kicking me you bitch” and grabbed Peggy both of them falling from the tailgate. They rolled around on the ground as the crowd gathered and Bart jumped up to separate the two. He grabbed Susan causing her dress to ride up exposing a gorgeous very lacy sky blue slip, then pulled her dragging Peggy across the ground, her skirt riding up exposing a beautiful lime green slip with at least four inches of lace. The girls rolled their eyes as the guys cheered and Jim said, hey man, only way to break up a catfight is with a water hose. Bart looked at him then Peggy slapped him. Bart sat on the tailgate and said, “yep” as Susan & Peggy regained their footing. Peggy screamed “I’ll kick your ass, slut” as they lunged for each other. Peggy’s slip was back in full view when Susan pulled her skirt up trying to rip it and Peggy had a handful of Susan’s slip by it’s gorgeous lace when down they went again. They had each other by the hair as they rolled over each other on the ground the dress and skirt around their waist both of their gorgeous lacy slips on display wrinkling, stretching, and bouncing over their thighs as the catfight was in full swing. Peggy grabbed Susan’s slip by it’s lace again and jerked the slip hard trying to rip her slip to shreds. Susan slapped her hand and her face hard then a spotlight scanned through the crowd. Jim stood up and knelt down by Peggy & Susan saying ” The cops are here” as the police car pulled in behind his. They stopped rolling around, Peggy gave Susan’s slip one last hard jerk trying to rip it’s lace and they sat on the tailgate. The cops were looking around for alcohol and checking to see if anyone was drinking. They took a close look at the two disheveled ladies on the tailgate but with them appearing sober and not smelling of alcohol they looked a few other people over and went back to the police car.As the police car pulled out of the gas station, Peggy called Susan a slut and Susan responded with skank. Jim pulled Peggy off of the tailgate as Bart did Susan. Bart asked, What is with you two ? As Jim said, As entertaining as it was, that’s enough for one night. The girls rolled their eyes and the guys boooed then were laughing and carrying on as Susan & Peggy hissed at each other. Bart told Jim that noise may be the power steering pump growling and to check the oil in it. Jim was like, Will do, man, good to see you, we need to get together more often. Bart said yep, and we leave the brawlers at home. Jim replied, nah, we’ll build them a mud pit. And sell tickets, take care, man Bart said. Both laughed as the ladies hissed when Jim said to Peggy, ok champ, time for you to hit the showers and dragged her back to his car. Jim was backing out when Bart opened the door for Susan, one parting flip-off at Peggy who returned the favor as Bart pushed Susan into the truck and pulled out of the station. On Main Street, Jim turned left and Bart turned right.(Next, Saturday Night)

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