Susan’s Submission Chapter 6


Susan’s Submission Chapter 6CHAPTER 6 Susan slowly came to, the darkness lifting, aware of nothing except an intense pleasure. As she opened her eyes, she was aware that her feet were still bound in their spread position, but realized as her first impulse was to flail about, her arms were free. As her eyes opened and her senses quickly returned, she saw Peter sitting next to her. She could still feel her receding climax, and the wonderful sensation it brought. She lifted her hands and arms for a moment, almost in a defensive gesture, then lowered them again. Peter, smiling spoke to her, “Are you alright?” he asked. Susan, trying to regain her composure, said, “Yes, I think so,” forgetting in that moment to add ‘Sir’. But neither of them seemed to notice. “I think you may have enjoyed this a bit more than either you or I had anticipated,” he saidwith a grin. Susan acknowledged that she’d had. She blushed a bit, at acknowledging her climax. Peter scooted the small metal stool on its wheels to the foot of the table. Susan, raising her head a bit, could see him between her opened legs. He took the bulb that held the inflated device in her backside, and turning the screw, deflated the instrument. They talked while he worked. He’d asked her about her orgasm, inquiring about its intensity and whether she’d enjoyed it. She felt the pressure in her backside as it lessened, then relief at the deflation. Susan explained that it was intense and very long in duration. She felt the rubber tube sliding from that once tiny orifice, involuntarily tensing those muscles for a moment, Peter pulling it out from that once tiny opening. Peter held the device for a moment, then pulled the electrical lead from its wire, from the box to which it was connected. He pulled one of the plastic bins from the bottom shelf of the cart, then placed the rubber tube, its wire and inflation bulb and tube into the empty bin. They continued to talk while he turned the screw at the base of the inflation bulb that led to the device he’d inserted into her cervix. Susan could feel her uterus as the pressure lessened, then the very odd sensation as he slowly slid the rubber tube from her there. She explained how the climax had come upon her in an instant, and that she hadn’t felt sexually aroused at the time, rather much the opposite. Peter listened to her account of events as he slid the rubber tube from her, then holding it, pulled the electrical lead from the box, and placed this instrument in the plastic bin. Next, came the alligator clip, which had cruelly pinched the thinner inner lip of her labia minora. He started to explain how he’d known that she’d climaxed, as he held the clip and disconnected its lead to the box. Placing the alligator clip in the bin, he took the second alligator clip from the other side and told Susan that she’d ejaculated with her orgasm.. Susan felt the sharp pain as he removed each of the alligator clips from her delicate flesh. The blood had suddenly returned to those areas and caused her to squirm a bit. She was astonished to learn of her ejaculation, she’d never heard of such a thing. Peter massaged her sex as he spoke, trying to help her overcome the pain. He told her that female ejaculation, while not very common, was entirely possible. He squeezed the tiny bulb holding the electrode to her clitoris, and the vacuum gone, released its grip on her tiny bud. Talking and holding the first electrode, he squeezed each of the two bulbs holding electrodes firmly to Susan’s vulva, he then turned and disconnected all three leads from the box and placed the electrodes in the plastic bin. Susan questioned Peter, as he worked, about the ejaculation, not certain if she should believe him. She felt relief at the release of the electrode at her tiny bud. She’d become accustomed to it, and had almost forgotten about it while she spoke with Peter, but once it had been removed, she discovered that it was painful. Peter, once he’d removed the three electrodes, used his hand to rub Susan’s sex, trying to alleviate any pain or discomfort. After a minute or so, he reached up and removed the first electrode connected to Susan’s upper right breast. “This may hurt a bit,” he warned, as he peeled the pad from her skin. It pulled her skin a bit, but was not painful, and she watched as he then pulled the second, lower pad from beneath her breast. Peter was chuckling at her disbelief, and explained as he disconnected the leads from these electrodes from the box, that he could prove what he’d told her and would in just another few minutes. Placing those electrodes in the plastic bin, he turned and removed the two electrodes from Susan’s left breast, again disconnecting them and placing them with the others. He then held the flesh of her stomach with one hand and peeled the last electrode from above her navel. Once all of the electrodes had been removed, he pushed the cart aside, then reaching above his head in his sitting position, he unbuckled the strap which held her ankleto the stirrup, and moved to remove the other. “I want you to stay this way for another minute,” he explained, “I want to remove your catheter, but I’ll let you use it one more time before I do.” With that, he moved to the side of the table, and opening a drawer, he removed another bag, and more tubing. He then moved to the foot of the table, sitting again on the stool, and connected the tubing to the tube that dangled from below her legs, the metal clamp still attached. He the pushed the open end of the tubing into the top of the bag and secured it. As he worked, he told Susan that he’d never witnessed a female ejaculating, however he was sure that she had been able to accomplish this, only with the proper combination of intensity of current to each of the electrodes, and that he’d virtually ‘stumbled’ onto the proper combination. He released the clamp and Susan could feel her bladder again empty through the tubing and into the bag. It came to Susan, as she listened to this man, that she was no longer embarrassed at this normal bodily function. She felt an unexplainable very deep warmth toward Peter, after all, he had brought her to the greatest climax she’d ever experienced, and was demonstrating his caring and gentle side to her, as he spoke and cared for her. She questioned him further about the phenomenon while she urinated, realizing that she’d have never carried on such a conversation had she been sitting on the toilet and doing the same. There was certainly nothing sexual about the act, nor could she control whatever was happening. The catheter had probed her bladder, and it seemed only natural that it would empty itself. Peter told her what he knew about the subject, then pointed out that he knew it hadn’t been urine, as that little opening had remained sealed until this point in time. Looking down, he could see that the flow had stopped, and he once again applied the clamp to the tube, just above the junction of the tube and the catheter. “I want you to try to relax, while I remove this,” he said softly, and turned the screw at the base of the inflation bulb. She felt the pressure in her urethra as the device deflated, then felt the catheter slide slowly from her as Peter pulled it gently from that opening. The sensation lasted a bit longer than Susan thought it would, and she realized how deeply it had to have been inserted. Peter stood holding the catheter and tubing in one hand, the bag that was about two-thirds full in his other. He moved to the sink in the corner of the room, and placed the bag and tubing in the sink, next to the other he’d put there earlier. “I’m going to need your help now,” he said, “I’m going to lift your legs from the stirrups, when I do, I want you to scoot back, so that your head is near the end of the table.” He grasped her ankles, and lifting, Susan used her hands and arms at her sides to lift her upper body and move. Once she’d shifted her position, Peter lowered her legs, the edge of the table now met at the backs of her knees, and as he lowered her legs, they dangled over the edge of the foot end of the table. She watched as Peter turned the screws that locked the stirrups to the corners of the table, then lifting the steel devices from their brackets, he moved to the side of the table, opened the door to the cupboard in the base, and placed them inside. Closing the door, he stood. “How do you feel now?” he asked, looking into her eyes. “Fine,” she started to reply, then, “exhausted,” she added. “Drained,” she finally came up with. “My legs are tingling, and I’m a bit light-headed.” “We’ll take it slow,” he said, still looking into her eyes, then he asked, “Would you go through all that again?” 81 Susan thought istanbul escort for a few moments, she’d remembered the pain as each of the devices were clipped to her, and inserted into her. The horrible pressure in her uterus as the device had been inserted then inflated, as well as that in her backside. All other things coming to mind, it was the recency of her intense orgasm that had stood out most, and she had her reply, “In an instant.” She looked at Peter as he responded, “That good, huh?” Susan looked into his eyes as she nodded her head affirmatively. “Let’s see if you can sit,” he said, as he took her upper arm and helped her lift herself into a sitting position. Once her back was up, he used his other hand to help her rise. She sat on the edge of the table, and Peter pointed to a spot on the floor. Susan could see a small puddle, and then understood that it was her ejaculate. She stared at it for several seconds, then “That came from me?” she asked. “It certainly did,” Peter chuckled. “How are you feeling now?” he asked seriously. “I’m still just a bit light headed,” she replied. “You sit there for a few minutes longer,” he said, then he moved around the table to her right side, Susan still looking at the small puddle with fascination. Peter opened a drawer, and removed the ankle cuffs he’d put there earlier. He moved to the foot of the table, holding one of the two cuffs out for Susan to hold, then buckled it securely about her ankle. Finished, he lowered her leg, and held his hand out for the other ankle cuff that Susan held. She put it in his hand and watched as he placed it, once again about her ankle. She had somewhat mixed feelings at the moment. It was as if he was reminding her of her slave status by putting these cuffs back around her ankles, but she fought her impulse to become resentful, and accepted the situation as just being the way things were. As he finished, Peter lowered her leg, and asked, “Do you think you can stand now?” Susan told him she could, and again grasping her upper arm, helped her as she lifted her buttocks from the table and put her feet on the floor. As she stood, she then felt the stiffness of each and every one of her muscles, and the soreness of her body returned. It was as if her body had reawakened as she stood. Her buttocks and breasts stung from the whipping they had endured, as did her upper thighs. She could feel the soreness between her legs as well. Peter watched her carefully as she stood, observing her, looking for any signs of anything out of the ordinary. “I want you to come upstairs with me,” he said, “We’ll get you cleaned up and feeling better,” he spoke with genuine concern. Susan allowed herself to be led to the doorway, he opened the door and he released his grasp of her arm as she passed through. He turned out the lights in the room with the four switches next to the door, then passed through himself, closing the door behind them.He led Susan up the stairs and down the hallway to the stairway leading to the second floor of the house. Susan padded up the carpeted steps, then felt Peter’s grasp at her arm as he led her down the hallway, this time, to the opposite end of the hall. He opened a set of double doors, and they passed through into what Susan believed must be the Master Bedroom. Over the softest, deepest piled carpet that Susan had ever walked on, or at least it seemed that way, with her bare feet. They entered an enormous bathroom, a large tub at one end. Peter released his grasp of her arm, and moving to the tub, knelt and told her, “Why don’t you remove your ankle and wrist cuffs, while I get your bath ready?” He opened the faucets allowing water to rush into the giant bathtub. With his hand, he felt the temperature of the water pouring into the tub, and when it met his approval, he closed the drain, and stood. Susan had knelt in her place, and was working the buckle of her left ankle cuff, watching him as he moved to a cupboard, and removing a large bottle, returned to the tub. The bottle held bath salts, and as he poured the salts into the tub, the aroma of lilac started to fill the room. When she’d removed her ankle cuffs, she slowly stood, still feeling the slightest bit light headed. She wondered if it were from the pain that she’d endured all day, or was itfrom the intense orgasm she’d had. Then deciding, “Orgasms,” humorously chuckling to herself. She held the ankle cuffs in one hand while fumbling with the buckle of the cuff on her right wrist. Peter moved in front of her and taking her hand, worked the buckle for her, thengrasped her left wrist and removed that cuff as well. He took the leather cuffs from Susan and placed them on the counter to his side. He took Susan’s arm and led her to the tub, holding her steady, and indicated she should get into the water. She lifted her leg, glad that Peter was holding her, and over the side into the very warm water. She could feel the heat, and took a moment to acclimate herself to the warmth. She lifted her other leg over the side of the tub and into the water, then Peter used both hands to steady her, as she slowly lowered herself into the water. As she sat in the water, her body slowly grew accustomed to the heat of the water. Almost as if it were penetrating every pore of her flesh, it relaxed her, and soothed any pain she might have felt. Peter released his grip on the woman as she sat in the water, and took a seat on the side ofthe large tub, near her feet. He watched Susan as she slid back, resting her back against the far end of the tub. He held his hand beneath the water as it came from the faucet and adjusted the hot tap, increasing the warmth a bit. As the tub continued to fill, Peter asked Susan if she were alright, and if the water was too hot. Susan replied that she was feeling much better, and no, while the water took a second or two to get used to, it felt great. They spoke for a few minutes about the pain Susan felt in her body. She told him that her breasts and buttocks hurt the worst, and that there was also some pain between her legs. She was a bit surprised at her ability to talk about her body with this man in such a frank way. When the tub was filled to Peter’s satisfaction, he turned the faucets, shutting off the flow of water. He explained that while he went downstairs and prepared dinner, that Susan should sit and enjoy her bath. He pointed out the facecloth and soap on the far edge of the tub, and if she wanted, she could use the shampoo and conditioner, on a small ledge at the foot of the tub. Peter also pointed out three switches on the wall next to Susan’s head. He instructed her to push the first, and as she did, she could feel the jets of the Jacuzzi at her feet. He instructed her to push the others, and she felt the jets at her back and those in the middle of the tub. She paused for a few seconds, and enjoying the massaging of the water on her sore and exhausted body. Peter smiled, “Take your time in the bath, I’ll get our dinner ready,” he turned and leaving the room, turned and closed both doors of the double door leading from the bath behind him. Susan sat in the bath, enjoying not only the massage that the jets were giving her sore and tired body, but the privacy that Peter had given her. The tub was so large that as she slid forward, immersing her upper body, holding her head up, that her feet still hadn’t touched the other end of the tub. Susan lay in her bath, enjoying the very warm water as it seemed to relax every tortured muscle in her body. She particularly liked the way that the jets in the middle of the tub, seemed to toy with her breasts. They almost floated, bobbing at the surface of the water, moving gently side to side with the water from the jets massaging them. She also enjoyed the scent of lavender as it filled her head. She took her time, enjoying the bath, her body relaxed more and more with each passing minute. It was as if any pain and torment, were long ago in a distant time and place. Finally, she sat again, in the tub, taking the face cloth, and immersing it in the water about her, lifting it, she wrung the excess water from the cloth and used the soap to lather it. She set about washing herself. As she cleaned each area of her body, the pain would return a bit, as if reminding her of what had been inflicted upon her. Her legs, thighs, even her breasts were sore to the touch. After washing her face, she’d decided to shampoo her hair, bending forward to immerse her head in the warm water. She used the shampoo to wash her blonde hair, then again immersed her head, then used the conditioner in her hair. After she’d rinsed her head avcılar escort again, she moved back and resting her back against the end of the tub, she allowed her head to fall back, and having again wrung the water from the face cloth,folded it in half neatly, and placed it over her closed eyes. She enjoyed the sensation of the Jacuzzi jets as they played the water across her body, one of the jets was almost at the base of her spine, and it soothed her back as well. She lay back, eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation as well as the aroma that filled the bathroom. She didn’t sleep, but found herself in an extremely relaxed state. After another fifteen or twenty minutes, she heard the knob of the door leading into the bathroom as it turned. She sat upright, with one hand, removing the facecloth from over her eyes, and opened them in time to see Peter entering the room. It suddenly occurred to Susan that ordinarily, she would have covered herself when any man would have entered while she was bathing, but she understood that she didn’t want to hide her body from this man. “Had she lost hermodesty?” she wondered, then understood, that with Peter, she no longer had modesty. He moved to the tub, pausing for only a moment to retrieve a large terry cloth towel from the rack on the wall, then moved and sat on the edge of the tub. He looked at Susan and asked how she felt now. Susan told him that she felt wonderful, and that she had enjoyed her bath. “I know you’d probably like to stay in there longer,” Peter said, “but our dinner is nearly ready and you need to eat.” He stood, holding his hand out for Susan. Susan sat forward, taking his extended hand, and using it to steady herself, stood in the tub,and lifting first one leg over its side, then the other. Peter used the fluffy towel to first dry Susan’s hair, then moving lower, her neck and face. He spoke as he gently patted her body with the towel, telling her that he hoped that sheenjoyed her dinner, and that she would be allowed to eat at the table with him. He used care in drying her body, he could see welts raised on her breasts, then her thighs and lower legs. He had her turn, and as he dried her back, moved lower and admired the marks decorating her buttocks. He was particularly careful when he gently patted this area dry. Once he’d finished drying her legs and feet, he stood, holding the towel. “Why don’t you use the sink and comb or brush your hair, while I go back downstairs and finish preparing dinner,” he said, “and when you’ve finished, you can put your wrist and ankle cuffs. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” He turned and laying the towel on the counter, left the bathroom. This time he hadn’t closed the doors. Susan stood there for a moment, then moved to the sink, and finding a brush and comb, looked in the mirror at her reflection. She saw the stripes across her breasts, as well as the tiny lines across her stomach and lower abdomen. Standing back, she could see the swollen and hairless lips of her vulva in the mirror. She picked up the comb and ran it through her hair, then used the brush in an effort to dry her hair at least a little more than it was. Finished, she picked up one of the ankle cuffs from the counter, and kneeling, she wrapped the leather strap around one ankle, then shifting to the other side, she reached up and retrieved the second ankle cuff, buckling it securely about the other ankle. She stood, and getting one of the wrist cuffs, she placed it around her right wrist, again, because she was right-handed, having difficulty buckling the strap with her left hand. Once in place, she picked up the remaining wrist cuff, and somewhat more easily, secured it about her left wrist. Finished, she was uncertain what to do. She looked about, and into the bedroom, through the opened doors, it came to her. She moved to the center of the bathroom, and knelt. Her arms at her sides with her wrists outward. A moment later, Peter returned. He saw this blonde woman, kneeling in the center of the bathroom, and smiled. “Why don’t you follow me downstairs, and we’ll eat our dinner,” he said. He watched Susan as she gingerly stood, then turned and led her through the bedroom and downstairs. He led her through the downstairs hallway and through a sitting room. At the end of this room, were a large pair of French doors, which he opened, he gestured for Susan to go past him, and outside. She stood for a moment, hesitating with a shocked expression on her face, “Surely he didn’t expect her to go outside with no clothes,” she thought. Peter chuckled, “It’s alright,” he said, “no one will see us outside,” as if reading her mind. Susan walked cautiously through the doors and found herself on the patio. A small tablehad been set with two chairs. She looked about finding to her great surprise, that the back yard was enormous. “As you can see,” he said patiently, “no one can see us here. I have over thirty acres and my nearest neighbor is more than a half mile away.” He closed the doors, and moved past Susan to the table, pulling her chair for her. Susan walked to the table, and sat in the chair as Peter pushed it forward a bit for her. He then moved to the other chair and sat, pulling the dinner napkin from the table, and placing it on his lap. Susan imitated his move, placing her napkin on her bare flesh, reminded suddenly of her naked state. A salad bowl sat on each of their plates, and reaching, Peter grasped his salad fork and began to eat. Susan followed his moves, looking at the table, noticed that there were wine glasses filled, and she ate her salad. It was very good food, and somehow it seemed that her sense of taste and smell had been heightened. She wondered why she could suddenly taste and smell so much more acutely than before; had it been because of the extreme situation shehad found herself in since she’d arrived at this place? They talked, lightheartedly as they ate, Susan felt her situation most unusual, as she sat here nude, save for her wrist and ankle cuffs and the napkin that laid in her lap, speaking casually with this man. She realized, to her surprise, that she didn’t feel uncomfortable, rather that this situation while most surreal, she seemed very much at ease. Then it occurred to her that she felt entirely comfortable with her nudity in front of Peter,after all, he had seen and was able to study her most intimately just awhile earlier. As she finished her salad, she realized that she had been very hungry. Peter rose and taking the plate and bowl from in front of Susan, lifted his own and moved through a door leading apparently into the kitchen. He emerged moments later, carrying two dinner plates. “I do so hope that you’re not a vegetarian,” he said as he set the plate in front of Susan. “No,” she replied, and looking down, saw the bacon wrapped filet on her plate, a baked potato to one side, and asparagus at the far side of her plate. Peter set his plate at his place, then excused himself and again walked to the door to the kitchen. He emerged moments later, carrying a small tray. On the tray were two bowls, one with butter, the other with sour cream, and a pepper grinder as well as a salt grinder. He set the tray on the edge of the table, between his and Susan’s place, and returned to his chair. After placing his napkin back in his lap, he lifted his knife and fork and told Susan she should help herself to whatever she liked. They ate their dinner, again resuming their conversation. Peter asked Susan about herself, her life and her work. Susan talked openly about what she did both on and away from work, describing her interests and hobbies. She felt somewhat awkward at asking Peter about himself, but found once that she did, he spoke freely about his work and interests. As they ate, he then guided the conversation to Susan’s sexual history. He asked her how many lovers she’d had. Susan explained that she’d had only four, two before her marriage, her husband, and now Peter, she told him, blushing a bit. Peter understood her allusion at his taking her earlier while she was bound over the leather vaulting horse. He began to explore that area of her life even more deeply, asking if she masturbated, and how often. Again, feeling herself blush a bit at such a personal question, Susan responded honestly, telling him that two and sometimes three times a week, as often she felt the need to relieve herself that way. Peter questioned her how she did it, and whether she had magazines or erotic books that she read while she performed this act. Susan confessed that she had some magazines as well as a video, and one erotic book that she enjoyed reading while she played with herself.She şirinevler escort went on to describe that her favorite position was on her side, lying on her bed, using her fingers to stimulate herself. She again became somewhat self-conscious at her nudity and felt her nipples stiffen slightly and a blush as she saw Peter’s gaze shift to her breasts for a moment. They chatted on through dinner, talking about most anything, and as they had finished, again Peter rose. He took Susan’s plate along with his own, and walked into his kitchen. While he was gone, Susan noticed the sunset, and the beautiful colors painted across the sky. She was perfectly content, albeit a bit sore, and very tired. Peter returned a minute later with their desert. He set Susan’s plate in front of her, and moved back to his seat. Once finished with desert, they continued talking, and Susan occasionally glanced at the sky, noticing the stars starting to appear. They drank their wine, at one point, Peter refilled Susan’s glass as well as his own, and continued to talk. After awhile, Peter said, “It’s starting to get a bit chilly out here, and I think you must be exhausted.” Susan noticed that it was chilly, and she agreed with Peter that she was tired. He asked Susan to follow him, then standing, led her into the house. They used the doors through which she passed on her way to the patio, crossed through the den, then back into the hall. Susan was a bit surprised when he started to climb the stairs to the second floor. Surely hehad meant for her to sleep again on her blanket on the basement floor, but she climbed the carpeted steps behind him. He led her to the guest bedroom, and opening the door, reached inside and flicked the light switch, then beckoned her to enter. “Why don’t you get yourself ready for bed, while I change.” he said. “I’m going to change and I’ll check in on you in a few minutes.” As she passed through the door, he softly closed it behind her. Susan stood for a moment, inside the door surveying the room. A queen-sized bed was against the far wall. Its brass headboard and footboard glistened in the light. A large dresser stood against the wall to her right, and beyond that was a floor length mirror in a brass stand. A tall armoire stood along the wall to her left. On the wall to her left, was a large doorway, leading to the guest bath, which she had been in earlier that morning. It seemed like such a very long time ago. She noticed a comb and brush atop the dresser on her right, and picking up the brush, moved in front of the tall mirror. She brushed her now fully dried hair, and looked at her own reflection as she did. She noticed the marks adorning her breasts and torso. She continued to brush her hair while turning, then stopped brushing long enough to look at her back over her shoulder. Her backside was bruising, and had turned a deep shade. She could also see the stripes Peter had left across her thighs as well as lower down her legs. She turned again and quickly brushed her hair, noting the cuffs at her wrists and ankles,and she was continually reminded of her status in this house, if by nothing more, than by their presence. As she finished her brushing, she heard a soft knock on the door. Peter opened the door and came into the bedroom. He was wearing pajama bottoms, and a short robe that fell to his mid-thigh. He asked politely if she were alright.Susan responded that she was fine now, smiling. Looking down a bit, she could see that Peter was becoming erect. She could tell through his robe and pajamas. “I want to use you tonight,” he said almost hesitantly. He started to say something else, then stopped. Susan, understanding immediately, set the brush on the dresser and moved in front of this man. She knelt at his feet, and reaching up, untied the belt holding his robe closed,almost as if in the same motion. Pushing the robe open, she used her fingers to quickly unbutton the waistband of his pajamas, and pulled them over his hips and to the floor. Susan looked up at Peter for a moment, their eyes meeting. In that brief instant, she could see a look of want in his eyes, perhaps it was more of a look of lust. She looked back down and saw the circumsized head of his penis, half erect, half flaccid, then gripping its shaft between the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, moved forward with her mouth opened and pressed it between her lips. She felt the head of his cock with her tongue, slowly rolling her tongue around it, then the shaft as she moved it further into her mouth. She would have sworn that she could feel the pulse in the veins that ran the length of his shaft, with her tongue. He swelled inside of her warm mouth, while her tongue teased him. Peter stood in the middle of the bedroom, robe opened, and his pajamas in a puddle around his feet. At first he closed his eyes, and enjoyed the warm wet sensation he felt as Susan’s mouth brought him to full erection. He then opened his eyes and looked down, he saw the top of Susan’s blonde head as it bobbed back and forth, while she sucked and licked his member. After another minute, he was fully erect and very ready for penetration of another orifice. Susan felt him withdrawing his cock from between her lips, and bending, he stepped from his pajamas and shrugged off his robe. He grasped her arms and pulling her up, she stood. Peter guided the woman to the bed, and then gently laid her down. He laid next to her,and she felt his hand at the nude lips of her sex. She felt him as he gently parted her there, and felt her own heat as well as the moisture that had suddenly come from the eroticismof the moment. He felt her opening with his fingertip, and realized that she was already lubricated, so moving over her he grasped the shaft of his cock in his hand, slowly guiding the head to her moist opening. Susan felt the head of him at her entrance then a slight pressure as his cock pressed slowly into her. She was still a bit sore down there, but it wasn’t even a minor distraction, as she soon came to realize that she wanted this, possibly even more than he. She felt the head of his cock, inside of her now, and the length of his shaft as he pushed deeper into her. She felt the spongy tip of his cock as it banged against her still sore cervix, then his pubic hair as it scratched her bald sex. Her instinct was to grip his shaft, using the muscles in her vagina. Then she felt his length inside as he slowly started to withdraw. He teasingly pulled the length of his cock nearly entirely out of her then started another long stroke inward. Soon he was thrusting hard and fast. Susan gripped his length with the muscles in her vagina each time he was fully inside, feeling the length as he again withdrew. She moved her hips just a bit, and arched her back a bit, and felt his shaft as it lightly brushed her ultra sensitive clit with each stroke. Soon their sex reached a fevered pitch, and Susan could hear Peter’s breath catch. She looked into his eyes, and immediately she was certain in her mind without doubt, that he was close to climax. She intensified her grip on his shaft with her muscles, and began to thrust back, this in an effort to find her own climax by the time that he had. In just a few more strokes, she felt her own climax about to explode, and looked intensely into his eyes. Peter was above, staring back. He saw Susan’s brow furrow, and heard her raspy breath, and in that moment felt the familiar tugging in his loins, he heard her scream in her own climax. Susan was vocal in her orgasm, “I’m cumming,” she cried. “Oh, my God, I’m cumming.” Susan, even in her excited and glorious state of climax, felt Peter taking two or three more long and hard thrusts, then his body tensed. They were locked together that moment, his cock deep inside of Susan, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and Susan felt the pulsing of his throbbing penis as it released his seed deep inside of her. Then, surprising Susan, in her throes she felt some sort of release from inside of herself, then a wetness between her legs! Peter felt it too, and feeling Susan ejaculate with him inside of her was exciting beyond description. For another many seconds, they lay locked together. Susan felt Peter slide from her as he shifted. He was chuckling and told her that maybe they had created a monster when they had awakened the tiny fountain inside of her. Susan thought about it, and decided that it seemed more like a present that Peter had given her. Peter told Susan that perhaps she would want to use the bath, while he straightened the bed. Susan padded into the bathroom. When she returned, Peter had replaced the sheets on the bed and was straightening the bed. He stood and turned, then told Susan to get into bed as it was late. Susan complied and lie in bed, with Peter moving to the door of the bedroom, turning and saying, “Goodnight,” then turning out the lights and closing the door behind him, She lie in bed, sore and exhausted, and she started to recount the day’s events in her mind, but quickly fell asleep.

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