Susie Ch. 28

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Getting to Know Henry

My sleep was disturbed and I awoke in a dark, strange bedroom. As I watched the figure slowly go out the doorway I remembered that I was in Henry’s house. I had seduced him yesterday and we had sex, twice. I thought back, itwas great sex even if Henry was three times my age. I was twenty and my former boyfriend and fiance, Corey Daniels, had met another woman during his internship in Chicago and moved in with her. I had gone to the RC airfield where Corey and I had many fun Saturday afternoons. When I got there I realized I had come hoping to find someone to fill a sexual hole Corey’s unfaithfulness had left. And I meant “fill a hole” in every sense of the word.

When I got there I realized that any of my younger friends and even the few twenty or thirty year olds would jump at the chance to be with me but would expect a long term relationship. When Henry came by and comforted me I saw the opportunity and took it! Because of our age difference, Henry would not expect any sort of long term romance or relationship even if he was more difficult to persuade.

As he came back to bed I watched the outline of his cock swinging as he walked. He had taken Levitra and I think it was still at work. I realized I didn’t know exactly how old he was. I didn’t even know his last name! He was just “Henry,” the older gentleman with the nice manners, the fabulous airplanes and the willingness to help anyone who needed it.

“Henry,” I said quietly as he sat down on the bed.

“Oh, Susan, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s fine, Henry. You know, I am really sorry to say, but remember how last night we talked about how you didn’t really know the younger people at the airfield.”

“Yes, Susan, I remember. I remember not knowing that you and Corey were engaged or that that darling Colleen was now at the Air Force Academy, …”

“And, Henry I didn’t know much about you either. like how your wife died of cancer or that you have two sons and a daughter.”

Even in the darkness I think he noticed my eyes getting damp. “Is something bothering you, Susan?”

“Henry, I don’t know how old you are, or even your last name. Here we are having sex and I don’t know your last name!” I leaned against his hair covered chest.

He didn’t say anything for a minute or so and then broke the silence. “Susan, I don’t think I know your last name either. I know you are in college and probably in your twenties, but you could be underage for all I know. We really should have known each other better before doing this.”

“I’m twenty, Henry, not underage and I have no doubt that what we did helped me last night, ever so much, …ever so much. And my last name is O’Connell, Susie O’Connell but that really doesn’t help you to know me any better, does it?”

“No, I guess not. But itis good to know. My last name is Barnett, …”

“Oh,” I laughed lightly, “that goes so good with ‘Henry Bear’.” I had been calling him “Henry Bear” last night because of all his chest and back hair. “Henry, the Bear, Barnett. I love the sound of that! Henry, the Bear, Barnett.” I snuggled even closer to him, pressing my breasts against his chest and wrapping my legs around his hoping he cold feel the dampness of my cunt just as I could feel the slight stiffness of his cock.

“And I’m 63,” he concluded, hugging me to him and stoking my back. I felt his cock harden to wood.

“Henry, the Bear, Barnett is sixty three,” I said, “and that’s fine with me.”

But it wasn’t so fine with my parents. I hadn’t told them where I was and it was afternoon by the time Henry and I had a leisurely breakfast after a wonderful morning fuck. He dropped me off at the park and ride lot and I drove Corey’s car back home. On the way I remembered in wonder how he couldn’t even get it up before he took the Levitra and then we had sex four times. Each time his cock was hard as wood. I wondered if he made love to his wife that much when they were young and whether his penis was just as hard then, harder than any guy’s cock I had ever felt.

“Where were you?” my mom asked me. “We were getting worried.”

“Dad was about to call the police,” my sixteen year old sister, Cathy said.

“I needed to get out,” I told them. “I needed to help myself get over Corey.”

“You couldn’t even give us a call?” my mother asked.

“I’m sorry, it didn’t occur to me,” I responded. “I was, … I was busy … Occupied.”

My mother can see right through me, “You were having sex,” she said quietly, I guess hoping Cathy wouldn’t hear. But she heard.

“Yes,” I admitted, “and I had a great time. And,” I added, “Itdid help me.”

“So you let some guy take advantage of your emotional state. And now, I suppose, you’ll think you should get married to him. Or at least spend every weekend with him.”

“Mom,” I said firmly. “I didn’t let anyone take advantage of me. If anything, I took advantage of him. We won’t be planning to marry, I can guarantee that. But I don’t guarantee we won’t be spending weekend nights together.”

“So how can you guarantee he won’t fall in love with you and you with him?”

“I picked him. specifically because that’s not likely to happen. He’s canlı bahis sixty three years old.”

“Why he’s old enough to be your father!” Mom exclaimed.

“My grandfather,” I corrected her. “I know, he told me that too.”

“Sixty three!” Cathy exclaimed with vocal and facial expressions that implied I was robbing graves. She fled the room.

For the last couple of years my mom and I had been able to talk about anything and this was no exception. We went up to my room and I explained how I needed a “safe” man and how Henry fit the bill. I told her about Henry and his family and the way he treated me. I think I got her to understand. But, just as with Corey, she clearly didn’t approve and neither did my father.

And they weren’t the only ones.


I met Henry every Saturday at the RC airfield. I would hang out with the guys and maybe fly one of Henry’s planes and then Henry and I would be off to his place. We always took separate cars and I don’t think any of the others at the airfield even knew what we were doing. But Henry’s family sensed something was going on.

The fourth week Henry called me and asked to meet Friday afternoon. “What’s up?” I asked.

“Just an idea, a surprise of sorts,” he said.

I drove to his house and he had a camper shell on his truck. We drove out to the desert and he went off-road, parking in the middle of nowhere. It was a dark, warm, moonless night and I think every star in the universe was twinkling like mad in the sky. Henry pulled an air mattress out of the truck, lay it on the ground and put a comforter over it with a couple of pillows. He gestured me to it and as I lay down on my back amazed at the sky. I asked, What’s the camper shell for?”

“In case the weather changes.” he replied. I could barely make him out as he calmly removed his clothes and threw them in the back of the truck. “I don’t think we’ll need it. Do you like the location?” He lay down next to me and began gently stroking my face.

“The sky is amazing,” I replied, “but I can’t see anything else.”

“This place is all about the sky, … and touch,” he said running his finger from my face down across my breasts to my thigh.

I reached over and stroked his hairy chest down to his erect cock. I felt it and noticed it didn’t have the cock ring and wasn’t as rock hard as before. It was stiff enough to do its job but I found I could bend it slightly in my hand. I relaxed and enjoyed the movement of his hands while I continued to stroke him.

He slowly removed my clothing, piece by piece and then made gentle love to me, first bringing me to a climax orally and then delicately inserting his penis into my ready and yielding vagina. He slowly and deliberately massaged the inside of my cunt with his cock while rubbing his hands over my entire body with a velvet touch. All the time I lay at ease marveling at the sparkling sky and an occasional shooting star. My orgasm was over quickly but had been building for what seemed like hours and I spent seemingly forever in a reverie of passion that was more enjoyable than the orgasm itself. My cumming brought Henry to his own climax and he moaned in delight, pushing harder inside me with twitches that seemed to continue on and on. I fell asleep in his arms, his cock embedded inside me and still in a Levitra hardened state.

I awoke as he got up in the dark, slightly lightened by a rising moon. He took a flashlight and went into the desert to pee. That was the less romantic part of the trip — defecating in the open and using the latrine he dug.

He made furious love to me in the cool light of the morning sun and cooked a breakfast of coffee, eggs and bacon on a portable camp stove. I leaned against him on the drive home, feeling very relaxed, extremely satisfied, but a bit dingy and ready for a shower as soon as possible.

Henry told me that his son, Dean would be coming to the airfield with his three year old grandson like they did occasionally. “Dean will expect me to go home with them for dinner so we won’t be getting together tonight,” Henry told me. “I thought a special Friday night would make up for that.”

“Oh it did, Henry Bear,” I told him. “You are the most incredible and gentle lover.”

Henry replied. “God help me, but I think I’m addicted to our Saturdays together, I’ll really miss you when you are off to USC.”

“I’ll miss you too,” I admitted.

I went to the RC airfield that afternoon and watched Henry with Dean and his darling grandson. They watched the planes and Henry helped his grandson taxi an airplane around the runway. Henry gestured me over and introduced me. Dean looked at me suspiciously. I don’t think Henry had ever introduced any of the younger crowd to Dean so my introduction was unprecedented. I think Dean also detected something in the way Henry looked at me and smiled.

Later Dean trapped me behind the bleachers on my way back from the porta-potty. “I don’t care for what you are doing with my father.” he told me.

“And just what is that?” I asked.

“Leading him on, probably expecting to get his money.”

I laughed, “I don’t want your father’s money.” I said. “I do just fine on my own, thank bahis siteleri you.”

As I tried to walk around him he stepped in front of me again, “I know you’re having sex,” he told me.

“Oh,” I replied, “and if that’s true, what business is it of yours?”

“He’s my father.”

“Yes, he is and certainly old enough to decide what to do on his own and definitely not senile. So! … What business is it of yours what he does with his cock?” my frustration with what I was convinced was inappropriate questioning had resulted in me dropping all inhibitions in my language.

He was taken aback by my frankness and had to run to get in front of me again. “I don’t want him getting hurt!” he said.

“Hurt? How is he going to get hurt?” I replied.

“When you break up with him,” he explained.

“Your father and I are good friends, he has helped me over a rough time, we won’t break up.”

“So you are going to keep having sex forever and not get married?”

“No,” I said and paused. This was my mother’s concern too. Howwould Henry react when it came time to end our sexual relationship. “Besides, who said we are having sex?”

“I’m neither blind nor stupid. You two are getting together regularly for sex and sometime it will end. My father will be devastated when it ends.”

Trying to avoid admitting the nature of our relationship I replied. “I don’t think so. My relationship with your father is completely above-board. We both know the situation, we both understand that I will be going off to school and that, even though he will remain my good friend I will be seeing men my own age and, hopefully, eventually marrying someone close to my age.”

“You may know that but I don’t think he does.”

“Have you posed the question to him?”


“Maybe you should.”

I walked over to where Henry was showing one of his airplanes to his grandson. Dean followed me.

“Henry, Dean has something he wants to discuss with you,” I said.

“Not here,” Dean said looking down at his son. “Not in front of Danny.”

“So, where?” Henry asked. “Susan can watch Danny while we talk.”

“I’d like Susan to hear what I have to say,” Dean replied giving me an unyielding look.

“We could meet this week at lunch,” I suggested.

“Okay, okay, I like that,” Dean said. “How about Monday at the ‘In Town’ coffee shop? Do you know where that is?”

“I used to work there,” I told him. “Monday works for me. Is it okay for you Henry?”

Henry seemed lost, “Sure, I guess,” he replied. “what’s this about?”

“Nothere, Dad,” Dean stated emphatically.

After Dean and Danny left I helped Henry put away his planes before leaving for Dean’s. Henry asked me what that was about.

“Dean is concerned about us.” I said. “He’s worried that I am either after your money, …” Henry interrupted with a laugh and I continued, “or that I will break your heart.”

“How could you break my heart?” he asked.

“Henry you know that soon our sexual relationship will end. I don’t expect it to continue after I move into my dorm at USC.”

“We both know that,” Henry replied. He thought a bit, “Iwill miss your soft warm body and fabulous figure, not to mention your inviting wet cunt and the feel of my cock inside.”

He stopped. He was clearly reminiscing over our sexual activities. I couldn’t resist putting my hand to his crotch and feeling his growing cock. “And I’ll miss your cock inside my vagina, and your arms around me, Henry Bear. But, we both knew that this was your way of helping me over my difficulties with Corey. And it has helped. I’m ready to meet new guys at USC and go out and have sex with them if I want. You have been such a help, Henry Bear.” I gave him a kiss and looked at his saddening face. A teardrop was descending down his cheek.

“I’ll be lonely without you, Susan,” he choked out. “I have always known the end would be coming, but I will miss you and I will be lonely with you gone.”

“Henry Bear, we need to get you out and playing the field again,” I said. “This time with women more your age.”

“Susan, I haven’t the slightest idea how to do that. Not many eligible women at the RC airfield.”

“You need to get out and around at other places. Bars, other activities, dancing? I doubt the bar scene is appropriate for you. Think about it Henry Bear, and I will too. It’s still two months until I leave.”


The meeting with Dean had progressed uneventfully, if you discount the fact that he left without finishing his lunch. He was frustrated that neither Henry nor I would agree with his point that we shouldn’t be together. After Dean left Henry smiled at me and asked if I would care to accompany him to the opera. Opera was a favorite of his late wife and, although I was sure I wouldn’t like it, I agreed to go. He picked me up in a limousine dressed to kill. Something about a man in a tux who is obviously comfortable in it and knows how to wear it turns me on. I wore an old prom dress that I felt would suit the occasion.

He actually came to the door and I had to introduce him to my parents who responded politely but very coolly. Cathy, as she will do, was straight-forward and bahis şirketleri outspoken, “So you and Susie have sex?”

Henry answered politely, “Cathy, not that it’s any of your business, but I think everyone here knows that we do. I hope to our mutual satisfaction and benefit.”

I waved and said, “see you tomorrow,” as we left.

The limo driver opened the door for us and Henry immediately grabbed me with one hand on my butt and delivered a big kiss, which I returned.

In the limo Henry commented, “Cathy is just like you described her. Outspoken and interested in your sexual exploits.”

“Oh Henry, I was so embarrassed. In front of Mom and Dad too. You didn’t have to admit it.”

“Maybe not, but you said you told them so I didn’t see the point in just telling Cathy ‘MYOB’. I thought admitting it would be the polite thing to do.”

“I guess, but it was still embarrassing.”

“Yes it was,” he laughed. “Yes it was.”

We had dinner at one of the nicer downtown restaurants and I didn’t talk much as I watched the other well dressed couples. Most were elderly but there were other “May-December” couples. I tried playing the part of a caring niece. Not at Henry’s bidding but because I felt more comfortable that way. That didn’t stop Henry from sometimes giving me a kiss which would be inappropriate for an uncle or from touching and hugging me in places and ways which betrayed any niece-uncle pretense. I noticed that none of the other couples seemed to be making any “he’s my uncle, she’s my niece” pretense. I commented to Henry and he said many of them were paid escorts or high priced call girls, “not there’s always a clear difference.”

I hadn’t looked forward to the opera. I expected to be totally bored. But I wasn’t! I barely understood what was going on and understood not a word of the lyrics, despite the program. But the music! Oh! the music! Some of it gave me goosebumps over my entire body and two of the arias sent shivers into my genitals making me yearn for Henry’s cock. I brushed it lightly as the soprano sang.

I could hardly wait as we crossed the street to our hotel. Henry had already checked into the room and I had given him my overnight bag the previous Saturday. I barely noticed the room, I just wanted him. I undressed as he closed the door and lay on the bed, knees up and legs spread, inviting him to me, the music still filling my head.

He had pulled off his coat and tie. “I need to visit the bathroom,” he said, smiling broadly. “Keep that pose.”

The toilet flushed and there was a delay. He emerged naked, his cock in the mostly erect posture it demonstrated when he didn’t have his cock ring. He showed me the cock ring in his hand. “I can’t get it on when I’m erect like this,” he told me. “I know how much you like it.”

“Come here, Henry Bear,” I gestured to him and took the cock ring from him. I tried but couldn’t even slip it over the tip.

“Wait a second,” I said and got the small bottle of lubricant I kept in my purse.

The lubricant allowed me to push the ring over the tip but then it nestled just under the base of the tip and I could push it on only a bit more. I was able to get it off, a little disappointed in not having his usual wood. I began playing with his penis and pulled the skin over the tip. I had an idea and lubricated the skin. That made it a little difficult to get a grip but I pulled as much of the skin over the tip as I could and slipped the ring over that. I slipped it over the tip and then I pushed the skin down. The ring went with it and over the thickest part of his penis. I pushed the ring all the way to the base and lay back down with my arms and legs spread for him.

He lay between my legs and I hugged his furry body then moved my hips to his. I felt the tip of his hardening cock nuzzling at my vaginal entrance. A slight adjustment of my position and I pushed my hips up. The wooden shaft penetrated easily and deeply, “Ahhh!” I exclaimed in pleasure.

He took over from there pushing and swirling and putting pressure on every side of my vagina. front, back, left, right, and deep against my cervix. I twisted my hips, following his lead. The music played in my head and I began humming and moving to the rhythm. Henry took up the beat and chills raced across my shoulders and down my spine to my anus. The sudden tickle in my butt caused my to thrust my hips hard against Henry. That triggered a reaction in my clit sending a chill throughout my genitals. I gasped, dropped my hips, arched my back and thrust my hips once again into Henry’s pubes. Another chill, another gasp, I began moving my hips wildly up down and side to side. Each time my clit hit the hair at the base of his penis another chill raced through my crotch. Again and again and again. It was the feeling of an orgasm but without the usual vaginal or abdominal spasms. But Henry began to shiver, he pulled his cock all the way out and jammed it in as I was moving my hips up to him and I came like I had seldom come before. Henry thrust in twice more and then I felt the shivers of his ejaculation as he hugged me tightly to him. His hips stopped moving but I kept thrusting in a vain attempt to recreate my orgasm. Finally I relaxed and felt the dampness of semen trickling down my butt. In the attempt to put on the cock ring we had forgotten a condom. “Oh well,” I thought, “I’m on the pill and I don’t think Henry has any diseases.”

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